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Law Dissertation- Decoding the Process

How Can a Law Dissertation Help You Make an Impact on Legal World?

29 Jul 2022



There is a need for young lawyers in the society who can impact the opinion and functioning of the society. They are required to raise the causes that are concerning the public in modern times. These young legal minds must understand that how can a law dissertation help them to become the torchbearers in raising the voice of the people. This doesn’t happen overnight and requires one to focus on its surrounding issues plaguing the society. After that understanding, one can address them in a legal framework, which is the most efficient way of advocating social change.

This process can only be understood by first learning about the qualities of a good dissertation and then focusing on the qualities that matter the most. But, first we must understand the basic definition of a law dissertation.

What Is a Law Dissertation?

There are various types of coursework or assignments that a student has to submit for their evaluation process in higher education for a law degree. The most important though, on which the grades largely depend, is the law dissertation to be submitted in the final semester. It is a research-based and extensive document that has the potential of determining or impacting your overall performance. The students are needed to perform fieldwork, research, data analysis, and extensive writing to come up with quality work.

One can understand its importance from the fact that it is published in top legal journals based on its relevance, research, and contribution to the legal world. These journals are read by top recruiting firms and can become your launch pad for an accomplished career. This brings in the need to understand the structure of a law dissertation.

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What Should Be the Structure of Good Law Dissertation?

When you are writing a dissertation, you must keep in mind the importance of the structure of the document. When a reader picks up a document that is lengthy like this, it should be in a proper order to invite them in to read it whole. The structure should also be according to the guidelines provided by the professor as they have much more experience than you. A well-structured document also makes it more publishable, which should be the final goal of a writer. The structure is explained below in full detail.

  • Title Page: It is the first page that contains details like title, subtitle, and author’s name. It also contains the names of the assigning professor and the institution with email ids of all the entities involved.
  • Abstract: It contains the summary of your document with key highlights from start to finish. It is the essence of your document, in short. It may include their findings to create curiosity among the readers. As future lawyers, you may put the expected course the research would take.
  • Table of Contents: This section has all the chapters listed with the page numbers. It also has all the important sections and subheading so that a person can directly go for it in search of information.
  • Introduction: There should be a disclosure of what made you select the topic. You can talk about, in brief, about the previous work that you read and loopholes that you found. You can also state problems that are present that made you think about the topic and important findings that may change the future course.
  • Methodology: It contains how you will analyze your findings and how you are planning to collect the data. This also includes the way they have conducted the research so that others can replicate the same. It is important because if things are not clearly explained, the credibility of your research can be questioned.
  • Literature Review: You must talk about your research and the work that you came across relevant to your topic. A critical analysis should be presented of all the work that you found addressing the same problem as you. It should explain the gaps that you have found and how your research can play a vital role in filling them. It is important so that you can justify your choice of doing the research.
  • Analysis: This should contain the examination of the data that you have found. You shouldn’t present your opinion yet, but you have to put out all the results that you got from your research. You also have to mention the contradictory evidence that you have got for the sake of being unbiased about the facts. That is a great quality in a lawyer.
  • Conclusion: Here, you can draw your own inferences from your findings. You can also explain why some of your results went against your theory. You should explain what you tried to prove and how much of ityou have done. If you are a good lawyer, you can provide a convincing explanation for it so that it doesn’t affect your final opinion.
  • Future Scope: You can present suggestions based on your research about what can be done to change the situation and what can be explored in the future. Great research always paves the way forward for future research, and a good lawyer always talks about what is still left to be done.
  • Reference & Appendix: These should have all the sources used by you in the research. It is important for maintaining the authenticity of your document. Also, provide the reader with all the data and details of data collections like forms and statements collected. It should enable a person to repeat your research.

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Now, as we have understood the structure, we can move on to the topic selection part that can add to the relevance of your document. For that, we will touch upon the nuances of choosing a topic based on your interest and relevance.

Choosing a Topic for Your Law Dissertation

Many students focus more on writing up and filling up pages, but they ignore the fact that the most important part of a dissertation writing work is choosing a topic. Things can get tricky here. Students discuss with peers and get influenced by them, resulting in making mistakes regarding the selection of topics. There is a process that can help you understand the nuances of this task.

  • Interest: Always look for the topic that interests you most about the subject. This can be done by doing extensive research on the subject and figuring out the areas that interest you most. This is important because it is a lengthy document that requires a lot of time, and you may lose focus in between if the topic is not of your liking.
  • Relevance: Pick a topic that has implications in the real world. The law shows the mirror to the society and is the main means by which issues and problems in it can be addressed. A mentor will always appreciate a law dissertation that is providing solutions rather than hankering on old cases that had already been done and dusted. This also makes your document publishable as it has the originality quotient.
  • Surroundings: Focus on topics that are immediately addressing the problems that are prevalent in the society around you. Such topics are appreciated by the examiners as they are addressing the issues related to the common people living in your vicinity. A lawyer is, after all, a spokesperson of the people who find it difficult to find their voice.
  • Trending Topics: One can study the current affairs regarding the events happening in the world to find topics that have a future in the law world. They can study these to gain knowledge about the policies that are being implemented and address their impacts by examination and data analysis. This can help them develop a modern outlook on global concerns, which can provide them with a specialized understanding of laws related to environment, migration, social justice, business practices, government functioning, etc.

These are the basic ideas that one must focus on while choosing a dissertation topic, regardless of the subject. But, after the topic is decided comes the need to improve the quality of your dissertation writing.

What Are the Qualities of An Impactful Dissertation?

When you are researching, you come across some of the most quality works around your topic. This can make one wonder about the techniques that were employed in the process of writing that document. Here are some things that are always essential for a dissertation writer to produce exceptional work.

  • Solid Research: The most important part of a dissertation writing process is the research. When you have explored the depth of the topic, only your imagination can kick in to develop new ideas. Research exposes you to works that have already been done and makes you think of areas where you can improve the content available in the field. A well-researched document can highlight your contribution to the subject.
  • Publishing Potential: A document must be written with the aim of getting it published in a reputed journal related to your topic. This requires a person to focus on the structure and the norms that are followed in them. A published document at this level of your studies can become a cornerstone of your growth trajectory.
  • Contribution and Future Prospects: These are the two main areas a dissertation writer must focus on. Your work should project your contribution to the topic and subject. There are thousands of dissertations written every year, which are repetitive in nature and don’t add anything new. Your document should open new areas of exploration and research for the coming generation. It should conclude with a crisp conclusion while presenting new avenues that you haven’t touched upon. Such a document must appeal to others to take a dive into the topic and improve the available academic work.

One can go on explaining these features, but all students don’t have time to manage such a lengthy work. This can adversely impact their grades and prospects. Well, you don’t have to worry when you can get a Ph.D. level law dissertation help from the most experienced team of writers.

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When you are writing a document, you must keep in mind that it will serve as a reference for future scholars like you. You have to base it on facts and research that can become a milestone for others. A document loses its readability when it lacks facts and figures along with research data. Moreover, a law document should present a case that can provide solutions to legal issues that are being discussed around the world.

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