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70+ Good Artificial Intelligence Dissertation Topics

70+ Latest Artificial Intelligence Dissertation Topics for Students

02 Mar 2024

12 minutes


Many students worry when they need to select artificial intelligence dissertation topics, which makes them anxious about how to write a complete paper. However, if you are also facing such challenges, do not hesitate! This blog will provide you with a list of various trending topics that will benefit you in scoring good academic grades. Not only this, here we will also give you an in-depth learning about the new trends emerging in the AI sector. So, stay connected till the end and gain the insights. Now, it is time to understand the concept of artificial intelligence.

Understand the Concept of Artificial Intelligence

In today's world, AI is an arising sector that is evolving day by day and it is crucial to understand the concept of it. So, let's read about it. It refers to a computer system capable of performing complex tasks that only humans can do. It includes reasoning, solving problems, or making decisions. 

Moreover, it is making the world work faster because instead of humans, robots and machines are used to simplify their tasks. Also, it will grow more in the future at a rapid speed, so if you want to secure your future, ensure to grab the insight about it. Now that you have understood the overview of it. Let's read the list of trending topics that can assist you in selecting machine learning or business dissertation topics

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List of Good Artificial Intelligence Dissertation Topics

Selecting an Artificial intelligence topic is the part where most of the students face challenges. So, to get your problem solved our experts in this section read the list of AI dissertation topics. So, let's delve into the trending and unique list suggested by our outstanding writers, take a glance at it!

Trendy Artificial Intelligence Dissertation Topics

  1. The Role of Natural Language Processing (NLP) in Artificial Intelligence
  2. Explain the Use of Internet of Things in Artificial Intelligence
  3. Benefits of Artificial Intelligence
  4. Difference between Social Interaction vs. AI Interaction
  5. Evaluate the Role of AI in Cyber-Security
  6. Is AI Influencing Future Robotics and Engineering Research? If Yes, How?
  7. Explain Deep Learning in Detail
  8. Inductive Logic Programming: A Brief
  9. Discuss the Major Challenges in AI
  10. Describe the role of Artificial Intelligence in the Healthcare Sector
  11. What Is Broad-Scale Machine Learning?
  12. List the Three Important Types of Artificial Intelligence
  13. Can AI Technology Forecast Housing Prices?

Unique Dissertation Topics in Artificial Intelligence

  1. Will Robots Replace the Jobs of Humans?
  2. Benefits and Drawbacks of Deep Learning-Enabled Medical Computer Vision
  3. Artificial Intelligence Function in Finance
  4. Discuss Generative Theories
  5. Discuss Deep Learning-Enabled Medical Computer Vision
  6. Explain Amortized Inference
  7. In Detail Explanation of the Privacy Risks of Using AI to Protect Finances
  8. AI: An Impact on the Treatment of Patients
  9. Will AI Have an Effect on the Next Generation of Wearable Devices?
  10. Discuss the Internet of Things, AI, and Machine Learning
  11. What Are the Uses of AI in the Revolutionized Society? 
  12. Latest Artificial Intelligence Dissertation Ideas
  13. What Are the Biases and Fairness in AI Algorithms?
  14. Explain the Developing Methods to Protect User Privacy in Data-Driven AI Application
  15. Analyze the Need for AI Regulation and Policy to Govern the Development of AI Technology
  16. What Is the Role of Natural Language Generation in Educational Technology
  17. What Are the Personalized Learning Platforms in the Educational Sector?
  18. Explain Banking Bot and Transaction Bot as Features of AI
  19. What Effect Did the Turing Test Have on Modern AI?32. What Are the 3 Ethical Issues of AI?
  20. Explain the New Trends Emerging in the AI Sector
  21. What Are the Discrimination Problems of AI?
  22. How Crucial a Role Does Human Judgment Play in AI Technology?

Top Artificial Intelligence Dissertation Topics

  1. Describe the Similarities between AI, Digital Media, and Democracy
  2. Is Forecasting Location Using AI Is Accurate?
  3. Analyze the Key Principles of AI Risk Management
  4. Can We Anticipate Election Results Using AI?
  5. Discuss the Drawbacks of Machine Technology
  6. Can AI Sensors and Systems Monitor and Control Pollution?
  7. Using AI to Improve the Efficiency and Reliability of Public Transportation Optimization
  8. Can AI-Based Systems Manage Air Traffic and Ensure Safety in Aviation?
  9. A Comparative Analysis of Machine Learning and Deep Learning for Cancer Diagnosis
  10. What Is the Role of AI and Robotics in Economic Growth and Development?

In-Depth Ideas of an Artificial Intelligence Dissertation

  1. Explain the Types of Artificial Intelligence
  2. What Are the Hybrid Techniques of AI
  3. Social Intelligence vs. Emotional Intelligence- In Artificial Intelligence
  4. The Role of Social Skills in Artificial Intelligence
  5. Predictive Analytic of Disease Diagnosis by Using AI
  6. Explore the Role of AI in Remote Patient Monitoring and Diagnosis.
  7. Examine the Ethical Dilemmas Surrounding the Use of AI in Military Applications
  8. Explain Probabilistic Programming
  9. Explain the Use of AI to Discover Craters on the Moon
  10. Role of AI in Food, Water, and Agriculture
  11. What Are the Limitations of AI
  12. Describe the Machine Learning Complexities in 2024
  13. AI Use at Unimaginable Places
  14. Use of AI for Virtualization in Computer Frameworks

Important Artificial Intelligence Dissertation Topics

  1. Role of Social Skills in Artificial Intelligence
  2. Explain the Role of Machine-Induced Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Hematology
  3. Describe the Principles That Govern the AI Engineering Process
  4. What Are the Common Machine Learning Apps of 2024
  5. Benefits and Drawbacks of Deep Learning Backed Up with AI
  6. Evaluate the Collaboration of Robotics and Event Management
  7. Pro Log- The Future of Programming
  8. SPECT and PET Imaging in Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning
  9. Will AI Robots Be Going to Dominate the World? Explain
  10. Does an AI Algorithm Breach Privacy? If Yes, Explain How
  11. Can We Recognize Online Spam by Using AI?

We hope this list of topics has provided you with one that suits your interest for your dissertation on artificial intelligence.Now, as you have selected one it is crucial to learn and understand the new trends of artificial intelligence. It will assist you in picking a good topic for your document and by reading this you can also write your paper flawlessly. So, to understand the trends in detail, let's look at the next part and have an insight into it in detail.

5 New Trends of Artificial Intelligence

There are different new trends and moderate aspects of the artificial intelligence dissertationIt is crucial to know about it because it will help you to adapt to an emerging technology. Moreover, it is vital to understand the basics of it, so let's look at the 5 pointers discussed below.

1. AI for Personalized Services

If you are looking for business dissertation topics you can use the theme AI for personalized services. It assists in collecting and analyzing the data of customers by browsing their purchase history. Moreover, they keep track of the specific needs of an individual.

2. AI in Cyber-Security

AI in cyber-security has become a powerful tool that assists in detecting, analysing, and taking action against malicious attacks. So, if you are struggling to select a topic and looking for ideas of an artificial intelligence dissertation, use this one for your paper.

3. AI for Healthcare

AI has taken a big hand in the healthcare sector through emerging technologies. The use of machines and tools has rapidly increased in hospitals. So, you can use it as a theme, for example, machine learning dissertation topics.

4. Generative AI

AI algorithms have started producing various types of images, visuals, content, and other data using generative models. So, use this as an AI dissertation topics and learn more about it. While working on your paper, you will get knowledge about the new trend because it can be the most suitable topic to discuss. 

5. Ethical AI

AI is expanding its footprints in Ethics. So, it can be an interesting topics in artificial intelligence for your dissertation. It benefits in identifying transparency, biases, privacy, and security. So, it is crucial to learn the AI's ethical use and can assist in drafting an excellent document.

We hope you have understood the new trends in artificial intelligence that might have provided you a dissertation, and assignment writing helpMoreover, it must have given you an understanding of how this sector is evolving.

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