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Organisational Behaviour - Green Tech Solution Ltd.

University: University of Bristol

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Question :

This sample will let you learn about:

  • The motivation of workforce in a firm or organisation
  • Advantages and Disadvantage of motivation in organisation
  • Exploring Maslow's Hieracrchy needs
Answer :
Organization Selected : Green Tech Solution Ltd.


The motivation of workforce in a firm or organisation is signifiant and mandatory in order to enhance productivity and performance of an organisation. Motivation is consistent factor which should be follow to achieve goal and objectives of higher level outputs. As it plays an important role in the firm. According to view, it is concluded that motivated employees generate value which is higher and motivation is directly proportional to higher productivity. The motivation through management is concluded as critical and complex element and factor of success in any kind of business. In this following report, there will be illustration about how the motivation impacts on the workforce as well as the pros and cons associated with this factor. The related theories of motivation is also being discussed in this following report as well (Goh, Ritchie and Wang, 2017).


Motivation helps to provide higher innovation, efficiency as well as higher quality of work. In general, motivation can energize the person, maintain and control behaviour. Thus, it impacts a significant role within Green Tech Solution Limited. The motivation is a element of obtaining profit in any kind of business, which may increase and enhance the productivity of an organisation that can achieve higher levels of outputs, goals and objectives which are determined by the company (Rossouw, and Rothmann, 2020). There are can be external and internal factors which may effect. As salary is often factor to keep employees stay with them for future term. As per the theory of Herzberg's theory state that the salary is not really enough in Oder to prevent dis satisfaction. Apart from this salary context it is necessary to employees should be satisfied by their work and their workplace. In fact the output of workers whose motivation occurs solely from its benefits and the salary which is provided by the Green Tech Solution Limited. It may also tend to do extra time. In order to promote the efficiency, productivity as well as to maintained environment and work quality each and every employees should be given or provided appropriate motivation. As there can be several factor from which an employees can be given motivation apart from salary. The main fact is providing good and worth incentives to them can make them work more. According to studies, there are number of advantages and disadvantages can be determined. There are as follows,

Advantages and Disadvantage

There can be ample of benefits which can be obtain by motivation. Hence it can improve performance and productivity of an organisation. According to the studies it is concluded that it can reduce the level of absenteeism in a organisation. It is observed that employees take few leaves, day off and sick leaves. As the motivated employees most likely give their hundred percent in order to attain more motivation. The retention of workers is also essential within Green Tech Solution Limited(Elsmore, 2017).. The low levels within the staff turn over, it is signifiant due to employees that stay with firm in a businesses have observed and keep the level of recruitment cost low and the less amount of training is required for them as well. Thus, it is already discussed that it improves performance and quality of work of employees. The motivation can be helpful in the improving of relationship between management and the employees. Among this it can also improve the customer services as well. Motivated employees tend to work with higher standard and in order to give their best they can put more efforts in work by this quality and performance is improved of employees and which also be helpful in creating and conducting good quality product which can become the factor to attract more customer services and there will be more enthusiastic in regard to their role. As the motivation is compulsory for attracting workers, retaining employees and the higher level productivity and the motivation can also improve quality of product through motivated employees. In the Green tech solution limited employees are being motivated by various methods and strategies. There are several disadvantage within firm. The unrealistic expectation is major disadvantage that can be concluded, that generally employees are being motivated and encourage through the bonus as it promote productivity, there is one potential draw back which is concluded that offering the bonus can develop unrealistic expectation among all members who work. Due to this, there will be competition within the employees. In order to achieve more each and every person will tend to be first. Several more factors such as attracting signifiant talent, taxation and bonus (Rossouw, and Rothmann, 2020).

In Green Tech Solution Limited, the strategies which are followed in order to motivate employees are in a attractive manner. According to studies, it is concluded that motivation are provided by incentives, bonus, speeches and by promoting them to higher level. As it helps individually also. The motivation is associated with the factor known as personal and inner growth as well as company growth. Therefore it is two way benefits which can be obtain through motivation. Factors of Motivation

Motivating the employees are much required for the company to maintain and develop more workforce in the company and to get more positive and effective outcomes. To identify and determine the key factors that drive an workers is a much required and essential to increase their performance and effectiveness. There are several components that help the Green Tech solutions to motivate their employees.

Rewards and Recognition:

There are different modes to rewards and recognition the employee. The Green Tech solutions company used appreciation, promotion, vouchers, bonus and so many factors to motivate their employees because when the employees are appreciated so they feel more strong and satisfied to operate in the company and give their best to give more positive outcomes.


Development factors is very needful and essential for the company to motivate and encourage their employees towards their capabilities and qualities. Green Tech solutions used training and development, workshops, seminar session in order to develop the skills and knowledge of the workers so that they can feel more confident and satisfied to work effectively. Because when the company invest in their employees, it increase loyalty, retention,and motivation, encouragement of the employee. It is analysis that when the managers of the company give more interested and investment to their employees so it will help the employees to increase their interest in the work(AL-Abrrow, Abdullah and Atshan, 2019).

Work environment: Work environment is also plays a vital role in the company. Better work environment refers to physical and non physical surroundings of the company. The physical surroundings is refers to the office domain and surroundings. The better and flexible environment is much required for the employees so that they can feel more comfortable and flexible. Non Physical surroundings refers to involvement of leaders, better communication and so on. These things are much important for the company As Green Tech solutions have very flexible and clean environment and very systematic business communication in order to raise more comfort level of the employees and they can feel more satisfied.

Work life Balance: This is very required to provide a good work life balance to the workers. Because employees feel less satisfied and motivated if the company is not providing healthy work life. So its is very mandatory for the company to provide healthy life balance like leaves and so on. Green Tech Solution are taking care of these things in order to develop themselves and increase more satisfaction of employees. Green Tech Solutions provide leaves to their employees like planned leaves, sick leaves, causal leaves so that they can live their life and enjoy and feel more comfort . Green tech solutions also provide reasonable working hour and combining work with so much activities so that the employees can feel more secure.

Relationship with subordinates: Maintaining good relationship with their employees is much important because a good relationship will lead to better communication and healthy environment in the company. Good relationships and better interaction directly lead to better mood and behaviour in the company. Good mood and excitement will lead to better outcomes and more positive results(Amah and Oyetunde, 2019).Theories of Motivation:

Maslow's Hieracrchy needs:

This theory descried that a individual will be feel much motivated when their needs and requirements are fulfilled. This theory consist 5 elements that show the requirements of the person and these hierarchy needs are mentioned below:

Physiological Needs: This need required a basic needs and requirements of the individual and that is food, water and shelter. These are the very mandatory needs of the person and without these needs a person can not survive in the world.

Safety Needs: This need include the safety and security needs of the individual like salary, wages, good health insurance, job, security of income and many more. Because in life safety and security of each thing is much required.

Social Needs: This needs refers for friendship, Belongingness and love. Because to live happily it is much required for the person to have to friend and partner so that they can share their feelings and emotions. This needs include, relationship with family, friends, partners, and team members or office subordinates.

Self-esteem Needs: This need required respect and rewards so that the person can feel more satisfied and better towards the work. This need include status, rewards, good grades, prize and recognition and many more. These are things that help the individual to boost their satisfaction and interest level(Amah, 2016).

Self- actualization: This need require a personal development of the person and their learning capabilities and desired of the individuals towards their life and extreme needs to which a person can aim.

McClelland’s theory of needs

This theory describe that every person have three motivating aspects and that aspects are does not dependent on any gender, age. Theses drivers or aspect are dependent on the life experience of the person. There are three driver of motivation that are mentioned below:

Achievement: This is a requirement tom achieve and show their personal ability with extreme requirement for achieving the task that cater for own responsibilities and the outcomes is based on their personnel and own efforts.

Affiliation: This is requirement that is refers to love, friendship, and social acceptance individual with advanced requirement for affiliation are actuated by being accept by the other. This theory motivate the people to participate in social gatherings and develop good connections.

Power: This need refers to the power of people because with high power a person have authority to provide order and control the people and with less power people they have less authority to control the system so because of these power a person can feel demotivated and it will create a impact on organisational behaviour.

They both theory are much important and plays a vital role in the Green Tech Solution company in order to full fill the requirement of the person and make them feel motivated to work effectively in the the company(Chamisa, Mjoli and Mhlanga, 2020).

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Hence the motivation is required in each field. It is concluded that the it is human behaviour if someone is appreciated and praised in any action done by him or her makes a difference a lot on individual's performances. The performance is proportional to the productivity of an organisation. The motivation works like a fuel in a person for giving more best for further challenges and outcomes. The role of motivation with in workplace is blunt or straightforward in theories but in a practical way it is difficult. As the motivation is also directly proportional to obtain higher innovation and including high level of quality work and high efficiency. Are you worried about homework help UK from experts? Contact Instant Assignment Help.


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