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Open Book Exam

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What is Open Book Exam? Know all about it!

Generally, while preparing for college or university exams, students are expected to gather in a hall to write their exams. They are expected to be quiet for three hours with their heads down and no noises or notes. Then, they have to write what they know or remember related to that particular topic or subject. However, nowadays, many universities in the UK have started using a new type of assessment known as open book exam. 

Open book exams, also known as take home exams or controlled condition exams, are assessments that let you refer to your notes or textbooks and resource material when taking that exam. The purpose of this test is to check your ability to find, analyse, and apply information and knowledge. A student must complete and submit this exam within 24 hours or a period specified by their instructor. 

So, as you now know what is an open book exam, let’s understand the benefits of these exams over the traditional in-class exams.

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Here's What Open Book Exams Bring to the Table for Students

Many people consider open book exams of no value as they are written with the help of study material. However, there are multiple benefits to preparing for these exams. Below are some pointers that help you understand the importance of such exams. 

Enhances Practical Learning

These open book exams focus on enhancing your learning skills. It examines your understanding of the subject matter and its applications to a practical or real-life problem rather than recalling the information learned in traditional in-class exams. The questions are designed in a way that cannot be directly found in the reference materials. One has to understand the meaning of it on a deeper level to answer that question with the support of the books.

Real Measures of Calibre

The take home exam questions are conceptual, tricky, and case study-based. They focus on triggering students' critical thinking and dynamic memory to analyse concepts and information. This enhances students' overall quality of learning and their calibre. So basically, the students are challenged to get good results with the help of study resources.

Helps to Clear Students' Concepts

Students must thoroughly review the textbooks and reference materials to take an open book exam. This practice will help them to read each topic sincerely, giving them in-depth knowledge of the subject. Therefore, such tests are good for students as they ultimately benefit them in properly grasping the concepts.

Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Traditional in-class exams need a lot of practice and memorisation. Students are always stressed because it checks what you remember and write in exams. However, while giving the take home exam, a student is stress-free and relieved as no such pressure exists to retain the information. In addition, a student takes the exam with a free mind, making it possible to have a positive outlook towards the whole exam process.

Everyone Gets a Fair Chance

Students often wonder how to prepare for open book exam. But there is not any hard and fast rule for it. Any type of exam needs focus, dedication and a lot of practice to clear it. The only difference in take-home exams is that it allows all students to seek help from resources to clear this exam. So even the students who are not good at memorising can pass the tests with good scores. This way, everyone gets a fair chance to prove their skills. 

Now that we know how it can benefit your academics, let’s learn what is needed or required to prepare for this exam. Experts at Instant Assignment Help have provided you with a short guide on how you can prepare for a take home exam.

Preparing for an Open Book Exam? Here’s A Guide!

“How to study for take home exam?” is a question to which every student needs an answer. Does it require a different way of studying? Is there a need to study for this exam at all? Such questions must be troubling if you are taking this type of exam for the first time. But Relax! Don’t Panic! We will answer all these questions for you. 

Firstly, you must understand that it is an exam and studying the course materials before the exam will help you prepare for the open book exam. It will allow you to bring your textbook and course materials, but that doesn't imply you should neglect your pre-exam preparations entirely.

The examiner will expect you to apply your knowledge more precisely and critically because you can bring the course materials to the exam. Here are some open book exam tips to help you get ready.

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Recognise the Objective of an Open-Book Exam:

Open-book exams are distinctive as they allow students to bring reading materials to the test room and use them to provide thoughtful, intelligent answers to the questions. For an open-book exam, you won't need to memorise knowledge; instead, you'll need to apply it by summarising facts from the reading text.

Identify and Mark Important Information:

If you have the time, plan to highlight important information in your reading materials or textbook before the exam, so you won't have to spend too much time looking it up. Consider organising the text content before the exam using a highlighter, margin notes, and page marking techniques.

Read the Material Carefully and Polish Your Knowledge:

An open book exam requires different preparation than a traditional exam, which calls for the memorisation of crucial facts. For a take home exam, you need to be able to collaborate with other students and have intelligent discussions about the subjects that will likely be covered in the test. Respond to practice questions and previous open book exam papers, and compose your commentary, interpretations, and insights on the material.

Often, preparing for any exam isn’t enough if you don’t know the complete process or how you can study for it. Sometimes you cannot prepare for the exams because of uncertainties, emergencies, or personal issues. This is where assignment helpers come into play. The following section will help you understand in detail.   

How Can Assignment Aide Provide Support for Take-Home Exams?

If you have issues regarding taking these tests or don’t know how to take an open book examyou should seek help from our experts. Our writers will provide all the required assistance and answer all your queries. Know how:  

Get to Know the Exam Format

Students must become familiar with exam structure so they can prepare according to the structure and how much weight each subject will receive. By offering a preview of the exam format, the assignment help experts assist the students in earning good grades. So that they can prepare according to the format and pass their tests with distinction.

Guidelines for Exams

Our experts advise on the open book exam guidelines and how to perform well in these exams. It helps increase the likelihood that you will tackle every question using a successful approach. The student needs a mentor who can advise them on the best approach. They also help you allocate your time to each section appropriately. By advising students to select a suitable technique, our writers help ensure good performance and increase students' confidence levels.

Tips & Suggestions for Effective Learning

The student finds it challenging to comprehend complex issues, which makes it challenging to achieve high scores. The complex topic notes are made simpler with the aid of the subject matter experts so that you can quickly understand the topic or subject. It enables one to easily earn good marks on exams.

Clarifying Doubts and Queries

If you have doubts or queries about the open book exam, you can consult our professional writers to get accurate resolutions. We focus on clearing all your confusion and provide with proper feedback. This way, you will be able to finish your exams effectively with the help of our writers. 

Help With Proofreading and Editing

Once you complete your open book exams; you can instantly hire a writer at our website to help proofread your document before submitting it. Students always come first for our writers, so if you think that your content can be full of grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors. Or you need someone to review your document to look for any significant errors. You can take help from our experts. They will proofread your document thoroughly and edit the document accordingly so that you can deliver a perfect document for your test.

As you have understood, how assignment helpers can help you with your open book exam. You should know that there are various other ways our experts can help you. Read below to know about their services in a better way.  

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General Benefits of Using Our Assignment Helpers:

Our specialists have much to offer than just assisting you with take home exam. Seeking help from us can benefit you in many ways, such as reducing your academic stress, giving you enough time to spend with your friends and family, minimizing your workload, and so much more. Some of the things that we at Instant Assignment Help cover are the following:

Alleviates Tension and Anxiety

A lot of pending work with short deadlines can make anyone anxious. Nobody can finish all of their tasks simultaneously in the given time period. So it is best to seek our experts’ assistance; they will write your document with quality and deliver it before the deadline. This way, you will get your work submitted on time, and your anxiety will automatically reduce. 

Increased Performance and Grades

Every student wants to score high in their academics. However, educational challenges block their road to success and ruin their confidence. It creates chaos for students, and they fail to perform well. However, assignment writing services have specialised writers who research and draft quality content that helps students attain good performance and high scores. For example, getting help with an open book exam can get you good scores.

Chances for Growth and Learning

Our writing services help students with their academic tasks by assisting with all their subjects. They can contact our customer support staff to ask their doubts and queries. In addition, the support team offers tips that sharpen students' skills. This practice helps students learn new things and gain additional knowledge to perform well and encourage growth.

Facilitates Time Management

Students have a lot of things on their plates, and balancing everything becomes challenging. Sometimes, they have to finish many assignments at a specified time. Failure to do so can affect their results, and that's when our online writing help comes into play. When our professionals take charge of their tasks, students will have time to work on their other pending tasks. It will make them realise the value of time management and have a balanced life.

Availability of Specialised Knowledge

Not all students possess the same qualities and skills. Some deeply understand a topic or subject, whereas others do not. Thus, to score well, we can offer you the help of our experienced writers with specialised knowledge in various fields. Moreover, our writers are PhD or master's degree holders. The experience of writers will come in handy in the most challenging times of your academic life. For example, when you have to prepare for Nebosh open book exam or when you have to write an assignment on a complex topic.

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