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Should You Paraphrase Your Assignments?

Should You Paraphrase Your Assignments? The Answer is Here!

16 Apr 2022


Paraphrasing has always stayed in the gray area for a lot of students in the UK. Some feel that it is okay to use the technique occasionally, some use it regularly, and some are strictly against it. Several professionals in their daily routine use this technique to present stats and reports in front of their employers as there are no major differences in the reports that they have to present. While the management of a company allows it without any setbacks, academics is a different ball game. There are different rules and regulations, which is why the question arises of whether paraphrasing must be used or not?

If you are a student in the UK and are skeptical about paraphrasing, this blog will help you a lot with your work. In this post, you will learn what is the stance of your university about paraphrasing and whether it is a good idea to use it or a forbidden practice.

You will also find out which documents you can paraphrase and what happens if you do not carry out the process properly. Needless to say, this blog is going to clear all your confusion regarding paraphrasing in academics. Make sure you read it till the end!

Is Paraphrasing Allowed in Academics?

Let’s begin with one of the most controversial questions that almost every student has in his mind, is it allowed? The straightforward answer is YES! Paraphrasing is allowed in academics, provided you do it effectively with all types of citations at proper places. You have to be careful while working with paraphrasing, as it can make your document extremely great or dull. Professors and universities of the UK do not have a problem with student paraphrasing, as they also know that there is limited content that they can use, and, once in a while, similarity will be found in almost every student’s paper. What they are against is plagiarism. No professor allows a student to copy content from others.

Many students often confuse paraphrasing with copying, which is why they have to face some serious consequences. Stating someone’s notion in your own words, with your opinion and research about the topic is called paraphrasing. Replacing synonyms without changing the structure is considered direct copying as there is no effort in that type of paraphrasing. If you do it properly, paraphrasing is allowed. It is one of the most important parts of academic writing as it teaches a student how to use references to their full potential.

Students are often scared to use paraphrasing as they are unaware of how to do it properly. Some try to do it manually but fail as they do not implement the basic requirements for paraphrasing. There are tools available to help out students but a lot of them are too expensive to use and a few of them are just not worth it. To help students with such issues, we at Instant Assignment Help have introduced a free paraphrasing tool that does everything precisely, and the best part, it is free to use!

You might be wondering why someone needs a tool to paraphrase? Well, you need to ensure that when you paraphrase, you do it properly else, there are some consequences that you might have to face. What are they? Find out in the next section.

What are the Consequences of Ineffective Paraphrasing?

Now here begins the part that puts paraphrasing into the gray area. Students try to use this technique to finish their work faster but what they do not realize is that if they miss out on a single aspect of finishing the task properly, their entire hard work goes down the drain. Some of the consequences that one has to face if they fail to paraphrase their document properly are -


Yes, if you do not know how to paraphrase properly, you might end up plagiarizing your work without even realizing it. That might not be your intention, but if the conversion and rephrasing of the content are not up to the mark, your work will seem exactly like the source, and Plagiarism will highlight it instantly. You are aware that paraphrasing is a serious offense in the UK and thus, what follows is the instant rejection of your document!

Irrelevant Text

Students feel that paraphrasing is easy as they only have to spin the content. While their fundamentals are clear, it is not that simple to implement. You see, the English language has a lot of rules that one must follow. There are synonyms available for every word but, they all have a different use case. If you put the word Kill instead of the end, the meaning and verbosity of the sentence may be disturbed, and thus it produces irrelevant text in the work.

Additional Citations 

Paraphrasing brings the task of adding references and citations. If your document has no citation for the paraphrased content, it will automatically decline the submission and thus make it more troublesome for you. You need to finish the task in every aspect that includes writing citations in the appropriate styles be it APA or any other.

These three are the basic consequences that students face however their impact is not basic. Students have often suffered a lot due to these, and thus students are scared to paraphrase. This is the real reason behind a student’s hesitation, which is why a tool is needed!

Final Verdict: Should You Paraphrase? (Tips Inside)

Looking at both the sections above, you might have got an idea about how paraphrasing works in academics and what are the consequences if you do it ineffectively. The perks, on the other hand, are faster completion, less research, and better grades. Now comparing both of them, the final verdict turns out to be in the favor of paraphrasing. However, it comes with a condition that you must do it properly. Leaving loopholes in any work is not an option as paraphrasing is almost on the boundary of plagiarism, and thus, you can not afford errors in the process.

The best tip that the expert of Instant Assignment Help can give you is to use the professional paraphrasing tool to ensure quality in your work. You can ask for experts to assist you with original work too but if you do not want to spend money or want to do it yourself, feel free to use our tool! I hope, this blog clears your doubts about paraphrasing. It is allowed and helpful in academics provided you do it properly. And last but not least, taking the help of a tool is a must!

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