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Organisational Behaviour - Tesco

University: University of Glasgow

  • Unit No: 5
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
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  • Paper Type: Assignment
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Question :

This assessment includes the study of the following points that are given below:

  • Use the knowledge gains and highlight the relevance of organizational behavior in the current environment and its effects as a whole.
  • Indicate the challenges in the current and future business environment in order to gain a competitive advantage while making changes in the business.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Tesco


Organisational behaviour is define as study of human behaviour in terms of organisational settings, interface between organisation and human behaviour and in company itself. Human resource management is define as strategic approach to effectively manages individual in organisation with aim of helping business for gain competitive advantage (Griffin and et. al., 2020).

In this report Tesco Plc, is a British multinational merchandise and groceries retail store which have its headquartered in Welwyn Garden City, England. This is third largest retail store in world which is measured in terms of gross revenues and ninth largest in world in terms of revenues.

In this report, there is discussion of knowledge and context of HRM and organisation behaviour in company. There is importance of organisation behaviour and HRM in context of management for gaining competitive advantage. There are also some tools of HRM and also OB is sustaining the competitive advantage. There are also some examples are included. In last there is discussion of various topics in organisational behaviour such as values, personalities, motivation, team dynamics, leadership settings, organisational culture and change are included.

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Context and knowledge of Organisational behavior and HRM within an organisation.

Organisation behaviour is a term which is used for describing the concept of behaviour of person of company. This is basically related to human resources which is define as a concept used for explaining management of staff member in company. Organisation behaviour and HRM both are related with each other (Miao and et. al., 2020). As OB is basically looking forward at behaviour of individual and then moves towards group behaviour which is also called as organisation culture. They have requirement of skills which helps in understanding as in what manner company and their staff members are affecting each other. This involves areas as framework for investing and resolving problems for setting organisation.

There is a relationship between human resource management and organisation behaviour which are stems from the fact as human resource management is considered as a tool which helps in shaping organisation behaviour. When in company there must be effective use of human resources which are used for shaping behaviour and perception of team members in firm, which helps in attainment of desired outcome in organisation behaviour.

In terms of Tesco Plc, leaders and managers are work for benefits as their goals and objectives have been achieved in effective and efficient manner. Company implements induction programme for their team members before providing them any type of task. Later on they are given as training and development programme which is also imparted for betterment of their team members. There are many type of benefits such as life assurance schemes, stock option, discount of theme park and so on are offered to employees as they are motivated for attainment of goals of themselves and also improvement of performance of company (Majumdar, 2018).

Importance of organisation behaviour and HRM within a management contest to gain competitive advantage

Competitive advantage is define as attribute which enables organisation for outperforms their competitors. This leads as attaining superior margins by comparing to is competition and also generating value of company and their shareholders. There are various importance of organisation behaviour which helps Tesco Plc in gaining competitive advantage are discussed below:

  • It helps company for build better and appropriate relationship which helps company for attainment of social, people and organisational goals & objectives.
  • When Tesco Plc, considering organisation behaviour there is gaining of competitive advantage as it brings coordination which is termed as essence of management. It also helps in improving goodwill of company.
  • This leads as optimum utilisation of resources which leads as facilitates motivation and also leads as higher efficiency which leads as improvement in relation of company.

There is also various importance of HRM in Tesco Plc, in terms for gaining competitive advantage are discussed below:

  • Establishment of healthy work culture: When there is healthy work culture in organisation which brings out best in team members (Mansouri, Singh and Khan, 2018). The HRM have responsibilities for setting friendly and healthy work culture which helps Tesco Plc, for gaining competitive advantage which leads as better performance and productivity between team members.
  • Benefits analysis: By help of recruitment and retention manager of organisation work for reducing costs. They are efficient quality for conducting efficient negotiation by existing and potential staff members. So by this there is gain of competitive advantage as there is benefits for employees which are basically attract quality of individual and also retaining workforce which are existing at workplace.
  • Strategy management: This is considered as important aspect for company which are helpful in gaining competitive advantage. This is a responsibility of HR manager for manages the strategies which generally makes sure as organisation reaches their business goals and there is also contribution in significant manner for decision making process.
  • Interactivity with team members: This is a responsibility of HR manager of Tesco Plc, for conducting activities, celebrations and event in company as these are helpful in gaining the competitive advantage and also a manner for building opportunity for team. Furthermore, this also increases interactivity in team members and instils a sense of respect and trust between them.
  • Compliance: When there is proper and appropriate law is followed in company so this leads as gaining of competitive advantage for organisation. In Tesco Plc, there firm's manager are working in such manner as there are considering employment laws and also there is maintenance of all records which are related to hiring and firing of employees (Alasad, 2020).

Discuss what are the tools that HRM and OB have to sustain competitive advantage.

There are various tools of HRM which are helpful in sustaining competitive advantage in Tesco Plc are discussed below:

  • Performance solutions: Performance tracking and evaluation are used for discussion of meeting tracked and revisited all over year by HR. By this there is gain of competitive advantage as attainment of goals and objectives of company. There are various payroll and HRMS solutions like ADP are used for review the performance which are basically in customised manner.
  • Human resource management system: This department is very essential for attainment of competitive advantage for company as this have lot of data and information for in putting, storing and tracking. This is important tool which are typical as it allows craft draft report for auditing performance of company (Bellini and et. al., 2019).
  • Recruiting software: This is a process which is used for streamlines process of hiring. There is job ads, sorting and accepting applications and managing candidates which are helpful for gaining competitive advantage for company (Isaacs, 2018).
  • Payroll services: This is a process which is considered as arduous task. This tool is very important as this helps company for gaining competitive advantage as there is use of solution by automatically calculation and tracking of deductions, paid time off and pay checks.

There are various tools of OB which are used for sustaining competitive advantage in terms of Tesco Plc are discussed below:

  • People: In organisation when there is no individual this is leads as impossible for existence of company. These individual are tools which are helpful in gaining competitive advantage for firm. As by help of people it will make internal social system of enterprise. There in terms of people as groups are made which will leads as formal and informal group.
  • Structure: In each and every organisation there is a structure which is define as relationship and roles of people which are helpful in gaining the competitive advantage in terms of Tesco Plc. There is division of work as some are like assistants, supervisors and so on.
  • Technology: This is considered as important tool which is helpful in attainment of goals and also gaining the competitive advantage. As technology is very important tool as individual are offering assistance of tools, method, machines and resources. But with technology there is put of restrictions on freedom of individuals.
  • External environment: This is very essential tool of OB. As company is dealiong in large retail sector and social system also macro environment such as economic, political, legal, social culture and so on. These forces leads as influence attitude of individual and motivate them for working & so on.

Discussed organisational behaviour in order to gain competitive advantage, whilst creating a more efficient business organisations.

There are various topics which are discussed in organisational behaviour in such manner which is helpful in gaining competitive advantage and also creation of efficient working of Tesco Plc are discussed below:

  • Values: In organisational behaviour values are define as collective conceptions which is considered as desirable, good, undesirable, proper or improper in a culture. These values are very helpful for gaining competitive advantage which makes organisation to perform in efficient manner. Values basically approved as goals and desires which have been internalised by process of learning, socialisation, conditioning and which is leads as subjective preferences, aspirations and standards (Burnes, Hughes and By, 2018).
  • Team dynamics: Basically group or team dynamics are operates with behavioural pattern and attitude of group. In terms of Tesco Plc, there are various groups of individual which are made with aim to satisfy the needs and wants of end users. These groups may be formal or informal which are build in such manner by which there is gain of competitive advantage for organisation (Rezaei, Allameh and Ansari, 2018).
  • Motivation: This topic is very important in every organisation as motivation is define as ability of a individual or team for performing a task. In terms of Tesco Plc, there are various type of motivational tools and techniques are used for boost the morale of employees as by this there is gaining of competitive advantage in company.
  • Personalities: This is define as set of tendencies and characteristics which is determine as various differences and commonalities in thoughts, actions and feelings of individual which have continuity in their time. So when there is good personality of employees who are working in Tesco Plc, this leads to effectiveness in working of organisation and also there is gain of competitive advantage.
  • Performance practices: This is management practice in organisational behaviour which are helpful in gaining competitive advantage and also enhances the effectiveness of company.
  • Organisational culture and change: The culture of organisation is define as interaction of employees who are working for some time. Behaviour of person among their colleagues and also external party these all forms culture. When there is proper culture and changes are adopted in company this will leads as effectiveness in working of company and also there is gaining of competitive advantage (Kondalkar, 2020).


It has been concluded from above report as with help of Organisational behaviour which outlines as how company is managing and running in market place. As OB is very important which defines core of company as what makes it. There is also discussion of HRM which is considered as strategic approach which is effectively manages performance of individual with leads as gaining of competitive advantage. There are various tools are considered of OB and HRM for which there is gain of competitive advantage and also importance of both of them. Furthermore, there is also some topics such as values, personalities and so on are included which are helpful in gaining competitive advantage for company. , we provide the best assignment help UK at affordable prices.

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From above analysis it is measured as organisational behaviour is very important aspect which is required for Tesco Plc, as this helps in gaining competitive advantage and attracting the potential customers which leads effectiveness and efficiency in appropriate manner. So for this company have to use various HRM and OB tools which are helpful for gaining the ability for increase the productivity. There are few recommendation which are discussed below:

  • Tesco Plc have to give sustained path which helps in creating easy for team members for gaining high success and growth. So for this there must be beneficial rewards and incentives are given to staff which helps in gaining the competitive advantage of company.
  • There organisation have to give training sessions to their employees by which there is ability, experience and skills is increase, so this leads as maintained the effectiveness in organisation.


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