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Organisational Behaviour in Tesco

University: Durham University

  • Unit No: 1
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
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Question :

This unit will cover the following criteria to understand the organizational behavior are illustrated below:

  • Describe and demonstrate the academic knowledge to understand the concept of organizational behavior in current business.
  • Access the various application and their direct impact on motivation and certain ways to increase motivation within the organization.
Answer :
Organization Selected : TESCO


Organizational Behaviour refers to an investigation of behaviour of human beings in an organization. The attitude of human workforce in company is studied under the heading of organizational behaviour. Human behaviour effects the operations of company. Positive and motivated attitude of employees helps firm to achieve its objectives and goals on time whereas any negative or unhealthy behaviour will bring conflicts and takes company to get inefficiencies in work. Motivation plays a very important role in the behaviour of employees in an organization. Motivation refers to the encouragement and enhancement of employees efficiencies and potential in the organization in order to bring quality and timely completion of task (Birdie, and Jain,2017). There are certain factors which influences employees such as appreciation, appraisals, rewards and recognitions, etc. which act as a drivers of motivation. Some practices adopted by companies to give a positive effect on organization's workforce motivates employees and develops feeling of trust and loyalty for the company. In the present report organizational behaviour and motivational factors are being studied for TESCO PLC which is a multinational retail company having its headquarter in UK.

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Relevance of organizational behavior in today’s environment while describing motivation and motivation factors in organizations.

Organisational behaviour shapes the management and running of an organisation. It also examines the influence of workers for each other in a company and also how an organisation motivates and inspires its employees (Brinsfield, and Edwards, 2020).

Motivation is a concept which concerns on providing encouragement and inspiration to the employees of an organisation who actually performs task and activities to achieve company's goals and objectives. Motivational factors are those which helps a leader to motivate his team and increase their productivity in an organisation. Factors such as Rewards and recognitions, development, healthy work environment, etc. acts as a drives or factors of motivation (Elswah, and Howard, 2020). These factors are described below in detail:

  • Rewards and Recognitions: Rewards refers to any tangible present given to an employee who deserves in respect of work done by him for the company. Recognitions means any praises or appreciation provided to employee in the organisation. Reward can be any gift which can either be any monetary or non monetary whereas recognitions is always non monetary in nature (Feldmann, and Teuteberg, 2020).
  • Development: This factor comprises of training and development opportunities provided to the organisational employees. Motivating employees is a very important and necessary task for company as employees development has a direct relation with organisation's development. Growth of employees contributes in the upliftment of work efficiencies at place. Training and development provided by companies increases the employees retention ratio, loyalty towards organisation, etc. (Khalili, 2017).
  • Leadership: A leader always plays its role in motivating the employees or his team members. Credit and appreciation given by a leader always motivates workforce in increasing their efficiencies in their performance (Hadi, and et.all., 2020).
  • Work Environment: A healthy work environment supported by all the necessary requirements such as proper infrastructure in the organisation always motivates employees to do work effectively and efficiently. It also includes easily accessible location of the business where the employees can reach comfortably without having any issue also brings positive feeling towards work (Johari, and Jha, 2020). Healthy and positive work environment influences employee's to work with more competence and productivity in their tasks.
  • Work Life Balance: This refers to balancing work and personal life in such a way that non of them gets affected by other. Reasonable working hours, healthy and friendly treatment at office motivates employees to do perform their task efficiently and with healthy mind. Any kind of imbalance either in work life or in personal life hinders the performance level of employee and affects mind by having fatigue or negative thoughts (Kaplan, and Owings, 2017).

TESCO PLC is a big multinational organisation deals in retail segment based on United Kingdom operates at a large scale worldwide. The company has a large number of employees working in it as its span of work is much wider and is spread in big countries. Company deals with various employees having different attitude and behaviour in their personality.

TESCO PLC is always concern about its employees and provides various kind of benefits to them which motivates to achieve set targets and goals in time. The kinds of benefits provided by TESCO to its employees are mentioned under:

  • Rewards and Recognitions: The company provides rewards such as discount coupons, free vacation trip, stock option, insurance, etc. to its employees as a factor of motivation. Recognition such as praises in front of whole team or floor, appraisals, etc. are also given by the company to its employees in respect of enhancement of their existing potentials and efficiencies.
  • Training and Development: TESCO always provides training to its employees on regular basis. The company always trains its new employees at the time of induction before joining the allotted position which enhances the employees competencies in their work. Proper training and development by TESCO motivates its employees to stay updated with the things and work with greater efficiency.
  • Work Environment: TESCO always keeps its internal work environment healthy and positive for its employees which increases their potential and interest and shows this in their work. The company believes that its employees are its main and important assets so always maintains a friendly environment at work place.
  • Work Life Balance: Company always tries to help its employees in managing their work and personal life. TESCO provides both the options to its employees that is work from office and work from home. The employees who works from office use to do their work eight hour per day and those who works from home are required to work for four hours per day. TESCO does not only concentrates on achieving objectives but also concerns about its employees. This support by company motivates employees to stay positive and motivated. This supports employees in doing their tasks more effectively and efficiently.

In today's environment studying organisational behaviour is very important for companies as the environment is very dynamic in nature and no on knows what is going to happen next moment. Organisational behaviour improves skills and capabilities of workforce in company and achieves goals and objectives on time with greater efficiency and competency.

Why having a motivated workforce will give the organisation a much-needed competitive advantage and practices that positively effect the workforce motivation.

Competitive advantage means getting a wining position over company's rival firms or having some advantage in against of competitors. Every firm wishes and tries to gain some competitive advantage in the industry in order to sale their products and services more and generate high revenue. Employees plays their very important role in getting advantage in competitive market as they are the one who actually works on real ground to make company successful and increase its market share and brand name in the industry. When motivating employees they works to their full efficiency and potential which surely bring a competitive advantage to the firm (Mochklas, Pinaraswati, and Setiawan, 2018). The reasons as why motivated workforce will bring a mush needed competitive advantage to the firm are described under:

  • Increases productivity: When employees are motivated they work with great potential which ultimately increases the productivity of employees. Productivity refers to the output obtained by the firm for single unit of input into manufacturing process. Increased productivity by the employees brings more sales in market which gives high revenue to the firm. Companies can easily have competitive advantage over its rivalries through increased productivity (Rohman, and et.all., 2020).
  • Effectiveness: Motivated employees brings effectiveness and efficiency in their work. Effectiveness means using of resources with lesser wastage. Motivating employees through proper training and development brings effectiveness in their performance and this helps company in getting competitive advantage in industry. Effectiveness will have less wastage of resources and this less wastage helps company in generating more output (Ryan, and Deci, 2017).
  • Innovation: Innovation means something new in the existing technology or in products and services. Customers always prefers new in their buying which means companies are required to bring innovation in their operations. When employees are motivated they work with more intellect which gives a rise to some kind of innovation. New invention in industry always accompany competitive advantage over competitors.

Practices that positively effect the workforce motivation

The practices that positively effects the workforce motivation are as under:

  • Recognising great efforts: Employees feel motivated when their work and efforts are being recognized by team and top level management. This kind of motivation brings feeling of positivity and faith towards organisation. Positively motivated workforce definitely works to their best potential. TESCO continuously recognises its employees work and efforts and praises them time to time which creates a positive effect on company's employees.
  • Clarity in defining objectives: When the objectives of company are clearly and transparently denied and stated to workforce then there is a no chance of miscommunication or any kind of confusion. Clear denied tasks gives a fair picture to employees what they are required to do, this motivates workforce to work with no confusion and give their best to the outputs (Stankovska, and et.all., 2017). TESCO being a big multinational giant in the industry of retail sector always gives clarity to its objectives and defines each employees specific task and role which they need to perform. The practice of this specification and fixing of separate objectives for each employee motivates them and creates a positive effect on workforce as they are very clear what they have to do. This does not brings any change of confusion or negative thought.
  • Job Security: This practice by companies effects the working of their employees. This gives a belief to employees in respect of their job as it is secure by the company. This security motivation brings a positive effect on workforce in organisation and motivates employees to work with greater efficiency. Every employee wants his or her job to be secure so that his biggest tension will vanish and gives a positive and relaxed feeling while working. TESCO is a multinational company and is working on dependency of hundreds of employees. Providing them a job security is very important for the firm to continue employees trust towards TESCO. The organisation provides job security to its employees which motivates them to have positive attitude for company. This practice of motivation for job security by company brings a positive effect on organisation's workforce and brings success to the company.


From the above report it can be said that organisational behaviour is an inseparable part from any organisation. The concept studies the attitude and behaviour of employees in company who works to bring company success. Motivation is very important for every organisation in order to enhance the employee's potential and existing skills. Motivation can be done by company in a form of providing rewards or recognitions, by training them, or can be done through the influence of a leader. Motivated employees gives their best in their performance and works to their full efficiencies with loyalty and feeling of belongingness in the organisation. Motivated employees brings best results in company's products and services and adds value into it which brings a scope of competitive advantage to the firm. This also attracts more customers in market as compared to rival companies for the firm. Practices done by company such as recognising their efforts, providing job security, or clear setting up of objectives and targets motivates company's workforce. Leading these practices brings positive effect on minds and performances of their employees who are known as the most important and valuable assets for the company. If you need cheap assignment writing help from experts that can help you score good grades and impress your professor easily, then we are your one-stop solution. Our experts can deliver the best work before the deadline right to your mail.

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