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About Harvard Referencing Style

Key things to remember

Harvard referencing guide is the widely used style in many universities globally. Scholars cite their information sources using this famous form of reference. The best part of Harvard referencing style is that it provides evidence and accredits the sources used while writing a research paper more efficiently.

It is interesting to note that every citation given in the reference list must contain every information as mentioned below:-

  • Name of the author(s)
  • Year published
  • Title
  • City published
  • Publisher
  • Pages used

1. General Format

Citations for books with one author:

Last name, First Initial. (Year of publishment). Title. City: Publisher, Page(s).

For Example

Peterson, J. (2009). Maximum Ride. New York: Little, Brown

Harvard Referencing for Books with One Author:

The structure of a citation for books with one author is given below:

Last name, First Initial. (Year of publishment). Title. City: Publisher, Page(s).

For example:

Peterson, K. (2000). City ride. New York: Brand, Brown, pp.446-448.

Dahl, G. (2008). Charlie and the angels. 6th ed. London: Knopf, pp.446-448.

Citation Style for Books with Two or More Authors:

While putting a citation that has two or more authors in the list of references, it is crucial that you write the names in the order in which they are printed in the source. Also, they should be separated by the word ‘and’.

Last name, First initial. and Last name, First initial. (Year of  publishment). Title. City: Publisher, Page(s).

For example:

Desikanta, S. and Rameshwari, G. (2009). Soil testing. Bangalore, India: Kindersley, p.156.

Bress, Bob. (2001). L. Matson, ed., The Animals That We Hate, 1st ed. Boston: Jacob Ltd., pp. 79-92.

Tools for creating Harvard Book references:

2. Print Journal Articles

Citations for books with one author:

Last name, First initial. (Year of publishment). Article title. Journal, Volume (Issue), Page(s).

For example:

Ross, Neil. (2016). True Content and False formation in Scientific Theory. Philosophy Today, 79(2), pp. 69-290.

If two authors are there:

If a book has two or more authors, only the first author's name should be listed in-text followed by 'et al.', meaning 'and others'. However, all authors should be listed in the reference list in the order they are credited in the original work.

(Number) Last name, first initial and Last name, first initial. Title. Edition (if not the first edition of the book). City of publication: Publisher; Year.

For example:

Disuke, L. and Ege, L. (2005). The Impact of Social and Physical Limitations on Distribution of Income in Community. Global Journal of Health Science, 7(5), pp. 183-195.

Harvard Referencing for eBooks and PDFs:

It is crucial to include the edition always (irrespective of version number) while citing text from any eBooks and PDFs, and put in brackets either [ebook] or [pdf]. Moreover, it is essential to place the [url] at the end of the citation with the date.   

Last name, First initial. (Year of publishment). Title. Edition. [ebook or pdf] City: Publisher, page(s). Available at: URL [Date of Access in Date Month Year].

For example:Zuseck, L. (2012). The Book of Thieves. 1st ed. [ebook] New York: SAGE, Publications. Available at: [Accessed 20 Apr. 2015].
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