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Plagiarism accusations

What to Do If You're Accused of Plagiarism?

11 Nov 2021


If you are a student, you might have come across as being accused of plagiarism, right? If not by yourself, then a friend, senior, or an older sibling might have experienced it. And someday, you can land up there too. But, wait; don't worry; there is nothing to bother about, you can always get prepared for it.

Plagiarism accusations are something a student cannot control; sometimes, unintentional plagiarisms can also lead a student to such a situation, right? But what a student can control here is how he deals with such a situation without panicking and worsening the outcomes.

So, the experts of Instant Assignment Help have here explained what plagiarism is, how to handle plagiarism accusations, and how to avoid plagiarism in the first place to strengthen your side. So, without much delay, let's start with it!

What Is Plagiarism and Why It Is an Academic Crime?

As most of the students might have already known, plagiarism is a form of academic crime. It is so because it is an act of cheating where the student copies the work of another and claims it to be his.

Also, there are different types of plagiarism that a student has to know and deal with and avoid in his work if he wants to score good grades in academics. So, let's begin with the types:

  1. Direct Plagiarism - When you copy everything word to word from any other writer’s work.
  2. Self Plagiarism -When you copy or try to reuse your previous work without modifying it.
  3. Mosaic Plagiarism - When you use the information as it is from different sources and form one.
  4. Accidental Plagiarism - When you accidentally miss citing the sources of information.

How to Handle Plagiarism Accusations?

Now suppose that you are accused of plagiarism; instead of panicking and making things worse for yourself and the committee as well, you can try to be professional and calm. Want to know more? Keep reading for more details!

Keep yourself calm

Students' first thing when they are accused of plagiarism is getting offended, panicking, and emotionally burst out. But instead, you should be calm, composed, and focus on the situation at hand rather than create a scene out of it. This shows your positive qualities to the committee.

Ask detailed questions

Once you know the situation, ask the examiner or the committee members detailed questions related to the issue. While doing so, ensure not to be rude and just try to get to know the situation better so that you can sort this out.

Understand the issue

Once you have got answers to your questions, you can out down all pieces together and understand the whole situation. Try to look from different perspectives and get a clearer picture of the whole issue.

Put your explanations

Once you are clear from your side, put your explanations in front of the committee. Be genuine, calm, and honest. If you have made a mistake, accept it, or else put supporting evidence justifying your point.

Follow the outcome

Now that you have given your best in all perspectives, it's time to accept the situation. Whatever the committee takes a decision, just abide by it. This is because you have no other option left, and further arguing or debating would only make things worse for you.

This is a five-step process that can help a student deal with plagiarism accusations professionally without creating chaos. Now, let's take a look at who can help a student in avoiding plagiarism in the first place from the section below.

Who Can Help You Avoid Plagiarism in First Place?

Since plagiarism accusations are the outcome of the situations when plagiarism is found, one might think about how to avoid this in the first place. And the best solution here is to seek professional help.

Yes, the experts of Instant Assignment Help are experienced in dealing with such situations. They know that any slight negligence in work can lead the students to trouble. Thus, they draft the entire document from scratch and make sure no traces of plagiarism are left in the document.

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