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Googles Organisational Structure & Its Characteristics An Analysis

University: University of Warwick

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This sample will let you know about:

  • What is organisation?
  • Discuss Organisational Theory.
  • What is Maslow Theory of Motivation?
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Organisation refers to the business which is formed by certain number of individuals who have common objectives so as to achieve those goals. It can be in any of the form which exist in business world. Also, it is an important part of the economy as the growth depends on the working of such organisations to a great extent. There are number of theories which can be applied within the workplace for carrying the activities effectively. In this report, Google LLC has been taken which is an American company that has business in many countries in the world. It provides internet related services and products which are comprise of wide varieties. This report describes the organizational theory by bifurcating into classical and neo-classical, their evolution together with the assessment of forces which are responsible for shaping the organisations and their structures in forthcoming years.

Meaning of organisational theory

Organisational theory focuses on the structure, relationship, environment and design that exist within the workplace. It emphasise on the relationship of various functions and elements with the help of which all the activities are carried. It also includes the behaviour of people working in there. Organisational theory has been categorised into many categories but this report consist the discussion about two approaches only, which are classical and neo-classical. These theories have been transformed as per the current situations in order to make them suitable for the entities. Ask for assignment help from our experts!

Analysis of Classical Approaches

Classical approach of organisation theory emphasizes on the employees working at the workplace. It is completely traditional in its origin which concentrates on the structure and management of the organisation. In other words, it can said that the light is put on physical and economic needs of the staff and other needs are not considered. The approaches related to classical theory has been provided underneath: 

Henry Fayol - Principles of Organisation

Principles of organisation was given by Henry Fayol who is recognised as the father of modern management. These are applied to make changes in prevailing condition of the organisation to make it successful. These relevant for all the businesses irrespective of the organisational framework or structure. The main focus is about sticking to the fundamental principles which act as guidelines so as to make good decisions which ca be implemented in the organisation. This approach has been evolved with the time which has given significance to the employees which was not there in any other theories. It respects the rights of workforce which helps in maintaining equality in organisation premises. Workforce gets authority and freedom to carry their assigned functions and roles according to their tactics. Therefore, it can be said that additional elements can be included for the purpose of implementing it within the organisation. It is important to understand the employees in order to fulfil their goals and objectives. With the use of this theory, Google can add some or all of the principles in the existing set of such principles.

Frederick Taylor- Scientific Management

This organisation theory is based on scientific management who is called as the father of scientific management. It is also known as Taylorism theory because of the surname of the author. It is about the productivity and contribution of each personnel in the organisational goals and objectives. The main aim is to protect the interest of employees by striking a balance between their demands and expectations of the organisation. The possible changes which have taken place in this are related to the technology. According to this theory, without using latest technology, no business can survive in the fierce competition. In simpler terms, employees should be given training to operate new technologies for achieving the goals and objectives in a timely manner. The transformation that are being brought by technology can be managed with the application of this theory. Google can apply scientific management for bringing a co-ordination between the efforts of employees with the use of technology.Need Assignment Samples?Talk to our Experts!

Max Weber- Bureaucracy

The theory of bureaucracy was given by Max Weber, German sociologist. This theory highlights the importance and implementation of proper division of work by assigning the jobs to every person. It is important for developing and maintaining a peaceful environment which is possible when all the different units work in the same direction. Furthermore, it also provides the division of powers into the categories of traditional, charismatic and bureaucratic. The changes that have taken place in theory are majorly about the costs related to the management and controlling of whole activities. It has suggested the ways in which existing costs can be utilised in an optimal way without any new applicants being appointed for the same.

Analysis of Neoclassical Approaches

Neoclassical theory has put light on the people responsible for the carrying the work in the organisation along with the group work. The added elements in classical theory has produced the neoclassical theory. It is a hybrid form of management and behaviour of people working in the organisation. Some of the theories in this category as follows:

Maslow Theory of Motivation

Abraham Maslow has founded this theory which comprise of different types of needs of employees in order to feel them motivated for a long time. It has been put in a pyramid shaped structure, the most demanded needs being at the lowest in that structure. The needs are physiological, safety, social, esteem and self-actualisation. It has been evolved with the time which included that equal importance should be given to the self-actualisation needs. There should be absolute focus on the main goals and objectives of the entity but this does not mean that needs of individuals which are included in self-actualisation needs should be avoided. The personal needs are equally important as the professional recognition or any needs are. There should be a balance in motivating the employees. Furthermore, it should be done on a continuous basis. Hence, it can be said that there are different sort of needs which should be met by the organisation which may be beyond the business objectives. With reference to Google, it can assess the current needs of its workforce so that it can make policies to meet them.

The Human Relations School - Elton Mayo

This theory of organisation was developed in early 1920s during industrial revolution. It comprise of different opinions of the team which are about making contribution in the supportive team. In other word, every individual aspires to be on the team which is performing well within the organisation. The logic behind this is that every personnel should be given importance and proper guidance so as to become a member of the team which is performing in an effective way. This theory has undergone the transformation by putting the prosperity of the workforce at the top priority. Earlier, this theory was up to the extent of carrying the activities for the benefit of employees. Now the evolved theory has focused on improving the productivity of people working in the organisation. In this context of Google, the management can use different ways of motivation for the individuals working in the entity.

McGregor Contingency Theory

This theory was penned by Douglas McGregor in 1960s. This theory is called Theory X and Theory Y which is based on authoritarian and participative styles, respectively. These can be applied within the workplace for obtaining better results. It helps in keeping a balance in the systems of the organisation and the freedom of employees for attaining the goals and objectives. In order to keep the work going on without any hurdle or issue, it is important to keep the workforce motivated. It has evolved with the time which shows that globalisation has been considered to making the changes by linking the theory with the social activities. This shows that scope for this theory has increased. With reference to Google, the management can use any of the two styles for the operations which are carried within the organisation.

Forces that shape the organisation

Customer oriented

Customers are the main stakeholder who can impact the activities to a huge extent. It is important for the companies to assess the demands of the products or services in the market as compared to the competitors. The increase or decrease in the value of a company is majorly based on the responds given by the consumers towards the products of the organisation. It consists four steps which starts from developing, manufacturing, marketing and deliver the product to the final customer. Google can conduct surveys for understanding the current demands so as to manufacture those goods only.

Culture-excellence approach

As per this approach, every organisational has their own culture by following which the people work within the premises. There can be huge number of employees from the diverse background which may create conflicts within the organisation. With the use of culture-excellence approach, the management can understand the employees in a better way for making them achieve their goals and objectives effectively. Furthermore, the HR managers can formulate different strategies for bringing equality within the organisation and among the employees. Google can use this approach for providing the high satisfaction to the employees. It is important for the company to keep their staff motivated for the achieving the goals and objectives for the company.

The Japanese Approach

This approach is specifically for the quality of the production process. According to this approach, there should be good control on the quality on the products being manufactured by the company. This helps in achieving the goals and objectives by maintaining the quality standards. Under this, there are some functions which should be exercised by the managers for carrying the changes within the organisation. Google is an international company operating in many countries because of globalisation. Therefore, it becomes imperative for it to incorporate measures of the control so that desired quality can attained (Antonsen, 2017).

Organisational learning

This is the way through which the management comes to know about the organisation and its efficiency. It helps in obtaining the knowledge which can be improved with the time and requirement. Under this, the management should apply the existing knowledge and tactics for filling the gap between the working conditions and innovation. There are three actions such as conceive, act and reflect (Murphy, Willmott and Daft, 2017). Every work starts with an idea which is then executed with the formulation of a plan. It is then followed by a reflection. Google can learn about its mechanism in order to know the strengths and weaknesses of the company. This is to improve them with appropriate concepts and theories. Also, leadership styles can be implemented within the organisation for guiding the employees in order to achieve their goals and objectives. 

Power-politics perspectives

This is related to the division of the power within the organisation. There are three layers in the hierarchy which should have powers for making decisions which can be implemented within the company. On the other hand, politics is about the behaviours of the people working in the entity. This can be positive as well as negative. The management should always try to make efforts for bringing the positive organisational politics. Google can create a favourable environment at the workplace in order to achieve the goals and objectives without any hurdle. This can help it survive for a long time even in the fierce competition. There should be a balance between the politics and power (Reynolds and Vince, 2017).

Modernist postmodernist

The word postmodernist is a phenomenon which emerged during 1920s. This is about the socio-economic climate which exists in the organisation. This approach takes into account the interest which is connected with the diversity and creativity. These form rules for the employees which should be followed by them. This is about the managerial approaches which should be adopted by the people working in the organisation. It is the developed version of postmodernist management. This takes into account the modern approaches which should be implemented within the organisation. Hence, this is the new version of the approach that can make the entities achieve the goals and objectives within time. Ask for write my assignment from our professional experts!

Importance of technology

Technology is am important part of the company which includes emergence of new technology that can be used in the organisation. There should be implementation of the latest technology in at the workplace. Furthermore, the management should understand the needs of this aspect in order to reduce the losses or differences. Furthermore, without appropriate technology, there are high chances that company can suffer from losses (Bishop and Connors, 2018).


From the above report, it has been concluded that organisational theories are there which have been developed by different kinds of authors from their experiences and experiments. There are pros and cons of the same, which should be taken into account before the implementation of one single theory. Along with this, the traditional approaches have been transformed with the time and such changes should be taken into account. This removes the complexities in the entity which increases the efficiencies and productivity of the workplace. Together with this, employees should be effective enough to understand and carry the changes.

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