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100+ Criminology Dissertation Topics for UK Researchers

100+ Best Criminology Dissertation Topics and Thesis Titles to Explore

20 Apr 2024


Writing a dissertation on criminology is a complex task. What's more difficult is to choose the right topic from the pool of criminology dissertation ideas. Yes, that's true! The reason is that the list of crimes worldwide is endless. You will see one happening every minute, it doesn't matter if it is small or big. A crime is a crime! However, to help you narrow down from the list of criminology dissertation topics, let's understand the meaning of Criminology and what it covers.

A Quick Overview of Criminology

To clarify, criminology is the study of criminal behaviour and crimes. In this field, you will learn about the causes, impacts, preventions, and corrective measures that can be taken to eliminate crimes. It comprises several sub-fields and diverse disciplines, such as anthropology, biology, psychology and psychiatry, economics, sociology, psychiatry, and criminal law.

Therefore, to choose the best criminology dissertation ideas UK, you need to choose a particular field from any of the above. Once you have decided on the field, writing a dissertation on the selected topic will become easier. If you face issues, it is best to seek dissertation writing services from our experts.

Now, let's discuss the best part of this blog. We have provided a list of criminology dissertation examples UK in the section below. Check them out now!

List of 100+ Criminology Dissertation Topics

We know students often face issues in selecting criminology dissertation topics, so we have provided you with the 100+ most trending dissertation topics in criminology. All you have to do now is pick up the category of your interest, whether it is criminology dissertation ideas youth crime, mental health, psychology, sociology, or any other topic. We have covered it all. Check them out now!

Criminology Dissertation Ideas Mental Health

  1. Describe the Role of Criminal Psychologists
  2. Compare Therapeutic and Forensic Evaluation
  3. How Does a Lack of Education Affect Incarceration Rates?
  4. How Mental Health Can Be Promoted in a Society?
  5. How Phobias Prevent or Trigger People About Crime?
  6. Aggressive Behaviour and Mental Disorders Relationship
  7. Does Socioeconomic Status Affect One's Criminal Behavior?
  8. Traumatic Experiences That May Trigger Criminal Activities
  9. Detrimental Mental Health Problem's Impact on a Person's Conduct
  10. Impact Of Media on the Mental Health of a Person in Committing a Crime

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Criminology and Psychology Dissertation Ideas

  1. Role of Music in Enhancing or Curbing Crime
  2. Are the Current Criminology Laws Effective Enough?
  3. The Role Of Forensic Psychology In Criminal Investigations
  4. Current Trends And Practices In Crime Related To Psychology
  5. Impact of Domestic Violence on a Child's Aggressive Behaviour
  6. Psychological Disorders As a Result Of Divorce May Lead To Crime
  7. A Psychological View of the Gender-Based Violence Against Women
  8. A Psychological Examination Of People Who Start Trouble Every Time
  9. A Case Of Poor Parenting: Parenting Styles Affecting a Child's Behaviour
  10. How is Race a Critical Factor in the Police's Judgment of Criminal Activity?
  11. Does Attitude and Emotion Play a Role in Compelling People to Criminal Behaviour?

Criminology EPQ Questions

  1. Criminal Justice System Deter Crime Effectively To What Extent?
  2. Use of Capital Punishment Justified In Modern Criminal Justice Systems
  3. How Has the Concept of 'Mens Rea' Evolved In Criminal Law Over the Years?
  4. What Are the Ethical Implications of Using Plea Bargaining in Criminal Cases?
  5. What Role Does Forensic Science Play in Solving and Prosecuting Criminal Cases?
  6. How Do Different Legal Systems Define 'Self-Defense' in Criminal Cases in the World?
  7. To What Extent Does the Media Influence Public Perceptions Of Crime and Criminality?
  8. Challenges and Benefits of Using Restorative Justice Practices in the Criminal Justice System
  9. How Does the Criminal Law Address Cybercrime And Digital Privacy Issues in the Modern Age?
  10. Implications of Criminalizing Behaviors Such As Drug Possession or Sex Work, on Society And Individuals

Feminist Criminology Dissertation Topics

  1. Intersectionality and Women's Experiences of Victimization 
  2. Feminist Perspectives on Policing Practices of Gender Bias
  3. Exploring the Gender Gap in Sentencing: A Feminist Analysis
  4. Exploring the Intersection of Gender, Parenthood, and Criminality
  5. Understanding Female Gang Involvement Through a Feminist Lens
  6. The Role of Masculinity in Understanding Female Perpetrators of Violence
  7. How does Women's Mental Health Relate to Aggressive Behaviour at Times?
  8. Examining the Unique Challenges and Needs of Incarcerated Women in Prison
  9. Strategies for Addressing Human Trafficking and Exploitation of Women and Girls
  10. Feminist Approaches to Restorative Justice for Survivors of Gender-based Violence
  11. The Impact of Patriarchal Norms on Female Offenders within the Criminal Justice System

Forensic Psychology Dissertation Ideas

  1. Do We Have Enough Forensic Psychologists?
  2. A Study on the Male Victims of Partner Violence?
  3. How Does Genetics Affect Forensic Psychology?
  4. How Race Affects Psychotherapeutic Performance?
  5. A Study of Knowledge and Attitudes Towards Conduct Disorder
  6. Technological Advances In Forensic Psychology and its Impacts
  7. The Procedure of Investigating a Crime Using Forensic Psychology
  8. Examine The Association Between Psychosis and Being a Migrant
  9. Using A Measurement Scale to Assess Psychopathic Personality Traits
  10. An Analysis of Different Approaches to Forensic Psychology in Criminology
  11. A Case Study of the Factors Affecting Eyewitness Identification Performance
  12. Investigate the Jury Decision-Making Process Based on Forensic Psychology
  13. Compare and Contrast the Use of Forensic Psychology on Women Versus Men

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Terrorism and Criminology Dissertation Topics

  1. Is White Supremacy a Type of Terrorism?
  2. Psychological Implications of Terrorism Activities
  3. Discuss the Breeding of Local Terrorism in Countries
  4. Role of Surveillance in Countering Terrorism Activities
  5. Role of Community Anti-Terrorism Awareness Programs
  6. How do Terrorists Cause Insubordination and Waywardness?
  7. How Can The Rule Of Criminal Law Help Eliminate Terrorism?
  8. An Analysis of How to Cut Off The Funding For Terrorist Activities
  9. a Case Study on Terrorism Becoming a Threat to Human Existence
  10. Possibilities of Preventing Young Men From Joining Terrorist Groups
  11. Chances of a Person With Terrorism Acts Fitting Back Into The Society?
  12. How Technology Has Given Rise to Terrorist Activities In The Country?

Sociology And Criminology Dissertation Topics

  1. How antisocial behaviour relates to illegal activities
  2. The Impact of Activism on Law Enforcement Practices
  3. Youth Gangs and Social Exclusion: A Sociological Perspective
  4. Challenges for Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Systems
  5. Societal Implications of Cybercrime and Technological Advances
  6. Innovative Ways of Dealing with Social Disorders in a Community
  7. Understanding the Relationship Between Built Environments and Crime
  8. Eliminating Negative Stigma Associated with Ex-Prisoners and Social Service
  9. Exploring and Examining the Racial Disparities in the Criminal Justice System
  10. Investigate How Societal Norms and Values Shape Perceptions of Criminal Behavior
  11. Understanding the Social Construction of Masculinity and Femininity in Criminal Behavior

Criminology Dissertation Ideas Serial Killers

  1. Prevention And Intervention Strategies For Serial Offenders
  2. Geographic Profiling Of Serial Offenders And Their Implications
  3. Implications For Victimology Research In Serial Homicide Cases
  4. Assessing The Forensic Techniques In Serial Killer Investigations
  5. Why Do Crimes Of Serial Killers Always Present a Complex Puzzle?
  6. Examining The Relationship Between Serial Killers And Mental Illness
  7. Investigating The Prevalence Of Gender Disparities Among Serial Killers
  8. A Case Study of the Social Influences on Serial Killers and their Behaviour
  9. Discuss the Behaviour and Crimes of the Top 10 Serial Killers of All Time
  10. Examining The Role Of Media In Sensationalizing Serial Killers And Its Potential Impact
  11. Investigating The Ideological Motivations, Tactics, And Impact As a Form Of Terrorism
  12. An Analysis Of The Psychological And Behavioral Characteristics Common Among Serial Killers

Masters and PhD. Criminology Dissertation Topic Ideas

  1. Does Street Lighting Reduce Crimes?
  2. Illegal Research and the Dangers of Genetics
  3. Crime Control in Criminal Justice Administration
  4. An In-depth Analysis of Crime Prevention Programs
  5. Portrayal of Serial Killers in Media and Digital World
  6. Genocidal Acts Impact On Community Cohesiveness
  7. Role of Psychometric Examinations in Criminal Justice
  8. Role of Community Policemen in Preventing and Solving Crimes
  9. Explore The Role Of Rehabilitation Centers In Curbing Crime
  10. Describe The Relationship Between Racist Stereotyping And Crime
  11. Place of Cyber Crime Legislation in Maintaining Law and Order
  12. Corporate Crime: The Ruling Class Criminals and Their Behaviours
  13. Explain the Use and Function of Smart Hand Held Devices in Enhancing Security

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