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Planning & Managing Resources

University: Arden University

  • Unit No: 11
  • Level: High school
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  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: HRM4007D
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Question :

This sample will let you know about:

  • Discuss the importance of resources.
  • Discuss the planning and management of resources.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Arden Healthcare Ltd
Planning and managing resource is very essential for an organization for effectively managing and controlling resources in such a way that company can achieve its objective and goals.

Arden Healthcare Ltd is introducing a new project 'Mental Health Supported Housing' for which strategies have to be formed for availability of resources. The above report includes reflection on importance of attaining best service user outcome in care, discussing how concept of the resource planning can be used for making available and free up resource for new 'Mental Health Supported Housing' project. Report carried forward with analyzing at least three various sources of the funding and considering two of them which can be use for new project further. The report ends with discussion of how effective resource management in Arden Healthcare Ltd could support performance of staff, care team and organization as whole.

Reflection on importance of attaining best service user outcome in the care, discussing how concept of the resource planning can be utilized for making available and free up resources for the new 'Mental Health Supported Housing' project

The health and social care are totally depended on the services. Various services are being provided by the healthcare attendant and renders best services to the patients. The health care provider must give services as per the needs and requirement of the patients. The services which are being given to patient must be appropriate that patient feel relaxed and recover soon. Higher quality health service includes right care, at right time, responding to service user's needs and preference, while minimizing resources waste and the harm. Quality healthcare enhances likelihood of the desired outcomes for health and is consistent within several measurable characteristic. The effectiveness of healthcare service and safety of patient must be taken into consideration while providing them services (Schwing and Pulwarty, 2018). People-centred care is essential for patient care as it encourages and motivates them for adopting health behaviour which improve and helps them for managing their own health significantly. The care provider also look upon the needs of patient in holistic way and humane so that patient also feel cared by them. Integration of efficiency and care also helpful in rendering the best acre services to patients. For delivering the quality services in healthcare they will need healthcare facility, healthcare provider, devices, medicines, other technologies, financing and information system.Get Assignment Examples.Talk to our Experts!

Resource Planning is the procedure in which task are allocated for both non-human and human resources. It aims for maximizing efficiency of resource along with giving an overview of the availability and capacity of resources. Resources for new 'Mental Health Supported Housing' project could be gathered and making available by appropriate resource planning. This will allow them to allocate needful resources for this project so that they can effectively provide best services to their patients. The useful or needed resources are to be determined that can be doctors, nurses, devices, equipments, various facilities etc., will are to be considered as essential resources for the project. It must be ensured that high-quality healthcare providers doctors, nurses and attendant will be needed for taking care of the patient. Safe and effective devices, medicines and various technologies are to be considered so that they can properly treat the patient. The financial resources will also be required on that basis resources can be allocated effectively and availing them further into the project. Then further as per the financial criteria resources are to be acquired so that they can have the best facilities into their project for patient and with the help of that they can provide superior quality services to the mental ill patient (Loucks and Van Beek, 2017). After the acquiring resources the all must manage in appropriate way that the health care provider could easily treat and render care to their patients. Order assignment help from our experts!

The several methods of controlling and monitoring can also be used for delivering the best quality services to their patients. It will involve the calculation of utilization rate, that will measure how efficiently resource are being utilized. This will be helpful in optimizing that available resources are used appropriately or not. The resource planning is very essential part for starting a project so that they can avail up necessary resource which will be needed for smooth flow of project and providing the best quality service in healthcare. With the help of this planning they can analyze that how much amount will be needed for particular resource and thus they can analyze for starting up 'Mental Health Supported Housing' project how much amount of fund will be required further in total. Then as per the basis of available fund they can plan up resources and easily start up project. Resource planning plays an essential role in start-up any new project and further with the help of this essential resources could be placed up in project and the funds for allocating these resources can also be analyzed so that it can be further managed as per the authority.

Analyzing three various sources of funding and considering two of them which can be used for the resource planning strategy for new 'Mental Health Supported Housing' project

There are various funding sources which are available in market which can be utilized by company or organization for starting up business or any project. Some of them can be described below-

Bank Loans

Bank loan is the most popular funding source for any business, project start-ups. It provides long or medium term finance as per the requirement of loan taker. Fixed period is to be set by bank for example- 3,5 or 10 years, interest rate, timings and repayment amount this all are decided before proceeding of loan. Bank will generally ask businesses for providing some security for loan, but in case of the start-ups security can also be individual guarantee by entrepreneur. This source for funding is appropriate for fixed assets. The low interest rate is charged by bank as compare to other flexible options (Pollino and et.al., 2017). The interests and arrangements fees are generally non-deductible. Bank loan could be unsecured or secured that totally depends on circumstance. The credit score of business can be enhanced if the repayment of bank is done on time. It is easily available to the individual and commonly used funding source as it is the most trustworthy fund.


Overdraft is financial tool in which money could be withdrawn from saving or current account, even the balance of account falls down below zero. It is extension of money limit which is offered by bank and that particular money is known as 'overdrawn'. The authorized limit for overdraft for every consumer depends on the relationship with bank. The money can be withdrawn up to the assigned limits. Interest is charged by bank which is used in the form of overdraft. It is the short term credit facility which can be paid within stipulated time period. The repayment tenure is decided by bank (Naderi and et.al., 2018). This facility is available to any of the account holder. But the extension of money is given on the basis of consumer's account repayment history, account value or credit score. As per RBI regulation, cash and credit account are eligible for maximum of the Rs. 50,000 per week. It is useful feature rendered by bank, it offers aids to several business in term of the cash flow for meeting working capital expenditures.

Angle Investors

The another source of funding is Angle investor. This investors are rich and wealthy peoples who are providing funds in exchange for the share of equity in business. They also provide valuable guidance and advice as they had experience in industry for working. It had flexible business terms. They finance up to $25,000 to $100,000 at the initial stage of business or project. In exchange for risking money, they opt for right in business or project for supervising management practices of company (Kay and Alder, 2017). Most angle investor are not group member of angel. The fund which angel investor render may be one-time investments for helping businesses get off ground or ongoing injections for supporting and carrying organizations by its difficult early stage. They are also known as angel funder, informal investor, private investor, business angel and seed investor. They mainly focus on helping thee start-ups taking primary steps, rather than possible profit they could get from business further. Angel investment has been grown rapidly over past decade as lure of the profitability has accessed it as prime source of the funding for start-ups.

The bank loan and overdraft are the two main funding source that can be used by Arden Healthcare Ltd, for starting their new project 'Mental Health Supported Housing'. By opting bank loan they can get sufficient fund for their project's resource allocation. They can also use bank Overdraft for opting the funds as it is short term funding which can be repaid by them in limited time period mentioned by bank. Some amount can be taken by them through overdraft and some by bank loan. So that for starting their project they could have short term and long term funds which can easily repaid by Arden Healthcare Ltd. The limited amount of bank loan can be pursued by them as it is the safe funding that can be repaid by them in simple instalment (Hanington and et.al., 2017). Resource planning strategy could be successfully completed with the help of this fund source as this funds can be easily obtained by bank with low interest rate as compare to other funding sources. It is most reliable source of funding that can be further used for starting the new project and getting the appropriate and needed resources which are essential for project. They will easily get bank loan and overdraft thus there time will also be saved, and they would also get relaxation in tax deduction. So this both funding source will be beneficial for them to start up their new project.

Discussing effective resource management in the Arden Healthcare Ltd would support performance of the staff, care team and organization as whole. Exploring how it links to short, medium and long term goal of the Arden Healthcare Ltd especially given its intention for expanding

There are broad issues which are faced by organization while expanding. Arden Healthcare Ltd has many issues in their companies for further expansions. The major issue which is faced by them is the economic condition of the company that's why they are trying to expand themselves into the new project further that is 'Mental Health Supported Housing'. There is no proper staffing among them as they couldn't perform their jobs well. For the quality healthcare service they will be requiring appropriate staff to handle all operations in their staff. The Healthcare also doesn't have that much of technologies and devices with them by which they can provide proper healthcare services to their patients (Dickens, 2019). By this type of issues they can't be able to achieve their goals effectively and thus high-quality services can not be delivered by them to their patients. Due to all this issues healthcare providers had decided to expand and work further with new project. And by implementing this new project they are also trying to overcome this issues. Struggling with your dissertation, get phd dissertation help from our experts!

Planning of resources is widely accepted strategy for the judicious utilization of the resources. For achieving maximizing efficiency of these resources into the company. It mainly focuses on staying with budget and ensuring that they are appropriately managed or not. Management of resources is process of the pre-scheduling, planning and allocation of resource for maximizing efficiency. It revolves around efficiency and optimization of resources widely. When it has been found that how a project can be successful then effective plan can be developed and implement for optimal use of these resources. Thus, planning and management of resources are related with each other both aims at achieving efficiency of resources so that they can effectively utilize for the betterment of company (Baron, 2016). The staff performance are to affected as if the staff is not performing well then they could not be able to provide high quality services to their patient. With the help of resource planning and resource management healthcare service provider could render their staff with appropriate trainings & resources by which they can render superior quality services to their patient.

The appropriate resource planning access individual with proper resources can easily perform their task among team. Management of resource helps  Arden Healthcare Ltd. Employees to effectively work in team so that they can easily provide good services and treat their mental patients well. Thus, the overall objective healthcare provider will be effectively achieved by them. If healthcare provider has proper finance, funding source, efficient resources and its management, good performance of the staff they can effectively achieve their objective. The main objective of them is to provide quality services to the patient's home by licensed professionals of healthcare. Thus, for enhancing this services they are starting their new project for mental where the mental ill patient will be given treatment at home by the healthcare professional with the patients comfort at home as soon as possible (Baldwin, 2019). They aim to provide personalized care, pace of the mind, comfort, family participation & support, safety, freedom, cost, dignity, independence and security etc., And this all can be achieved by the resource planning and resource management effectively. This is very much helpful for Arden Healthcare Ltd for becoming successful in achieving their objective and building an attachment and relationship among their patient so that the patient recovers soon and get well.

The resource planning and management is very helpful for healthcare provider to render a great services to the patient and achieve their goal and objective effectively. The appropriate planning of the resources allows them to have essential resource to be taken into consideration in the new project so that they can achieve their goal significantly. If company have well organized health professional with skilled talent then they can proper treat their patient. They can avail with    personalized care to their patient at home. The suitable devices, technologies could be implemented into the new project of company so that they can provide proper medication to patient and rendering them quality services. This also allows them to work in team in a manner that they can achieve the common goal of Arden Healthcare Ltd.

The objective of company can be effectively gained with the help of resource planning and its management (Argent and et.al., 2016). It is very essential for company to have proper resource planning so that they can manage the resource in project in such a manner that they can be efficiently used in the context of rendering quality service to mental ill patients. The resource planning management is also helpful for delivering the best result for the project by making it more organized and managed. The job satisfaction among employees can be enhanced and thus employee can be retained for long term. It will also be helpful in enhancing relationship with their patients and providing them great service further. By keep tracking their project they can manage the working days, skill sets for employees, availability & scarcity of resources in the project so that all can be effectively managed and controlled.

Budgetary restriction in Arden Healthcare Ltd can affect a company to great extent. If company have limited financial resources then they couldn't have enough resource in their company to perform their operations The employees with appropriate resources could perform their job well and render effective services to patient. Patients can be properly treated by healthcare professionals if they had proper resource (Abdullah, 2017). Due to lack and restricted financial source they can also face a situation of financial risk. As each and every company need required resources which are essential for providing best services to the consumers.

The long term and short term goal of Arden Healthcare Ltd can be achieved by providing high quality services to the patients in order to satisfy mental ill patient and medicate them at home as soon as possible. So with the limited amount of financial resource they can't be able to render this services to patient due to lack of resources which are essential for proper treatment of the patient (SUHAIMI and et.al., 2016). Proper funds are to be required by company for starting their new project so that they can have necessary resource into the project and could satisfy their patient with great services. The proper budget planning and funding allows them to balance each and every resource and further having all essential resources to be available to the health care professionals. Company facing financial risk can't gain huge success and profit as well but for gaining this they need to have appropriate funding into their project for achieving their overall objective significantly. It can be managed and accessed with resource planning in the well managed manner so that they can allocate fund as per the requirement of resources for project so that it can be effectively controlled.


From the above study it can be concluded that the planning and managing resource is very essential for company's overall growth and development. With the help of effective planning of resource the best result can be delivered by company by managing the project in the best way that it can be helpful to company up to great extent. The availability of resources, equipments can be planned and predicted so that it could be fulfilled on time and reduce scarcity of resource in the operation process. The quality services can be effectively given to the patient will the help of resource management and planning. Thus, overall company could achieve its goal and objective and provide quality service to their patient. The new project can be successful with the help of proper funding and allocation of resources and implementing these resources into their organization. So that it can be effectively used by the staff and healthcare professional for treating and medicating their metal ill patients in good way that they can be cured soon.

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