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Organisational Behaviour - Marks and Spencer

University: Regent College London

  • Unit No: 5
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
  • Pages: 12 / Words 2958
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: N/A
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Question :

This respective unit will analyse the following questions which are illustrate below:

  • Description of company Analyze the concept of organisational culture and certain theoretical theories
  • Explore how the culture improves the effectiveness of the company.
  • Importance of culture on employees motivation.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Marks and Spencer


Organisation behaviour is defined as analysing and understanding about the behaviour of the business entity. This report is based on the case study of the Marks and Spencer Company in respect to its organisation behaviour. The company initiated its business operations in the year 1884 by the founders Michael Marks and Thomas Spencer. Company is currently associated with the retail sector and contain its headquarter at the London, United Kingdom. Organisation deal in high quality clothing, home product and food products. Company is offering its services at approximately 15000 business locations all across the globe. Marks and Spencer Company is associated with mode the mode of trading that is online mode which is delivering through e-commerce mode and the offline mode that is implemented with various stores of company. This report will emphasis over the organisation behaviour in respect to the Marks and Spencer company. Henceforth, report will emphasis over organisation culture and the theoretical management. Evaluation will also do about how culture of company will improve the effectiveness of the business entity. Furthermore, report will emphasis over the role of organisation culture in motivating the employees at company will also demonstrate in this project.


Organisation culture and theoretical model

Organisation culture is comprises with the certain aspects such as organisation philosophy, expectation, experience and certain other aspects. This demonstrates as the characteristics of the business entity that define the values it contain and all other aspects associated with the organisation. This further comprises with the organisation culture, vision, values, norms, symbol, language and many other aspects that can precisely justify the overall personality of the organisation. Marks and Spencer Company is among one of the leading business entity in the retail market (Shier, Handy and Jennings, 2019). Company contain its business operations at a global level which allow the business entity to deal with the stakeholders associated with across the globe. Organisation culture is among the most significant aspect and factor that favoured the organisation to reach at this heavy success in the business environment. Progressive nature of organisation culture could favour the company to achieve this huge level of success in business.

Factors make up the culture of organisation

Organisation culture is a overall personality of the business entity. Following are the factors that demonstrate about te culture business organisation could hold that can be projected in the following points.

Leadership of company: Leadership of the organisation create a huge impact over the culture of the company. Marks and Spencer Company hold a very progressive style of leadership that allow the organisation to contribute in the overall cultural growth of the company (KEBEDE, 2020). Leadership is a crucial element associated with the business entity that motivates the overall cultural aspect of the organisation. Leadership suggest the organisation to maximise the cultural values of the company that favour the overall cultural development of the business entity.

Nature of business: Nature of business also influences the culture of the business entity. Marks and Spencer Company is currently associated with the retail sector that allow the organisation to cherish the progressive style of organisation which favour the overall success and growth of the business entity (Kwarteng and Aveh, 2018). Nature of business is also significantly affect over the business culture of organisation as it provide a direction to the business venture for exploring different objectives that can associated with the company.

Stakeholder group: Stakeholder group is another key mark up associated with the organisation culture of the organisation. Marks and Spencer Company is associated with the different stakeholder group such as management, shareholders, investors, customers, employees and many other internal ad external stakeholders. All the stakeholders also influence the culture business entity hold.

The above mentioned mark up is prominent factors affect over the organisation culture of company.

Charles handy theory of organisation culture

Charles handy theory is a specific theory related to the organisation culture. This theory is about to cherish the cultural values of the company. The theory consumes different factors or aspects such as power, role, task and person that allow the organisation to maximise the cultural values of company.

Power: Power is an important aspects associated with the organisation culture. Marks and Spencer Company follow the handy cultural dimension in which company has tried to allocate power to its work force so that best level of growth opportunities could have been created by the business entity. Power is a significant element that favours the business venture to improve the overall culture of company (Puncreobutr, 2017). Allocation of power on the basis of the designated position role in organization makes it more crucial for the organisation to sustain the work force and also to motivate positive cultural values of company.

Role: Marks and Spencer Company has allocated all different roles to its work force. The organisation hierarchy of company is associated with the multiple hierarchies that favour the company to appoint its human resources at different designated position roles in company. This could improve the culture of the business entity.

Task: Marks and Spencer Company try to segregate every responsibility into task and further to allocate the same to the employees of company. This is a crucial aspect that could improve the culture of the company (Stavrinoudis and Kakarougkas, 2017). Allocation of task makes it more crucial for the employees and management to achieve a smooth control over functional responsibility of the business entity.

Person: Culture of company is only progressive and positive if its value the work force associated with the business entity. Person is devoted to the human resources appointed at different designated position role in company. Employee is the huge part of the organization culture and to make the culture more progressive this is essential to value the person’s part of company.

The above mentioned elements are a part of organisation culture. This model has supported the management of the Marks and Spencer Company to maximise the cultural value of company.

Exploration of how culture improves organizational effectiveness

Charles handy theory is a model which assistant managing the culture of the organisation. Handy culture involves four different types of culture that involves role task person and power. The first our culture involves theme culture where in the power is being centralised within the hands of some few people only (Buchanan and Huczynski, 2019). This is a culture which has a preference of decision-making in to the hands of you concentrated peoples only. Under the rule culture the major preference of the culture is over the distribution of work according to the specialisation of the people. The employee who is good in the task is being provided with the same task so that they can do it effectively. Along with this t toss culture is a type of culture where in the major focus is over completion of the task and the projects (Kondalkar, 2020). Here are the major emphasis being let upon the team work so that the work can be effectively undertaken and successfully being undertaken. In the end the people of personal culture is the one wearing the employees feel that they are the only one who makes the organisation successful. This is pertaining to the fact that people feel that they are the only one because of which the organisation is being running.

Thus culture model is very effective for marks and Spencer in management of that culture. The reason pertaining into the fact that help of this cultural model the communication can also be fostered within the business. the reason underlying this factors that when any of the type of culture and the hand is culture model is being implemented then this will improve the organisational communication within marks and Spencer. For instance when the rule of the the employees are being distributed in according to their requirement when they will be satisfied and will do effective communication.

Along with the culture It is also essential that marks and Spencer makes need of effective management style as well. The management style is being defined as the style which is used in order to manage the whole working of the business. Effective management styles assist business in taking proper decisions and to make the operations of the company more effective. the management style used by marks and Spencer is democratic style of management. Under the democratic style of management marks and Spencer also includes the views and suggestions provided by the employees at the time of decision making. The major decision is being taken by the top management only but they undertake the land is provided by employees as well. Along with the effective management style it is also essential for marks and Spencer to have a clear communication process so that I'm working can be effectively undertaken within the business.

For the effective communication in marks and Spencer the major preference is been given to written communication. The reason underlying this fact is that written communication involves the communication which is done in the form of writing. This can be in form of email memo report or any other written message (Wilson, 2017). The written communication is being preferred by marks and Spencer because it can be used in future as well for proof. Along with this in case any point is missed then if we communication is written then it can be viewed again.

The decision making process of the company is hierarchical that is top to down. All the decisions are being made by the top management of marks and Spencer and then slowed down to the lower levels. This is pertaining to the fact that the top management knows will that what means to be changed and how the changes will be implemented (Coccia, 2018). Hence, the decision making process is very easy because the top management analysis the situation and takes decision and then for the communicate to the people under them. From top management decision is been followed to middle level and then to lower level.

Evaluation of the role of culture on employee motivation

Motivation is being defined as the need or desire which drives an individual to work in order to meet that need. This is a process through which a person is stimulated and diverts the action in order to accomplish the goals of the life. In marks and Spencer mainly the culture which is prevalent is role culture. The reason underlying this fact is that motivation theories also apply to the organisation and then in motivating and stimulating employees to work in effective manner.

For motivating the employees within Marks and Spencer company undertakes the theory of Maslow's need hierarchy theory. This is a theory of motivation and the content theories and it states that person is motivated within the process of five categories of human needs. This needs work in order that is when one need is satisfied then it goes to another need. The first level of mid is the basic needs. This is the need which is very basic for any of the person like food shelter water etc. For this the person words within the corporate world and also salary with which they can satisfy their basic needs. Then comes the second that is safety names which includes a security and safety at the workplace for this marks and Spencer providing job security and also ensures proper health and safety measures at workplace which motivate employees to work. Then the third need arises which belongingness and love need.

When a person operates in corporate world then they build relation with the colleagues and communicate with them. And for this marks and Spencer organise time to time informal meeting so that employees can co-ordinate and communicate in better and effective manner. After this comes the esteem needs which in the world's prestige and feeling of accomplishment and for this marks and Spencer provide promotions to the required people (Wilson, 2018). At the end comes the self actualization needs which states that person has achieved up to their fullest potential and involved create activities.

the Maslow's need hierarchy theory is being used by marks and Spencer because it is a good way to motivate the employees within the company. When the employees will be motivated then they will to effective work and this will result in better and effective accomplishment of overall company goals. The major benefit of using this theory is that this motivates the employees on overall basis (Dutta and Khatri, 2017). This is pertaining to the fact that Maslow's need it focuses on motivating employees by providing all the requirement and needs of the person. In addition to this there is also a limitation of this need hierarchy theory because it is not necessary that every individual has same needs which are to be fulfilled. Does this affect team working efficiency of the company as a fun employee’s need is fulfilled and other one is not then this is created and negative feelings among the employees which will be motivate them and will not work in effective manner.

Thus in the end it can be stated that having a good motivational theory and applying it in effective manage very helpful for the business in order to improve its performance. The reason for this is that 20 employees will be motivated then they will work in effective manner and this will improve the overall working of the company. Also it is necessary for marks and Spencer to time to time review the fact that the motivational theory and spring implemented in proper and effective manner. The reason for this is that when the motivation theory is being implemented than this motivated person that companies taking care of the employees that they should also work in effective manner to fulfil the needs of the company as well (Arnulf, Larsen and Martinsen, 2018). Hence the effective implementation of motivation theory applies to the company then this will improve the overall working position of the company in effective and efficient manner. we provide the best online homework help in the UK at the best price? Contact our experts.


The about report summarise the fact that organisational behaviour has been defined as team understanding of the behaviour of the employees of people working within the company. The reason underlying this fact is that for business it is essential to analyse the need and requirement of the the employees because employees are the one who actually works for the company. If behaviour of employees will not be analyse properly then this will affect him achievement of the business. The above report analyse that implementation of Charles handy culture model is very helpful for marks and Spencer in managing the business. Management of culture is very essential because if this is not managed then it will affect theme working efficiency of the employees. for the it was analysed that with management of the culture the management style is also need to be effectively used. For this marks and Spencer uses the democratic style of management. Further the report evaluated the fact that along with culture it is also essential to make use of effective motivational style. For this marks and Spencer been using the masses need hierarchy theory in order to motivate the employees in effective and efficient manner. Get the best Assignment Help Leicester with chat support. Contact our experts.

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