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Unit 20 Organisation Behaviour BTEC Level 5 HND in Business

University: Bradford College

  • Unit No: 9
  • Level: High school
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Question :

This sample will let you know about:

  • Elaborating about Organisational behaviour
  • Explaining about the theroies of Charles Handy
  • Content and process of motivational theories
Answer :
Organization Selected : Tuckman and Jensen


Organisation behaviour is a study in which analysis the way of people interact within group. It helps to create more economical business firm. The main work of this examination is manage all employees in an effective manner. It is a scientific approach that can helps to organise all business activities among staff members. Through this, company are able to achieve goals and objectives in limited period of time effectively. In this report BBC firm are selected to analysis impact of organisation behaviour on business performance as well as productivity in ling period of time. BBC is a British Broadcasting Corporation located in UK, London. It is a established by government with agreed by parliament of United Kingdom. It established in the year of 1922 and public limited firm with revenue of £4.954 billion in the year of 2017 (Lee, L. and et. al., 2011). In this assignment covers Handy's cultural typology and motivational theories in order to improve motivation with in BBC to achieve goals and objectives effectively. It also cover different type of team with in organization and model of Tuckman and Jensen.

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a) Handy cultural typology

This theory are established by Charles Handy. He is born in the year of 1932 at Ireland and they have specialist in organisation culture. He has provide various kind of points which affect firm working environment as well as workers performance. As per the case study, BBC have conducting organisation restructuring which are very complex in their nature so that in order to remove all traditional methodologies and implemented new one to achieve goal of digital future. Organisation is a place where several person are work together in order to achieve goals and objectives in specific period of time. It is a management responsibilities to develop healthy working environment with in work place that affect productivity as well as reduce conflict among staff members. In handy theory, explain four kind of couture in each and every company which are define firm's methodologies of working. These all point are discus as below:

Power Culture: With in enterprises, employees are work in efferent level of department and accordingly they have power to completing their work effectively. The main power of decision are allotted to top management and they are the main body of whole business unit (Martin and Burke, 2012). BBC has revamping their culture resulted employees has came for work and do their best through this firm are able to achieve value of their money. Human resources manager of BBC has restructuring current working style which help to improve workers confidence and they grape opportunities easily. In any company there are very few person which have decision making power in order to operate business activities like develop strategies and plan, arrangement of finance etc. in an effective manner. All other employees are follow their decision in given seniors. BBC has distribute working power according to staff members capabilities and professional skills so that they are achieve goals in give time frame effectively. Through this, they are motivating their employees toward organisation work thus enhance their performance as well as productivity in long period of time.

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In this, company has large number of employees are work to completing whole operations process as well as work in order to achieve goals and objectives in specific period of time. HR manager has focus on developing transparency at work place, for this they are organising campaigns on speaking out, greater recognition of good work etc. has create significant impact on BBC working culture. They are common skills and knowledge to complete work effectively. The standard team size contain four to five members. In the BBC has assign task to their employees according to their capabilities and skills. So that, through this activities they are able to motivate all staff members in an appropriate ways which help to achieve common goals effectively.

Person Culture: Employees thinking, feeling, behaviours and many other thing may affect organisation culture. All workers are work together and develop culture which are called civilization (McEvily and Tortoriello, 2011). As per case, in the past time employees perception of BBC has perhaps weren't raising concerns not easily solve that create negative impact on company performance. In order to restructure organisation, human resources manager of BBC has doing lots of work on workers so that they feel free to share their opinion and thought. It create positive as well as negative impact of firm performance at market place and take seat behind of their competitors. Management of BBC analyse workers needs and wants and according provide work to increase productivity and quality of product as well as services. Through this, all staff members has develop their own working environment which help competing task in given time frame.

Role Culture: All staff members has develop organisation culture by their personality trait as well as others things like education, qualification, experience, specialization etc. In this, all labour face many kind of issues in order to complete their work in an effective sways. For restructure organisation, HR manager of BBC has develop collaborations among team members, simplifying complex working process and better management visibility etc. thus help to implemented new action of plan at work place. BBC has observe their employees role in work place and find out the gap between actual performance as well as desire performance and make plan to reduce this gap effective. British Broadcast Corporation, was established in the year around 1992, and it is the oldest broadcasting company that give public service to its customers. This organisation have around 20,950 staff members in total, whereas approximately 35, 402 are working as part-time. During their initial years they were under Royal Charter, whatever fees company is required are given by British Government, which are in further process after Parliament agree for the same. If you need cheap coursework help from experts that can help you score good grades and impress your professor easily, then we are your one-stop solution.

According to Smith, BBC management has fail to develop healthy and safe working environment for their employees by lack of communication, investigation etc. at work place. Thus create negative impact of their performance as compare to their competitors at market place. In provide case, in BBC workers are harass by top authorities which create negative impact on their work and outcomes. Through this types of deficiency, reduce growth and overall product or services quality of the company.

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b) How culture, power and politics is influencing behaviour of BBC

Now days, in one enterprise employees are came through various different culture as well as society which affect their overall development as well as performance. If management decision are bias in nature that create negative impact on employees work. Company face various kind of issue related to their staff members because they are came form different background like caste, cultural, society, nations, religion and many more. So that, it is very difficult of manage all staff members with in work place effectively (Ng and Feldman, 2012). Company provide some power to individuals which are help to enhance productivity to achieve goals and objectives in an effective manner.

  • Politics: Organisation politics has create positive as well as negative impact on workers action. It is a management liabilities to manage healthy politics among employees which can not affect their own rule and regulations. Political connection of labour help enterprises to enhance their loan and current level of deed that help to run business activities effectively in long period of time. But it has some negative points like politics at work place create conflict between subordinates and senior. If administration take action related to this issues they need to consider labour interest and specialization in order to completing task in high effective ways in limited period of time.
  • Power: It is a set of authorities given to individuals with in enterprises in order to achieve goals and objectives in specific period of time. It help to established smooth functioning of whole business activities (Punjaisri and Wilson, 2011). It they can not distribute their power in an effective ways then it create negative impact on organisation performance as well as productivity. For restructuring firm, HR has executed strategies according to this, all employees has feel free to share their problem with them and they listen each one issues and investigate it in order to build confidence in employees. Through this, productivity of workers has been increase resulted BBC achieve target in limited period of time. Failure of BBC administration had been noticed due to unresolved issues of employees as well as harassment which affect quality of work negatively like less outcome is related to upstream effect and high productivity is related to downstream effect.
  • Culture: Company culture is create mentally by all staff members like belief, assumptions, values that are brought enterprise labour. This culture decide attitude and behaviour of employees like how they behave, performance, react related to their work or job. For restructuring organisation chart, BBC focus on revamping culture through campaigns, develop better visibility, appreciating workers efforts, positive relationship between team persons, simplifying complex working and many more resulted develop healthy working environment at work place. As per given case, management of BBC has develop certain structure of work which are followed by all individuals with in an organisation (Solomon, Russell-Bennett and Previte, 2013).


a) Content and process of motivational theories

Motivation is very important in an organisation through which they can encourage staff members to perform well and generate desired outcomes. It can be done through several modes such as motivational speech, performance appraisal, appropriate incentives as per excellent work of an employee. Encouraging activities plays an essential to enhance morale along with loyalty of workers towards their company which reflect into their improved productivity on regular basis. There are different kind of theories which are providing support to motivate employees in correct manner to improve their productivity. Some of theories that can be implement in BBC that are explained as follows:

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Maslow's hierarchy of needs: - It was introduced by the most influenced psychologist Abraham Maslow in which it analyse five types of requirements of employees. These desires of workers should be completed to encourage them in appropriate manner.

  • Psychological needs:- It may includes several acquirements which are necessary for basic life like food, shelter, clothing etc. It is important to render correct amount of pay to fulfil all that.
  • Safety needs:- The firm have to take care of security of employees by preparing essential and right policies. It is relevant to health and safety along with psychological aspects of workers (Tierney and Farmer, 2011).
  • Social needs:- There are several requirements related to social area including family, friend and knowns through maintaining an emotional connection. It is necessary to reduce stress of loneliness and anxiety.
  • Esteem:- The factor of esteem includes several special qualities and talents which are pleasing by people around. This may involve various components such as status, image amongst known ones and it impacts on self confidence of an individual.
  • Self actualisation:- This can be described as various kind of innovative and creative features of a person so that they an able to enhance their performance to generate desired results regularly

Herzberg's theory of motivation:- This can be described as an effective approach to encourage staff members in BBC and that is explained below:

  • Hygiene elements:- This can be defined as various components like salary, incentives, safe working conditions, safety and so on. All of these factors are necessary to be completed to motivate workers (Alejandra Gonzalez-perez and Leonard, 2013).
  • Motivational elements:- It may considers several constituents like providing opportunities, satisfactory returns for their efforts etc. that can motivate an employees for ling period of time.

Adam's Theory of Motivation:- It is called as 'Equity Theory' that speaks about equilibrium of inputs as well as outputs that are endowed by workers (Lazaroiu, 2015). This concept believes that all staff members with in company become demotivated if they consider that organisation are not provide rewards for their hard work and their stimulation are more than outputs which help to achieve goals in an effective manner. A equality between inputs and output would be retained by organisation as well as workers so that they provide equality to all members.

Lockey's Theory of Motivation:- It is also named as Goal Setting Theory that says, it is important for company to achieve the objectives of administration but not more essential than what become by gaining these objective. They have conferred five goal setting value that develop better chances of success in future. They are:-

  • Commitment towards teams
  • Clarity of goals
  • Challenging goals
  • Feedback gain
  • Task Complexity

b) Motivational theories will help organisation to improve team effectiveness

There are different types of motivational model that are able to encourage staff members in more effective as well as efficient manner. It is important to build a health and strong relations between superior and its sub ordinates to perform together properly.

Sometimes, it is observed that workers are not happy with their professional work and get demotivated everyday them. Managers of BBC can apply Herzberg's two factor theory to render an effective presentation of their growth of performance to encourage people.

Maslow's theory:- This can be utilised by leaders of company through which they can enhance skills and abilities of workers to gain more from organisation and designation. In this theory four needs stages are come that is psychology , social, self esteem and self actualisation needs. Maslow's has says each and every person has want to satisfy their needs in an effective manner in order to gain satisfaction. Management of the company has implemented this theory and full fill need of all staff members by step to step need process which help to improve motivation in long period of time. In context with BBC, they are adopting this theory in order to know the needs and wants of customers so that they can give better services to employees. This is enabling them in understanding the nature and behaviour of workers so as to provide effective outcomes.

Expectancy theory:- It can be described as to provide more benefits from company as per excellent and improved targets achieved by staff members (Alfes and et. al., 2013). In this theory, management of the company has analyse their employees need and wants effective in order to full fill their expectancy appropriately which help to motivate them effectively in limited period of time. Employees have lot of expectancy which are required to be fulfilled so that they remain with the company for a longer period of time. This will aid them in generating more and more money which they can use for future proceedings.

c) Improving level of motivation within BBC

Leader and managers of an organisation have to evaluate motivational mind set ups of employees because it directly impacts on performance of them. Level of encourage,net of people must be examine in BBC which is given below:

Improved commitment of employer:- leaders and manager has an essential role of allocating appropriate targets according to field of expertise of an individual. This will facilitate employees to perform more properly and create better outcomes. For this, management of the company has empower their manager in order to enhance their work performance which are associated directly with employees. Through this employees feel motivated when their subordinates has provide power to competing work by their own ways.

Increased satisfaction level of workers:- Superior ha e to make sure that firm should render correct amount of profits to workers as per their excellent performance. Through empowerment to employees firms has able to increase motivation level of employees in long period of time.

Enhanced efficiency of employees:- It is important to provide regular learning as well as training programs to develop skills and abilities of people. This will facilitate to gain better outcomes from staff members. Management of the company has analyse their employees need and preferences and accordingly they provide work to them through this they are able to enhance productivity of work in limited period of time.


a) Types of team in context of BBC

There are various kind of different aspects are necessary to be conducted in an organisation. For this purpose, many of contrary divisions are set up in BBC so that necessary targets can be done in organisation on regular basis (Bergeron and et. al., 2013). It is important for these departments to work with mutual coordination because they are performing to complete a single target of company. They have to build several effective as well as efficient teams who are capable to perform with proper cooperation with each other to create correct results.

Functional team:- This kind of teams are generally prepared by managers of any company to work properly for completing desired roles and responsibilities. These are necessary to fulfil a common objective an enterprise. It is more essential to render roles as per field of expertise of an individual so that they can work on it effectively and generate better results. BBC have function team in their work place in order to run whole business activities in an effective manner. This group members as work in differently but their goal has common so that at the end they are achieve it effectively.

Project team:- It may be considered as various projects having different size and scenario which are usually given by clients. These projects must be completed by staff members as per guideline provided by customers to render an appropriate service to them for gaining satisfaction. Such targets also has specific deadline of time in which people have to complete it. Management of BBC has work in different project so that they have separate team for each one project. All group members has work together in order to achieve goals and objectives in given time frame.

Virtual team:- This types of teams are generally established to work from different location for attaining common goals. And they can communicate with superior or sub ordinates through fax, em ails etc. It is beneficial in order to save time as well as cost of organisation. BBC can not team this kind of team official but for particular purpose they can do the same in order to gain effective outcome in limited period of time. So that BBC has achieve particular task effectively which help to run business activities in appropriate manner.

Problem solving team:- There are various kind of issues and problems that may rise due to several aspects like mismatch of idea and thoughts, miscommunication etc. which can generate several difficulties (Bushra, Ahmad and Naveed, 2011). These issues must be sort out by authorities of company because it will directly or indirectly impacts on outcomes BBC They have to establish a special team which is efficient to identify and solve threats so that productivity as well as profitability will not be affected by them. BBC has make problem solving team and gather employees form each one of department which help to solve issues in an effective ways. It should be made for a particular purpose and dissolve after completion of task effectively.

b) Effective teams development of BBC (Tuck-man and Jensen's model)

Every organisation had established various kind of teams and departments to fulfil contrary desires through they can achieve suitable targets. It is important to organise such sections but along with firms have to take care of proper development of these teams in better way as per requirements. BBC have to observe and analyse needs of learning or training to enhance skills and capabilities of employees to gain more growth in personal as well as professional career. There are various effective models which can be implemented by companies to improve efficiency of teams. Model followed by BBC is given below:

Tuck-man and Jensen's theory model:- It includes several components that are described below:

  • Forming:- It can be defined as primary step of this model which indicates that leaders and manager have to provide appropriate tasks and projects to employees as per their field of expertise as well as efficiency. It is also necessary to solve each query of sub ordinates of employees (Chiang and Hsieh, 2012). BBC has assign task according to capabilities and skills of workers which help to form a team to competing particular task effectively.
  • Storming:- In this section, people communicate every aspect to colleagues as they have to work with appropriate coordination and cooperation. Exchange of suggestions and answers for doubts must be share between them before starting their work in correct manner. Management of BBC has implementing strategies in order to spread effective communication among all staff members which help to increase productivity of employees.
  • Norming:- This may involve the effective as well as efficient methods or techniques through which staff members have to perform their assigned tasks to generate better outcome along with given time period of its deadline. BBC has monitor their team members in order to know their performance and issue which are came during project work. Management of the company has implementing strategies to reduce or remove problem and run whole business activities effectively.
  • Performing:- This is exact that part in which employees are working on their allocated project effectively so that they can create desirable outcomes (Gold and et. al., 2013). To work properly, they need a healthy and peaceful environment without any disturbance to perform in better way. Manager of BBC has analyse their staff members performance and take appropriate action in order to enhance their presentation which help to achieve goals and objectives.
  • Transforming:- It may considered as last stage of this model in which employees wind up their performance with fulfilling appropriate target. They have to attain that much task to complete their regular desired profits. It is a most important activities where BBC has transform workers skills and knowledge which help to produce high quality services as well as profitability in long period of time. It is a management responsibilities to observe all employees performance after training period should be over so that improvement level has been identified effectively.

The above mentioned model is effective to make teams developed to carrying out several activities and procedures to gain better outcomes in BBC


(a) Organisational concept/theory which affects the BBC's productivity

It current business environment, it is a essentials for organisation to organise training program for employees in order to enhance their skills and knowledge that improve performance as well as productivity. Through this events, firm are able to achieve their goals and objective in limited period of time effectively. There are various tool or techniques which are used by BBC to increase quality of product and service to gain higher profits as compare to before. These theories are explain as follow:

Path-Goal theory: In this theory firm are focus on their goals and tale action related to achieving aim in limited period of time. It is a base on manager as well as leaders working style with in firm. They are observing team members and their subordinates working behaviour and develop strategies or plan in order to manage them effectively. Firm provide training to employees to enhance skills, capabilities, knowledge, experience and many more. Through this, employees performance and productivity are increase, resulted they have receive higher customer's satisfaction as well as market share as compare to their competitors at market place (Hildebrand, Sen and Bhattacharya, 2011). Management of BBC develop strategies and policies and keep save interest of all staff members while working at work place thus rise fruitfulness of work. When leader assign role or responsibilities to employees, they want to analysis their staff members strength, weakness, capabilities, skills, experience etc. and accordingly provide task (The Path-Goal Theory and Leadership Styles, 2018).

Behavioural organisation theory: Manager of BBC want to know their employee behaviours traits, through this they know that whether individual may interest on this work or not. This process save money, effort as well as time. There are so many conflict are rise during a day, so that administration want to solve them effectively in order to completing task on given time, otherwise it affect productivity of BBC in long period of time.

(b) Main barriers that effect performance of BBC

There are various kind of barriers which affect BBC performance. Some are explain as follow:

  • Negative work environment- It is a management responsibilities to develop healthy, safe and positive working environment with in an organisation which are boost employees moral and presentation.
  • Harassment and bullying- Workers feel harass at BBC that reduce their performance and productivity which create negative impact on organisation profits at market place. UK government make rule of harassment act in order to reduce labour harassment form work place (Lee, L. and et. al., 2011).
  • Discrimination- In BBC, discrimination on the basis of colour, caste, nation, age and many more are executing, so that they reduce employees moral as well as self confidence. That create negative impact on their performance in long period of time. UK government make discrimination act and equality act to remove this issue form each and every organisation and provide equal right to all labours.

General director of BBC has develop strategies to implementing change. That create positive impact of their performance and BBC lead to highest position at market place in the year of 2015. Administration are executing all government policies which create positive impact on firm and all employees are happy and perform their work with higher productivity.


From the above report it is concluded that organisation behaviour is very important for BBC because they face various issues like unhappy and unsatisfied employees, devalued productivity, less profits, low quality of service or product etc. Motivation is a one of the important tool to enhance staff members presentation it help to achieve goals and objectives in specific period time. For this, management used motivational theory to motivate subordinates. They organising training in order to enhance skills and knowledge thus increase quality of product which rise customer's satisfaction.


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