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Business Systems Organisational Performance

University: Coventry University

  • Unit No: 4
  • Level: High school
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Question :

This sample will let you know about:

  • Discuss about the Advantages & Disadvantage of “Mo’s Meals” System.
  • Discuss about the Internal and external factors  on “Mo’s Meal’s” systems.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Mo's Meals


Business system refers to policies, personnel, equipment and computer facilitates to coordinate the activities of a business organisation collectively. Business system also establish policies and procedures of organisation which govern the whole organisation. This is business system which decides in what manner data of the organisation will be handled and processed. Business system also controls procedures of the data which have been processed and what results are displayed. This report includes discussion over business system of “Mo's Meals” and its contribution to business function and how they support organisational performance. This report also includes evaluation of current systems in use and impact which system have on growth of business. This report also includes analysis of internal and external factors that impact “Mo's Meals” system and processes.


Contribution of Business Systems to Organisational Performance

Business system of “Mo's Meals” which is very simple and according to a business which operates with 20 employees. These employees handle all the activities of the business including production, finance, administration and supply of the product. In the current system of the company, it receives orders into the admin section, these orders are in triplicates transferred to company order forms (Pezeshkan and et.al., 2016). One goes to production department, middle goes to accounts and one remains with admin section. Production section than sees in which manner and at what time the production of the order fits in their production schedule within the deadline. After this raw material which is required are identified and which is followed by creation of delivery schedules. Once this process is complete then confirmation is sent to customer by admin section with the proposed delivery date. Accounts department is sent a costing by production department for labour and material and usage of machine and lastly total cost of the product is again confirmed to the customer. Once production undertakes the processing of the order production notify admin and admin contact distribution company and arrange delivery and collection of the product (Graham, 2018). This is followed by delivering the order to customers. This system follows organisational function as in “Mo's Meals” main function of the organisation id to take orders process orders and then delivering this product to customers which are supported by functions like confirmation of order, preparation of cost and sending this to accounts and identification of raw material and sending invoice to the customers. Get Assignment Examples.Talk to our Experts!

In relation with support of organisational system to the organisational performance which refers to actual output of the organisation as measured against its intended output. Performance includes financial performance, product market performance and customer service. In “Mo's Meals” all these criteria of performance are being effectively managed by its system. In relation with its financial performance “Mo's Meals” have established itself in just 4 years and have managed to increase its operation for which it has employed 20 employees which were only 8 at the time it was started. This is a result of effective financial performance of the company which is supported by its system, product market performance id definitely good as this is the main reason company have grown and its products are also being liked by the people and through which company have managed to get many orders more than it can fulfil (Cosenz, 2017). Customer service which have become very important and in this aspect also company is doing good this can be justified in the manner company requires confirmation from its customers about delivery date and price of the product. This suggest and communicate concern of the company for its customers. In all these criteria of performance company's system is effectively supporting its performance. However, there are various things in this system which can be improved by company to understand this discussion about its system is as follows-

Current system which is being used at “Mo's Meals” is very simple to understand and to work on as well. This system starts with taking orders from the customers through phone and mail and followed by processing the order and giving and taking confirmation to customers and then finally delivering the product with the help of distribution company. From its overview it may look like a simple system which is followed by small business organisations but there are some elements which correspond some positive and negative sides of the company's system which are as follows-

Advantages of “Mo's Meals” System

  • In the current system of “Mo's Meals” is that all the resources are being effectively utilized specially Human Resource. Company employs limited number of people who are managing all its work effectively (ANDRADE and et.al., 2017). Only 8 employees perform all the required tasks of the company which suggest that they are effective and system of the company also supports which enable them to complete all the tasks and does not require additional manpower unless company expands its operations.
  • Effective coordination of sections of the company, this is visible from their system which coordinate production, accounts and admin department after receiving the order and after developing schedules for delivery production department connects with admin for confirmation from the customer and production department coordinate with accounts department after costing of the product.

Disadvantages of “Mo's Meals” System

  • One big disadvantage in the system of “Mo's Meals”is that confirmation which is sent to customers is sent through post which suggest that technology is not being effectively utilized by “Mo's Meals”. This incurs extra cost and extra manpower efforts in this place company can use phone and email so the process gets easy.
  • Another disadvantage is that customers are sent confirmation two times which is not effective and customers should be given all the confirmation in one time which is ideal and easy for the customers as well as they get all the knowledge about their product in one time.

I context of the bottleneck of the system and its ability to impact business to continued planned growth (Aithal, 2016). In this inability of company to supply good on time is one and limited capability of the company to fulfil all the orders which company receives. These are two bottlenecks of this system and to remove this company should increase its capability for which it need employ more people and increase its production capability. This is important as when company turn away orders in such situation it may lose a client forever and for this problem only solution is that company increase its capability and accept all the orders which are important for its growth and other is that for supply of the order company should become self dependent and supply all the products by itself. If company does not do this in such case it may impact its ability to continued planned growth.

In relation to current system and its help to making business sustainable, in relation with this it can be said that current system which involves few things which are slow and unnecessary which organisation need to remove from the system otherwise this may affect sustainability of the business (Masucci, Brusoni and Cennamo, 2020). These things are that production takes time to collect forms which is its inability and business should develop system in which forms are frequently availed to production department and other is that company is dependent on distribution company for delivering the orders and other one is that system of the company requires that customers are sent confirmation twice one for order and delivery date and other is for cost of the product. Order assignment help from our experts!


Internal and external factors that have an impact on “Mo's Meal's” systems and processes

Internal Factors

Plans and policies

These are internal factors which builds a system and along with that also impacts the system and the processes of the company. Plans are business plans and policies are guidelines that affect business and its functioning and behaviour of members of the business.

Human Resources

This refers to people employed in the organisation in “Mo's Meal's” only 8 people were employed when it was started but as it kept growing after 4 years business employed 20 people. Ever increasing orders and financial success of the company suggest that its human resources are very effective and are making positive impact on its system and

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