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Efforts of writing an assignment may go waste if you do not proofread it meticulously. Proofreading the assignment ensures that it doesn’t have any grammatical errors, spelling slip-ups or mistakes in the structure. Many students lose their precious marks because they don’t bother to go through their assignment once they are done writing it. However, they can’t be blamed; assignment proofreading is indeed a strenuous task. In order to proofread an assignment, a student needs to have good analytical skills, excellent command of the language, and impressive vocabulary. But, many students lack all these things. We understand this, and that’s why we are here to provide the best assignment proofreading services in the UK.

Being working in the academic writing industry for over a decade, we very well know what a student exactly needs. The experts that we have on board are highly competent to match the expectations of scholars and provide them the best assignment help. Their main motive is to enhance the quality of your assignment so that you can submit flawless work to your professor and score highest among your friends and classmates. If you entrust the work of proofreading assignments to them, then they will leave no stone unturned in providing you with what you exactly require. Highlighted below are a few things that make our experts a cut above the rest.

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What Sets Our Assignment Proofreading Experts Apart?

Excellent Command of the Language: Our proofreaders are natives of the UK; thus they have an excellent command of the English language. It is a cakewalk for them to identify the grammatical errors in the assignments and rectify them. Many students reach to us every day and avail our assignment proofreading service to ascertain compliance with the grammar and punctuation rules in their assignments.

Splendid Vocabulary: Many times, students put down some words in their assignments that look impressive but don’t actually fit right in the context. Our experts often get such assignments for proofreading. Since they have an impressive vocabulary and know the right usage of words, they always make it a point to include words that don’t only sound good but are relevant.

Good Understanding of Every Subject: Our proofreaders hold the highest academic credentials in their respective areas. They have in-depth knowledge of all the basic concepts of the subject they have specialized in. When they proofread a document, they also pay attention to the information mentioned in it. If they find any issue, they correct it so that you won’t lose your grades.

Knowledge of All the Citation Styles: Our experts are well-versed with all the citation styles prevalent across any university you name. If you believe that you have erred on the citation part, then you can reach to our assignment proofreading experts. They will rectify all the mistakes that you have made while citing the sources in your assignment.

Impressive Presentation Skills: If the assignment is presented in a haphazard manner, then it can never stand out. Our experts know various presentation styles that can make an assignment exceptional. Moreover, they take care of the structure of the assignment at the time of proofreading.

The skills and qualifications that our proofreaders possess have made them one of the most sought-after assignment proofreading service providers in the UK. They know what is assignment proofreading and how to make an assignment top notch. If you want to know how they enhance the quality of assignments and make them highly precise, then scroll down.

How Our Assignment Proofreading Experts Deliver Best Quality Work?

Go Through the Assignment Mindfully: Our proofreaders start the work by retaining the original draft and pasting it in the different file first. Then they begin reading the assignment line by line on a wide frame. After this, they sift through the assignment paragraphs individually and read the content mindfully.

Identify the Mistakes and Eliminate Them: Once our experts are done reading the assignment meticulously, they start underlining the errors. They know all the areas of ambiguity and those having spelling, punctuation or grammatical mistakes. They eliminate all these mistakes and also check whether the word choice is correct. Moreover, they ensure that the writing style and tone are suitably academic.

Check If the Work Abides by University Guidelines: While proofreading assignments, our experts check whether the work is in agreement with the set university guidelines. They check for the format of the assignment, ensure that the word count is as required, and also pay special attention to the citation guidelines followed.

Take a Final Read Through the Assignment: After ensuring that the work is in compliance with the university guidelines, our experts go through the assignment on the whole and carry out the reading process at least thrice. They do so to make sure that they have not missed any error.

With this constructive approach, our experts proofread each assignment. By availing our assignment proofreading service in the UK, you will not only be able to submit flawless work to your professor every time but also understand all the aspects that make an assignment perfect. So, if you have written an assignment that you believe is not up to the mark, then you can buy our assignment proofreading services in three simple steps.

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Follow These Simple Steps to Avail Our Assignment Proofreading Service

  • Fill the ‘Order Now’ Form: Get started by filling the order form. You will be asked to share your personal information and assignment proofreading-related details.
  • Upload the Document: Once you submit the form, you will have to upload the assignment that you want us to proofread. You can submit the assignment in any format.
  • Pay a Reasonable Price: After this, we will ask you to pay an economical price for our services. The moment we receive the payment, we will start working on your assignment and deliver it to your mailbox before the deadline.

We always ensure that you do not face any issue while availing our assignment proofreading services. After all, you are already boggled with the thought of preparing and submitting the assignment on time and so, we help you make your work perfect. However, we understand that it is not easy to place your faith in our assignment proofreading services without the assurance of getting meticulous work. Thus, in order to gain your trust, we provide the following guarantees.

Guarantees That Come Along with Our Assignment Proofreading Services

Unlimited Revisions Guarantee: We always strive to provide the maximum satisfaction to our clients, and that’s why we revise their work as many times as they want us to. So, if you feel that the assignment is not satisfactory even after it has been proofread by our experts, then you can send it back to us. We will make the changes in it without charging anything.

100% Money-Back Guarantee: Even after the unlimited revisions, if the assignment fails to match the expectation or it doesn’t reach to you on the desired date, then you can ask for a refund. We assure you to return the entire amount you paid for our assignment proofreading services. However, the money will be returned only if the claim is legitimate.

Ownership Guarantee: Instant Assignment Help is known for abiding by its ethics and keeping promises that it makes to the customers. Therefore, with us, you can be assured that the assignment you provide to us for proofreading will never be shared with any third party or will never be used in any way for our personal interest.

Privacy Guarantee: We feel extremely obliged when students share their personal details with us at the time of availing our assignment proofreading services in the UK. That’s why we have a strict privacy policy and each of our team members adheres to it. We refrain from sharing our client’s information with others because doing so will be an infringement to their privacy which we would never do.

24*7 Student Support Guarantee: Our services are intended to help those students who don’t know what is assignment proofreading but wish to submit error-free work. You can reach to our customer support executives any time of the day or night as they are available twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week to assist you and resolve your queries.

Students who wish to submit flawless assignments always choose us due to these guarantees that we offer to them. They blindly trust our assignment proofreading services which makes us even more responsible towards identifying errors in their work and correcting them. If you rely on our services, then we will go to any extent to provide you the ultimate satisfaction. So, don’t think anymore and contact us at the earliest!

Most Popular Questions Searched By Students

  • Is Using Your Service to Proofread My Assignment Legal?
    Yes, we are a legal platform to provide assistance to students with their issues. We have worked in this profession from a long time and helped multiple students with their problems. You can take our services and excel in your academic career. However, we advise all our students to take our write-ups as a reference.
  • Do Your Writers Check the Originality Part While Proofreading?
    Our writers work on the basis of the guidelines you provide them. Since we do not want any detail to get changed in the document, we prefer to avoid executing any chief changes. Moreover, when you ask us to proofread the work, we give it a general scan and see if the content has any copied text. You can ask us for the report if you wish to see that.
  • Can Anyone Find Out If I Asked for Assignment Proofreading Service from You?
    No, we keep your identity hidden from every person, so if anyone tries to find out, your name does not come out. Moreover, we play this secrecy by allotting an order number, which is specific as only our team can read it. So, you can rest assured and take an assignment proofreading service from our team.
  • How Quickly Can You Provide Assignment Proofreading Service?
    We respect and understand your urgency, so our team schedule the work to deliver to you. We ask you to inform us about every detail so we can begin working on your project. Moreover, we ask you to wait for a minimum of 24 hours for our team to revert you. Also, we ask you to form a gap between the due date so you can contact us for any last-minute changes.
  • Can I Contact the Expert Who is Proofreading My Assignment?
    We know you want to update the individual about any alteration or receive updates over the work. However, your constant messages to the writer can distract him from his work, so we do not allow direct communication with them. Still, we provide a communication support team available to you for 24 hours. So, you can drop them your urgent matter, and they will deliver that to them.
  • How Can I Pay You to Take Assignment Proofreading Service?
    We understand that the payment cycle requires trust, as no one likes fraud in money. Hence, we only use platforms which are popular among users. The first is PayPal which is an online platform that provides payment facilities. Moreover, we accept debit and credit cards from your associated banks. You receive a confirmation from our website once you will this process.
  • What If You Fail to Deliver the Assignment on Time After Proofreading?
    This situation is not what you face with us, as our team works to deliver your project on time. If, by any chance, such a case occurs and you receive your work late, we have a method to compensate for our poor response. You can ask for a refund for such a delay in your work and the inconvenience we caused you.
  • Why Should I Prefer You to Take Assignment Proofreading Service?
    This question has a simple answer, as we do not disappoint in giving accurate assistance. Your every problem has a solution, and our experts know about that, so if it is writing or proofreading, our team provides an excellent service, one that attracts every student. So, place your problem and see how our specialists remove it through their knowledge.


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I was constantly getting my dissertation reverted back to me by my professor with a remark saying a proofread again and then send. I was so worried I didn't know what to do. Thankfully my friend suggested the services of Instant Assignment Help. I tried them and they gave me the best-proofread document with all the necessary changes done. My professor finally accepted my dissertation. Thank you, guys.

Kathleen T. Rush

Chicago, USA

I recommend Instant Assignment Help to all the students looking out for a reliable online academic service. Amongst all the benefits provided by them, their assignment proofreading services seem the best to me. I was able to ask them to make the necessary changes and received a positive response. Thank you so much!


Tawau, Malaysia

I don't know how to proofread and edit after writing. Therefore, I can't correct errors and lose marks for them. After getting help from you guys, for the first time in my life, I delivered an error-free paper and acquired good results.

Sofia Fletcher

Norwich, UK

I do not proofread the content because I cannot. So my friend suggested taking advice from your platform, and your experts deliver above my expectations. I do not go anywhere else for any work now. Thanks for helping me.

Jude Humphreys

New York, USA

Assignment proofreading service by this team at the last moment of my submission saved my grades. I am so happy with the results and especially with how fast they delivered an absolutely error free content. Though I reviewed the document before submission. I can blindly trust Instant assignment help next time to send me a brilliant draft. I would love to try your writing services too...

Adam Johnson

Woodlands, Singapore

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