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Assignment Writing Tips

Know How to Write a Quality Assignment

How to Write an Assignment to Impress Reviewers

Assignment writing is one of the most unignorable truths of student life. None of the academic sessions are complete without the mention of assignments. To master the art of assignment writing, a student should follow a systematic approach and come up with a structured schedule so that this important activity never gets a miss. Working for assignments at the last hour results in poor quality that no reviewer wants to see in the work done by scholars.

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Planning is crucial to write best quality assignments

If you start writing an assignment at the eleventh hour, you will naturally follow a hushed approach. Thus, plan well in advance. How to do it? Let’s see here.

Some important assignment planning tips are:

  • Decide in advance what you want to write about. Sometimes, topic is given beforehand to the learners by their teachers. But, as you climb up the academic levels, you are expected to work with an independent approach. So, the onus of picking the topic also falls on your shoulders, especially when you are at university level.
  • Block a portion of the day for assignment writing. Ensure that you do allot time for writing assignment during the day. This way you can ensure that you have ample time to work on the writing task.
  • Talk to the tutor/friend: If you are seeking tutor’s help, then talk to him regarding the writing project. You may discuss it with your friends for gathering inputs too.

How to write assignment having proper structure

You can structure your assignment appropriately if the planning is proper. Thus, to write an assignment that guarantees good grades, you can make a well-planned sequence of activities and do them in correct manner whole-heartedly.

  1. Write a well-researched original assignment. What is meant by ‘original’ here is not writing of something that was not existing ever before. In fact, you need to research deeply, gather facts and finally express your viewpoint by making arguments that are based on logical facts.
  2. Gather information: Read about the topic from approved and relevant sources. Compile information and related facts and use them during the course of assignment writing.
  3. Prepare a write-up: Your assignment normally contains these portions - introduction, review of existing facts, your arguments and conclusion. At various points, you need to explain the work done by the past researchers. Thus, make use of direct quoting and paraphrasing to explain the arguments made in the past so that the originality of your content is retained.
  4. Edit and proofread: Read your write-up twice or thrice. Make sure that there are no errors like grammar and punctuation goof-ups, fluffing of words, etc. This process leads to formation of second draft. This draft is more focussed, carries only relevant information and is free from redundant sentences.
  5. Prepare for presentation: If you are writing assignments for university level of education, then reviewers expect you to present it too. Thus, come up with ideas on how to write the presentation in an engaging way so that your thoughts get full attention of the reviewers.

Important Tips for Writing University Assignment

When you are writing assignment for university level courses, make use of the language of exceptional quality. Also, there has to be proper adherence to the format guidelines specific to the department you are associated with. So, you can make use of following tips to make your university assignment outstanding:

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  • Do not use fluffy words or words with colloquial meaning. Adopt very professional language to write assignment
  • Avoid using redundant phrases to increase the relevance
  • If you are in habit of using the same word again and again, try using synonyms
  • Write in a very crisp fashion. Explain one new idea per sentence and also use short paragraphs so that your write-up scores high on readability.
  • Be thorough with the technical terminology that is used in the subject you are studying.

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