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85+ Criminal Law Dissertation Topics

A List of 85+ Best Criminal Law Dissertation Topics | 2024

19 Apr 2024


Do you know that students pursuing a law degree need to work on a research paper? If you do not know, do not worry, our experts are here to guide you through it. They need to develop a writing on some particular crime. However, the most common stage where many scholars get stuck is finding criminal law dissertation topics.  

So, if you are here to find a list of ideas, then you need to do nothing, just stay tuned till the end. In this blog, one holding a criminal law degree will get to learn the overall concept of criminal law, its types and titles that you can select for your paper. So, the first step is to have an overview of this term. 

What is Criminal Law? An Overview! 

Criminal law is related to crime. It is known as the area of legal practice. The crimes involved are threatening, harmful, or endangering to the property, safety, and moral welfare of people comprehensive of one's self. Do you know the objective of this law? Let's learn this too. 

  1. Maintaining order
  2. Protecting liberties
  3. Resolving disputes
  4. Establishing standards

Now, that you have understood the meaning and objective. Do you know the types of criminal law? Do not worry, you can always get our dissertation writing services. For now, read the next section and learn about the types of it.

Know the Types of Criminal Law with Examples  

Do you know what are the 4 types of criminal law? Do not fret! In this part, we will learn about the types and also a few examples of each one. Therefore, let's have a glance at it.

Felonies - It is an action referred to as an indictable offence of committing a heavy crime that directs to an imprisonment of one year or more. Examples of felonies are murder, drug transactions, manslaughter, rape, robbery, fraud and arson.  

Misdemeanours - It is a low-level criminal act that includes something barely wrong that a person does. The individual is usually punishable by imprisonment in local jails or by fines. Examples of misdemeanours are minor thefts, traffic crimes and assaults.

Inchoate Offences - These acts are unfinished and also known as preliminary or incomplete crimes. It is a case of organizing for or pursuing to execute another crime. Examples of inchoate offences are conspiracies, attempts and solicitations.

Strict Liability Offenses - This act comes in existence when a criminal is responsible for perpetrating an action. Regardless of what the intent was while committing the act. Examples are possession crimes and statutory rape. 

Hopefully, you must have understood the types or branch of criminal law. If you are pursuing the field of law and want to become a criminal law expert, it is crucial to learn this concept. Now, the most awaited part is coming and we are sure you might have guessed it. Yes, it is the list of FREE criminal law dissertation topics. So, let's move ahead and have a look.

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A List of 85+ Criminal Law Dissertation Topics 

The first stage of writing a criminal law dissertation is to find a suitable topic for your paper. So, in this part, our experts have created a list of ideas that will help you select one for your document. Therefore, carefully go through each title.

Criminal Procedure And Evidence 

  1. Explain the impact of technological advancements on evidence collection in criminal trials
  2. Balancing rights and public safety in judicial discretion in pretrial detention
  3. Analyze the challenges of admissibility of digital evidence in criminal proceedings
  4. What is the role of eyewitness testimony in the Era of forensic science?
  5. What do you mean by plea bargaining and its implications for justice and efficiency in criminal cases

Comparative Criminal Law Dissertation Ideas 

  1. Contrasts in criminal procedure and rights: Common law vs. civil law systems
  2. Explain the influence of international human rights treaties on national criminal justice systems
  3. Legal responses to terrorism: A comparative study of counter-terrorism laws and policies
  4. Study legal responses to drug trafficking: Contrasting approaches in different jurisdictions
  5. Sentencing disparities: A comparative study of practices across different legal systems

International Criminal Law Dissertation Topics

  1. Describe the evolution of war crimes prosecution: From numbering to the international criminal court
  2. Analyze the role of truth commissions and tribunals for transitional justice in post-conflict societies
  3. The legal responses to mass atrocities in genocide and ethnic cleansing
  4. What are the challenges and opportunities in prosecuting international crimes for Universal jurisdiction
  5. Explore the self-determination of minorities in the light of globalization
  6. A study of the relationship between international and national law
  7. Examine the role of custom and general principles in the development of international criminal law
  8. Explain terrorism and international law in balancing security and human rights in counter-terrorism efforts

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Environmental Criminal Law Dissertation Ideas

  1. Explain illegal wildlife trafficking: Legal responses and conservation strategies
  2. Study environmental justice and minority communities: Addressing disparities in enforcement and remediation
  3. Climate change litigation: Legal strategies for holding governments and corporations accountable
  4. What is corporate environmental crimes: Holding polluters accountable for environmental damage
  5. Illegal logging and deforestation: Legal frameworks for protecting forests and biodiversity

Criminal Law And Human Rights

  1. The balance between national security and civil liberties: The legality of surveillance measures
  2. LGBTQ+ rights in the criminal justice system: Address the bias and discrimination
  3. Extrajudicial killings: The legal and ethical implications in the fight against crime
  4. The death penalty: Give a human rights perspective on capital punishment
  5. What are the rights of suspects: Examining Miranda rights and their evolution?

Criminal Justice System And Reform

  1. Alternatives to Incarceration: Exploring Restorative Justice Practices
  2. Racial Disparities in Sentencing and Strategies for Reform
  3. Mental Health Courts: Effectiveness and Challenges in Diverting Offenders
  4. Is the defence of reduced liability defined under English law?
  5. Assessing the Impact of Mandatory Minimum Sentencing Laws
  6. The Role of Rehabilitation Programs in Reducing Recidivism Rates
  7. Is the law on rape sufficient to protect legitimate victims, and does it prevent the abuse of the provisions of false "victims"? 

Trending Criminal Law Research Titles 

  1. Is Wemission's criminal approach adequate? Explain how
  2. Can the modern methods of interpreting be the intent of English criminal law proportionate to the purpose?
  3. Can the 2006 Law Commission report on homicide reform become English law? Is the law on murder appropriate in society for this purpose?
  4. What are the rights of defendants in military courts-martial?
  5. Analyze the impact of mandatory drug testing on crime rates
  6. Can the law of confession and distortion be sufficiently balanced with English law, or should the poison tree fruit principle be maintained?
  7. Analyze the impact of private prisons on the criminal justice system 

Good Criminal Law Dissertation Topics Examples 

  1. A critical analysis of constructing the crime of rape and the boundaries of consent based on law, reform and developing
  2. What are the complainants in the criminal justice system; investigation and evidence
  3. Explain the problems created by public order and state the interests and the threat of groups
  4. In-depth discussion on the Government's proposals on the amendments to the law on provocation
  5. Study the use of solitary confinement in prisons
  6. Examine the problems in identifying the nature, extent, and distribution of crime
  7. What is the notion of Character, capacity, and choice in the context of fault for criminal laws?
  8. Analyze the role of DNA evidence in criminal trials
  9. Explore the effectiveness of mandatory minimum sentencing guidelines
  10. Describe the impact of plea bargaining on the criminal justice system 

Unique Criminal Law Dissertation Topics UK

  1. Explain the constitutionality of civil asset forfeiture
  2. Examine the impact of immigration status on criminal charges and sentences
  3. Explore the effectiveness of alternative sentencing options, such as house arrest or rehabilitation programs
  4. Study the privatization of prisons and its effects on inmates and society
  5. Describe the impact of police militarization on crime rates and civil liberties
  6. What is the use of capital punishment in the criminal justice system?
  7. Analyze the role of eyewitness testimony in criminal trials
  8. Explain the impact of media coverage on public perceptions of crime and the criminal justice system

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Latest Criminal Law Dissertation Topics Undergraduate

  1. Explore the effectiveness of restorative justice programs
  2. Study the rights of suspects in police interrogations
  3. What is the impact of social media on criminal investigations?
  4. Analyze the use of surveillance technologies by law enforcement
  5. In a detailed study on the rights of crime victims during the criminal justice process
  6. What is the impact of drug legalization on crime rates?
  7. Describe the role of forensic psychology in criminal trials
  8. Examine the impact of gentrification on crime rates in urban areas
  9. Analyze the effectiveness of community policing programs

Top Criminal Law Dissertation Topics 2024

  1. Explain the role of forensic evidence in wrongful conviction cases
  2. Describe the impact of plea deals on the rights of crime victims
  3. Analyze the effectiveness of gun control laws in reducing crime
  4. Examine the impact of mandatory minimum sentences on recidivism rates
  5. What are the rights of indigenous people in the criminal justice system?
  6. What is the role of rehabilitation programs in reducing recidivism rates?
  7. Explore the effectiveness of mandatory minimum sentences in reducing crime
  8. Describe the rights of juveniles in the criminal justice system
  9. What is the impact of mental illness on criminal responsibility 


  1. Analyze the role of race and ethnicity in the criminal justice system
  2. Study the impact of plea bargaining on the criminal justice system
  3. What is the use of forensic evidence in criminal trials?
  4. A detailed explanation of the rights of criminal suspects and defendants
  5. What is the impact of economic inequality on crime rates?
  6. Examine the impact of media coverage on public perceptions of crime and the criminal justice system.
  7. Corporate criminal liability: Holding companies accountable for wrongdoing
  8. Cybercrime and corporate responsibility: Legal challenges in addressing digital fraud

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These were the few criminal law dissertation topics Scotland. We hope you have selected a title for your paper. Now, moving ahead students also face challenges and get stuck while creating research questions or while writing a criminal law dissertation. So, to get rid of this issue, read the next part and get the perfect solution.

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