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Are you facing problems with the structure, thesis statement, introduction, or conclusion of an academic essay? Or have you been assigned a writing style of which you do not have adequate knowledge? If you are in this phase, the best option will be to refer to Instantassignmenthelp.com academic essay examplesYou cannot undermine its importance because by carefully paying attention to the samples, you discover fresh ideas or notions. 

Want to know how examples of academic essay can help you with your paper? If yes, continue reading. 

I Am Facing Issues in My Paper: How Academic Essay Examples Can Clear My Doubts? 

Our academic essay example UK can assist you in the best possible manner. After going through our references, you can gain transparency on several aspects. Here are some of those areas that will promote clarity once you refer to our example of academic essay

Help in Writing Style

There are different writing styles and the most popular among them are argumentative, persuasive, expository, and narrative. Each writing follows a different notion or perspective. Thus, it is crucial to refer to our academic essay examples whenever you get assigned any work. The reference below will provide you with online academic essay examples UK.

Assist in Formatting

Formatting plays a crucial role in every academic essay. A well-formatted text gives a professional touch to your paper. Thus, once you start formatting your document, refer to the academic essay exampleIt hints you with the spacing, margins, and  indentation. To know more about essay formatting, refer to the image below.  


Essay Formatting 


12 points, Times New Roman


Double Spaced


0.5 Left Margin for Each Paragraph


1 from All Sides of the Page

Page Numbers

Top Left Corner of the Page

Aid in Title Creation 

The title is the first thing readers notice when they start reading your content. Thus, it should be attention-grabbing and thought-provoking. The title should represent the gist of your document in a few words. Presenting the idea behind your paper in a few words is challenging. Thus, before framing a title, refer to this example of an academic essay. It hints how to craft a perfect title. 

Difference Criteria

Good Title

Bad Title


Short and Crisp

Too Big


Does Not Use Abbreviations

Uses Abbreviations


Is Grammatically Correct

Is Grammatically Incorrect

Action Words

Includes Action Words

Does Not Include Action Words


Focuses on Keywords

Does Not Focus on Keyword

Give Creative Ideas

We recommend referring to our academic essay examples. During this stage of researching and brainstorming you only have limited information regarding what you think or perceive. But when you refer to our example academic essayit gives you an opportunity to expand your thinking and draft the document with innovation. 

Support in Right Tone 

Writing an essay academic is challenging because you must set the right tone for your document. Too informal or casual tone can degrade the quality of your paper and leave a negative impression on your professor. Thus, refer to our academic essay examples to understand or learn how to set the right tone for your essay. 

The online academic essay examples mentioned above represent our writer’s work. You may have noticed or not, but we work on each element before delivering the final document. In case; you missed out or did not focus on our writing style or elements, do not worry; the next section will bring to your attention every component we work on. 

Can You Help Me Write My Academic Essay? Yes, Know All the Elements!

Yes, we can help you write your academic essay effectively. Do you want to know all the elements we consider before drafting your paper? If yes, move along this document.


The title is the main heading of your academic essayIt summarises the main ideas of your paper. It should be precise and straight to the point, this is where our experts help. They assist you curate a compelling title that gives a brief overview of the entire document in limited words. 


The introduction is the beginning of an academic essay which covers all the essential arguments and the gist of your document in one paragraph. Highlighting vital information briefly sometimes becomes challenging. Also, the introduction should be attention-grabbing. Thus, you can get academic essay writing UK from us for a compelling start. 


Evidence is the quotations or text you take from books, journals, or newspapers to support your point of view. These enhance the validity of your document and help you deliver a professor-friendly paper. Including evidence can give your educator an impression of a perfect academic essay example. 

Thesis Statement 

A thesis statement is a one- or two-line statement consisting of the central idea of the academic essay. Though it is a short or crisp line, it should be on point without any grammar or punctuation errors. It is where our professionals have expertise; they craft an impressive thesis statement. 

Body Paragraph

The body is the next section after the introduction. It contains all the vital arguments of your essay academicWriting it becomes difficult because it requires good writing skills and a keen observation of the topic. Thus, you can take help from Instantassignmenthelp.com to present ideal academic essay examples to your professor. 


The conclusion is the end of the academic essay. It is a summary of your entire document. Though it is the end of the paper, it is an essential element of your write-up. It should provoke the reader to take action. Thus, taking help from our experts for academic essay writing UK can be the best solution. 

Wondering in Which Subjects We Can Assist? Know All

Be it any subject, our experts are proficient and can easily write your essay academic. Here is a list of those subjects where you can most likely get stuck because such papers are tricky at times. 

These are the common subjects where a student can face issues while writing an academic essayOur experts can assist you with any issue, but how do we make it possible for you to score A+ grades? It is because of the unique approach we follow. To understand how our professionals work, hop on to the next section. 

How Can I Score A+ in My Academic Essay?Trust Our Expert’s Approach!

How do you understand some typical concepts while learning? It depends on how well the other person makes you understand it. Thus, it is the ideal strategy for our expert writers. We help you with the fundamentals first and explain you with the help of academic essay examples. It promotes clarity in your mind. Other than this, we practice a well-defined approach to make you score A+ grades.

Use Exemplary Language

Writing proficiently puts a positive impression on your professor. A well-written document is a perfect example of an academic essayThus, our writers always use exemplary language that is simple to read and, on the other hand, looks professional. 

Follow a Formal Tone

A formal tone is essential in an academic essay. Too many cliches can make your writing look unprofessional. Thus, our experts know the right tone and draft your paper according to it. They write in a manner that looks like perfect academic essay examples. 

Write with Precision

Precision is the key to success in the case of an academic essay. If you focus on writing indirectly, it will not make the reader understand the context. Thus, it is essential that you write with conciseness. It is possible with our experts, who know how to write complex concepts in a simple and smooth manner. 

Focus on Objectivity 

Objectivity means not focusing on any argument. It is mostly found when you write an essay academic and form a biased opinion on a topic. But our experts craft the information in such a manner without any bias, which is perfect for academic essay examples. 

Deliver Accurate Information 

Reliable data is one of the core components of writing an essay academic. Wrong information can mislead the reader, so it is critical to state valid facts and figures. Our experts draft a well-defined document after proper research. 

Now that you know the general approach of our writers, you can trust us for assignment writing service. But, you should never make a decision with hassle. Thus, take a look at the samples of our expert writers. 

How Can I Rely on You? Our Academic Essay Examples Speak for Itself! 

Trusting any random service provider should never be a quick decision. You should research extensively and take a close look at academic essay examples before you finalise the deal. Thus, look at our samples and decide independently why we are the best in the UK.

We hope that you gain relevant insights into the writing styles of our professionals by referring to academic essay examples.  Besides delivering quality, you can experience numerous advantages if you choose us for your online academic essay UK.  Thus, know those unique aspects that separate us from others in the UK.  

What Qualities I Must Look in for Essay Academic Service Provider? We Possess All! 

You can enjoy several advantages with Instantassignmenthelp.com, as we try to satisfy everyone who knocks on our doors.  

On-Time Delivery 

On-time delivery is our unique aspect. Whether you hand over the essay academic to us a day before or at any time, we assure you that we will deliver it on time. There will be no instances of late delivery, as we promise to stick to our words. 

Cooperative Behaviour

The essay academic requires extensive research and good writing skills. Thus, to gain such perfection, you need the assistance of someone who is cooperative and listens to your requirements calmly. Here is where our professionals have expertise. They resolve your queries in a cooperative manner. 

All-Time Assistance 

Do you want someone to help you around the clock? If yes, then taking help from us for academic essay writing UK is the best solution. Our experts are available around the corner and will help you at each step of the writing process.

Budget-Friendly Deal 

The prices charged by our experts are nominal, which means the deal is budget-friendly. We do not overcharge because we understand that in this learning phase, it is not possible to spend too much. This is why we keep our service prices within your budget so that you can easily access them. 

High-Quality Essays 

Do you desire a high-quality essay? If yes, opting for us is the best choice. Our experts have years of experience and understand the topic in depth before curating the content. They write flawlessly and add valuable academic essay examples that help you achieve good grades. 

These are some perks you can enjoy with us. But are you eager to know the freebies we offer? If yes, the upcoming paragraph will guide you through all the exciting deals Instantassignmenthelp.com offers.

Still Overthinking About Academic Essay? Here’s What You Need to See!

Are you still in two minds about who can write my academic essay? The answer is Instantassignmenthelp.com experts. There are numerous advantages you can avail yourself of by taking assistance from us. Here is a list of them:

  • Free Outline
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Thus, look no further than us for acquiring the best academic essay when you can grab them at exciting deals and discounts, that too with the assistance of expert writers.

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