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Formative Assessment Examples

12+ Formative Assessment Examples for Better Understanding

20 Oct 2023


In today's era, it is important to understand every concept in detail if you want to make progress in future. Thus, there is no better choice than making a student understand the fundamentals through online formative assessment examples or ideas. So, does this make you doubt what it is, or what does it mean? Many of you might have a rough idea but will not have adequate knowledge. To understand it or to get more details, continue to read till the end of this blog. 

What Is Formative Assessment? (Meaning and Benefits) 

Formative assessment is a range of techniques adopted by teachers for better concept understanding for students. It improves a scholar's retention of fundamentals and makes them self-directed learners. Also, there are numerous benefits of it. Thus, please take a look at them. 

5 Benefits of Formative Assessment 

  • Improves Academic Excellence 
  • Well-Defined Goals 
  • Increased Motivation 
  • Elevated Student Engagement 
  • Personalised Learning Experience 

These are the benefits of a formative assessment. Do you want to know what practices or formative assessment examples can help students retain better? To get an insight into it, take advantage of the information stated in the next section. 

12+ Formative Assessment Examples for Enhanced Learning 

With the definition explained, it is time to take a look at formative assessment strategies that are implemented in classrooms, lectures, and seminars. 

Live Multiple Choice Poll 

One of the formative assessment ideas is to conduct a live multiple-choice poll. It helps a student to understand better and get clear with closed options available to the scholars. Also, it makes classroom learning fun and interactive. 

Pre-Class Open-Ended Question 

Asking questions to students linked to yesterday's lectures or seminar is an interesting way to make them understand the crucial pointers. It also ensures that a scholar focuses or is most attentive in the class because they must answer each question tomorrow. Also, it prepares them on "how to do my assignment" effectively. 

Feedback Form and Questionnaire 

A long seminar does not mean that everything has been clarified. Thus, for the same giving student clarity, feedback forms and questionnaire works best. Ten to fifteen questions can help teachers to know student's actual performance. 

Short Answer Word Cloud 

Short answer word cloud helps teachers to gather answers in a clear and concise manner. It assists educators to quickly parse through answers as these do not contain long sentences. Also, these provide dynamic visuals to the students. 


Quizzes are a great and interactive way to engage students till the end. Conducting quizzes is an examples of formative assessment as it helps students know where they are lacking and what they do they know. 

Mini Whiteboard 

Mini whiteboards are effective formative assessment examples as students answer more properly on them when compared to writing an answer in a notebook. It will be more challenging because there will be no record of it in your exercise book. 

One Minute Papers 

One-minute papers are brain dumps that give students limited time to jot down whatever they know about the topic. The purpose of this activity is to assess the prior knowledge of the issue so that the teacher knows from where they should start to teach a particular topic. 

Directed Questioning 

In directed questioning, the teachers ask questions to everyone in the class. It ensures that everyone pays equal attention and does not skip the information that the educator is saying. It can also include the use of mini whiteboards where students can be asked to write their answers on it. 


Illustrations are great formative assessment examples in which a student learns easily with the help of graphics and illustrations. Also, a scholar retains much better when they see. Thus, teachers or professors should always try to give a pictorial representation for better understanding. 

Diagnostic Questions 

Diagnostic questions contain multiple choice questions with incorrect answers so that students doubt can be resolved by the teacher to improve the learning procedure. It is increasingly becoming popular among the wider education community. 

Detective Marking 

Detective marking is formatting assessment examples wherein it is particularly used for spelling and arithmetic tests. It includes correct and incorrect answers. A student has to act like a detective and find out which are the correct and incorrect answers. 

Shadow Tests 

A shadow test is a replica of the original test that has been conducted with slightly different questions. It helps a teacher to assess the feedback and to observe which student has grown and improvised. 

Think Pair Share 

Think pair share is formatting assessment examples encouraging those students who are underconfident. The teacher asks questions and gives them enough time to formulate their answers, which builds their confidence and allows them to put their viewpoints in front of others.

These are some formative assessment strategies that a teacher can use to make a student understand anything clearly. Other than that, there are many other types of assessment. To get an answer to the same, do not miss out on the information stated in the next section. 

Types of Assessment Other than Formative Assessment! 

Excited to know what are other types of assessment. If yes, do not miss the information in this section. 

Summative Assessment 

Summative assessment is the evaluation of participants in an educational programme. It is designed to assess the effectiveness of both the programme and the candidates. It takes place after the learning has been completed and sums up the teaching and learning process in the end. 


Observation is an act of noticing or perceiving the information from a primary source. It also means recording the data by making use of specific tools. It is one of the best formative assessment strategies because it allows students to act naturally and is a reliable act to get things work out. 

Norm Referenced Assessment 

Norm-referenced assessment is a type that compares one student's results to another. It is carried out to evaluate the skills and knowledge of every class student to make a rational decision and guide them towards the right direction. 


Behaviour is a range of actions that an individual performs in a certain environment. It is important to notice while teaching in the class because it gives the teacher the right direction on how to carry forward. 

Peer Assessment 

Peer assessment or self-assessment is a process where peers grade students according to the teacher's benchmarks. This practice saves teachers time and improves the understanding and cognitive skills of a student. 

These are some of the techniques other than examples of formative assessment; thus, a teacher can experiment with these too if they want effective or elevated results. So, if you have been assigned a particular assessment, there is an answer to it in the next section. 

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