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Best Politics Dissertation Topics & Examples from UK Experts

Choosing Politics dissertation topics is the most crucial step. Many students who are pursuing doctorate can understand the struggles of this process. Though this is a tedious task, it has its own importance in helping a student score the best grades. Wondering how? An interesting topic can impress your professor in no time, which in turn increases your chances of scoring high grades. Not only that, even you yourself can feel excited to document it and will give your best in your politics dissertations.

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Before we look into numerous topics from which you can choose one that interests you, let us know the different functional areas of politics that can help you narrow your search for an appropriate topic.

What Are Different Functional Areas to Choose Interesting Politics Dissertation Topics?

Political science is a branch of social science. It deals with the system of governance and analysis of activities, thoughts and behaviour related to politics. This can be a great subject when it comes to writing a dissertation because you can choose amazing politics dissertation titles and score the best grades easily. Wondering how? This subject is categorized into numerous branches which are described below. You can select a topic from the below list given by our experts and easily draft your document.

1. Comparative politics

Comparative politics is a branch of political science that deals with comparative and empirical methods to understand politics between countries. It includes different aspects such as conflicting issues, political behaviour, political institutions and more. This research area includes most of the top British politics dissertation topics. So, if you choose one from this, you can surely impress your professor.

  1. Compare the political scenario of any two countries of your choice.
  2. Explain the political rivalry and the history behind it; between any two countries.
  3. How is the political society of a country better than the other? Provide examples.
  4. Explain how a strong state can build a wealthy nation in comparison to the contrasting one.
  5. What political choices of a country makes it better than the other?

In the above five topics, you can choose any country of your interest and use this theme for writing your dissertation. But, if you want to be more specific, then turn to the next section.

2. International politics

International politics dissertation topics are the ever-green options for students who want to draft a perfect document. This is because it is a subject area where we focus on politics in a broader section. It is the scenario where the political aspects of the whole world are taken into consideration and treated as one together. So, here is a list you can refer to for choosing a topic of your interest.

  1. How have politics changed at the global level over the past decade?
  2. What is the role of culture and society in global politics?
  3. Discuss the political issues at the international level that affect the world economy.
  4. What effect does technology have on international politics; explain in detail.
  5. How can media affect the decisions made in international politics?

These were some dissertation topics on international politics. Now, we shall look into the topics related to international relations.

3. International relations

Dissertation topics politics international relations is one of the topmost interests for a student who is writing a research paper. It is because this subject area focuses on the relationship of a country with other countries, that is, at an international level. It includes how well countries interact with each other or trade, etc. So, we listed below some topics that might interest you.

  1. What are the different defence and security approaches?
  2. Explain about elections or political activities.
  3. Discuss Human rights.
  4. Perform an analysis on different Social issues.
  5. What role energy and environment plays in international relations?

These are some topics on politics international relations for dissertation. You can choose any of the above or look into the further section to know more.

4. Political economy

It is a branch that deals with the study of production and trade in context to law, government and custom. It includes understanding the conditions under which production or consumption are organized at nation-states. Political economy dissertation topics you should not miss are:

  1. Prepare a case study on Market authority nexus.
  2. Conduct a review on 1997 Asian financial crisis.
  3. How is world politics portrayed in popular films?
  4. Explain the Dabhol power company case study.
  5. Perform an analysis on avoiding turmoil- the resource curse.

These are some topics for political economy dissertation that can help you impress your professor easily. If you are interested in geography, then the next section is just for you.

5. Political geography

Political geography is the study of spatial structures and political issues. It deals with the spatially uneven outcomes of political processes and also the ways in which the political processes are affected by these spatial structures. Here are some interesting political geography dissertation ideas to write your research paper:

  1. Explain political pasture and its management in detail.
  2. What are the culture constraints on sustainable development of public transport.
  3. Perform an analysis of the village that vanished the roots of erosion in a Tanzanian village.
  4. What are the threats faced by China textiles due to the making of engaging borders in Ghana?
  5. Discuss the environmental implications of commodification of carbon.

These are some trending dissertation ideas in political geography that can be of great help to you. Now, we shall look into some political theory topics.

6. Political theory

For your political theory dissertation, you can also choose a general topic rather than focusing on one particular area. Though this gives you a broad scope of research, you can still narrow it down based on your interest. So, here we listed down some topics that can be of great help to you.

  1. Explain the cultural pressure between the United States and Japan.
  2. How is presidential democracy different from parliamentary democracy?
  3. What are the causes of global poverty?
  4. Perform an analysis on global security networks.
  5. How to provide optimal benefits to public safety?

These are some more political science dissertation topics that can be useful for the process of writing.

The listed above subject areas included some of the best topics that you should know about for choosing the apt one to perfectly draft your document. However, if you want more such interesting American politics dissertation topics, seek our experts help. Since they are well versed with their subjects, they can help you choose the right topic as per your interest and also the scoring one from your professors perspective.

What Are Some Generic Politics Dissertation Topics Suggested by the Experts?

Not every time you are asked to write a dissertation on a subject-specific topic. And, also there are so many interesting topics from the generic category that can help you with scoring best grades. Here our assignment writing service providers listed out some generalized topics that are quite popular and can be of great help in writing your dissertation on politics too. So, let’s take a look at them.

  1. Explain the role of media during elections.
  2. Perform an analysis on the republic of Plato.
  3. Discuss about the causes of the American revolution.
  4. What are the causes of civil war and its effects?
  5. Explain the political changes in the late 19th century.
  6. Analyze the connection between media and democracy.
  7. What is the role of technology in the political sphere?
  8. How is the rapid growth of china posing a threat to the US?
  9. How can one increase the turnout on the day of the election?
  10. Discuss about post-war-time social movements in detail.
  11. Discuss about political leaders and their personal ambitions.
  12. Mention some biggest threats to Australia’s foreign policy.
  13. Conservatism vs social reform- compare and contrast the two.
  14. How is gender bias psychology affecting in custody battles?
  15. What is the difference between political and armed conflicts?
  16. How is US foreign policy influencing other countries of the world?
  17. Is more transparency expected in the actions of the government?
  18. What is the role game theory plays in making political decisions?
  19. Perform an analysis of the female representation in global politics.
  20. Explain the role of government in making the country corruption-free.
  21. What is the significance of having only one official language in a country?
  22. What changes are to be made in the system that can regulate immigration?
  23. Do the government have a say in matters related to religious establishments?
  24. Perform detailed analysis on elections agenda and explain with examples.
  25. What is the role played by the Australian government in the eradication of unemployment in the country?

These are some interesting topics shared by our experts to provide you dissertation help. Now, if you are wondering about the politics dissertation structure, then look into the succeeding section.

How to Write a Politics Dissertation? Know from Professional Politics Dissertation Writers

Many students though successfully choose a topic, struggle with the writing part. They wonder, “how to write a politics dissertation?” If this is your concern too, then here is how to write one.

1. Choose a relevant topic

The first step is to choose a topic. You can either select one from the above-mentioned politics dissertation ideas, or any other relevant to your work.

2. State a strong proposal

Your dissertation proposal is way more important than you think. It is a brief on your research paper to let the dissertation committee know your area of work, the topic of interest and approve it for your proceeding with the research part. Thus, this is a mandatory section, and you should be completing it with utmost care. To avoid making any mistakes, check political science dissertation proposal examples and understand their structure or content presentation.

3. Conduct in-depth research

The next step is to conduct in-depth research on the topic to collect all the information you can, related to the topic. If you want to know how this step can benefit your document, you can look into any politics dissertation examples and know by yourself.

4. Begin with a strong introduction

The next important step is, to begin with, a strong introduction that can keep your professor hooked till the end. For knowing how to draft a perfect introduction, you can refer any political science dissertation example, that is available in our samples section.

5. Focus on the methodology

The methodology section of a dissertation can help in making your work informative and interesting as well. So, focus on this section to easily score sky-high grades. You can also check the politics dissertation methodology to understand how professionals do that.

6. Proofread thoroughly

The last and also the most important step is proofreading. Once you are done with the writing part, proofread your work to ensure it is error-free.

Now, if all these steps seem a hectic process for you, simply turn to Instant Assignment Help. Our writers will ensure to deliver you with the best content. Right from choosing an appropriate topic to finalizing your work, everything will be handled by our professionals. You can take a look at our undergraduate politics dissertation examples to know the quality and writing style of our writers. So, contact us now to avail our services!

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