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Top 5 Dissertation Writing Tips

A Quick Guide to Dissertation Writing Tips for a Smooth Delivery!

22 Mar 2023


Challenges Students Face in Dissertation Writing With Tips for the Same!

A dissertation is a lengthy document that requires extensive research and can take months to complete. It becomes a burdensome task for students because it consumes their time and stops them from doing their favourite activities. Scholars even could not devote adequate time to family and friends because, in a limited time, they had to perform rigorous study and present a commendable document. However challenging it might sound, there are always tips for dissertation writing that makes the work easy for students and helps them submit the final draft to the professor in no time.

Scholars get excited when they get a solution to their answers. So without further delay, read on and learn how to make your academic document compelling. Whether you are an undergraduate or pursuing a master’s degree, knowing the difference between both is crucial. The upcoming section lets you know how a master’s dissertation varies from an undergraduate one.  

Undergraduate v/s Masters Dissertation: Know the Key Differences!

Dissertation Component

Undergraduate Dissertation

Masters Dissertation

Word Count

The word count for the dissertation is not more than 10,000 words

The word count for a masters dissertation reaches upto 15,000 words


At the undergraduate level, professors mainly analyse your potential to adhere to university guidelines and rules

On the other hand, your educator focuses on adding new insights to the study via a master’s dissertation

Dissertation Proposal

An undergraduate dissertation may or may not require a proposal

A masters dissertation requires a comprehensive and detailed proposal

Writing Requirements

Your write-up should contain all the essential information. Also, it should be relevant to the pointers stated.

The requirements for a master's dissertation are also similar. Although it emphasises more on sophistication and higher-quality writing

Dissertation Layout

The dissertation layout for an undergraduate dissertation follows a coherent order starting from the title, preface, abstract, table of contents, list of figures, introduction, literature review, methodology, result discussion, conclusion, reference list, and appendices. 

The chapters in a masters dissertation are similar to the undergraduate dissertation

Now that you are well-versed in the differences between a master's dissertation and an undergraduate one, it is time to look at tips that help to elevate your paper quality. These small tricks adopted in each segment will showcase your efforts and hard work.

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How to Structure Your Dissertation 

A dissertation contains several components, such as an abstract, methodology, and literature review section. How to structure them is a common question. Read further to unravel the secret behind it.

Title Page 

It is the first page of your dissertation that includes the university’s name, student’s name, enrollment number, degree program, and submission date. Sometimes it also incorporates the university logo and the supervisor’s name.  

Note- Always check each detail of the title page or seek dissertation help online because it is the beginning, and any error can leave a negative impression on the professor.


Acknowledgment is a dissertation section that appreciates or gives thanks to everyone who has supported you in creating your paper. It can be anyone—your family, friends, supervisor, classmates, or the people who have provided you with relevant data in your research work. 

Note- One point to focus on here is that you should give equal credit to everyone who has helped you in any way to write your dissertation.


The abstract is a synopsis of your dissertation that provides a reader with a gist of the aims of your research, the methods you experimented with, a summary of the central results, and a brief conclusion. 

Note- Remember that it is not more than 150–300 words. Try to make it concise and precise because, after reading it, your supervisors may decide to continue till the end. It is similar to a dissertation outlinewhere you have to express or give an overview of your paper.

Table of Content

The table of contents in dissertation is like the index of your textbook, through which you navigate to your destination. It consists of a list of all the chapters with subheadings and page numbers specified. 

Note- The one point to remember here is that you should always recheck it, so there is no possibility of errors and the user navigating to the wrong page.

List of Figures and Tables 

A list of figures and tables gives your professor an idea of the pictorial images or diagrams you have used in your dissertation. Sometimes a reader does not want to read the entire paper and desires to understand the information via those figures and tables. 

Note- It is imperative to construct them effectively for a better content understanding. If it is not your cup of tea, seeking assignment writing tips can be the best solution.


The introduction is the beginning of your paper, and it should catch the reader's eye at first glance. First, it discusses the motive of your topic and gives a brief idea of your paper. Then, it states the objectives behind the research and answers the question beautifully and briefly. Additionally, it gives an overview of the dissertation structure. 

Note- Always begin your introduction with an unknown fact or a statement that compels the reader to continue further. 

Literature Review 

A literature review is an essential component of your dissertation. It provides a complete understanding of prior work that already exists. It means critically evaluating sources, publications, and books. It also means drawing a connection or a pattern to prove the overall point. 

Note- The main focus lies in addressing the gap in the research work and proposing a solution with accurate facts and figures. Therefore follow an approach of clarity, cogency, conventionality, completeness, and concision. It is undoubtedly challenging, but everything can be sorted out when you follow dissertation tips wholeheartedly. 


The methodology explains how you have conducted your research. It indicated which approach you had taken either qualitative, quantitative, experimental, or ethnographic. You also present which data collection methods you used, such as interviews, surveys, or archives. Minor details of the personnel and method adopted for analyzing data such as statistical or discourse. It also provides a clear picture of the tools and materials used. 

Note- The motive lies in convincing the reader why your approach or methods are genuine and authentic. That’s why cite all sources to provide a clear picture to the audience. Explaining each pointer and justifying yourself can be arduous sometimes, but with tips for the dissertationeverything is flowing with pace and patience. 


The conclusion is the last segment of your dissertation and should leave the reader with a clear understanding of your argument. Wrap it up with a final reflection and include recommendations and suggestions in the last. In this section, it is critical to express what your study has contributed. What unknown and unpopular information have you added that has raised the knowledge of the reader or any other person?

Note- Never include anything new in your conclusion sector. Nor reiterate the information in the discussion and results section. Now that you know the secret strategies to frame every portion of your dissertation. Here are some bonus tips you can implement daily to deliver an exemplary paper. 

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Bonus Tips for Writing a Dissertation

Yes, a dissertation is a complex and arduous job, but that does not mean it is impossible to finish it. It might take longer for you to understand the fundamentals, but once you get well-versed with tips for writing a dissertation, everything will be flawless. So here are some tricks and intelligent ways to finish your dissertation as soon as possible. Also, always ensure such assumptions prove to be true and appropriate when you start working on your dissertation once it gets assigned. So, if you decide to begin your document in the last few days, no amount of hard work or effort can help you to stand out from your fellow students. So without any delay, let us take a look at those strategies.

Create a Schedule 

Creating a schedule is crucial if you want to submit your Ph.D. or masters dissertation on time. The key step to preparing a worthy calendar is to set aside enough time for your academic paper. Besides a student's life, there are many activities and routine tasks that you have to manage. It is your responsibility to curate a timetable that includes enough time for your write-up. One step you can follow here is to reduce the daily time frame if you think the progress rate or word count for the dissertation meets expectations.

Write Introduction at the End 

The introduction is the beginning of your dissertation, and it should always be attention-grabbing. The main reason for writing it last is to make it as compelling and impactful as possible. However hard you try, you will not get the best results when you start at the beginning. The reason is that after the body section and conclusion writing, you thoroughly understand the subject. Once you get your hands on the subject matter, writing an introduction seems fascinating.

Start Today 

Today and now is the time to start working on your dissertation. Do not fool yourself into thinking that there are many days left to submit the final draft. Procrastination delays your work, and you are left with nothing but regret at the last moment!

Never fall in the pitfall of thinking that you will complete your dissertation in the last few days, as you have a keen knowledge of the subject. If you wholeheartedly tried to finish your work but some scenarios or conditions were not in your favour and stopped you from submitting it on-time, seek assignment writing service UK.

Eat Healthy 

Food is fuel for your body. Eating a balanced diet ensures that you remain physically and mentally fit. Therefore, ensure to eat fresh fruits and vegetables daily, not only during the period of dissertation writing. Also, try to keep a bottle beside you whenever you are working. Drinking water helps you stay active and ensures you carry on your work with full enthusiasm and dedication. Eating fresh is also considered one of the tips for writing a dissertation.

Take Breaks 

The break is essential if you're doing any activity; it does not only involve working on a dissertation. Create a plan in advance and set the time for intervals, too. For example, if you think of working on a task for 1 hour, ensure to work on it passionately and then take a 15-minute break. It assures you get relaxed and work with a free and chilled mind. So, never exceed the limit; it will make you lethargic and demotivated. Now that you are well-versed in the bonus dissertation writing tips, it is time to understand how to structure your dissertation coherently with the aid of Instant Assignment Help.

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