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Organisational Behaviour of Sainsbury

University: London College

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  • Level: Post Graduate/University
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Question :

The assessment will cover the following questions:

  • Explain the impact of culture, politics and power in the behaviour in relation to organisational context.
  • Explain the ways by which employees can be motivated in order to achieve organisational goals.
  • Discuss the how to cooperate effectively with other persons.
  • Explain the concepts and philosophies of OB and provide with current business situation.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Sainsbury


Culture is defined as how things are done in any organisation. Kinds of attitudes prevailing in any company is known as culture. In sainsbury's there are some beliefs and behaviours of some culture that are mentioned below:

Role culture: In this culture every individual in an organisation has defined their job roles and responsibilities. This type of culture is generally found in government organisation. In sainsbury's this culture plays an effective role by help their management to clearly define every person role and jobs. This will benefit them to make their decision making and risk tasking skills effective.

Task culture: This culture is very flexible and result oriented. This culture is mainly formed to solve any particular problem or task. With the help of this culture sainsbury's provide benefit to their employees by having an ability to develop their own objectives while performing a task or project.

Power: Power is an important factor in business. It helps in governing decisions. In this culture there are few rules and procedures. In this employees are judged on the basis of their results. In sainsbury's power culture plays their role by concentrating power among few individuals. With the help of this culture leaders can take few powers in their hand as a decision maker. This culture benefits leaders of this company to motivate their subordinates in best way. This cultural benefits management of sainsbury's to have ability to react quickly.

Person: In this culture every individual in a company believe themselves as an superior to business. In sainsbury's there are various people who have similar background and skills. In this culture employees do those activities in which they are good. This culture help company to benefit their workers to enhance their skills and expertise.

P2 Evaluate how content and process theories of motivation and motivational techniques enable effective achievement of goals in an organisational context

Organisational behaviour is a study of how employees should act with other groups or individuals within an organisation. The main aim behind organisational behaviour is to develop strategic approach in managing employees. In this context, there are some content and process theories which helps Sainsbury's in achieving their goals and objectives. Some content and process theories for increasing efficiency of a business entity are:

Content theory:

Content theories of management mainly deals with changes in human needs or wants in accordance with change in time. In this regard, it will help Sainsbury's in motivating its employees towards achieving their goals and objectives.

Hergberg's theory of motivation

In this theory, Hergberg's stats that there are some job factors which leads in creating job satisfaction among employees and there are also some factors which leads in creating dissatisfaction among workforce. There are two factors in Hergberg's theory, which are described as below:

(a) Hygiene factors:

Hygiene factors are those factors which are essential for a business organisation in order to continuously motivate its employees in a dynamic business environment. In this regard it is essential for Sainsbury's to continuously motivate its employees towards their goals and objectives, which leads in making its workforce efficient in a competitive business environment. These factors includes, pay, company policies, working condition etc. in order to prevent its employees from dissatisfaction

(b) Motivational factors

According to Herzberg's these factors are termed as satisfiers, which help employees of an organisation in achieving positive satisfaction. In this context, it help organisation in improving performance of its employees in a business environment. These factors include, recognition, sense of achievement, promotional opportunities etc. in order to create healthy competitive business environment in a business organisation.

Process theory:

Process theory of management deals with how an business changes and develop itself in a continuously changing business environment. It helps Sainsbury's in getting appropriate outcomes from its employees.

Vroom's expectancy theory

The main motive behind expectancy theory is to maximise pleasure and minimise pain among workforce of a business organisation. According to this theory, employees performance is based on its particular skills, knowledge and abilities. It helps the chosen organisation Sainsbury's in creating job satisfaction among its workforce, which leads in retaining its productivity for a longer duration. There are three variables in this theory which are described as:

(a) Expectancy

It is a variable which stats that outcome of a employee depends upon its overall performance. In this regard it is essential for employees of Sainsbury's to work harder to achieve their specific goals and objectives. It is also necessary for a business entity to provide appropriate resources to its employees and also effective support to get the job done.

(b) Instrumentality

It is a variable which stats that if employees perform well then effective outcomes will also received. In this regard, it is necessary for employees of Sainsbury's to have efficient understanding of relationship between performance and outcomes, which leads in creating productive workforce.

(c) Valence

It is a variable which is associated by an individual about the expected outcome. In this regard, it helps a business entity in identifying values of employees and their personal, which helps in motivating employees of a business entity towards their goals and objectives.

P3 Effective team as opposed to ineffective team

Organisational behaviour is defined as study of human behaviour in an organisation. As human factor largely impact towards company effectiveness so it is very essential to evaluate and investigate their behaviours. This will benefits company to enhance their rate of production and profitability. In relation to sainsbury's it is important for their leaders and managers to improve their organisational problem in order to provide job satisfaction to their workers. In sainsbury's individual perform their task in team to attain better results more effectively. A team is a diverse combination of different set of individuals who perform a common task to accomplish company targets. Performing in a team is more appropriate to identify strength and weaknesses. There are two types of team effective team and ineffective team that are firmly described below:


Effective Team

Ineffective Team


People work in a group to achieve common set of targets are known as team. In this goals and responsibilities are clearly authorised to each and every individual. In this people have clear set of mission. In sainsbury's there leaders make sure that they follow all needed requirements to formulate an effective team.

In this team individual usually suffer from lack of common purpose. There is a lack of engagement in this team culture. Moreover in this team roles and responsibilities are unequally divided. In this team goals are unclear.

Power Base

In this power is shared by all individual and are contributed among all team members. Power is clearly delegated to all individual in sainsbuy's

In this there is no major source of power and politicking alliance prevail in this type of team which effect power distribution channels.


In this team leaders firstly satisfy basic needs of all employees. And adopt various motivation techniques which results in achievement of organisational goals more effectively.

There are only imposed goals and targets in this type of team. In this personal goals are ignored. In this individual achievement is more concerned rather than team performance.


Rewards are contributed according to contribution and performance of team. In sainsbury's their manager deliver effective rewards like, promotions and non incentives benefits to their employees.

As in this individual performance are more concerned so rewards are distributed in nuclear form.


In effective teams conflicts usually arise on issues not on people. These conflicts are basically natural and sometimes even helpful. Leaders

In ineffective team culture conflicts are usually avoided which results in creating bad working environment for employees.

Belbin's typology: This theory helps to pin-point team strength and weaknesses. In order to identify strength and weaknesses this topology of belbin plays an effective role. It benefits them to achieve their results more efficiently. This topology mainly includes nine roles which includes plant, resource investigator, co-ordinator, shaper, monitor evaluator team worker, implementer and completer finisher. This theory helps leaders to manage their team in effective way and distribute every individual with their roles and responsibilities more efficiently. This will benefits individuals who all are working in sainsbury's team to identify their strengths and communicate same with their colleagues and leaders.

Soft and hard communication: It is very important for each and every organisation to make an effective communication strategy to facilitates their business function in effective manner. There are two types of communication skills prevailing in company soft and hard skills. As soft skills helps leader to maintain an effective teamwork and help them to solve organisations problem and critical solutions more effectively. In this skill employees are treated as important resource and as an individuals. This skills benefits sainsbury's to put more concentration on their employees needs like motivation and rewards. This skill benefits manager to perform their day-to-day function smoothly. Whereas, on the other hand communication are more goal oriented and specific. With help of this skill managers in sainsbury's can able to achieve administrative attributes more efficiently.

Benefits and risk of teams: Team is an association of individual who are wilfully collected in order to achieve common purpose. With help team it become easier for company to get more effective results. In sainsbury's company make small structure of team for particular project to attain benefits for both employees and organisation itself.Team culture benefit workers to perform in collaboration and achieve their targets with high standards. It helps them to make better solutions and generate more creative ideas. It also benefits company to enhance their production along with team objectives. Whereas, there are some cons and risk in this team culture. As it replaces individual work and talent it also can create more team conflicts which can hamper growth. Different perceptions and team conflict are the main risk in sainsbury's which hinder success path of employee and company. With help of belbin topology it will become more effective for company management to draw proper structure of roles and responsibilities which can help them to make more effective team.

Conflict resolution: It is a process in which a manager or leader find an appropriate way to find peaceful solution to any kind of disagreement in workplace. People of different culture, backgrounds, skills and roles are working in a organisation for common purpose. Hence, it is certain that there will be some disagreement arise between them. Dispute can be on any term like, conflicts on financial, political or personal reasons. There are usually many conflicts arise in sainsbury's hence in order to solve these conflicts manager can take use of belbin topology to find best course of actions to resolve those disagreements. These conflicts results as demotivation in employee perform and hamper growth of organisation. Therefore, it is responsibility of company management to negotiate those conflicts in suitable way.

P4 Concept and philosophies of organisational behaviour

Organisational behaviour is a fundamental concept which mainly revolves around nature and behaviour of individual within organisation. There are some important element in organisation like, motivated behaviour and value of person, human dignity, organisation social system and mutuality of interests. Organisational behaviour theory can be utilise by company to maximise their and company level of output. There are numerous models and philosophies in organisational behaviour with the help of which company can improve their worker job performance, job satisfaction and can promote innovation. Therefore, in order to accomplish desired set of objectives it is responsibility of sainsbury's managers to adopt various tactics like, modifying structure of compensation and evaluation of performance methods. It can benefits company to increase productivity of their workers.

Path-goal theory of leadership: Robert house developed this theory which describes manner in which leader can motivates their subordinates in order to accomplish group and company targets. This theory mainly emphasis upon relationship between organisation and employees. Path-goal theory is a leadership theory which helps them to set their work according to standards. This theory benefits sainsbury's company leaders to achieve their goals in effective way. As leader is mainly responsible for motivating workers in order to achieve pre determined goals of company. With help of this theory company leader can boost employee motivation. They can establish clear set of directive and personal goals to each and every individual in efficient manner. Also by providing them various benefits and rewards leader can enhance performance of their employees and can attain satisfactory goals. If you are worried about assignment help in the UK. We provide the best writing service at the best price.

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