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BUS020C415S Managing a Successful Business Level 5

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Managing a Successful Business Project

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Business is one of the effective activity of making one living or formulating money by producing or buying or selling of various products and services to earn maximum profit within an organisation. Digitalisation is an integration of various technology into day to day life activity in order to get more benefits in near future time. It will assist them to perform effective in producing effective outcomes in more effective and efficient manner. There are various factors that can affect the overall growth and development of the business.

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This project report is based on research about Britannic group plc. It deals in effective communication and digital technological equipment’s. Under this report, a well organise research is being done that impact digital technology on different departments such as HR, marketing, accounting other departments. This report used to discuss project management plan as well as aims and goals of conducting this research. Apart of this, tools and techniques such as Gantt chart and WBS is used effective to get effective results out of the research (Giovannoni, Maraghini and Riccaboni, 2011).


P1: Aims and objectives of project

This is said to be era of digital technology in which people are more concern about networking and fast processors. Nowadays, it has been seen that digital technology is happens to be essential elements that is need to be taken into account by the manager of an organisation. There are potential outcomes of effective working style and consequently managers need to design reliable plan and other program to get more accurate outcomes in near future time. With the assistance of new systems, quality can be enhanced and chances of mistakes can be overcoming. In the case of Britannic Group, they are always tried to focus on innovate idea and creative technology that means which are beneficial and demanded for growth and future development. While using changes in business activities, it is important to work as per direction of managers, so that certain outcomes can be accomplish in the near future time. To acknowledge innovative changes, there are wide number of issues such as, training cost, establishment cost, modification charges and so on. There is potential benefit that are related with increasing overall sustainability of the business.

In Britannic Group, advancement in innovation is truly necessary to perform business activities in better and successful way. There are various department in Britannic Group, for example, HR, IT, Research and Development, and so on. These are interrelated with each other. It is basic to recognize what should be possible through which changes can be done while executing plan in better manner. Proper communication is the primary sectors that deal with the digitalisation of overall growth of each employees those are working with the company. In accordance to this, there are various method that can be used to taken into account such as web services, administrations, telephonic network and many more. Digitalisation serves customer and organisation at the same period of time. like for examples, marketing department can serve data or inquiry from client to provide better benefits by the help of LAN and so on. This will enhance overall image of customer as well as organisation and to create maximum opportunity in near future time. It is vital for various department to provide accurate and quick data or information that will provide data to the customer about the use of social media. It has been seen that there are certain drastic changes has been seen that will be associated with latest modification in 4G and 5G networks (Davies and Hughes, 2014).

Topic: “How digital technology has transformed business activities, e.g. operations, marketing,

accounting and HR”.

Research Aim: “The primary aim of this research is to adopt social media that can assist to make modification in operations activities of the department”.

Research Objective:

  • To analyses the implication of digital technology on operation done in Britannic Group.
  • To evaluate the problems that are faced by all department because of accepting social media in business decision making.
  • To examine impact of social media on entire growth and financial sustainability of the department.

Research Question:

  • What are implication related with digitalization on lower level department of Britannic Group?
  • How problems arise within internal department in context to social media is being faced by concern department?
  • Discussion about digitalization on entire growth and future sustainability?

P2: Produce project management plan incorporating: costs, scope, time, quality, communication, risk and resources

Project management plan is an essential requirement which assist management and employees to execute future project activities in well-desired manner. Such plans consists of different activities which are needed to perform with the help of taking support from the employees. Such plan has been made after conducting research which help in identifying the interest and perception of employees as well as customers regarding the decision of implementing digital technology in business operations. Such plan is framed by top level managers through collecting feedbacks and opinions from their employees. While formulation of project management plan, there are certain aspects which are essentially required to consider such as cost, time, risk, resources etc. All these elements plays an important role in executing future project activities in an desired way. Thus, it is important to understand these aspects in detailed manner (Drucker, 2012).

Cost: It is an essential and crucial aspect which are required to be estimated in order to utilise them in an effective and efficient manner. Implementation of digital technology such as Advertisement on TV, social media paid advertisements etc. requires lot of money due to which the management of Britannic Group has required to raise and allocate funds according to the needs and requirements of departments.

Scope: The scope of digitalisation is wide as it makes easy for business organisation in operating business functions in more effective and efficient manner. It reduces burden of work in employees due to which their internet and working behaviour has maximised. Britannic Group is engaged in telecommunication sector thus adoption of digital technology facilitates them in performing business operations according to the customer demand.

Time: Digital technology requires more time to adopt due to communicating with different advertising agencies and advanced technologies centres for the purpose of implementation. It requires training programs as well in order to enhance the capabilities of employees to work on using digital technology in such an effective manner that will help in achieving better possible result (Eckerson, 2010).

Quality: Implementation of digital technology in working procedure enhances the productivity and quality of work due to which it become easy for Britannic Group to provide quality products and services to their targeted customers. This will help in achieving loyalty of customers which makes positive impact on their profitability as well.

Communication: Britannic Group deals in telecommunication equipments due to which it is required to adopt digital technology so as to make changes in communication style. For this, the management are required to communicate with their staff and supporters regarding their roles and responsibilities so that digital technology are implemented in successful manner.

P3 work break down structure and a Gantt chart

Research from is one the essential aspect in terms of managing the business plans and aligning the objectives of business. It is very important for an organisation to manage and organise the task deadlines and plan to accomplish the desired aim and objectives oaf business in given deadline and time duration. Perfect plan and decided strategies are the key to execute the task and projects in effective form. Main steps are followed as follows:

  • Determination of reason for conduct research
  • Literature review
  • Clarify problems
  • Defining the concept of study
  • effectiveness and evaluation of plan
  • Collective of data
  • Analysis of data

Work break down structure: Work Break Down structure is a methodical way to deal with classification of work in to littler undertaking in progressive shape of keeping in mind the end goal to help venture group. This also help in managing the task and project effortlessly. WBS is essentially isolating the work in the various levelled form. The structure mainly clarifies the degrees of completion of projects and tasks outwardly into littler lumps or in specific time duration (Hoefling, 2012).

For Venture group it is essential to decipher complex information as legitimate depiction subject to each occupation with points of interest. Britannica Group outlines its work breakdown structure by bifurcating its different errands and decide the evaluated time that will be required to achieve those assignments. By recognizing key practical expectations and further disintegrating them into sub capacity organisation be able to divide large targets in to small units and completing. into littler employments until distributed to a person. This further encourages firm to productively allot appropriate assets and define spending plan for a specific task. Additionally it likewise empowers firm to examine the dangers and vulnerabilities that are affable to be embraced while executing a specific projects (Jeston, 2014).

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Gantt chart: this is one of the effective tool used by managers to control and managing the system. This tool will help, the managers of Britannica Group to develop a plan and identifying the designs and structure of jobs in specific format. It present the horizontal chart with diverse length of timeline and schedule. It distinguish the task list, percentage of completion or incompletion and the deadline to assist the structure of business. A sequential information is presented subject to task and project (Kankaanranta and Planken, 2010).


P4: Carry out small-scale research by applying qualitative and quantitative research methods

Research is essential requirement of every business organisation which help an organisation in acquiring sufficient knowledge about the perceptions and views of employees as well as customers regarding the activities performed by them in near future. It assist management to to ensure whether decision make by them will bring profitable result to company or not. There are mainly two types of research such as qualitative and quantitate which has their own nature and objectives. For example, in quantitate research, the data are collected in numerical or statistical form where as in qualitative research, the information has collected in analysing the behaviour, interest, facial expressions of respondents (Macintosh and Quattrone, 2010.). To conduct an appropriate research, Britannic Group need to collect data among selected respondents through using different methods of data collections. It includes primary and secondary method which are selected on the basis of requirements and resources available with the research or investigator. In the present report, the management of Britannic Group has make decision regarding adoption of digital technologies due to which they are deciding to conduct research in order to identify the actual perception and behaviour of employees as well as targeted customers towards their decision. Therefore, they have two options of conducting research which includes:

Qualitative research: In this research, data is collected through studying the behaviour, facial expressions etc. while answering the asked questions by researcher. It is an effective research which provides reliable information about the perception and behaviour of respondents towards the decision regarding adoption of digitalisation. There are several methods which are required to be adopted in order to gather data such as questionnaire, interviews etc. which consumes more time and money. But it bring some advantages as well as it help in accurate and reliable data due to which the chances of making an effective and profitable decision are more. Therefore, Britannic Group are adopting such method for getting accurate and reliable data (Maylor, Blackmon and Huemann, 2016).

Quantitative research: Under this research, the data are collected in numerical or statistical form which are available through using internet platform. Due to this, the reliability and accuracy of data are minimum thus the chances of making an effective decisions will be less. Searching online websites, books, journals etc. consumes less time and money but may provides less reliable and untrue data.

Questionnaire presented by managers of Britannic Group are discussed as under-





Q1. What are the impacts Britannic Group will noticed after adoption of Digital technology?

· Improving productivity

· Enhancing profitability

· No impact

Q2. What are the main hindrances or barriers which restricts Britannic Group to implement digitalisation?

· Finance problem

· Uninterested employees

· Lack of training program

Q3. Are Digitalisation play a crucial role in the growth and development of Britannic Group ?

· Positive

· Negative


Q4. Did adoption of digital technology in business operations reduces the burden of work of their employees?

· Yes

· No

Q5. Are the workforce of Britannic Group are much capable to work on using digital technology or required training programs?

· Capable

· Requirement of training session

Q6. Adoption of digitalisation in business operations may affect the employability of employees working in Britannic Group ?

· Yes

· No

Q7. Is it the right time for Britannic Group to adopt digital technologies in their business operations ?

· Yes

· No

Q8. Is the digital technology support Britannic Group to maintain good relation with their targeted customers?

· Yes

· No

Q9. Are managers of Britannic Group are prepared to cope up with the challenges comes in the process of adoption of digitalisation?

· Agree

· Disagree

Q10. Provide their own valuable feedbacks related to the decision of adoption of digital technology?


From the above project report, it has been concluded that digitalization is one of the valuable aspect of present era. It will assist manager of Britannica Group company to manage or organize their business operations in more effective manner. For this purpose, research has been conducted a well organize research that can lead to the company to get more reliable outcomes by proper utilization of resources. In order to increase productivity, efficiency and proper execution of different activities is also taken into account. Use of Gantt chart and Work breakdown structure is being used to analyze the total time need to complete a project. However, firm used to make conducts both qualitative and quantitative method to analyze data regarding evaluating desire of customers is being done accordingly.


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