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7 grammatical errors

7 Grammatical Errors Students Make in Assignments (With Solutions!)

28 Dec 2023


Making mistakes is part of a human. No one can finish a task without making a mistake. When we talk about academics, in particular, some of the most commonly seen errors are not based on the concepts but on grammar. The way students write a sentence makes a lot of difference in what type of grade they will score, and thus there can be no compromises in their correction.

Students who understand the crucial nature of these errors and their impact on the work, use grammar checker tools while proofreading to ensure that whatever they have written is perfect. There are tools available that not only highlight common errors but also show changes in the documents. With that being said, one of the major issues students face is they do not know what common mistakes they make in the first place. That is also the reason that students often repeat the same errors, which reflect poorly on them.

In this blog, you will know about 7 common mistakes that students make while working on their assignments so that whenever you start analyzing your work, you look for these mistakes to stay sure. Also, you will find out ways to fight those issues without any problem. Without any further ado, let’s start with understanding the common mistakes in the next section!

What are the Common Mistakes in Grammar?

Students know the mistakes they leave are silliest as major discrepancies in the work are easily visible and resolved instantly. You have to be aware of the mistakes you are making to start working on them. Find below a list of 7 common mistakes usually found in a student’s assignment -

Spelling Errors

While working fast, students often mistype the words in their assignments. They are so busy finishing the document that they forget about the errors. Major mistakes in the spellings are easy to notice and correct, but sometimes errors like nor & not, there and there go unnoticed and hamper the entire sentences and flow of the paragraph.

Improper Use of Articles

A, An, The. Three articles are used in every sort of writing, from academic to nonacademic. It is also the most common mistake that students make. Using "A" with the superlative degree is not acceptable, but still, students write it in the flow, and the end has to suffer.

Tenses Issues & Formations

Forming long sentences with variations in tenses often confuses the students. It can be considered a typical mistake to correct. However, it is one of the most common ones to be committed. Students often use present tense in the beginning and end it with the past. Especially while working with perfect tenses as they are confusing enough to trap a newbie.

Inappropriate Punctuation

Using colons instead of commas and full stops instead of a question mark to date remains the most common mistake in English grammar. It is an elementary mistake found in the documents of Ph.D. scholars! That is why it is important to have an eye for detail in academic writing.

Hyphenated Words & their Uses

When to add a hyphen and when to not? The question still bugs thousands of students while they write. It seems too small of a mistake but matters a lot when you write a document as professors waste no time deducting your marks based on this error. Using them is necessary for students as they make things easier, but sadly, the mistakes make it worse.

Consistency of Sentences

It often happens with the students when they start writing their document with an intention but soon realize that they do not have a lot to express in their thought. They shift their narrative, and in the process, they attempt a lot of mistakes that they do not even realize. If their first few sentences are in a different tone, the next few should follow the same.

Errors in Active & Passive / Direct Indirect Speech

One of the nightmares from primary school, converting active voice into passive voice and using direct and indirect speech in your work, haunts the students when they write. There are a lot of times when students have to use these ways to use sentences from other sources, and that is when they make mistakes.

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These 7 mistakes are the most common ones in grammar that students attempt while writing assignments. You might have found your errors by now that stop you from becoming the class topper. Well, now that we have the list in front of us, what can we do to resolve the issues? Well, we have an answer for you, and that lies in the next section so, make sure you thoroughly read it!

How Do these Mistakes Harm a Student’s Scorecard? What Can Be Done?

These errors might not seem a big deal but do not underestimate them. These issues, when combined in a document turn into a disaster for a student, harming the scorecard. Some of the main reasons that these silly errors are harmful to the students are -

  1. These errors show that you do not proofread effectively, making your efforts look low in finishing the assignments.
  2. These are basic mistakes that professors expect you to resolve. If your document has the same errors, it puts you in a bad light.
  3. These mistakes are minor, but so is the difference between the topper and the second rank holder. Be sure that you do not make them as they can cost you the number 1 spot.
  4. When such mistakes are found in your document, the level of attention that the professor pays to finish your document increases, and thus it becomes tougher for you to score well.
  5. Last but not least, these mistakes require regular growth, and if that is not noticeable in your work, the professor is not interested in grading your document well.

These are the 5 ways that these mistakes harm your scorecard. Now, with all that out of the way, let us quickly understand what to do to avoid these mistakes and lower grades. You have to keep working on these errors to eradicate them once and for all, but before that, you must know what issues you face. To learn what your weak spot is, you have to analyze your work. Use a grammar checker to understand the pattern of mistakes you make to ensure that you do not commit them again. Proofread your documents closely so that nothing is left behind. Last but not least, ensure that you work on a tool that has the potential to suggest solutions on the spot, so you do not have to spend time finding them.

Is There an Easier Way to Avoid These Errors? Of Course, There Is!

If the above-mentioned process seems a bit too much to include in your routine, you have the option of enrolling in our Instant Assignment Help grammar checker tool. It is free to use, and the best part is that it comes with expert inputs. The tool has been developed by a team of engineers and grammar professionals to make it the best for your use. You can log on to the website and use it for no extra cost at all.

In case you feel that it will take a long time for you t get used to the tool, you also have the option of asking an expert to proofread the document for you, their fixed approach of manual and automated proofreading ensures that no errors are left behind, ensuring 100% best results for you. We hope this blog comes in handy for you and helps you understand the errors that you make. Feel free to ask for any assignment assistance as we at Instant Assignment Help are always available to help you out. Good Luck!

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