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ASDA Marketing Strategy Case Study | ASDA Case Study Answers by Experts

Are you wondering why you have got a case study writing on the supermarket company, ASDA? If you are, then we are here to let you know what ASDA is all about, and why you and other students of different universities in the UK get an ASDA case study writing in their academic career.

ASDA Stores Ltd is one of the biggest retail supermarket chains headquartered in Leeds, West Yorkshire. The company was founded by Noel Stockdale back in 1949. During the 1970s, it expanded its business to the south of England and even acquired 61 large gateway supermarkets and other companies as well. With the ASDA case study help, you also get to know that in between 2003 and 2014, this supermarket chain is considered as the second-largest supermarket chain in Britain by its market share.

Right after knowing a bit about this supermarket chain, let’s take an insight into ASDA marketing strategy that can make your case study a top-scoring document. So, let’s move to the next section that states marketing mix of ASDA.

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What Is Marketing Mix? | What Are the 7Ps of Marketing Mix of ASDA?

The term ‘Marketing Mix’ can be defined as the foundation model of any business. Initially, it was centered around 4Ps that are product, price, place, and promotion. It is also considered as the marketing tool that can help you in attaining the marketing objectives for any product or service in the target market. While ASDA marketing case study writing, you have to include this section in order to explain the modern 7Ps. Along with this you will also have to understand that how ASDA supermarket chain implements its marketing tool to achieve the goals of the business.

7Ps of Marketing Mix of ASDA


While studying the ASDA core values, you will get an insight into its marketing mix that is explained further in this write up. So, let’s understand all the 7Ps one by one.


While discussing and writing the ASDA business case study, you need to begin the section with its products and services. ASDA provides a wide variety of products to their customers which includes fresh food, grocery, clothing, home, and entertainment goods. Along with this, customers can even buy beauty products, laundry, household, and entertainment products from ASDA. The company recently has also begun to provide financial services to its customers as well.


ASDA supermarket retail chain follows the low cost agenda in order to offer the product to every customer at the lowest prices possible. While the ASDA case study help, you will understand that people of ASDA are committed to providing value for money across its entire range of products.


Like any other company, ASDA also has two main channels of distribution for selling their products, i.e., online and offline. If we talk about its stores, then the company has over 525 outlets across the UK which is a offline source to purchase the products. Whereas as online source, they use different social networking sites to sell their products. While writing the ASDA case study, you must have to talk about its stores and a wide range of products available online and offline. It will help you in making your content full of information.


Every business has to promote their services and products in order to increase the sales and profit at the same time. Different companies uses different ways to promote the products. ASDA uses television, social media, and other media outlets to communicate with the customers. While writing ASDA case study, you need to include this integral part of marketing mix to make your content effective.


If we talk about the process of marketing mix, then it is closely related to a sequence or set of procedures that every business follows. ASDA receive products from its suppliers and then the same products get displayed on the shelves of the store. While writing ASDA case study, you need to make sure that your content has effectively presented the process part of marketing mix.


If we talk about ASDA performance, then it is completely based on the ASDA policies for employees. The company has approximately 160,000 people who are consistently delivering their quality work to maintain the company’s reputation. ASDA employees get an extra £2.04, whenever they work overtime to meet the requirement of the company.

Physical Evidence

According to professional writers of Instant Assignment Help, physical evidence is the last part of the marketing mix of ASDA. It refers to the elements of the physical environment that visitors and customers experience whenever they purchase any product from the store. Along with this, ASDA physical evidence also includes equipment, logo, website, and brochures. The ASDA website is fantastic in its look and easy to use which is indeed an instance of physical evidence.

So, these were the 7Ps of marketing mix of ASDA, with the help of this you can understand the tactics of implementing various strategies of the business. Now, when you have got an insight into the 7Ps, you need to understand the SWOT & PESTLE analysis first.

What Is SWOT Analysis?

SWOT stands for strength, weakness, opportunity, and threat of any company. According to the ASDA case study help providers, ASDA SWOT analysis is conducted to analyze and evaluate internal and external factors of the company. Most of the time, you get an opportunity to do a SWOT analysis in your case study writing. It is indeed helpful in gaining insight into the future potential of the company or organization.
SWOT analysis facilitates business decisions and helps top level managers in making effective business policies as well.
It comprises of four different stages that are already discussed below:


  • Strong dealer community.
  • Successful track record of integrating other firms.
  • Highly skilled workforce.
  • Strong free cash flow.
  • Excellent performance in new market.


  • There are huge gaps in various product ranges sold by the company.
  • Unable to tackle the challenges arise by the competitors.
  • Need more investment in new technologies.
  • Attrition rate in work force is high.
  • Research and development requires a lot of money.


  • Stability in cash flow facilitates ample opportunities to invest in adjacent product segments.
  • Learning new taste and preferences would help in introducing new products in the market.
  • Brand new government and environmental policies.
  • Market development can dilute the competitors’ advantage.
  • Increase in consumer spending.


  • Shortage of skilled workforce which leads to decrease the productivity level.
  • Liability laws in various countries are different. So, ASDA may be exposed to various liability claims in those markets.
  • Irregular supply of innovative products can lead to ruin the customer base.
  • Currency fluctuation can hamper the profitability.
  • Increase in the cost of purchasing raw material can certainly pose a threat to the ASDA profitability.

So, these are the four stages of SWOT that has been explained thoroughly. Now, you need to get an insight into the PESTLE analysis in order to attain the ability to analyze the macro-environment of ASDA as the business.

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What Is PESTLE Analysis?

A PESTLE is a tool that is often used by marketers for analyzing macro-environment. It is because some factors related to the environment may affect the business operations of any company. While seeking ASDA PESTLE case study help, you often ask our writers to include ASDA PESTLE analysis in writing. This is because it helps in providing overall content a strength which results in getting A+ grades in the ASDA case study writing.

So, while doing the ASDA case study PESTLE analysis, our experts conduct in-depth research on the exact position of the company’s product in the market. It helps in identifying and writing the true situation that compliments the content of the case study.

It includes:


Get the ASDA case study help from our writers, and we will mention every aspect related to the political factor. Usually, it includes trade agreements, bureaucracy, and detail of direct and indirect tariffs regarding the guidelines of the government.


In this section, our writers include all the economic factors that can easily affect the operations of the business at the most. It certainly includes the growth rate of both developed and developing countries. When you seek ASDA case study help, you eventually get all this done with all required effectiveness and efficiency in it.


After understanding economical factors, here comes the social factor in which you need to include all the aspects related to the day-to-day life of a business. According to ASDA case study experts, it is linked with cultural diversity and changing tastes and preferences of the consumers regarding the products.


As per the ASDA case study on PESTLE analysis, it is important to write about all the factors related to technology that can affect the business operations. It includes sales assumptions and business automation of the business industry. All of these are closely evaluated through modern technology. It ensures exact numbers that can be used later to compare the goals with the real position in the market.


When you seek ASDA case study help, our writers ensure to include all information of all the legal factors. Most of the time, professors check this particular section, because it is often seen that you forget to mention this part in your ASDA case study writing. This often leads you to bad grades and negative feedback, as well.


At last, our ASDA case study writers ensure mentioning the environmental factors that certainly provide the content with a required strength. Environmental factors are related to weather, sustainable business strategies, et cetera. It will help you in securing sky-high grades as well.

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