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Dissertation Structure

Know The Dissertation Structure Followed In The UK Universities.

The Dissertation Structure Advised By Experts

Dissertation writing is certainly a mind-numbing errand but by following an organized structure carefully, you can start writing your Dissertation without a trouble. We intend to assist you in structuring your thesis and to support you in its successful culmination. The first question arises in a student mind is “ How to structure my thesis or dissertation? Several websites give a plethora of dissertation structure samples, nevertheless, finding the most appropriate dissertation structure is every college student’s concern. To solve your bewilderment, we are providing you a fairly typical dissertation structure.

Dissertation Structure Followed In Universities.

Title Page: - It is essential for a student to prepare a proper title page. This page must comprise of the title of your Dissertation, your name, course your are pursuing, the name of your professor to whom you’re supposed to submit your thesis/dissertation.

Abstract: - It is a self-constrained, succinct description of your entire Dissertation. As it is a brief summary of your Dissertation/Thesis, try to include the methods, scope, and purpose meticulously to help the reader to ascertain the paper's objective quickly & precisely.

Acknowledgment: - Convey your deepest gratitude to all those individuals who helped you in making your dissertation incredible. This chapter gives you an opportunity to appreciate the people supported you thoroughly on the journey of writing a thesis/ dissertation.

Table of Contents: - Always mention the sections and sub-sections of your content with page numbers. Table of contents usually contains the chapter titles. However, the descriptive text of two lines can also be included in it.

Introduction: - Introduction can be the most difficult parts of papers to write. It is a first paragraph of the written research paper. A brief outline of the structure of your work, hypothesis and a beautiful presentation of your thesis is a quintessential part of the Introduction. As it is the first piece of writing the reader views to, it has to be extremely well written. You must be sure about what you want to introduce to the reader. It should have two parts: - A general introduction and your Dissertation statement. The introduction gives the reader the beginning of the piece of thread so they can follow it. As an excellent introduction is a key to impress a reader, likewise a poorly written introduction can make your dissertation abysmal.

Literature Review: - Now, you need to describe your Dissertation/Thesis with the facts, evidence, analysis, evaluation, and discussion. The aim of a literature review is to make your reader aware that you have a good grasp of the main published work concerning a specific topic or problem in your field. Every written content must be very well structured. Usually, this comes just after Introduction chapter and includes the work of investigation relevant to find the solution to the research problem. It is an assessment of a body of research that addresses a research question.

Methodology: - While writing methodology, you’re supposed to explain the methods you intend to use when developing your thesis/dissertation. It is a system of broad principles, rules and the set of procedures and practices to solve a particular problem. In this section, you must include the research questions and hypotheses to be investigated, related methods of investigation. Summary of the advantages and disadvantages of your selected method and how you manage them should also be cited here. Do not include your questionnaires, interview transcripts as it will be included in the appendices. You must add the experience of your fieldwork and challenges faced during the fieldwork. Just write the answers to the questions such as how did you collect the data? How did you analyze the data? And your methodology chapter is done.

Conclusion/ Findings: - The purpose of this chapter is to integrate the research and issues covered in the body of the thesis. As the name suggests, the significant finding of your research topic must be mentioned in this chapter. SWOT analysis has to be cited appropriately. You can even include the difficulties you encountered in gathering and collection of the data. Clearly defining the outcomes and results of your intensive research will be stated in this chapter. Do not forget to pen down the implications arose from the topic of your dissertation.

Bibliography/Reference list: - In this section you are supposed to mention the list of books, publication, editions referred while writing a dissertation/thesis. It is done at the end of your piece of work. Complete references to all the sources that you have consulted while writing your Dissertation must be written here systematically. You will find it simple to write Bibliography if you keep track of each book, encyclopedia, or article and note the full title, author, publisher, place of publication and date of publication for each source.

Appendices: - Any information that is not essential to explain your findings, but supports your analysis must be included in this chapter. Lengthy questionnaires, figures, tables, charts, statistics, pictures, drawings, letters and maps come under Appendices. These can make your dissertation very long, and that is why we mention it in the end to avoid the disruption of the text flow.

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