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How to Write a Good Dissertation Quickly: The Top Tricks

How to Write a Dissertation in a Short Period of Time?

09 Jun 2022


Do you have a dissertation to write? A dissertation is a long piece of academic writing that is assigned to university and college students. It is considered the biggest write-up that a student needs to do ever. So, with the help of this blog, students are able to learn how to write a dissertation quickly. First of all, know why it is one of the most difficult tasks of academic life?

Dissertation Writing is a Difficult Task: Why?

Writing a dissertation can be one of the most challenging processes for many graduate students. There are several reasons behind it. Numerous chapters are to be completed during the time of writing a dissertation. The write-up of each of those chapters requires an immense amount of knowledge and hard work. Nowadays, in the UK, students are engaged in part-time jobs, so they do not have sufficient time to work on their academic tasks. On the other hand, lack of knowledge, lack of research skills, and lack of time management are also major factors that students find writing dissertations a tough task. When the submission date is too close, they seek to know how to write a dissertation fast. Here we are providing the format or structure of writing a dissertation that could be helpful for students.

The Format of Writing Dissertation

To increase the quality of the dissertation proper format or structure should be used. Students should know how to write dissertation paragraph quickly so that they can become more readable and engaging for readers. Below is the right format for writing a dissertation.

Title Page

It is the first page of any dissertation task, according to the name, we all understand that this consists of the title. On this page, students can mention every single detail about their academics, like name, department, institution, pursuing programme or degree, and much more.

Abstract Section

This is the section that contains a small summary of the dissertation. Whatever the topic the student has chosen and written about, it should be mentioned in the abstract section. The word limit for the abstract section should be about 150–300 words only.


This is the section where the main body of the dissertation gets started. Students should mention the topic, purpose and relevance of the write up. For this reason, students can also mention the requirements of the readers and what they are expecting from the subject.

Literature Review

A literature review is the second section of any dissertation topics. With the help of it, readers can get a clear understanding of the work that the student has done. Also, in the whole document of dissertation write up, the literature review is a long one and it should contain some theories as well as experiments that have been previously conducted for composing your dissertation.


The methodology is the third section of the dissertation write-up. This section aims to explain the process that one has to go through while conducting research. All the specifications of the research paths that are used are included in the methodology of the dissertation.


This is the fourth chapter of dissertation writing. Therefore, in this section, students should simply report the findings of the research. Also, what are the measures taken while doing the research and showing results about how to write a good dissertation quickly? This section holds the data found during the research.


This is the last section of the dissertation write-up. Students include information in this section about where they had to investigate the meaning and implications of the overall findings of the dissertation study.

Above stated are a few chapters of the dissertation that help to create a perfect format for your dissertation writeup. If you are writing your dissertation, then include all the data under the chapters to make it more formatted, as everything should catch the reader’s attention.

5 Ways to Write Good Dissertation Faster

Set Your Deadlines

To accomplish your dissertation writing tasks on time, it is necessary that students set deadlines for completing their tasks. As a result, divide your dissertation into small chunks and assign a deadline to each chunk. It will help to meet the requirements of students who are looking for how to write a dissertation quickly.

Set your Goals

Before beginning any write-up, it is necessary to set goals. Because with the help of setting goals, students are able to know exactly what they have to do and what not to do. Also, set your goals for the completion of your dissertation writing.

Take Short Breaks

In between your write-ups, take small breaks. These are helpful for your personal happiness. As we all know, the writing of a dissertation takes small breaks, so take small breaks to feel fresh and recharged. Students should utilise these short breaks to do the things that they like to do and engage in favorite activities.

Start Writing

Once you are done taking short breaks, then it is necessary for you to start writing your dissertation once again. Therefore, focus on the instructions that are mentioned by the professor for the write-up.

Do in-depth Research

It is necessary to do in-depth research before writing any academic document. It helps to provide a clear understanding of the topic that we are working on. Also, it helps to create the original piece of documentation. Use reliable and relevant information.

The tips listed above will assist you in writing dissertations quickly and also you can check your academic work at the #1 Free Grammar Checker Tool. If you are also one of those students who is facing issues with writing a dissertation, then take an expert's guidance. They will help you with dealing with academic writing issues.

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