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Zara Case Study - SWOT & PESTEL Analysis | Help from Experts

Zara has left a mark in the fashion industry with its fast-fashion label standing for high-quality and trendy clothing. Yes! Zara, is a Spanish apparel retailer based in Arteixo in Galicia. Zara has been a topic of keen interest for students and professors as well. This is one of the topmost reasons that students are usually asked to prepare an assignment on this, and they turn to Zara case study help.

Learning about the journey of Zorba to Zara is something that can make anyone interested in your work. This is why many students choose this topic to make assignments to impress their professor and score the best grades. But, as already mentioned, many students choose the same topic. So, it is quite difficult to make your content unique. If you choose to seek help for your case study on Zara, then experts of Instant Assignment Help can assist you in leaving a mark on your professor with proficient work as Zara did in the fashion industry. Want to know how? Keep reading...

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Zara Case Study | SWOT & PESTLE Analysis Explained by Experts

Though you might already have an idea about what is a case study, let’s take an overview to brush your basics. Basically, a case study is an in-depth analysis of any particular situation to understand its business strategy. For example, Zara case study analysis helps in understanding the business strategy of Zara that has facilitated it's in standing among the top brands in the clothing and fashion industry.

Now, let’s take an overview of Zara before we take an insight into the Zara business model case study. So, if you were thinking about what is Zara, or what type of company is Zara, then here is your answer.

  • Zara is a Spanish clothing retailer.
  • It is based in Arteixo, Galicia, Spain.
  • It was founded by Amancio Ortega and Rosalia Mera in 1975.
  • It is a chain store of Inditex group, the World’s biggest apparel retailer.
  • It has over 2,250 stores across 88 countries.

Zara didn’t turn out to be the best fashion retailer in the world overnight; it took a lot of time, strategy, and customer satisfaction for Amancio Ortega to bring Zara from Zorba to here, where it stands at its peak. If you are oblivious to the journey of Zorba to Zara, then keep reading to gain some valuable content for your Zara innovation case study.

What Is Zara’s Business Strategy? The Journey from Zorba to Zara

When Ortega initially founded Zara, he named it Zorba after the classic film ‘Zorba The Greek’; directed by Greek Cypriot Michael Cacoyannis in 1964. but, then he found that a bar two blocks away from the first store of Zara (then Zorba) had the same name. So, he modified it to “Zara”, which is being used to date. The initial journey of this store began with low-priced products that were lookalikes of popular and higher-end fashions. Gradually by the 1980s, things started changing in the design, manufacture, and distribution process of this which turned to uplift the growth of this industry. If you are preparing a Zara case study report, then make a note of the following milestones in the journey of Zara from 1975 till date.

  • 1975- The first store of Zara was founded and opened in Arteixo, Galicia, Spain.
  • 1980- Instant fashion was introduced to reduce lead times and react to new trends in a quicker way.
  • 1990- The company started international expansion from Portugal, the United States, France, and so on.
  • 2010- It launched its online boutique in Spain, the UK, Portugal, Italy, and so on.
  • 2014- It started using RFID technology for the first time.
  • 2015- It ranked at 30 on the Interbrand’s list of best global brands.
  • 2019- It updated the Zara logo from spaced letters to overlapping letters.

So, these are the major milestones in the journey of this topmost brand in the fashion industry. Do not miss including these in your Zara fashion case study to make your professor awestruck.

Zara Case Study Business Studies | Mission and Objectives of the Company

Inditex group, the parent of Zara, has very clear and specific plans for the growth of the company. They have chosen their mission statement with utmost care in consent to the environment and the growth in the fashion industry. If you wanted to know about the mission and vision statements of this company, then here are the Zara case study Harvard solutions for your queries:

Their mission statement under the environmental policies states that “Through Zara’s business model, we aim to contribute to the sustainable development of society and that of the environment with which we interact.”

Zara Case Study

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The vision statement of Zara is: “Zara is committed to satisfying the desires of our customers. As a result, we pledge to continuously innovate our business to improve your experience. We promise to provide new designs made from quality materials that are affordable.” (source:zara)

With the above mission and vision statements, you can get the desired Zara case study solution for your queries on the same. Do you know that the parent of Zara, the Inditex group have other fashion brands in its portfolio? If not, don’t worry; they are listed below.


Zara Home

Pull & Bear

Massimo Dutti





These are the fashion brands that are under the portfolio of the Inditex group. Apart from these, Amancio Ortega has set up a global real estate investment fund, Pontegadea Invensiones that manages corporate offices across 9 countries. But, the fame and name he received from the customers of Zara is incomparable with any other of his companies by producing 450 million items per year.

Now, for your case study writing, we shall look into the types of analysis you can perform on this company to get the maximum information to perform a Zara business strategy case study.

Zara e-Commerce Case Study | How Zara Has Revolutionized the Concepts of Marketing?

If you are writing a Zara business strategy case study, then you must know that Zara has been at the top of the fashion industry for over two decades. The secret behind the success of this globally leading retailer is its marketing strategy. It focuses on the product variety, speed-to-market and store location.

Zara has turned the traditional 4Ps marketing to innovative 4Es of marketing where:

  • Experience replaces product
  • Exchange in place of price
  • Evangelism takes over promotion
  • Every place instead of a place

This company has taken over the fashion world with its prime focus on customers. It is a company that works with a motive “for the customer, of the customer, by the customer.” where it manufactures products for the customers, according to the interests of the customers and meeting the trends set by the customers. This brings answers to your Zara fast fashion case study questions. No wonder Zara manages so efficiently with delivering new items with latest designs twice a week to over 1,670 stores across the globe; introducing the concept of instant fashion to the world.

Looking into the study areas; here, we listed 4 main types of analysis that you can perform on this company for finding answers to all your Zara case study questions.

ZARA Case Study- PESTLE Analysis- SWOT Analysis

Zara case study supply chain management is one of the topmost queries of a student who is writing about this topic. This is because being the best fashion retailer in this world, Zara has everyone’s eyes turned to its business development and marketing strategies. So, our experts have brought you this strategy analysis on the world’s best apparel retailer.

1.Situation analysis

Situation analysis is where we consider a business organization and by performing the internal and external analysis on the same, find out the position of that particular organization in the market. This is to know about the internal and external factors that are playing their roles in maintaining the position of a company among the top in the trend. Want to know how to conduct a situation analysis? Look into our Zara case study solution ppt to learn from the experts.

This is categorized into two types based on the factors that are impacting its growth. But, altogether it looks into the strengths(S), weaknesses(W), opportunities(O), and threats(T) of a company. So, now let us look into the details of a Zara case study SWOT analysis.


An important factor in performing an internal analysis of an organization is knowing the strengths of that company. Now, in context to Zara, the strengths of this company can be considered as listed below.

  • Brand awareness
  • Brand loyalty
  • Efficient distribution
  • High fashion for modest price
  • Information technology

These five features of this company play a role in its stand at the top among all others. You can include these in your Zara case study Harvard and impress your professor easily.


When performing an internal analysis of an organization to know what is being an obstacle in its journey to be a leading company, you look into its weakness. When we consider the same for Zara, here are the areas where it lags behind:

  • Expense for training personnel
  • Higher costs from vertical integration
  • Lack of e-commerce
  • New in this segment
  • Short lead time

These are the 5 weaknesses of this company that can affect its position. You can look into our Zara case study PDF samples to know what experts explain about these.


When you are looking at the opportunities of an organization, they come under the external analysis performed on the company. In the case of Zara, the factors that come into the light are listed below:

  • Brand image
  • Expanding to online market
  • Global market penetration
  • Variations in designs
  • Variety in numerous stores

These are the 5 opportunities for this company that can help in its expansion and sales as well. You can have a look into our Zara case study answers and know about these in detail.


Another factor that can affect the position of a company in the market is the threats it has from the competitors. This is again a segment of external analysis performed on a company to know its value. For Zara, external threats that can affect it are as below:

  • Design challenges
  • Fluctuation in exchange rates
  • Global competitors
  • Local competitors
  • Market entry barriers

These are the 5 main threats that this company may face while it is growing across the world. You can include more Zara case study questions and answers on the same to add value to your work.

This is all about the situation analysis of Zara. You can explain the reasons behind its growth to where it stands right now- leading apparel retailer in the world. Now, in the succeeding section, we can look into the environmental analysis of the same to find Zara international case study answers to all your queries.

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2.Industrial analysis

Industrial analysis of the Zara company helps us understand the working condition of this organization, environmental surroundings, competitive pressures and such that it has to deal with while maintaining its position at the top. Now, we shall look into Zara case study PESTEL analysis to understand the different factors that can impact the company.

Political factors

Government plays a silent yet most crucial role in the development of any business. This is because a business like Zara, which is expanding overseas have numerous outlets across the world. So, it has to consider political factors such as rules and policies of various states, countries, etc. that can affect the company. These are some important political factors that you can include in your Zara e-commerce case study.

Environmental factors

Environmental factors that can affect the production of an organization like Zara includes the effects of climate, temperature and such on the manufacturing process. Or what impact these products and the production of this has on the environment. If you are struggling to discuss these factors in detail, you can refer to the Zara case study summary provided on our website and understand it well.

Social factors

Social factors that are affecting the Zara are different cultures, traditions, of different people. Or the different preferences of people from different age groups. These can affect the sales of a branch or the whole company itself. You can also explain these in detail with examples in your Zara innovation case study to easily impress your professor and score the best grades.

Technological factors

Technical improvements in the manufacturing process or the technical growth in the eco-friendly store openings can be counted into the factors that are based on technology and can affect the company. Are you facing any trouble with discussing these factors in your work? Our expert writers can provide Zara case study answers to all your queries.

Economical factors

Though there are currency fluctuations cross the globe and even at the times of recession, Zara manages to maintain a balance in its market and demand. This is not an easy task, but over the years, this company have got a good hold on it. Make a special note of these factors to provide answers to all Zara case study questions that arise when you are working on this.

Legal factors

Since Zara has so many outlets across the world, it is very important that it pays attention to the various and changing policies and laws of different countries and regions. This is a major role-playing part since it is related to the business transactions and the support or evidence provided to the same. Since legal permissions are must and abiding by them is mandatory, you can discuss them in detail in your case study on Zara.

So, these are the six factors that can affect a company and its growth, or development in the market. This is how we perform a PESTEL analysis of Zara to know how it is impacted by various aspects. Now, we shall look into the supply chain management of Zara and understand the same.

What Is Zara Case Study Supply Chain Management?

Supply chain management is the flow of goods from one step of the process to another. It includes right from collecting raw materials, storing in the inventory, manufacturing process to completing the delivery of the goods. Every single stage of the whole process is keenly observed and taken care of to ensure the delivery of the best quality products. You can look at our Zara case study supply chain management ppt to know how professional writers add value to your content with this. Now, let us look into Zara’s supply chain approach.

1.Procurement methodology

Zara’s team works on the quantity of raw materials needed rather than the number of clothes sold. This helps in keeping a control on the waste that is generated from the not-sold clothes.

2.Proximity of supply

All the suppliers of Zara are very near to it. So, it can place an order for the materials even on a daily basis at the time of requirement. Seek our Zara operations management case study to look into how our experts add perfection to your work.

3.Production feedback

Store managers to market specialists to production and design teams; this information passing loop is quick and agile that helps in delivering responses of the market at a faster rate.

4.Local manufacturing

Zara decides to manufacture its products from Galicia in order to lower transportation charges and exposure to changing tariffs.

5.Demand forecasting

Zara uses effective inventory management models that can help them in predicting and experimenting with designs in small batches. This leaves them with enough time to made modifications in their products when needed.

These are some approaches that you can include in your Zara supply chain case study. You can use this to add value to your content, impress your professor and score the best grades.

Recently Zara has taken a long step towards RFID. Though this step was taken in 2014, yet it is still a trending news that can be discussed in your work. So, for knowing what RFID and Zara is, keep reading...

What Is RFID and How It Is Related to Zara?

RFID, radio frequency identification is a technology that allows us to identify a living or non-living thing with the use of a tag that can be tracked using electromagnetic waves. Nowadays, these are used in the majority for tracking the delivery of products or goods. If you are wondering how it can contribute to your Zara RFID case study, then read the succeeding section.

RFID tags are embedded within the security device that is on each product. These can be removed and recycled at the time of checkout on purchase of that item. These tags can be used to keep an eye on the stock in the inventory. As soon as a product is sold, with the help of these, the store management gets to know about it. Then someone is notified to refill the stack with the stock from the storeroom. This is quite an effective approach as the store management can keenly observe the stock in hand.

Zara is one of the leading fashion retailer in the world. This has turned Amancio Ortega, the richest man in Spain. Though introducing business strategies was a difficult task, but on implementing the same, this is enjoying the competitive leadership in the apparels industry.

If you are working on Zara case study, you can take reference from the above, or seek our Zara case study help from professional writers. They will ensure the delivery of top-notch quality work right on time. Want to know how we can help you with it? Look into the next section.

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