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Nursing Dissertation Topics

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Nursing Dissertation Topics, Ideas, and Examples for UK Students

Nursing is one of the noble practices focused on providing health care and medical assistance to ill patients suffering from various kinds of ailments. How nurses help in community service, how they are used for implementing healthcare programs of global relevance, etc. are some of the topics worth exploring for writing a dissertation on nursing. As a nursing student, not only do you require mastering the theoretical concepts, but also have knowledge about various practical aspects of the nursing field. Nursing Dissertation topics are the stepping stone toward attaining finesse in nursing practices.

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Best Topic Ideas for Writing Children’s Nursing Dissertation 2024

Children’s Nursing Dissertation Topics is one of the most searched topics on the internet. Pediatric nurses are in high demand because of improved pre-natal and post-natal medical assistance being ensured to the mother and infants. Thus, nursing students search for nursing dissertation ideas that they may consider while pursuing the courses:

  • Importance of public health for addressing obesity issues in children.
  • Post-natal plan for an infant suffering from a respiratory disorder.
  • Role of nurses in ensuring good health of children living in slum areas - Mumbai study.
  • Public health model and its utility for maintaining good health in various sections of society.
  • Cost control measures and their utility in a pediatric center
  • Staffing duties of a nurse in the pediatric section of the healthcare cent
  • Pediatric ICU: Living with dying - from a nursing perspective.
  • Managing communication problems in a pediatric ward.

How to Select an Excellent Nursing Dissertation Topics?

How to pick nursing dissertation ideas is a concern that naturally comes to the mind of any student. The best nursing dissertation idea is one that is easy to act upon and allows you to explore the topic extensively. Also, there should be ample relevant literature to review. Thus, here is how you develop a nursing dissertation idea:

☑️ Choose a nursing dissertation topic
☑️ Conduct literature review
☑️ Write a small summary
☑️ Discuss research methodology
☑️ Discuss how this methodology will explore the problem addressed
☑️ Conduct a pilot study
☑️ Get the idea approved by the supervisor
☑️ Defend your dissertation

This is how you develop a nursing dissertation idea to get it approved by the reviewer. Writing a dissertation is going to occupy most of the period of an academic session and so, one must pick the idea in a very fool-proof manner so that the time used can be justified amply. These are some steps suggested by our assignment help providers to be followed for picking perfect nursing dissertation topics.

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Fields of Nursing Covered By Our Dissertation Writers

1. Community Nursing Dissertation Topics

How to make nursing useful for the betterment of the community is the prime focus of this sub-branch of nursing. There is a need to study nursing from a broader perspective and based upon this, a number of healthcare institutions such as the Red Cross Society, etc. have come into being. Some of the interesting community nursing dissertation ideas are:

  1. Assessment of nutritional requirements in school-going children.
  2. Things to consider while preparing a proposal for a community healthcare cent
  3. Role of community nursing in improving the quality of life of elderly patients.
  4. Community nursing plan for the treatment of patients suffering from chronic illness.
  5. Evaluation of community nursing services available for neonatal care and expectant mothers.
  6. Health promotion in developing countries through community nursing.

2. Pediatric Nursing Dissertation Topics

Nursing care for children is of critical importance. While writing a dissertation on pediatric nursing, a student needs to explore how nursing can bring positive change in the overall situation. Topics for pediatric nursing have been tabulated under the children’s nursing section explained above.

  1.  Describe the comfort theory and its application to Pediatric Nursing
  2.  Underlying the significance of involving and supporting families in pediatric nursing care
  3.  Develop or identify a holistic perspective on comfort care as an advance directive in pediatric nursing
  4.  What is the experience of Students in pediatric nursing clinical courses?
  5.  Discuss the Parental Reflective Functioning for Implementation in Pediatric Nursing
  6.  What is the role of nursing work environment in occurrence of reported pediatric medication administration errors in critical care?

3. General Nursing Dissertation Topics

General nursing is studied to ensure that nursing care reaches all sections of society irrespective of caste and creed. This branch of nursing focuses precisely on the role of the nurse as an ambassador for a better quality of life. Some important general nursing dissertation topics are:

  1. Challenges faced by nurses coming to work after a break.
  2. Role of the nurse as an assistant to a medical practitioner.
  3. Preparing a nursing plan for the patients requires psychological counseling.
  4. Role of nurses in an off-site healthcare cent
  5. Managing nursing staff for providing healthcare to an epidemic-hit area.

4. Critical Care Nursing Dissertation Topics

Critical care nursing is important for those hospitals providing tertiary care. A number of cases are explored through critical care nursing dissertations topics, such as:

  1. Evaluation of staffing procedures for allotting nurses to a critical care ward.
  2. How Roman Logan Tierney Model can be applied to preparing care plans for psychiatric patients?
  3. Evaluating the conceptual model of critical care nursing.
  4. A rehabilitation plan for a patient paralyzed by a brain stroke.
  5. A case study approach: Role of advanced practice nurses in multidisciplinary rounds in the intensive care uni

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Best Nursing Dissertation Examples For Your Reference

Explore nursing dissertation examples as it can give you a better idea of how to write dissertations on various topics of nursing.

Nursing Dissertation Topics Example 1

Reflective study on Nursing Development Program


I am using Gibbs’ reflective cycle as the framework for this assignment. I am going to discuss the cardiovascular care of the patient experiencing anaphylactic shock. According to NICE clinical guidelines, anaphylaxis is a severe, life-threatening, generalized, or systemic hypersensitivity reaction (Introduction, 2011). Furthermore, it is Characterised by rapidly developing life-threatening problems involving: the airway (pharyngeal and laryngeal edema) and/or breathing (bronchospasm with tachypnea) and/or circulation (hypotension and/or tachycardia) usually associated with skin and mucosal changes (NICE, 2014)

Nursing Dissertation Topics Example 2

Abstract of Submaximal Exercise Sample

The methodologies that can be used for measuring cardiovascular fitness are of submaximal and maximal intensity exercise. Of the two methods, most used one is the sub-maximal method. It is sometimes not possible to measure the standard of Cardiorespiratory fitness directly and therefore there arises the need for a subsidiary standard procedure that is based on the responses of the body to that of submaximal exercise. In order to find the cardiorespiratory fitness or the maximum intake of oxygen, the method of incremental submaximal exercise is used (Noonan and Dean, 2000)

We have completed thousands of dissertations on nursing so far. You can share your dissertation ideas with our writing experts and they can provide you with the best quality paper in no time.

What are the Trending Research Topics in Nursing ?

If you are a medical student and taking up a course in the nursing profession, you do realize that you have to do a bulk reading, and your days will be consumed with a lot of writing for your research paper. Your entire nursing career depends upon a well-prepared research paper. Thus, choosing the right topic is important and also the first step of your proposal. This now takes us back to the main question, “What are the top nursing research topics?” So get your pen and paper and copy them down from the section below.

  1. Resistance of antibiotics in children.
  2. Explain in detail, what are the main causes of childhood obesity.
  3. Treatment of malnutrition: Strategies for children.
  4. The child mortality rate in the State the causes.
  5. Dementia: Treatment and methods.
  6. What is the link between the situation of fatigue and depression in cancer patients?
  7. How stroke patients can have their motor functions in order?
  8. Chest pain in adults: Causes and Treatment methods.
  9. High infertility rate in women: Its factors and causes.
  10. How to treat the problem of acne in women?
  11. Early pregnancies and various risks.
  12. Pregnancy: Reasons for miscarriage in the first trimester.
  13. How to manage pain during pregnancy? What are the best methods?
  14. Critically analyze the role of a nurse in the hospital.
  15. Risks and dangers to the health of patients in the situation of inadequate nursing staff.
  16. Nursing in the 20th Explain.
  17. Draw a contrast between private and public healthcare sectors.

This was the list of some latest and good nursing research topics which will help you to build your paper and take the lead among your batchmates. But now that you have these topics, are you afraid to choose the right one from the list? Then you, my friend, have landed at the right place. Continue reading to know more!

How to Choose the Best Doctoral Degree Dissertation Topics?

After your master's, if you are still motivated to do the Ph.D. course but are reluctant about the academic research papers that come along with it, then you do not have to worry anymore. There is no need to search “How do I choose a Ph.D. topic for my dissertation?” because we are stating the easiest way down here. Read to find out.

  • In the pool of best topics, look around and find the trending research questions in your field.
  • Go on a hunt and look for samples and past dissertations made on your preferred topic.
  • If you have created a list of topics of your preference, then ask yourself if this topic matches your passion and area of interest.
  • Do the amount of writing, effort, and time worth enough to spend on the chosen topic for your dissertation?
  • At last, analyze if this topic is going to help in your professional career.

You see how easy it is to choose your own topic for your Ph.D. dissertation, but if you are still scratching your head, then let us give you the roadmap to narrow down your dissertation topic. Jump to the next section to know more!

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6 Steps to Narrow Down a Dissertation Topics

To choose a research topic, you need to know everything in and out of your research paper. Once you have selected the topic, you need to narrow it down and simplify it to the level where you can find out newer theories rather than just writing what your topic discusses.

Concluding the entire dissertation's topic in just one or two words will make no sense, and readers will not get any glimpse of your topic. Students generally ask, “How to narrow down my dissertation topic?” and therefore, we got you the answers.

Always try to ask some important questions to address specific issues. Also, refer to the pile of useful study material that is there on your bookshelf which will help you to break your dissertation question into parts. Below are a few points that can help you to narrow down your dissertation topic.

  • Select a topic of your interest.
  • Specify the topic in detail by giving its description.
  • Mention a few aspects/features of your topic.
  • Search around the topic and note down other specifics.
  • Try and create a title, sentence, or phrase out of your topic.
  • Neatly address your topic by maintaining connectivity throughout the dissertation.

These were some steps to narrow down the dissertation topic, which will help you to complete your dissertation on time and in a structured manner.

The next section shows some good dissertation topics in the field of education. Let’s see what they are.

Where to Find the Best Nursing Dissertation Ideas

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