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BUS209 Organisation behaviour individual reflective essay

University: Blomsburry Institute London

  • Unit No: 4
  • Level: Ph.D./Doctorate
  • Pages: 5 / Words 1314
  • Paper Type: Essay
  • Course Code: BUS209
  • Downloads: 817
Question :

This sample report will be beneficial in answering:

  • The six stages related to it
  • What is CIPD professional map
  • A plan of action for future development
Answer :
Organization Selected : Gibbs' Reflective Cycle

Gibbs' Reflective Cycle

Developed by Graham Gibbs in 1988, this model offers a structured approach to learning from various experiences. It is designed to help examine experiences, emphasizing their cyclical nature to facilitate repeated learning and improved planning. The model comprises six stages: description, feelings, evaluation, analysis, conclusion, and action plan.

Description: For the completion of the group report, my group and I decided to divide the work in each members so that each member can gain knowledge on each elements. It has expected to complete the assignment in one piece for which the team members are able to work and make significant schedule time to sit and discuss the factors. We have work on the Nike company that how the company deals with their organisational behaviour. Here, we divide the task in four segments and in last the recommendations are completed on the mutual decisions.

Feelings: In the initial stage I feel little stressed after analysing that I had lots of work to do. Furthermore, after dividing the task in different people are make me more satisfying and happy as we had been taken the smart work. During the completion of assignment, I feel distracted and get frustrated due to improper team management. In addition to this, some of the work are not done properly which I needed to be rewrite into the assignment. I made a consultant with team and further decide to complete the task in one night. Looking back, I analysed that all the ups and down helps to feel satisfied and complete the task in given time.

Evaluation: There are different things which are going good and well by the each group members. Like I and my team completed all the task on the time with good quality of work. Furthermore, team members are so supportive that they make all efforts for complete the assignment. I have faced issues in making decision on time and get nervous to manage the time in appropriate manners. Whereas, I found that I am good in collaboration and remembering the things at a glance. It will further helps me to work at professional level and try to developed the skills in different platform.

Analysis: I think all the working activities are going well and able to manage my Organisational Behaviour assignment in an efficient manner. I think my team is able to work to save the time and work in different scenario. I had searched on different concepts of the assignment and try to work on the difficult sections in order to complete task on time.

Conclusion: I have learned that different things are used when project is needed to be completed in a group. It is related to divide the activities in equal basis and each member should have the capability to help each other. This would further help in realisation to work enough and complete the activities in different ways. With the help of this project I and my team are able to generate more information about the Nike Company's policies and practices related to organisational behaviour.

Action Plan: When I am working with another group in future, I will talk to each other about their strength and weakness. That will be helpful for decline the possibility of chaos within the team and complete the work activities on time. To manage the confident, I analyse the activities effectively and try to make an action plan or personal development plan for enhancing my skills in an efficient manner.

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CIPD professional map

The CIPD Professional map is an interactive set of effective standards to guide the work and make different human resources to work significantly and improve the world of work. It is the set of international benchmark for the growth of people professional development. In order to make better decision and act as the confidence and make a career development and growth.

With the help of CIPD professional map I have analysed that there are different key behavioural practices which are used to identified the personal growth and analyse the key factor to experience for the growth of different platform. I analysed different behaviours which are described at the first hand professional competences. In that three main behaviour which suites my progress and for the growth of each behaviour and professional development. I have evaluated three main behaviours are decisive thinker, Collaborative and courage to accept the challenge.

Commentary on individual behavior

In the above mentioned CIPD behaviour tools, I have analysed that after completing the group assignment, I have faced issues in managing decisive thinker ability, as this skills is helpful for developed to analyse and understand the data for make information quickly. With the use of information and various options I am not able to take decision in an effective time or not able to defend the decision which was taken by me.

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Outline a plan of action for future development

An action is a detailed plan for outlined the actions and reach one or more specified goals to achieve skills on time.

Skills needed to be improved

How to improve the skill

Time taken to develop the skill


Decisive thinker

In order to improve the skill of decisiveness, I try to understand the things more appropriately and analyse the positive and negative outcomes. This will help to take decision on quick basis.

It takes 3 months to improve this skill.

I have make a significant progress in this skill and it take few more months to develop skill appropriately.

Time management

To improve time management skills, a proper action plan is made for complete the activities and try to provide some positive rewards to myself when completed work on time.

This skill takes 6 months to improvise.

I am able to manage my work more effectively now and try to complete all my activities before or on time.


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