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Explore 50+ Midwifery Dissertation Topics 

List of Top 50+ Midwifery Dissertation Topics & Ideas

12 Mar 2024


Table of Content

Finding the best and trending midwifery dissertation topics itself becomes a task for the students who pursue their studies in midwifery. Moreover, if you are facing such challenges and want to learn about them, here Instant Assignment Help is ready to guide you with this blog. In this write-up, you will read about the concept, list of dissertation topics, midwifery dissertation examples UK, steps to write it and how to choose the unique title. So, let's move to the next section and have an in-depth knowledge about it. 

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Understanding the Concept of Midwifery

The word "midwife" is derived from old English, which means "With Woman"(mid-means 'with' and WIF means 'wife' (women). It originally meant a woman who is with another woman and helps her in giving birth. A Certified Nurse-Midwife (CNM) is a nurse who is trained and practices childbirth assistance. They offer maternity care and health services to women who deal with pregnancy, their newborn infants and the post-partum period.

Now, as you have understood the concept of midwifery. Let's dive into the next section, which can be helpful for students who find their research topics in midwifery but get stuck while writing a paper. So, to get an idea of writing a perfect midwifery dissertation, our experts have listed some steps for writing it.

Steps of Writing a Midwifery Dissertation

While writing a midwifery dissertation, it is crucial to understand the perfect way to write it. In this section, we will discuss the steps that can help you prepare an outstanding document. It will clear your doubt about how do midwifery students do a dissertation. So, let's have a look at the pointers discussed below.

Select Your Research Topic

The very first step of every dissertation paper is to select a topic by ensuring that it is relatable to what are the current issues in midwifery. Moreover, to choose a unique one, research and get an idea about whether you can add sufficient information to it.

Create a Dissertation Proposal

After choosing midwifery literature review topics, the next step is to create a great dissertation proposal that gets approved in a single go. It will assist you by providing enough time to write the paper. Moreover, ensure that you are covering every detail that you are going to discuss in your document.

Make a Detailed Outline

Now that your dissertation proposal is selected, outline what information you will include in your paper according to your midwifery research topics. Moreover, it is necessary to do so because writing a research paper takes days, and keeping everything in mind will have a great impact.

Start the Writing Process

After selecting midwifery dissertation topics, it is time to begin with the writing. Ensure that you are covering all the information by analyzing the sources. In addition, while writing, keep your focus on sticking with the relevancy of the topic by avoiding the stuffing of data.

Proofread and Edit

Many students skip this part of proofreading and editing because they see it as a waste of time. However, it is crucial to proofread the paper. It will give an idea of whether the midwifery dissertation ideas you have included in your dissertation are relevant or not.

We hope you have insightful knowledge of the steps to writing a perfect midwifery dissertation. However, if you still want some assistance, seek assignment writing services UK, where the experts will guide you with an outstanding write-up. Now, you will learn how to choose a midwifery dissertation topics. So, let's look at it.

How to Choose Midwifery Dissertation Topics?

You must be wondering what midwifery dissertation topics UK to choose for making an impressive and unique paper. So, if you are looking for advice, it can be helpful to select a topic for your document. In this section, our expert will guide you with ideas with solving most of yours query that how do I choose a dissertation topic for midwifery.

 5 ways to choose Midwifery Dissertation Topics1

We hope our experts have answered your question of choosing an appropriate topic. Not only this, the next section contains some research topics for midwifery students. So, why wait any longer, let's have an eye on the trending list.

Here in this part, our experts have listed various trending midwifery dissertation topics for the one who faces challenges in selecting for their paper. So, if you are also going through such issues and about to miss the deadline, read this section carefully.

  1. What is the role of nurses who work as midwives in the clinical settings of a hospital?
  2. Explain how can a midwife nurse intervene and support doctors in Caesarean sections
  3. Why should midwifery nurses in the UK should maintain the confidentiality of information with patients and families?
  4. Explain the treatment process for women who suffer from postpartum depression
  5. What are the emerging trends in midwifery and obstetrical nursing?
  6. Analyze the role of perinatal care in pregnant women
  7. Study the advanced trends in gynaecology
  8. Systematic review of literature: Role of midwives in promoting breastfeeding
  9. What are the ethical dilemmas faced by midwives in clinical practice?
  10. Impact of litigation on midwifery practice
  11. Use of tele-medicine in midwifery practice
  12. Detailed explanation of the impact of policy changes on midwifery practice
  13. Study the relationship between nursing and midwifery
  14. In-depth analysis: Midwifery as a profession dominated by women
  15. Does midwifery influence decision-making and ease informed choices among pregnant women?
  16. How to build on midwifery services to less privileged women?
  17. Study the evolution of midwifery from ancient times to modern times
  18. What are the needed improvements in the midwifery profession in the health and childcare fields?
  19. Explain the role of midwives in promoting gender-sensitive care
  20. What is the use of midwifery-led care in low-income communities?
  21. Use of midwifery-led care in women with chronic conditions
  22. What Causes pregnancy fears, and how can midwives help in overcoming it?
  23. Uses, expectations and experiences with birth plans
  24. How do nurses and midwives manage hypoglycemia in healthy-term newborns?
  25. Difference between pregnant women's expectations and birthing experiences
  26. What are the techniques for promoting a normal birth during the second stage of labour?
  27. What role do vitamin D supplements play during pregnancy?
  28. Explore the global trends in midwifery and nursing education
  29. Study the relationship between perinatal mortality rates and physical activity levels
  30. What is the frequent rate of miscarriages linked with higher anticardiolipin antibodies?
  31. What is the effect of Hepatitis B in pregnant women?
  32. How can midwives or nurses recommend strategies to avoid sexual transmission of the Zika virus to newborns?
  33. Analyze the effectiveness of midwifery-led postnatal care models
  34. Why is it necessary to eat well and be nourished during pregnancy?
  35. What is umbilical cord hernias, and how does it occur?
  36. List the causes of recurrent miscarriages
  37. Discuss the variables for preventing natural birthing
  38. How effective is DNA testing in diagnosing a child's hereditary condition?
  39. The art of midwifery: Early midwives among the Native Americans
  40. What is the treatment for a ruptured hernia
  41. Surgical success in treating an umbilical hernia: Elaborate
  42. How do midwives handle the complicated pregnancies?
  43. Explain how midwives have helped increase the number of successful pregnancies
  44. Does hereditary factors contribute to miscarriage?
  45. Elaborate the experiences of health workers in acute hospital settings with teamwork education
  46. Conduct a systematic review of how midwifery students plan their career
  47. Opportunities and challenges of using technology in midwifery care across different countries
  48. A literature review of the reason behind the pre-eclampsia increases the risk of chronic hypertension
  49. Elaborate the role of midwives in promoting breastfeeding initiation and duration 
  50. Medicare population: Pediatric, obstetric, and clinician-indirect home interventions 

We hope you have understood the midwifery dissertation titles discussed above and have selected one for your paper. Moreover, if you still face an issue regarding the topic of choosing and writing the document, you can seek nursing dissertation help from experts. Carrying on, in the next section, you will read the 5 pillars and 6 C's of midwifery. So, let's look at it.

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What Are the 5 Pillars and 6 C's of Midwifery?

There are 5 pillars of the philosophy of midwifery care. It is crucial for students who want to pursue a career in this field and must demonstrate their knowledge and competence in all these areas to register as a midwife. So, let's look at the pointers that are contained in it:

  • Effective Professional Knowledge & Practice
  • Providing Person-Centered Care
  • Demonstrating Leadership and Collaboration
  • Acting with Integrity
  • Being Committed to Self-Regulation

We hope that you have understood the 5 pillars based on the philosophy of midwifery care. Moreover, with this, it is a must to understand and have an insight into the 6 C's of midwifery. So, let's have a look at it.

If you are already familiar with the concept of midwifery, it is necessary to know the 6 C's of it to have a clear understanding and bear in mind about this area of study. It was first established by Jane Cummings, the NHS England chief nursing officer,as a central part of 'Compassion in practice'. So, let's see the in-depth explanation below:

  • Care: The core of what midwives do as they care and help the patients to improve their health.
  • Compassion: The relationship that builds up between the midwives and patients based on respect and dignity.
  • Competence: It is the ability, skill and knowledge to understand the health and social needs of a patient.
  • Communication: It builds a bond with colleagues as well as patients to create a peaceful working environment.
  • Courage: To make correct choices in their career and make a decision for what is best for the patients.
  • Commitment:  It is the stage where they professionally commit helping the patients to improve by taking care.

We hope you have understood this part clearly. However, if you still have any doubts and want a solution, read the next part where you will get your problem solved instantly.

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