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Organisation Behaviour Thames Valley Building Society

University: Blomsburry Institute London

  • Unit No: 1
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
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Question :

There is introduced a UWLFlex which is a well-known platform that helps in managing learning, teaching, and student support. This assessment will cover questions which are mentioned thereunder:

  • Analyse and evaluate the debates and research for organisational behaviour with general emerging trends.
  • Critically provide theories for group development with general organisational context.
  • Evaluate the range in individuals with the improvement required to gain organisational goals.
  • Analyse dynamics of organisation with these structures and also give the techniques to maintain the organisational settings.
  • Evaluate the effective qualities of leadership with the relation in organisational culture.
Answer :
Organization Selected : UWLFlex


The term organisational behaviour refers to an understanding of company's employee's attitude, performance either at individual level or at group level. A business does so through adopting different ways such as managing their organisation as well as individuals, adopting and following the various contemporary trends within their social or rational organisation (Ashok and et. al., 2021). The concept of organisational behaviour comprises of four different essential elements such as employees, structure, external environment and the technology. The present report comprises of a discussion upon the field of organisational behaviour along with individual and interpersonal behaviour within UWLFlex Company. It also includes some group and team processes, leadership styles and models and organisational processes.

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TASK 1: Introduction to the field of Organisational Behaviour

Exploration of emerging trends

The concept of organisational behaviour is surrounded by four distinct elements that are structure, external environment, people and technology (Dasgupta and Dey, 2021). The explorations of emerging trends pertaining to the behaviour of an organisation are mentioned under:

Contingency Variable

This trend involves use of various distinct practices related to behaviour within various situations through proper analysis and measurement before such action.

People Orientation

This involves indulgence of more and more people within an organisation with their continuous development and enhancement. This is done because employees are the one who makes the idea into reality and are categorized as the most essential asset for the company.

Individual learning and behaviour in organisation

The concept of individual learning and behaviour depends upon various theories that are mentioned below:

Classic Conditioning Theory

Figure 1: Theory of classic conditioning

This theory involves a combination of conditioned motivation with unconditioned motivation. Where the unconditioned motivation is being acquired by the experience which is a near impermanent.

Cognitive theory of learning

This comprises of different thoughts, ideas, understanding, interpretation or even knowledge of a person towards self as well as towards the environment. This says that a deliberate thinking is the result of a learning process.

TASK 2: Individual and interpersonal behaviour

Communication in organisational settings

The communication within an organisation plays a very important role as this involves circulation of various required information and data which takes employees and the management towards achievement of organisational goal (Khaola and Rambe, 2020). In the present case the communication is being done at various place such as between colleagues, superior subordinate and as well as with management covering thoughts of making assistant, conveying problem and sharing of the views.

Workplace attitude, perception and values

The workplace attitude involves behaviour of one within an organisation, how they look things how they perceive them, how they react and several others. It is very much essential to have right and positive attitude as well as perception that bring value to the work and result. In the present case the manager earlier was having right perception about an employee while making his as assistant but later on has experienced opposite perception after seeing his attitude closely.

Job satisfaction

The term job satisfaction comprises of a feeling of happiness and joy with the current job position at a specific organisation. This provides a feeling of retention for long term without having any negative thoughts further.

Employee motivation

The term employee motivation refers to an enhancement and up-gradation of employee's performance along with their skills, competencies and potential. When an employee is motivated he ultimately presents his best and full potential to bring high level of productivity in his results. In present case an employee is motivated by providing a promotion such as to the post of assistant.

TASK 3: Group and Team processes

Group Dynamics

The concept of group refers to a collaboration of two or more employees within an organisation made to attain specific objective or goal. Group dynamics comprises of an interaction within a group in order to analyse their function, structure and behaviour (Ogbu Edeh PhD and et. al., 2020). This involves intragroup which means communication within a group and intergroup which involves communication among various groups.

Power and politics in organisation

The concept of power and politics arises in an organisation when two more employees are not satisfied with certain things and needs those things to be happened according to them which involve their benefit. When this tales birth in an organisation it also gives rise to negative and unhealthy behaviour that ultimately brings unfavourable outcomes.

Conflict and negotiation

Conflict refers to a situation where any of the employees is not agree upon decision or views. Sometimes it is between colleagues or sometimes it takes place between management. When this is happened no concrete decision is been taken by the company hence leads to delay in work. The best possible solution to resolve conflict is negotiation which means making all the parties agree upon a common thing.

TASK 4: Leadership style and models

The various leadership styles are mentioned below:

  • Autocratic: This says that employees are required to follow all the rules and regulations strictly made by top level management.
  • Democratic: This involves participation of employees while making decision through listening of their views, opinions or thoughts.
  • Laissez-faire: This comprises of a full authority to employees for making relevant decision by them related to a specific task assigned to them.

TASK 5: Organisational Processes


The process of change involves any sort of modification or up-gradation in some aspect which can be such as in organisational structure, communication process, leadership style or even can be in production process (Patnaik and Shukla, 2020). This happens because of the changing market environment which impacts businesses at large.

Culture and Diversity

The role of culture is very much important within an organisation as employees belong to different culture, caste, religion, gender which brings diversity. The culture has a great impact upon the organisational behaviour as every company is required to maintain integrity through respecting culture of all employees and bringing unity in such diversity so that can attain better results.

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It can be said that organisational behaviour has a great influence upon its performance and results. It involves people, technology, environment and structure which drives an organisation towards successful achievement of organisation. The organisation works with different forms of leadership style as well as culture as the environment is diverse and employees belongs to various cultures. It is necessary to maintain positive and healthy environment which is free from politics and conflicts. If you are worried about your thesis help UK at the best price. Contact our experts.


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