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Dissertation Format

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Learn How to Format a Dissertation

Every written dissertation requires a thorough review to check it’s formatting. If there are any major issues in the dissertation format, it could be returned to you for further revisions. If you want to know the dissertation format that is followed in the UK then, you’re at a right place. We are here to assist you in preparing an excellent dissertation with the format that will make your dissertation approved in one go sans any hassles. Any formatting issues must be corrected on-time to avoid procrastination in submitting the dissertation. Hence, do not waste time & quickly check out the significant dissertation formatting points.

What The Best Dissertation Format Comprise of:

Title Page: As the name suggests, it includes Title, your name, course name, date, the name of a supervisor. To prepare the title page you must use the following:-

  • Always use consistent fonts, Times New Roman, Arial are the most preferred fonts, take 14 as a font size.
  • Do not insert page number on this page.
  • In the title page, always use the full name of places & people instead of using any abbreviations.
  • Do not include information about educational qualifications of the committee members.

Abstract: As abstract is a brief summary of the entire dissertation, hence, it should not consist of more than 350 words.

  • The abstract must be typed double-spaced with the same typeface and margins as the complete dissertation.
  • The abstract page must include an accurate summary of the contents of the dissertation, involving the statement of the problem, the methods and procedures used and the conclusions.
  • Mathematical formulas, diagrams, and other illustrative materials are not recommended to be included in the abstract.
  • Start typing the abstract two inches from the top of a blank page with no heading involved.


Table of Contents: - Use of proper formatting style is essential to be implemented in your dissertation.  Your Table of contents should be comprehensive to locate the reader to the correct page.

  • This page must have page numbers.
  • Do include all headings and subheadings, exactly as they appear in the content of the dissertation.
  • It is vital that the table of contents clearly reflect the outline and organization of the manuscript.
  • Begin using the numbering from the page right after the abstract page.
  • Small case Roman numerals for numbering pages are highly recommendable.

Body of your dissertation: - The body of your dissertation comprise of the following:-

  • Introduction
  • Literature Review
  • Results
  • Discussion
  • Conclusions
  • Summary

The use of correct formatting standards that are supported in the UK must be inculcated in your dissertation to make it approved in the first go by your professor. Style main body of your dissertation according to the below formatting:-

  • Use Arabic numerals for the body of your thesis/ dissertation.
  • The first page of Chapter 1 of your thesis/ dissertation must be numbered (1).
  • Pay attention to using consistent fonts (exact type) and styles.
  • Follow your department guidelines if any regarding the styles to be used in the dissertation format.
  • Place captions above or below the figures and tables.
  • Sequential numbering.
  • Margin settings: 1 inch on all sides and on all pages.
  • All the pages that consist of graphs, charts, tables and illustrations must be met with the margin requirements. If the illustrations are too big to place, then, a seperate page with page number must be included in the dissertation.

The back part of your dissertation: In the end, references, bibliography, appendices are included and consist of utmost importance in the thesis. The format that must be followed while preparing these pages comprise of the following points:-

  • The format for the reference & appendices pages must be done according to the style manual & guidelines followed in your college; that is why do not forget to consult the proper format with your professor.
  • The individual reference input must be single lined while the two references should be double lined.
  • Follow your department guidelines for citations.
  • When formatting the appendix, place the word "Appendix", the appendix letter or letters, and the appendix title in large type at the beginning of each appendix.
  • Appendices are enumerated alphabetically from A to Z, and then AA, AB, and so on to ZZ, then AAA, AAB, etc.
  • You may include the source code or output of computer programs as an enumerated appendix.
  • Include any letters, transcripts or questionnaires that were used in the dissertation in the appendices.

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