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Nike Case Study

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Case Study on Nike

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Brief About The Case

Nike is the world’s leading manufacturing company of athletic, footwear, apparel and accessories and the business has taken several initiatives in digital marketing for the purpose of meeting specific needs of the customers (Cham, 2017). Nike has adopted social media strategies so as to interact with the customers who are much concerned about brand management. The use of technology has been changing rapidly; therefore looking towards this concern, Nike has established several systems through which products can be promoted among end users. Digital technologies have transformed a lot and that has changed Nike’s internal processes and the early 2000’s, Nike have started using 3D design to create new papers (Rouse, 2017).

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Summarize the problem

Currently, the executives of Nike have recognized the requirement for coordination and integration with digital efforts. Transformation related to digital media was succeeding; however the firm is missing the synergies. In the year 2010, Nike created a digital division to provide skilled resources, budget and coordination all over the enterprise (Shaikh, 2016). This has created a unified consumer experience due to aligned operations and this also aids the company to meet the changing preferences of customers. However, on the other hand Nike needs to connect to other sources of technology so that value of strategic asset for marketing could be enhanced.

Apply Digital Maturity Model and describe the results

In terms of meeting the needs and demands of customers, it was crucial for Nike to change the global brand image; hence regarding this Nike entered in the world of digital media. Thus, as a global brand, Nike has paid attention towards emerging digital technologies such as mobility, social media and smart- products to build the business. This has also helped in managing all the operations in effective way (Morabito, 2016). It can be said that Nike has adopted Digital Maturity Model which has helped the business entity in establishing new digital products and services. As per the model, effective transformation requires integrated change across all aspects and as per the model, chief focus has been laid towards proper interaction with the customers (Cham, 2017).

The model clearly depicts that Nike has entered in social media so as to inform customers about the availability of innovative digital products and services. This depicts the immersive experience of Nike which is beneficial for enhancing brand loyalty of the customers. Employee engagement is yet another benefit that has been attained with the help of same model. Afterwards, Nike has emphasized on digital enterprise through which transformations were made in company’s services (Duerr, Wagner, Weitzel and Beimborn, 2017). Under this dimension, technological reach of the business is being enhanced for the purpose of enhancing process efficiency. Therefore, considering the stages of model, it is evident that Nike has changed the business processes which benefitted the company in strengthening the internal business processes (Rogers, 2016).

Digital Disruptive/ Innovative Solutions

Digital Disruption is the change that occurs when new digital technologies and business modes affect the value proposition of existing products and services. In relation to this model, it is crucial for the business entities to adopt new tools and technologies so that the chances of competitive advantage can be enhanced (Rouse, 2017). Thus, considering the same Nike has adopted competitive strategies for the purpose of creating competitive edge over the rivalries. Henceforth, it is evident that Nike’s digital transformation has helped the business to encourage the end users towards more purchase of innovative products.

In terms of innovative solutions, Nike has changed its profile for branding and customer satisfaction and this has helped the business organization in meeting the requirements of changed market structure. As a result, several innovations were developed in the business regarding digital transformation and this also changed the capabilities of Nike (Shaikh, 2016). Regarding this, innovation groups have explored new digital technologies and practices for engaging the customers in business services and applications. This has helped Nike in meeting changing customer requirements and firm’s capabilities have also changed as per new trends.


While promoting the products and services, Nike has built a dozen of social sites; however instead of that the business has to enhance the technological reach through adding new innovative services in the existing product line. The major challenges were observed in the area of interacting with the consumers regarding the brands; therefore for such purpose, strategic changes were made in the business entity (Nencioni, 2016). The use of multimedia shows that Nike was emphasizing on intensive brand building aspects to encourage the brand value of the products and services. These are the major challenges that were faced by the Nike in respect to digital media. Thus, it could be said that Nike’s corporate strategies seems to be less effective for the brand building aspects. Nike has done a lot of things for customer convenience; however due to rapid changes in the technology, Nike has to update the websites on regular basis so that they can meet customer specifications (Duerr, Wagner, Weitzel and Beimborn, 2017). Thus, all such digital technologies have transformed internal processes of Nike.

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Change Management Approach

In terms of change management, Nike has been making several transformations in the business practices and operations which also aid the business entity in introducing new products for the end users. This has also raised the concept of digital transformation which helped Nike to produce new products successfully at the market place. Thus, in terms of change management approach, it can be said that Nike has made several transformation in branding strategies for the purpose of enhancing the reach of customers and this was also undertaken for amending customer experience (Belleghem, 2016). Thus, it could be said that branding and marketing strategies have changed because Nike wanted to build up diverse strategies for changing the value of business products. Therefore, it can be articulated that Nike did not just enable new digital enriched products; but it also changed the existing business strategies and techniques (Morabito, 2016).


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