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You can directly upload the document or drag and drop it, or copy-paste the text in the free grammar checker..

Click on the ‘Check Grammar’ Button

Now, tap on the ‘Check Grammar’ button on the free online grammar checker tool to get started.

Generation of Grammar Report

You will get a clear report on grammar, punctuation, spelling, and other mistakes after analysis by the grammar checker tool

Make the Suggested Changes

Now, make changes as suggested by our grammar checker and spelling checker online to get a flawless document.

What Makes Us the Best Grammar Checker Online?
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Why Should You Go for Professional Grammar Check Tools?
Here's how an online grammar checker can save your poor grades.

Free Grammar Checker Identifies the Following Mistakes:

  1. Punctuation Mistakes

    The most common mistake that students make in their academic documents is punctuation. This may sound silly that how a small comma, full-stop, or any other punctuation mark can make any difference. But the truth is, they can ruin the meaning of your sentences leading to poor grades.

    Incorrect: Those painting’s are made by my brother.

    Correct: Those paintings are made by my brother.

    When you go for our online grammar checker, you get all the punctuation mistakes highlighted. This feature of the free grammar checker tool helps you find out the mistakes easily and edit them so that you can have a flawless and meaningful document.

  2. Incorrect Spellings

    Another common mistake found in student's academic work is incorrect spelling. This can be due to lack of time or confusion in homophones (words that sound the same). These spelling mistakes decrease the value of your document and irritate your professor while reading it.

    Incorrect: Put coffee over their on the side table.

    Correct: Put coffee over there on the side table.

    Often, students tend to ignore these mistakes thinking they are of not much use, but the fact is, these small mistakes contribute to losing more marks in small chunks. If you seek help from our best online grammar checker, these mistakes will be highlighted so that you can easily correct them.

  3. Repetitive Sentences

    Repeating the same thing over and over lowers the value of the word; similarly, when you repeat sentences in your document, the reader loses interest and the essence of the document and prefers leaving it mid-way. This makes their document vague; thus, their professors either reject the document or mark it fail.

    Incorrect: I brought an umbrella this week. It is raining nowadays so I brought an umbrella this week.

    Correct: Since it started raining, I brought an umbrella this week.

    Often, students wonder why they do not get desired grades in assignments and essays; if you too can relate to this, then here's why it happens- repetitive sentences in your document might be the reason your professor doesn't give you a good grade. But, don’t worry; this professional grammar check tool will help you with finding and removing them.

  4. Singular/Plural Sentences

    Getting confused when you need to use singular and plural verbs? This is a common struggle for many students like you, which is why they often lose grades without any idea about their mistakes. Singular or plural nouns should be paired with the right singular or plural verbs to make a meaningful sentence.

    Incorrect: Fifty dollars are too much to lose.

    Correct: Fifty dollars is too much to lose.

    When you use these nouns and verbs in an incorrect combination, it creates confusion for you and the reader as well. But, if you fail to recognize the difference between them or learn their right usage, then our online grammar checker will help you by highlighting them for you.

  5. Incorrect Tenses

    Tenses are very crucial for proper English. They are the base of this most commonly used language. If you use an incorrect tense, it makes you sound funny and changes the meaning of the sentence. Unfortunately, this often leads to incorrect, meaningless, or inappropriate sentences- the reason behind the rejection of assignments or poor grades.

    Incorrect: John is playing computer games in the evening.

    Correct: John plays computer games in the evening.

    If you are not good with tenses and cannot find your mistakes in them, then you should give our free grammar checker a try. This tool with advanced AI will mark the incorrect tenses or phrases which you need to edit. This way, you can easily find out the grammatical errors and correct them without any chaos.

  6. Active/Passive Voice

    The voice in the content changes the context of the text delivered. The active and passive voices are vital elements in English grammar. The active voice focuses on the receiver, while the passive voice focuses on the recipient. These give a formal or informal look to the sentences. Most academic writings have guidelines regarding the voice you should use for that particular task and if not, then go for passive voice.

    Incorrect: Jennifer will bake cake every Sunday.

    Correct: Cake is baked by Jennifer on every Sunday.

    When you know that using the wrong voice form can ruin your paper, you should be extra careful while proofreading the document. If you miss any mistake in it, then it might put you in a fix. So, to avoid those struggles, get a professional grammar check done by our tool and make way for the perfect document.

Ways Our Grammar Checker Stands-Out from Others!
  • Impressive Assistance

    When you get your document a professional grammar check, you can be assured of zero mistakes. The latest AI technology and machine learning algorithms are used to find out every grammatical error or spelling mistake.

  • Accurate Corrections

    One best point of our free grammar and spelling checker online is finding accurate corrections in this. You get all errors from A to Z marked and highlighted well so that you can easily find and correct them before final submission

  • Improves Knowledge

    Other than correcting spellings, reframing sentences, and finding out the missing letters, our free grammar checker can be used to hone your skills. When you get a highlighted document, you can find mistakes and work on them.

  • Saves Precious Time

    Writing academic documents is tedious and time-taking. And when you have to run them for grammar check by yourself, it feels painful. You can avoid this by trying our free grammar checker tool and save time to relax and feel good.

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Grammar is a crucial element of a document irrespective of the subject. This is why the experts focus on delivering an error-free and top-quality document. They put their best efforts into ensuring students can score top grades. They know how to draft a document, frame sentences, which type of writing style to follow, and vocabulary to use to make the work look professional and impressive. A professor could easily give top grades.

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Academic writing is a crucial part of students’ lives. They have to spend years on this task which has no way to escape. But our free grammar and spelling checker online will make such student’s lives easy. The best part is, we have more such academic tools which are your need of the hour.

Answers to All Your Questions!
  • What is the use of this grammar checker tool?
    Our online grammar checker free is a tool that helps to find grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and other such corrections in the text and highlight them. You can then correct these and save yourself from poor grades.
  • Can I rely on this tool and submit my document?
    When you use this tool to get a professional grammar check of your document, you are using the best AI-based algorithms to get accurate results. With our tool, you can be 100% sure of reliable results and directly submit your document to the professor.
  • How can I download the checked document?
    You can directly copy-paste the text you want to be checked in the toolbox and click on "Check Grammar." Once it is thoroughly checked for errors, you will get an option to enter your mail address, where you will receive the corrected document at a minimal price.
  • Do you have any word limit for documents to check grammar?
    You can check any document or text of upto 250 words for absolutely free. But, if you want to check more texts, then you need to pay a minimal amount. You can get numerous corrections highlighted clear for just a nominal charge.
  • What types of errors can be detected using this tool?
    You can detect many errors like grammatical mistakes, incorrect tense, spelling mistakes, preposition errors, article errors, subject-verb errors, wrong word usage, incomplete sentences, repetitive sentences, wrong pronouns, missing punctuation, and a lot more by using this free grammar checker tool.
  • Can you find mistakes in my document of any language?
    Currently, we are checking documents only in the English language and focusing on delivering you accurate results. But, we are also trying to support multiple languages soon, which you would find on our

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