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Developing Individual, Teams and Organizations in the context of Kingfisher plc

University: UKCBC College

  • Unit No: 35
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
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  • Paper Type: Assignment
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Question :

A improvised team forms an important building block of all successful company which are induced through all the efficiency in the workers. Kingfisher plc is a British retail international brand which is established in 1982 the headquarters of it lies in London. Kindly do answer all the learning outcomes mentioned below:

  • Explain all employee skill, with their knowledge and the behaviour of HR professional.
  • What are the factors which impacts the learning and development in drive of sustainable performance in the business.
  • Explain the methods on how high performance working helps in employee engagement and with the competitive advantage.
  • Evaluate the methods of high performance cultural.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Kingfisher plc


A proficient team forms the building block of any successful organisation and are induced by the efficiency of the employees within it. Thus, in order to enhance its sustainability and growth a firm is required develop its people's capabilities to contribute to specific objectives and to build a culture where in everyone understands and is working in one direction towards shared goals. In this aspect HR officer forms the key lead as by undertaking various responsibilities and duties, he/she identifies personal and professional need requirements of its employees and thus assist them in developing their knowledge, skills and abilities (Aarons, Hurlburt and Horwitz, 2011). Kingfisher plc is a British international retail brand established in 1982 with its headquarters in London. It is the leading and one of the largest home retailer in Europe. The assignment will analyse the skills, knowledge ad behaviour requisite for HR professional along with factors that are requisite to be considered while implementing learning and development programs. Moreover it will demonstrate HPW contributes in employees contribution along with different approaches that are used by Hr officials for performance management.


P1. Appropriate skills, knowledge and behaviour required by HR professionals

The major contributes behind the success of a HR official is an array of knowledge, skills and ability to deal with varied complex business situations. These KSA forms the core competencies for HR manger that helps Kingfisher plc to have an edge over its rivals by maintaining a proficient, dedicated team that are working unitedly towards attaining firms objectives with higher efficiency and maximum output (Bolman and Deal, 2017). For successfully undertaking this role HR manger make use of CPD model.

CPD Model: It is defined as the process of monitoring and recording the skills, knowledge and behaviour that an employee acquires from formal and informal sources during his/her work experience. It involves combination of various approaches, techniques and ideas that assist manger to mange an employees learning, performance and growth . The main purpose of CPD is the professional development of employee by ensuring continuous enhancement and improvident in their KSB in reference to current standards of the same field. The manegemnt of kingfisher Plc make applies this model for monitoring,documenting and evaluating performance of its employee belonging to different positions and to plan out suitable training and development program for overcoming their areas of lacking. Mentioned below are certain prominent skills that are requisite for HR officer of Kingfisher Plc:


  • Teamwork Skills: It is one of the most essential skill that an HR officer of Kingfisher Plc is required to posses (Choi and Ruona, 2011). A manger is to act a team builder where is expected to motivate his/her team mates for unify their efforts towards attaining firms objectives. Also it is important for resolving employees conflicts, communication of business related information etc.
  • Interpersonal Skills: Interpersonal skills involves various different abilities such as listening and communicating qualities of a leader etc. that assists HR officer of Kingfisher Plc to effectively interact with its employees.

Knowledge: An HR officer should have different knowledge about personal service, law and government, language and other areas related to business. For instance

Communication and media: As mangers are required to play role of liaison provide entire information about process, products and services (Decuyper, Dochy and Van den Bossche, 2010). Therefore it is essential for manger of Kingfisher Plc to have thorough knowledge about various effective and latest medium like social media comprising facebook, instagram etc. This helps in dispersal of business related information through oral, written and visual mediums.

Law and government : Kingfisher Plc being an international firm have its operations running in nations like Ireland, UK etc. firm is to adhered by various rules and regulations that are enforced by government of these nations. Therefore an HR officer of Kingfisher Plc is required to have information related to legal codes, democratic political process, agency rule4s , court procedures etc.

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It involves following behavioural aspects:

Transparency and trustworthiness: HR officials of Kingfisher Plc are expected to be fair and professional while dealing with issues like pay and benefit, personal challenges faced by employees, violation of firm's policies etc. all of which that impacts performance and productivity of firm as well as employees. It is responsibility of HR official to be maintain transparency by specking openly, honestly and ensuring disclosure of very fact to employees that are to impact them any which way.

P2 Personal skills audit and professional development plan for Jane Cambridge

A personal skill audit is an significant technique that assist an individual to measure and record his/her skills and knowledge in order to find out areas of improvement and training needs assessment (Hartnell, Ou and Kinicki, 2011). It is created by comparing skills metrics of a firm with the available competencies of its employees against predefined skill set to fulfil specific role. Jane Cambridge is the HR officer of Kingfisher Plc that is responsible for carrying out various functions and duties to attain desired objectives. Thus, to improve existing skills and for developing requisite job related competencies and knowledge of Jane Cambridge, personal skill audit is the most appropriate technique that could be adopted. This will assist Jane Cambridge in her personality development as well as in building up her professional career as an HR officer.

The skill audit conducted for Jane Cambridge reveals that she is required to get command on her communication and problem solving skills. It is of vital to improve these skills as an HR officer is expected to be proficient in communication and other interpersonal skills so that he/she can motivate his/her employees to put best of their efforts towards target achievement. Also, this skill comes useful in case of solving various workforce related issues and to provide them with viable solutions so that professional workforce could be retained in firm (Herrmann and Herrmann-Nehdi, 2015). For this purpose, management of Kingfisher Plc decided to conduct a training section of Jane Cambridge for providing her vocational training under experts to develop these requisite competencies that will help in improving her performance level.

Following are the strength and weak point according to the personal audit of Jane Cambridge



  • I am proficient in technical knowledge and skills related to my area of work.
  • My flexibility is one of my key strength that enables me to handle any sort of situation without facing much resistance with my employees

  • My ability to take decisions is average as I become overconfident with my team building capabilities and become too lenient with my team
  • This also effects my leadership quality as sometimes employees exceeds deadlines without been feared of its consequences.
  • Also I am required to enhance my analytical quality .

Personal development plan for Jane Cambridge in HR officer role

Personal Development Plan also known as individual development plan i.e. defined as the procedure of designing an action plan that based on values, reflection, awareness and goal setting for the purpose of career, education or for self enhancement and improvement (Hislop, 2013). It involve preparing statement related to one's career, lifestyle, career positioning, alternative plans of action, CV and evaluation of risks and opportunities etc. In reference with skill audit of Jane Cambridge, management formulated a personal development plan for Jane Cambridge for improvement OF communication, problem handling and other leadership skills. Mentioned below is her career development plan for enhancing her competencies as HR professional in Kingfisher Plc:

Development need

Development type


Time required

Communication skills

Self development

From the skill audit it is revealed that communication skills of Jane Cambridge is average. There is far much scope for her to enhance this skill (Huczynski and Buchanan, 2010). Proficiency in communication skills is of vital importance as it is key quality in developing proper coordination and cooperation with other divisions and their mangers. It also assists in managing employees related issues, to motivate and encourage them for bidding up their confidence to take initiative for higher challenges and responsibilities.

The estimated time that will be required by Jane Cambridge for developing her communication skill through training is around 2 moths.

Problem solving skills

Self development

Skill audit report reveals the incapability of Jane Cambridge to effectively handle issues that arises at workplace related to routine activities. This adversely affects her performance leaving a question mark on her functionality. To develop this ability management decided to provide her professional and managerial trainings.

To develop this skill estimate time of 2 months are required (Jones and Jones, 2010).

Leadership Skills

Self Development

Jane Cambridge also lacks when it comes to leadership skills. This affects her ability to influence and motives her team to work with zeal as team. This adversely impacts overall performance of her team leading to non achievement of targets or exceeding project deadlines. She is schedules to be team training to develop her leadership qualities .

The training module will take 1 month to complete.


P3 Difference between individual and organisational learning & training and development

Learning can be referred as skills and knowledge acquisition though experience, study and being taught etc. Training is defined as the process of developing KSA in an individual or group that is related and essential for carrying out a specific task. Development on other hand refers to growth of someone by systematically utilizing technical and scientific knowledge for accomplishing specified objectives. Thus, to maintain and enhance the productivity and work efficiency of its workforce, Kingfisher Plc design and implement appropriate training and development program to induce requisite skills and knowledge in reference to various technological, managerial and other changes that are occurring in market dynamics (Katzenbach and Smith, 2015). Both terms are distinct from each other on some grounds which is discussed as below:

Difference between training and development

Basis for comparison




Training is process of employee learning where in an employee is giving opportunity to acquire skill, knowledge and competency that are required for them to carry out their particular job.

Development is an educational process which relates to enhancing the overall growth of an employee.


The main objective of training is to make employees professional by improving their work performance

Development aims towards making employees confident and proficient to undertake their future job related responsibilities.


Training is generally given for improving job related capabilities of an employee

Development helps in over all increase in employees personality, general knowledge and concepts.

Learning: Learning is a procedure of gaining new knowledge value, behaviour ,skills and preferences or to modify them in relation to emerging changes in particular field of knowledge (Landy and Conte, 2016). In context of a firm like Kingfisher Plc acquiring continuous learning is of utmost importance for both company as well as for its employees for maximizing their knowledge criteria in order to enhance productivity and also to achieve both personal and professional goals within specific time frame. It is basically divided into two forms :

Individual learning: It is defines as the process of acquiring knowledge by individual which is a reflection about various external sources and stimuli. Kingfisher Plc implements various specific programs for educating its employees about various work related attributes in order to enhance work efficiency and performance of them making them proficient to attain their assigned tasks with maximum output.

Organisational Learning: It is learning process of creating , absorbing and transferring knowledge within a firm (Malone, Laubacher and Dellarocas, 2010). It refers to process of applying distinctive policies, procedures that are been followed by Kingfisher Plc for achieving its short term and long term objectives within specific time deadlines. Kingfisher Plc continuously keep on implementing self assessment program for firm in order to know its probable competencies, weakness and to take corrective actions. It is firms procedure of learning through past experiences and mistakes so that it can improve its productivity and performance.

Difference between organisational learning and individual learning

Individual learning

Organisational learning

This learning style relates to gaining specific knowledge and skills by an individual that induces it productivity and performance.

It involves the procedure of formulating various distinctive policies which are requisite for manger of Kingfisher Plc to adopt and to share knowledge among its various divisions .

It put emphasis on developing personal strength and weakness into acquire necessary skills and knowledge through learning overcoming employees areas of lacking.

This learning style stress upon overall learning of a company by adopting and formulating new techniques, process etc.

P4 Need of continuous learning and professional development in sustainable business performance

Continuous learning: It involves constant expansion of skill set by regularly learning and enhancing knowledge so as to effectively and efficiently adapts to changing demands at personal and professional levels (Nahavandi, 2016). It helps both organization and its employees to attain higher growth by acquiring high emotional intelligence through self management and self awareness. At individual level, it relate to expanding and acquiring KSA in reference to frequently emerging competences requirements by firm to carry out present as well as future job related complexities. Organization level, on other hands, depicts adoption of various changes and dynamic market situations that re faced by organization as a team.

Professional development: It refers to the process of acquiring wide range of specialized training, advanced professional learning or formal education that help individuals to improve and enhance their skill, professional knowledge, competencies and productivity level (Penuel, and et. al. 2011). It could be learned by attending various formal courses, conferences, workshops and informal learning. Various approaches that are used to develop professional KSB involves coaching, lesson study, technical assistance, consultation etc.

Kingfisher Plc give critical importance to continuous learning and professional development and success of a firm:

Encourage problem solving: It provides Kingfisher Plc to deal with varied situations and market complexities in an effective way. It assist business to maintain cordial relationship between its employees and management (Robbins and Judge, 2012). For this, Kingfisher Plc, company tries to entourage its employees to participate in decision making process and to share their ideas, opinions and suggestions that could benefit firm to choose from pool of creative ideas and solutions,the most feasible ones for a given problems or to introduce innovation.

Respond to technology: In this era of digitalization where technology get obsolete with a blink of an eye providing way for new technological upgraduation, it has become critically important for a firm like Kingfisher Plc to cope up with frequent technological advancements.


P5 State how HPW contribute to employee engagement

High performance work system forms the perfect amalgamation of right kind of people, technology and firm structure that aiming towards optimum utilization of company's resources and to identify and grab prevailing in the market for attaining its objectives and goals. One of the major determinants that assists firm in creating a high performance working environment is employee security and motivation. It is because employment job security encourages staff to develop trust on firm that takes long term interest in developing their careers by investing its time and resources in them. It is by providing them proper training to enhance their core competencies. Another elements involves developing two way communication with workforce , by sharing business related information with them and providing them opportunities to participate in decision making process. This not only develop their trust in company indicating that management value their inputs but also make them confident and motivated to share their creative, suggestions, issues etc. Another elements involves sharing reviews on their performance, recognizing their efforts by designing proper reward systems for them. All these helps in creating a HPW in an organisation. Thus it helps in creating a proficient well coordinated, dedicated team that is committed towards completing their delegated task with high efficiency within specific time frame. This further provide company an edge over its competitors as it firm have low employees turnover rate and employees those are loyal to its company.

Employees of all organisation are main and foremost aspects for the development of company. Fundamentally, participation of the workers deal with various functions and activities that improve the competent, knowledge, productivity and skills of workers. There are different HPW practices which are used by the Kingfisher Plc are determined as below:

  • Selective hiring of employees: Kingfisher Plc hire the best prospect from the pool of candidates and put it on right post at perfect time (Schein, 2010). They usually accept or hire employees as per its learning certification like Master in Business Administration holder. Kingfisher plc need to recruit such people whom have perfect skills in order to perform whole task and functions in a accurate way so that effective outcomes could be underpin.
  • Flexible job statement: Kingfisher Plc accept in developing transparent communication among their workforce which provide them proper idea regarding what needs to be achieved. If a person realize what they has to complete regarding their assigned activity or project, it create them to do it efficaciously towards accomplishing their whole objective and targets in an effective manner (Seibert, Wang and Courtright, 2011). Kingfisher Plc need to find out job properly as well as support and manage flexible working condition so that effective increase that could be assist to execute their goals within predetermined time.


P6 Different approaches of performance management and their contribution

Performance management refers to the process of supervision of workforce, departments and other business activities that are undertaken by a manger to ensure that all objectives are achieved by the firm following the pre set standards and guidelines. In this process, manger monitors and tracks down performance of its employees, compare the expected with actual performance and find out gaps or deviations. These areas of improvement is them communicated to employees by manger who assist and guide them to overcome these weakness so that their quality of work performance could be maintained and improved continuously in reference to emerging market competencies.

Purpose of Performance management: The main purpose of performance management involves:

  • Identifying and notifying the poor performers for helping them to grow and develop so that they can work with highest potential towards accomplishing their assigned tasks within specific time period.
  • It also assist management to take decisions on matters related to promotion,pay increment, training and development and on other personnel actions .

There are different approaches which are adopted by the human resource manager of Kingfisher Plc in order to providing performance appraisal to the workforce. This support in determination of knowledge and skills of workers and the issue faced by them (Shin and et. al. 2012). It involves in planning of training and development class which are useful in improvement of specific quality and personality (Approaches for measuring performance of employees, 2017). Such methods make the positive and effective atmosphere at workplace as well as encourage the employees to develop high performance culture. Some approaches of performance management are explain as under:

Comparative approach: This includes regarding the activity of comparison related to employees performance with the budget. It assist in determination of deviations in its performance and the issue faced by them in the performing their tasks. It will give the chances to the administration of Kingfisher Plc to render better solutions (Von Krogh, Nonaka and Rechsteiner, 2012). In order to enhance performance of their workforce, administration has to give grade to their staff members and provide advantages to them.

Attribute approach: In this methods different parts are followed by Kingfisher Plc about performance appraisal of their employees. These aspects covers creativity, innovation, team work, problem solving capability and so on. All this supports in determination of essential skills among workforce and their involvement in high culture of performance.

Result approach: It is another approach in this administration of Kingfisher Plc introduce the performance of their staff members as per the outputs which they apply from their functions and activities. The management of the organisation give SMART objective according which the workforce has to execute their all tasks in given time period (Wates, 2014). The scorecard or record book which is applied by the administration has 4 alternatives such as operations, customers, internal or finance.

Behavioural approach: It is applied by the management of an organisation in order to measure employees performance as per its behaviour and performance in enterprise. This kind of benefits includes various aspects such as communication, coordination and supportive nature with other workforce. It assist to motivate and encourage the workforce to make positive and friendly decorum at workplace.

Quality approach: It is another important and useful approach which is used by the management of Kingfisher Plc in order to measure performance level of their employees. This method mainly emphasis on enhancing customer satisfaction by decreasing errors and accomplishing continuous service improvisation (Wates, 2014). Such concept takes into consideration both system and person factors. Also managers takes feedback on regular basis on the professional and personal traits of workforce from clients, peers and managers in order to resolve issues related to the performance.

Benefits of Performance management approaches: Numerous advantages are availed to those companies and organisation which opt distinct performance management framework to measure their work performances: There are different benefits of such methods such as:

  • Assessment of both system and employee.
  • Problem solving via teamwork.
  • Use of different sources to analysis performance and participation of both external and internal factor.


The undertaken project concludes that HR officer plays important role in developing team and employees of an enterprise. Avail our management homework help to get A+ grades. This studies distinct types of methods and approaches and techniques to manage performance and maintain high performance working framework within an organisation that helps in enhancing performance and work culture of a firm along with timely attainment of its objectives. Also continuous learning and professional development is significant for the purpose and success of an enterprise.

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