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Professors bury students under the pile of assignments, which leave them with no time at all for anything else than meeting deadlines. They might want to take up some additional courses or pastimes but they get completely exhausted by the end of the day doing such assignments and therefore, search for someone to give them assignment writing tips that can help them compile these tasks neatly and score well.

Well, metaphorically speaking, the Instant Assignment Help website can be your knight in the shining armor. We always have your back, come rain or shine. Students studying in universities and schools trust us with their assignments and projects because they know that what they’re getting is coming from the reliable source with unique content. And we are here with another piece of advice on writing better academic assignments.

But before we make our way to the section where we’ll provide you the tips to start your assignment, let us start with the basics.

How to Write an Assignment? Follow the Strategic Process

What is that one magical rule to produce a high-quality assignment? We tell you. It is by asking yourself another question, “How to write an assignment?” Don’t panic because we have the answer on our plate. You just have to follow the below process of writing an assignment. These are:

  • Planning for the assignment- Make a plot and strategize for the process of assignment writing. Think of the resources and techniques that you are going to employ.
  • Analyzing your topic- Think and analyze the topic and areas related to that. Without looking at the sources, brainstorm on the topic yourself and jot down every idea that you get.
  • Study and carry out thorough research- Now when you’re done scratching your head, make some notes and research upon the topic by taking the help of books, magazines, journals, articles, interviews, case studies, etc.
  • Draft a rough outline- As stated, we will provide you assignment writing tips, but our expert writers say that creating a rough draft before the writing process also works as the great trick. Before tapping fingers on keyboard, create a layout of the entire research by making different sections with the headings like introduction, main idea, body paragraphs, arguments and conclusion.
  • Begin with the writing process- Start framing sentences with every piece of information. When you begin with this step, do not think about what to edit or delete because that’s what you’ll do in the next step.
  • Cut, edit and proofread the assignment- Once you’re done compiling your assignment, start with cutting out the unnecessary details and repeated arguments. Use some phrases, read the written content twice, check if every argument is used correctly and whether or not you’ve fulfilled the purpose of the assignment.

This process of assignment writing ends with proofreading your document, and we’d like to tell you that we provide assignment help for you at each and every step of it. And we just don’t say that, but we work for it. Thus, unfolding another important step during assignment writing, that is the steps to write an easy assignment.

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What are the Steps to Write an Easy Assignment? Follow the 3-Way Formula  

After learning how to write assignments, you need to follow the given outline below to write an assignment. Our professional assignment writers are making it a little bit easier for you. To finish your task in a proper and organized manner, follow the mentioned 3-way structure of assignment given below.


An introduction builds the way to your assignment and tells the reader where you’re going with the topic. It talks about the subject area and the aim of writing the assignment.

It consists of the thesis statement and the central argument related to that. Even the scholars ask us for the steps of assignment writing and we suggest them to always begin with the introduction by adding a hook, such as a famous quote or asking a question from the audience.

The team of the Instant Assignment Help provides you a very intriguing introduction of the assignment that will motivate the reader to read further content.


This is the part of the assignment help where you support your arguments with valid facts and figures. It involves the critical thinking of an author. The body of the assignment is divided into different paragraphs where each paragraph holds one argument that points to the topic sentence of the assignment.

Each argument will be backed up by the evidence that helps develop the argument in the assignment. The last sentence always links the main idea of the paragraph to the argument that it covers.

If you build your body of the assignment in the way we discussed above, it will make your work look organized and attractive.


It is the last section of the assignment. The conclusion means summarizing the main ideas and evaluating them to make a resulting theory.

It includes the restatement of the thesis sentence, key points, and the central argument of the assignment.

These are the points that will cover your format of assignment. By including these three points in a creative manner and adding that flair of writing, we have taken the lead into the best assignment writing services.

Get Extra Points Using These Assignment Writing Tips

You must be thinking that you got what all you needed, but wait, we promised you that we will provide tips for assignment writing to snatch away those extra points from your professor. Guessing what they can be? Read them below.

5 Academic Assignment Writing Tips:

  • Personal Experience and Perspective- Adding your own views and beliefs can make your assignment look different and purposeful. Describe the events and aim of the topic in light of your perspective and thoughts. This will keep the readers attached to your assignment till the end.
  • Use Your Friend’s Story as a Hook- Your mind should always be ready to capture any incident or an event that happened in the lives of the people around you and to use that in your work. Be observant and incorporate those events in your assignment to make it look real. You can use this as a hook to add in the introduction.
  • Imitate Your Favorite Author’s Writing Style- While reading your favorite book, you must have read that one author whose writing style you found dripping. That’s it. That’s all it takes. Dig into that style pattern and use it in your content. Convert that boring assignment into an interesting one. Create it in your own way and use those words, phrases and styles that you’ve always read and found attractive.While giving you the assignment writing tips, we just realized that our writers have also used their favorite author’s style here.
  • Ask Questions and State ‘Did You Know’ Facts- Every assignment is different from the other, and based on its nature, you can amplify the pitch of an assignment. While adding a hook in the introduction, you can ask questions. Start by stating a fact or ‘did you know’ statements that will catch the eye of the reader instantly and push them to read ahead.
  • Take Help from Your Mentor- Providing the most beneficial assignment writing tips, we are ending with one of the hack. We exhaust all the resources while doing the assignment but often forget very important ones and that is the same person who assigned you the topic of the assignment. When you feel like you’re out of options, reach out to your mentor and ask him for a piece of advice from time to time. It will help you stay directed towards your assignment’s topic and give you a different perspective also. You should also open up your mind to your teacher so that he can understand your area of interest and will assign you the topic accordingly.

If you’re thinking about how to make your assignment creative, then take advantage of the above-mentioned tips and use them in your assignment. And you can add one more to the bucket, by just handing over your assignments to us and we will take care of them completely. But are you thinking about “how much?” yet? Then hold on and read out the next section for some min-blowing deals and discounts that you’ll get by availing of our online assignment writing service.

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If you think that you would require our services in the coming time, then we are here to provide you assignment writing help.

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As you saw, we highlighted the very helpful assignment writing tips for you, plus these freebies will help you submit your assignment on time. Do you think we’re finished here? Hang in there as we are all set to disclose some mind-blowing offers on our assignment help services.

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