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Tips to Write Methodology Section in a Dissertation

How to Write Methodology Section for a Dissertation?

13 Mar 2024

12 minutes


When writing a dissertation for post-graduation or PhD, students find it challenging to create a dissertation proposal. However, what is more dreadful is to write the dissertation methodology section. It is fair to feel daunted while working on this section because it has many complicated things to add. But what are these things? How can you make it easier? Let's find out. This blog is going to help you learn all about the methodology chapter. The first and foremost thing to know about this is its meaning, which you are going to read in the section below. 

What Is a Dissertation Methodology & Its Outline?

A methodology section of research paper is said to be a conceptual framework of any research project. It provides detailed information about the type of research methods you have selected, discusses data collection and analysis, etc. Mor helps a person understand the research process in a better manner. It is, then, linked with the literature review, having a clear justification of all the choices you made while researching and collecting data. 

Structure of a Dissertation Methodology

Though every dissertation has its methodology requirements, this is the basic outline that you should follow while writing this chapter. 

  • Introduction: Firstly, you have to present your research questions and give an overview of your methodology.
  • Research Design: After the overview, you should clearly outline the design of your research. It means discussing whether it is an experimental, correlational, or case study.
  • Participants and Sampling: Now, explain who your participants are and what methods you have used to select them.
  • Data Collection: Once the sampling is done, you should detail the techniques and tools you have used to gather data.
  • Data Analysis: It is necessary to analyse the data. Therefore, you should not forget to describe the procedures for analysing the collected data.
  • Ethical Considerations: Once you have completed your analysis, discuss any ethical concerns that you might have and how you addressed them.

This is a generalised structure for writing a dissertation methodology. However, you should always remember to tailor your methodology to the specific requirements of your research. Be sure to adhere to the guidelines provided by your academic institution, or you may have to make a lot of corrections. You should know the basic information, like how long it should be or how to write it. You might need to scroll down to the next section to do this.

How Long Should a Dissertation Methodology Be?

Students often have this question in mind: "How long should a dissertation methodology section be?" Do not ignore this question, as knowing the length of a methodology section is crucial. It can vary depending on several factors. However, there are general guidelines that you need to consider:

Word Count: The methodology section should typically be between 10% and 15% of the total word count of your dissertation. Take a methodology example; if your dissertation is 10,000 words long, the methodology section may range from 1,000 to 1,500 words. However, there are several factors to keep in mind while deciding the length of your methodology. They are as follows:

  • Complexity of the Research
  • Institutional Guidelines
  • Research Design
  • Field of Study

These are the most essential factors in finalising the length of your methodology section. However, if you still have doubts or concerns, it is best to consult your professor or seek help from dissertation writing services. Now, let's discuss what needs to be included in the methodology chapter of your dissertation. 

What to Include in a Dissertation Methodology?

Dissertation Methodology

If you are a student, you must know what needs to be added in the methodology section of a dissertation. If you don't, there is a chance you may lose your scores. So make sure that, in a methodology, you include the key elements that provide a comprehensive understanding of how you conducted your research. There are various elements that may or may not be applicable. However, they depend on your research design. So, here's what to include:

  • Research Design

You have to clearly state whether your research is qualitative, quantitative, or a mixed-methods approach. Then, justify your choice and explain how it aligns with your research question.

  • Participants and Sampling

You should describe the characteristics of your participants and sources. Also, discuss the sampling method you used for selecting participants.

  • Data Collection Methods

Here, you have to explain the methods and tools used for collecting data, such as interviews, surveys, experiments, observations, etc. Also, ensure to include details on any instruments or technologies utilised.

  • Data Analysis

Once you have collected data, describe the different techniques and procedures used to analyse it. Ensure that your choice of analysis methods matches your research objectives.

  • Validity and Reliability

Now, you have to mention the steps taken to ensure the validity and reliability of your data.

For this, you will have to address any potential biases or limitations that might be there in your methodology.

  • Ethical Considerations

Ethical considerations are necessary to mention because they ensure you have used the right methods in collecting information. Therefore, outline ethical considerations related to your research in short. Do not forget to mention any approvals or permissions obtained for data collection.

  • Limitations

Last but not least, you must talk about the limitations of your methodology. Therefore, be transparent about any challenges that you may have faced during the research.

While writing a methodology, you need to be thorough in your explanations. Provide enough detail for others to replicate and understand your study. Moreover, clearly justify your choices and consider the logical flow of information. Keep in mind that the goal is to ensure transparency and clarity in the research methods within the methodology section. Now, once you have understood what to include in a dissertation methodology section. Let us give you some interesting tips to make it easy for you to write it. 

Well, it doesn't take much to write a methodology once you have all the required information. Still, if you face difficulty writing a methodology section of a research paper or a dissertation, you should go through the following pointers. They will guide you in writing this chapter in the best possible manner. So, read this section now:

How to Write a Dissertation Methodology? 6 Tips 

  • Clarity is Key

As the heading suggests, writing in a clear and straightforward manner is the key to a good methodology. For this, you should try to use simple language and write in a easily understandable language.

  • Be Detailed but Concise

This statement might look confusing, but it is really simple. You can include enough detail for a reader to understand it. Therefore, avoid unnecessary details that may confuse the reader and keep it short.

  • Justify Your Choices

Explain why you chose a particular research design, sampling method, and data collection/analysis techniques. Ensure that your choices are justified and suitable for your research questions.

  • Use Subheadings

Making subheadings and creating pointers can uplift content. Therefore, organise your methodology into clear sections with subheadings. It can make it easier for readers to follow your process.

  • Seek Feedback

It is crucial to follow this advice. Ask someone to read your methodology chapter to ensure it is clear and logically structured. Once done, consider seeking feedback from your advisor or peers.

  • Stay Honest About Limitations

Well, you must have heard from someone that honesty about constraints helps to build credibility. Therefore, never hesitate to acknowledge the limitations of your methodology.

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