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Upload File/Copy-Paste Text

You should either upload the text directly here, or drag & drop it in the box, or copy-paste the text before clicking on the 'Paraphrase' button.

Scan the Text

The paraphrasing tool scans the text and rephrases it without changing the actual meaning of the sentences in the text.

Receive the Text

Finally, you will receive a zero-plagiarized text that is totally rephrased using this perfect free paraphrasing tool.

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CharacteristicsOther Paraphrasing ToolOur Paraphrasing Tool
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Here’s Why Our Paraphrasing Tool Is Topping the Charts!
Genuineness Guaranteed

When you spin content using our free paraphrasing tool online, you do not need to bother about plagiarism. Wondering why? Our tool rephrases your document sentence-by-sentence without losing the actual meaning and ensuring that no traces of plagiarism are left in it. So, with us, genuine work is guaranteed.

High-Quality Work

When you turn to our best paraphrasing tool, you get the best quality document. Though this document is paraphrased, you can be assured of each word, sentence, and paragraph in top quality without any compromise on grammatical mistakes, spelling mistakes, incomplete sentences, or any other such errors

Rephrases All Papers

Wondering if we can rephrase your document, irrespective of the type? Yes, our paraphrasing tool online free is apt for all document types, right from assignments, case studies, dissertations, essays, homework, thesis to research papers. So, be assured that any document can be rephrased with our tool.

Assured High Scores

You can be assured of scoring top grades in your documents by using our free paraphrasing tool. You do not need to bother about plagiarism, quality, formatting, or structure; our tool will rephrase your documents in the exact format, right spellings, correct gist of sentences, and with no traces of plagiarism in it.

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Assignments Piling Up? Our Paraphrasing Tool Will Help You!

Students studying in schools, colleges, and universities have to write numerous assignments during their academic period. They have to balance between exams, assignments, projects, research work, and a lot of other things. But, if they fail in any of them, it costs them good grades, and sometimes, they even have to rework on it all from the beginning. So, they need to work on this with extra care, but managing so many things at the same time becomes too tough for students.

This is when our free paraphrasing tool online comes into the picture. This is a simplified tool that can help you complete your document in no time. All you need to do is upload your piece of writing and click on the 'Paraphrase' button. That's it; in no matter of time, you will receive a completely paraphrased document without losing the actual meaning of the sentences and with no traces of plagiarism. Here are two main best features of this tool:

Improvised Vocabulary:

Our paraphrasing tool online will not just help paraphrase those sentences in your document but will replace those words with better synonyms. This thus improves the vocabulary of the document making it more precise, clear, and to the point. This tool helps upgrade your simple document with rich words for better grades.

Affordable Prices:

Zero plagiarism, instant delivery, top-quality content, no scope of errors and easy usability may sound fancy and expensive to students. But, breaking this myth, our best paraphrasing tool is completely pocket-friendly so that students do not get financially burdened with this. You can get your 250-words document paraphrased for free. But, if the word count exceeds, then you need to pay a minimal charge.

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Now It's Time to Call an End to
Paraphrasing Struggles!

Get best-quality paraphrasing at affordable prices!

Paraphraser is ideal for avoiding plagiarism and any similarity of the content with any other content. The right paraphrasing technique can help enhance the document's quality, but the incorrect one can again put students in trouble. Professional paraphrasers use their best knowledge to make the document perfect from all perspectives, especially language and grammar. Scoring top grades is easy with a perfect quality document.

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Did You Know About These Academic Tools?

Our free paraphrasing tool is all you need now. But, to make your complete academic journey smooth, you need more academic tools like referencing tools, paraphrasing tools, grammar checker tools, and essay typer tools. If you need all of them, then don’t worry; we have your back!

Want to Know More? Get Answers by Our Professionals!
  • Why Should I Use Online Paraphrasing Tool?

    Students are recommended to use a free online paraphrasing tool because it saves time by instant delivery and also provides them with top-quality content.
  • How Many Words Does Your Paraphrasing Tool Take?

    Our paraphrasing tool supports texts of a maximum of 5000 characters. So if your document is of the mentioned limit, our tool will paraphrase it. However, if you need a paraphrasing tool up to 5000 words, then you will have to pay a certain amount of fees to be able to do so.

  • How Can I Get My Document Paraphrased?

    There are two common ways to get your document paraphrased by us: one is to use this tool and get instant delivery, or another option is to seek help from our professional paraphrasers who will get this done for you.
  • How Much Do You Charge for Paraphrasing My Document?

    We do not charge anything for paraphrasing a document of 250 words; you can directly get it by clicking on the 'Paraphrase' button. But if your document exceeds 250 words, then we charge a minimal amount which is again budget-friendly for students.
  • How Much Time Do You Take to Paraphrase My Document?

    If you use our automatic paraphrasing tool online free, it hardly takes a few minutes, but if you want manual paraphrasing, then it takes a slightly longer time as professionals would be manually working on it.
  • What Makes Your Tool the Best Among All Tools Online?

    There are numerous paraphrasing tools online, but what makes ours the best is, we guarantee top quality, timely delivery, zero errors, perfect format, and no plagiarism in the document.
  • Is Paraphrasing Documents a Legal Practice?

    Paraphrasing a document means understanding the meaning of that document and explaining it in your own words. But, using someone's work as it is without giving author credits in it is plagiarism and punishable. So, paraphrasing is legal if not plagiarized.
  • What Should I Take: Manual or Automatic Paraphrasing?

    Manual or automatic paraphrasing is completely based on the situation you are in right now. If you want immediate work, then go for an automatic one but if you want a perfect document and have time, then go for manual.

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