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50+ Unique Mental Health Dissertation Topics

50+ Best Mental Health Dissertation Topics [2024 Edition] Suggested by Experts

15 Apr 2024

18 minutes


Mental health problems have come to light a lot in recent years. People are creating awareness regarding them. There has been an increased strike in the number of mental health therapies. Moreover, students of several fields like nursing and psychology often choose to specialise in this subject due to increased demand. Therefore, they must choose a suitable theme from a pool of mental health dissertation topics, which can be difficult. They have to have a thorough understanding of the subject matter to write a lengthy dissertation on it. 

So if you are one of these students, then you have to keep a check on so many things before selecting a topic. Therefore, we have come up with an amazing blog that will help you understand what you need to cover while writing a dissertation on mental health issues. So, read the complete blog thoroughly to get a great help. Let's discuss how a mental health dissertation topic can be chosen. 

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List of 50+ Mental Health Dissertation Topics & Ideas

To make selecting it easier, we have divided all the mental health dissertation title examples into five sub-categories. These categories are Psychiatry, Public Health, Treatments & Therapy, Counseling Psychology, Child and Adolescent, and Forensic mental health dissertation topics. So, this may help you narrow down your field of interest a little more.  

Psychiatry Dissertation Ideas

  1. A Critical Case Study Analysis of Paranoid Personality Disorder
  2. Investigating the Majority of Substance Use Disorders
  3. Understanding the Link Between Sleep Disorders and Mental Health
  4. An Analysis of Long-Term Effects of Childhood ADHD on Adult Mental Health
  5. Examining the Neural Mechanisms Underlying Depression in Adolescents
  6. What Are the Effects of the Holocaust and Transgenerational Transmission?
  7. Psychological Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Different Parts of the Population
  8. A critical study on if there is any existence of a modified Stroop effect in PTSD.
  9. A Meta-Analysisand Systematic Review Of Burnout, Depression, and Anxiety.
  10. Assessing Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) in Treatment-Resistant Depression
  11. Investigating the Role of Pharmacogenomics in Psychiatry: Personalised Medicine Approaches

Public Health Dissertation Topics 

  1. Analysis of the Mental health Issues of prisoners in the United Kingdom
  2. Investigate the importance of Cultural Competence in Mental Health Services.
  3. An Analysis of Mental Health Policies at the Local, National, or International Level
  4. Analysing the Effectiveness of Crisis Intervention and Suicide Prevention Strategies
  5. Relationship Between Physical Activities and Exercises and Mental Health Outcomes
  6. Assess the Effectiveness of Community-based Mental Health Promotion Programs
  7. Explore Strategies for Integration of Mental Health Services in Primary Care Settings
  8. Investigate How social media usage affects the mental well-being of individuals
  9. Effects and Problems of the Global Pandemic on People With Psychiatric Issues.
  10. How are contemporary media practices leading to mental health problems in the UK?
  11. Comparative analysis of Are women more prone to suffer from mental disorders than men  

Treatments & Therapy Mental Health Research Topics

  1. Examining Virtual Reality Therapy for Phobias
  2. How Does Art Therapy for Children with PTSD Can Help?
  3. Study of Music Therapy for Depression in Older Adults
  4. Investigating the Effectiveness of Talk Therapy for Anxiety
  5. Strategies for Cultural Adaptation of Psychotherapy Interventions
  6. Does Animal-Assisted Therapy for Autism Spectrum Disorder Work?
  7. Investigate How Practicing Mindfulness Meditation Help in Stress Reduction
  8. How DoesPredictive Treatment Related to Perceptual Consciousness Theory?
  9. An Analysis of Psychodynamic and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Treating BPD
  10. Integrative Approaches to Treating Complex Trauma: A Case Study Analysis
  11. Mind-Body Interventions for Chronic Pain Management: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
  12. Exploring the Potential of Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy in Treating Treatment-Resistant Depression 

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Counseling Psychology Dissertation Topics 

  1. What Distinguishes Spiritual Discernment From Career Counselling?
  2. Evaluate Interventions Aimed At Reducing Stigma Surrounding Mental Illness
  3. Discuss Variety of Views That Have Been Put Out Concerning Biblical Comforting
  4. Discuss Why Not All People Seeking Help Can Benefit From 12-Step Programs For Counselling.
  5. a Detailed Study On Why Rehabilitation Of Prisoners Is Crucial For Reintegration Into Society
  6. Examine The Outcomes Of Counselling Cohabiting Couples In Various Contexts And Environments.
  7. Investigate How Intersecting Identities Influence The Counseling Process And Outcomes.
  8. Explore Trauma-Informed Approaches To Counseling And Assess Their Effectiveness
  9. Investigate Counseling Interventions Tailored To The Unique Needs Of Lgbtq+ Individuals.
  10. Relationship Between the Treatment Outcomes and Therapeutic Alliance in Counseling Psychology.
  11. Effect of Psychological Training on People Suffering from Post-Surgery Anxiety In The UK.

Child and Adolescent Mental Health Dissertation Ideas 

  1. Impact on Child's Mental Health of COVID-19 Pandemic
  2. Investigating the Impact of Technology on Adolescent Mental Health
  3. Examine the Impact of Early Childhood Trauma and Long-Term Mental Health Outcomes
  4. Evaluate the Effectiveness of Educational Institute-Based Mental Health Interventions
  5. ExploreFamily Dynamics and Adolescent Mental Health for Improving Communication
  6. Relationship Between Victimisation, Bullying, And Mental Health Outcomes Among Children
  7. An Analysis of Cultural and Ethnic Considerations in Child and Adolescent Mental Health
  8. A Detailed Approach Towards Gender Identity and Mental Health in Adolescence
  9. Bidirectional Relationship Between Adolescent Substance Use and Mental Health Comorbidity
  10. Examine the challenges of Transition to Adulthood and Mental Health Outcomes
  11. Why Should Parents Refrain From Their Children From Using Social Media At Very Young Age?

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These were some of the most trending mental health dissertation ideas of 2024 that you can consider when writing a perfect dissertation. However, there are still certain things that you need to take care of while working on a dissertation on a mental health topic. Read the next paragraph to learn all about it. 

How to Choose a Mental Health Dissertation Topic?

Studying in this field can drain a person entirely because you must research cognitive, emotional, behavioural, social, and other factors. It is challenging to select the suitable mental health nursing dissertation topics because it is a vast subject. It can also be tricky because you have to dive deep into this field area. Therefore, our dissertation writing services experts have come up with a solution. These four pointers below can help you choose perfect mental health dissertation topic ideas.  

Find Your Purpose

You should always be clear about what you are passionate about and eager to explore further or spread mental health awareness. Therefore, think about the aspects of mental health that interest you the most. Do you want to focus on specific disorders, populations, treatments, or societal issues? Once the purpose or intent is clear, selecting dissertation topics on mental health becomes easier. 

Narrow Down Your Research

Once you've identified a broad topic area, it is time to narrow your focus to a specific research question or problem. It should be a theme that you can feasibly address within the scope of your dissertation. You must be sure to define clear objectives, and research aims to guide your study of mental health dissertation ideas. 

Know What's Trending

This is a crucial factor to consider before choosing mental health research topics. If you are thinking of selecting from current or ongoing issues on mental health, it will make the research process a little less time-consuming.

Check Practical Consideration

You should always consider the practical implications of the treatment or suggestion you will be suggesting for the chosen topic, be it perinatal, neuroscience, or perinatal mental health dissertation topics. This will give you clarity on the possibility of your findings and solutions.  

Once you have considered all these pointers, it will be easier for you to select the topic of your choice. This way, you will save a lot of time dwelling upon and getting confused between multiple mental health dissertation topics. Now, check out the list of topics below to find the one that suits you the best. 

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What Words You Should Avoid in Mental Health Dissertation?

Talking about issues on mental health has become such a sensitive topic that people become cautious. Nobody knows what word or conversation can offend someone or hurt their feelings. One needs to be very careful before speaking about such topics, says our mental health dissertation experts. 

Therefore, when writing such a dissertation, it's important to use clear, respectful language that avoids stigmatising or alienating individuals. We suggest you go through the terms below that you need to avoid and their alternatives.

  • Avoid: Crazy, Insane, Lunatic, Psycho, Crazy, Maniac

These terms are stigmatising and derogatory. It can provoke a mental health patient. One should never use it while writing a dissertation. 

Instead, Use: He/She is experiencing mental health challenges/conditions/specific diagnoses. Depending on the applicability. 

  • Avoid: Retard, Retarded, Mentally Ill, Crazy Person

This term is highly offensive and demeaning. These terms can label a person based on their sickness or condition, which can be dehumanising. 

Instead, Use: A person with an intellectual disability/cognitive challenges. 

  • Avoid: Addict, Junkie

These terms often overlook the complexity of addiction. So, always check mental health dissertation examples to ensure better usage. 

Instead, Use: Person with a substance use disorder/individual in recovery.

  • Avoid: Victim of Mental Illness, Abnormal

This can perpetuate a sense of helplessness and passivity. Using these terms can reinforce harmful stereotypes and oversimplify mental health.

Instead, Use: Person impacted by mental health challenges or managing mental health difficulties.

You should understand the sensitivity and repercussions of using such words, say our mental health dissertation experts. Therefore, it is best to use respectful and person-centred language as it helps promote understanding and reduce the stigma surrounding mental health awareness. Even at the time of writing a dissertation on mental health topics, you should always prioritise dignity and empathy. However, if you face problems working on your document, seek our help. Learn why it is a good idea to seek our help for writing a dissertation on mental health research topics.

Recommendations to Give in Dissertation for Improvement in Mental Health

Yes, many people's mental health is deteriorating these days, but many simple alternatives can improve it drastically, but youth underestimate them. The following pointers give a list of all those recommendations. Also, be it any mental health research topics, such remedies work for all.

Balanced Diet

One should never undermine the significance of a balanced diet. Your body needs proper food and an equal quantity of protein, vitamins, carbohydrates, and minerals. Many youths make the mistake of not consuming a balanced diet, which can affect their mental health in the long run. Thus, always highlight how vital it is to consume healthy food.

Active Lifestyle

One should always live an active lifestyle. If people tend to live a sedentary lifestyle and sit in one space for long hours, it is common for them to experience depression or anxiety. Thus, always try to engage yourself in any physical activity. It releases happy hormones in your body and improves your mental health.

Getting Engaged in Work

One of the sole reasons reasons people experience anxiety and panic attacks is because they are free and do not have work. In the boredom, it is common to overthink and get negative about a situation or a circumstance. Thus, one of the best suggestions that you can give here to the audience is to do any of your work with full dedication and passion.

Clean Environment

A messy environment can be the triggering cause for disturbed mental health. When you stay in untidy surroundings, you tend to experience a negative aura or atmosphere around you. Thus, you should tell the audience how vital it is to live in an uncluttered space. It promotes positivity and can heal your body.

Talking or Sharing

Many people are ashamed of not sharing their emotions because they wonder how would the other person react and keep it within themselves. It is the worst practice as when you take a burden, you directly impact your brain, which is an important functioning part of your entire body.

These are some of the recommendations you can write in your mental health dissertations. As of now, you might have made up your mind to write on any of the best mental health research topics, but the question is, which ones are those? Which subject matter can impress the professor in one go? Take advantage of the nursing dissertation topics and many others stated in the next section to get an answer.

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