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Organisational Behaviour- 4com Plc

University: Regent College London

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Question :
This sample report will guide you through:
  • Provide the aspect of culture, power, and politics in organization 4com Plc.
  • Give different ways to motivate individuals in order to achieve goals.
  • How can cooperate culture be managed properly 4com Plc?
  • Give the philosophies of organization 4com Plc.
Answer :
Organization Selected : 4com Plc


Organisation behaviour refers to the nature and characteristics of employees working in an organisation. It defines the manner in which they communication within the workplace. The present report is in context to 4com Plc which is a leading telecommunication and media company in UK. This study will identify the significance of organisational culture in the organisation. It will also include description of various motivational theories and techniques of motivation that helps in improving employee performance (Mohammadi, Soleymani and Mozafari, 2016). It is very important for 4com Plc to encourage their performance for achieving better performance. Furthermore, the report will also determine various teams in the chosen organisation that performs various necessary functions in the company. In addition to this the different leadership theories which can be used for managing employees in the organisation will be also discussed in this report along with the various factors and challenges that affect the effectiveness of functions performed by 4com Plc.


P1 Handy’s cultural approach to understand the impact of culture, power and politics on organisation behaviour within the 4com Plc

Culture plays an important role in an organisation to achieve business goals and success. The Charles Handy’s model can be used to understand culture of 4com Plc in a better way. Every company or organisation is a planned and designed structure in which various individuals come together for achieving a common goal or objective. According to this model there are four types of culture as described below-

  • Power – In some organization there are managers and directors who have power to take important decisions. These individuals are very essential for the company or workplace and are known as decision makers. In organization, power gets higher authority and decisions made by them are respectively accepted as well as followed by other employees working in the organization such as 4com Plc (Zhang, Shah and Papageorgiou, 2016). In order to improve culture of the company 4com Plc give power of decision making to the managers and directors that helps in controlling and managing employees as well as its business operations to achieve growth and development. But there are some issues related to this culture of power as managers can get partial sometimes and conflict situation can arise in the organization. The power culture greatly affect each and every individual working in 4com Plc, as decision-making power is in the hands of superiors. It often creates a dissatisfaction and demotivate employees. And this lack of motivation leads to declined performance of overall organization.
  • Task culture - In each and every organization, teams are developed for achieving specific goals and objectives effectively. The management utilizes task culture for solving various issues and challenges. In 4com Plc, employees have a common objective for which they perform various functions and activities. It also helps them to learn and develop new skills within the employees leading towards enhanced performance and productivity. Each and every employee provide extra efforts to accomplish a task, this process also assists in creating a friendly business environment in the organization. In this kind of culture, individuals contribute equally and achieve an objective in an innovative manner. In this culture more importance is given to tasks or activities of a business. Therefore, performance of the employees and organization gets improved.
  • Person culture – In some companies, individuals feel that they are not much important as compared to their organization. Such organizations follow a culture known as person culture. In this kind of culture, employees focus on their facilities in a great way (Bahmani-Firouzi and Azizipanah-Abarghooee, 2016). The employees are much obsessed about their needs, wants and esteem. The employees within 4com Plc are not that much satisfied and happy but there are many top level managers who keeps the company at first priority.
  • Role culture – In this culture, each and every employee are allocated different roles and responsibilities with respect to their interest, skills, qualification and abilities. In 4com Plc, the people with higher authority or position are capable of doing better tasks and perform effectively. On the other hand lower employees are not much capable of understanding their roles and responsibilities. So, to bring the changes in culture, it is very important for 4com Plc to specify roles of the employees. Once each and every individual is aware of his or her role, it gets easy for them to perform well.
  • Politics - It is the major cause of clashes in the administration. Politics can be between the employees. Employee who plays politics at the workplace pays less attention to their;; work. Such kinds of employees are more interested in leg pulling and back biting. Due to such issues, organisation is not able to make working environment in organized way. More politics in business environment bring negative traits within the organisation culture. Therefore, then new director of 4com Plc needs to take decision to bring various changes in the business culture. To develop the business growth power, there will be less politics in 4com Plc.
  • Various cultures will influence the behaviour of the employees, some positively and some negatively for example task culture will bring the employees together. Through this culture each and every employee in 4com Plc can share their knowledge and skills with each other. In addition to this, the employees in the organisation are not much satisfied with their job culture and environment of the organisation. The main reason for this is the changing directors and top level individuals in the company.

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Culture followed within 4com Plc.

4Com Plc generally follows role culture by allocating duties and responsibilities to each and every individuals on the basis of their skills and abilities.; This helps in optimum and effective use of human resources on the company. The company recruits most suitable candidates for a specific position and when a task is performed by most skilled employee performance of overall organisation increases.

M1 Critical analysis

There are various culture which can be followed in an organisation, this theories or concepts are different from each other. It is important to select the best organisational culture in order to develop a good working culture and improve the performance.; These cultures can develop a conflict situation in the organisation as well as improve the working environment is implemented successfully.


P2 Theories of Motivation

  1. Content theory – This theory of motivation determined various needs of human beings, it describes the significance of changes over time. It consists the concept of Abraham Maslow and David McClellan. The content theory explains particular elements or factors that motivate behavior of employees (Jin and et.al., 2016). This theory has been recommended by many scholars and psychologists such as Abraham maslow According to Maslow, each and every employees has various needs which has to be fulfilled these needs are described as below –
  • Psychological needs – These needs are the most essential necessity of individuals working in an organization such as 4com Plc. Basic needs of employees includes food, shelter and clothes. Satisfying these needs can be very effective to motivate employees and encourage them to give full efforts in accomplishing specific tasks or activities.
  • Safety needs – Safety and security is another important need of every employee working in an organization. Individuals needs that they work in a safe and secure business environment without any risk or harm. 4com Plc should ensure that they are providing a safe and secure workplace or jobs so that employees can perform better. Female employees should be provided special security and safe facilities so that they work without any restrictions.
  • Social needs – Employees working in an organization also needs to give time to their friends and families, proper shift timings, benefits to family members etc can help to fulfill social needs of the employees. It helps them to achieve a job satisfaction.
  • Esteem – In today’s world employees also needs respect from employers and colleagues. Providing or honoring employees performance with higher position or designation can helps in motivating them and increases their efforts to perform their roles and responsibilities.

Positive and Negative aspects of Content theory

The positive aspect of this theory is that it helps in motivating employees easily, as needs of employees can be easily fulfilled by incentives or bonuses that does require any additional efforts to be developed.; On the other it also has; negative aspect which implies that this theory is highly dependent on incentives that requires consistent supply of incentives

  1. Process theory – This theory describes how an entity changes and develops. It focuses on determining how things happen in a company. Process theory states that providing responsibility or important task to an employee motivate him or her to give more efforts to complete it. There are two main theories of motivation, Expectancy and Equity theory. Expectancy theory also called Valence-Instrumentality-Expectancy Theory or VIE Theory is associated with Vroom, Porter & Lawler, it suggests that effort is connected to the desire for a specific result and moderated by an evaluation of the probability of success. Adam's equity theory implies that in return for an input of effort, skills or production the employees receives and result expressed in terms of any combination of status, salary and benefits.

Positive and Negative aspects of Process theory

The positive aspect of this particular theory is that is motivates an individual by providing self esteem and dignity. He or she also get a good position along with responsibilities. It also plays a major role to improve their performance. On the other negative aspect of this theory is that it is can develop pressure on the employees due to specific responsibility.

Motivation techniques to improve effectiveness and ways to increase motivation level in 4com Plc

There are various methods that can be used to encourage employees in increasing their performance and productivity. Through the motivation, employees will give their extra efforts to company. Increasing motivation in organisation can assist to improve performance and boost productivity. Various motivation methods are described as below –

  1. Effective communication with staff – Communication plays a vital role in the motivating employees within an organization. Employer can develop good relationship with employees through communication skills (Zare and et.al., 2016). In 4com Plc new director or manager develop good relationship with the employees through effective communication. It helps to encourage the employees and to determine their issues and thinking. Good communication helps individuals to share their problems with the top level managers which help to resolve conflicts or issues within the company.
  2. Share organization vision and mission with each member – In order to improve the performance of employees in the organization 4com Plc needs to share vision and mission of the business to each and every individual respectively so that effective strategies can be implemented to achieve organizational goals easily. It motivates employees within to organization to put significant efforts in their roles.
  3. Positive working environment – Healthy and positive working environment helps in improving performance of the employees. 4com Plc can increase the productivity of the workers by providing a good workplace environment to them, employees should feel safe and stress free to perform their tasks effectively and efficiently.
  4. Giving more responsibility to employees – 4com Plc can encourage or motivate employees by giving them responsibilities, this makes them feel more valued in the company (Radnore and et.al., 2016).
  5. Offering incentives and other rewards – Monetary benefits plays an important role in motivating employees in an organization. 4com Plc can develop a attractive reward system to their employees which can help them to get motivated and improve their productivity. Incentive can be offered to the employees according to their performance and efforts which can be useful to encourage them.

M2 Debate

There are techniques for motivating employees in an organization such as Effective communication with staff Share organization vision and mission with each member, Positive working environment Giving more responsibility to employees, Offering incentives and other rewards. These techniques can help 4com Plc to encourage the employees and improve their performance.

Task 3

P3 Different types of teams within 4com Plc

There are various kinds of teams in every organisation or business that helps in achieving success. These teams perform their respective roles and activities for obtaining the organisational objectives and goals. Different types of teams in the chosen organisation can be describes as below –

  1. Functional team – Each and every organization has a team or employees which perform various types of functions. A Functional team is a group of individuals with a common function and goal. This team is further divided into three parts, working team, functional work team and cross functional work team. As he finance team is responsible to manage the books and accounts of a company. It records and manage all the data or information related to finance and reporting of the organization. Other team is the Human resource management team which is responsible to manage human resources or employees in the company. It also analyzes their performance and resolve issues related to them.
  2. Virtual team – A virtual team plays an important role in the success of a; company or organization, this team communicate digitally rather than personally. Virtual team interact with employees using online methods such as email, social media platforms etc. These types of teams are using technologies, conference and seminars to communicate with the employees. There are two types teams as describes below –
  • Local virtual team – This team maintain virtual team working and organize employees into productive remote group of individuals.
  • Global virtual team – Member in this team are located in different regions, cities or countries all around the world. Through this team, organization such as 4com Plc can attract many customers from different part globally. These teams help in increasing the productivity of the business (Wakui and et.al., 2016).
  • Problem solving team – This a temporary team I 4com Plc, it comes from different departments and performs different roles and responsibilities. Team members in this team collect information from manages of various departments and analyze any issues or challenges in that department. After analyzing they try to resolve that challenges identified using various strategies developed by communication with the top level managers in the organization.

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Effective team in 4com Plc with respect to Tuckman and Jensen’s model

Team productivity and performance helps in improving the behaviour of employees in 4com Plc, the effectiveness of the team depends on the leadership quality and organisation’s behaviour. Teams perform effectively and with highest level if there is a good relationship among the employees and management. Each and every team in an organisation is important because they help in achieving business goals, growth and development. The Tuckman and Jensen model of team development can help in understanding the various stages of team such as –

  1. Forming stage – This is the first stage of this model, according to this stage teams are formed on the basis of their competencies and the different skills among the employees for; specific task or business operation. Some employees feel anxious due to lack of understanding related to the tasks they need to perform. Therefore, leaders play important role in this stage by developing a good relationship with the team members through effective communication.
  2. Storming stage – In this stage many teams faces challenges and difficulty to move to the next stage. In this stage team members may get dissatisfied with any other employee at any point of time. Each and every employee has different ideas, thoughts and cultural values that create unexpected issues and conflicts within the team.
  3. Norming stage – This is the third stage of development in which issues and conflicts are resolved. In norming stage good bond and relationships are developed within the team members or employees. The coordination is established and team members work with unity. Due to strong bond and relation employees develop effectiveness and efficiency in their functions that leads to increased performance of the entire team or organization.
  4. Performing stage – Once the norming stage is completed, employees reach to performing stage. In this particular stage employees are in the process of development. Leader plays an important role to motivate employees in this stage. Motivation is important for the members of a team to perform better with dedication and efforts.
  5. Adjourning stage – This is the last or final stage of team development process. In this stage the objective or purpose of the team is fulfilled effectively and efficiently.

Key factors creating an ineffective team

Ineffective team refers to a group of individuals who are not that much successful and face a lot of challenges and issues in the achievement of goals and objectives. There are various factors that leads to an ineffective team such as -

  • Improper access to information and other resources such as lack of technology in the organisation.
  • Improper support and motivation by superiors or managers such as partiality or discrimination.
  • Improper training and development programs

Comparison between effective and ineffective team

Effective Teams


  1. The Work of the objective of the group is well understood and recognized by the members.
  2. There is a lot of discussion in which almost everyone participates, but it remains pertinent to the task of the group

Ineffective Teams


  1. From the things which are said, it is difficult to understand what the group task is, or what its objectives are.
  2. A a couple of individual tend to dominate the discussion. Rarely their contributions are way off the point.

M3 Team development theories

Tuckman and Jensen’s model is an effective team or group development theory that helps to bring individuals together to accomplish a specific goal or objective. The above model or theory describes that to develop effectiveness in teams within 4com Plc, the management needs to focus on each and every stage. Motivating employees or team member at every stage is very useful to enhance performance and productivity of the organisation.


P4 Organisation concept and theory for team performance

Path goal theory is completely based on style and behaviour of a leader, the main aim of this theory is to improve performance of the employees though motivation. Using this approach 4com Plc can enhance satisfaction as well as motivation level among employees which leads improved productivity of a company or organisation. This theory will describe the ways in which a leader can support his or her followers for successful achievement of goals and objectives. Path goal theory is based on the three basic steps as described below –

Determine the characteristics of employee and environment – Employees believes that the behavior of leaders is based upon on their desire such as desire of control, structure of team they need etc (Deihimi, Zahed and Iravani, 2016). If leaders put more pressure on employees or dominate them the members of a team or organization gets de-motivated. Therefore, it is essential for leaders to understand their employees. Task and environment characteristics are also important to be understood. This theory focuses on overcoming challenges or issues in a task or activity. Leaders need to analyze and identify the best way to overcome any type of issues that comes in between the team efforts and their objectives or goals. Steps of leaders to avoid obstacles are as discussed below –

  • Design the task – It is a major responsibility of a leader to design the task for the employees so that they understand and perform it in a better way.
  • Formal authority system – The manager or supervisor can provide clear objective or goals depending upon the task authority.
  • Work group – If the team is non-supportive, the leader needs to be strict or cohesive.
  • Directive – A leader as responsibility of guiding his or her followers directly. They inform the method or way to perform a specific task, its scheduling and coordination among the employees or members of the team. It help employees to understand and perform a task in a better way, therefore, leaders in 4com Plc should ensure that they are directly associated with their followers or employees.
  • Supportive – In this type of leadership, leaders make a friendly approach to build good relationship with the employees. He or she support employees in performing a task or activity that helps in developing a good workplace environment in the organization.
  • Participative – When the team members or employees are highly trained and dedicated towards their work leaders should consult or involve them in the decision making process of the organization. Through this leadership style a leader can make his or her followers feel valuable and encourage them to perform better.

Barriers to effective performance in 4com Plc

In each association, Communication assumes an enormous job in the accomplishment of business on the grounds that because of Communication gap administration can't construct a decent connection with their workers. Communication is amongst the most vital factor in any association in light of the fact that through the Communication, company can bring the successful execution. In the 4com Plc there are Communication gaps among representatives and administration this gap diminishes the profitability of referred to organization. Communication gap is primary issue that found in 4com Plc. Because of Communication gap inside 4com Plc among administration and representatives as laborers are not content with choice of the administration. To determine this issue 4com Plc needs to accept a call against the representatives with the goal that laborers will be center around their errands. As to defeat this issue 4com Plc gives the duties to the new executive who has extraordinary and imaginative aptitudes. To evaluate the Communication gap new executives of 4com Plc trying to give diverse trainings to the representatives. Aside from this new chief of referred to organization efforts to give the best authority style thusly, workers can feel spurred.

Aside from this, representatives of 4com Plc are experiencing the high outstanding task at hand weight because of which the workers turn over issue is created in 4com Plc. Because of absence of high and experienced workers, referred to association can't give new methods and items. To improve the business condition, referred to association needs to determine the issue of high work weight. To determine this issue, new chief of 4com Plc is endeavoring to make compelling arranging and utilizing inspiration strategies. Through the inspiration methods, for example, compensate framework, diverse social and social exercises and so forth worker can be motivated (Radnore and et.al., 2016).

Aside from this to deal with the connection with representatives, new chief of 4com Plc is trying to give the courses and meeting to the specialists. This is on account of 4com Plc can't tune in and comprehend the issues of representatives and this procedure will acquire clashes the business condition. Along these lines, to enhance the business profitability and development, 4com Plc needs to pursue all the inspiration procedures and administration style

M4 Positive and Negative impact of concepts of organisational behaviour

The concepts of organisational behaviour plays a major role in improving the workplace environment that leads to increase in performance. On the other hand it also creates challenging situations for the employees those who don't want to change their working practices or behaviour.


The above report summarised that healthy workplace environment is very essential for an organisation to achieve success. Culture and behaviour plays an important role in every company or workplace. It has a great impact on organisation such as 4com Plc in terms of performance and productivity. In the above report leadership styles and motivation techniques are described which can be used by a new director or manager to manage healthy workplace environment in the chosen organisation. The report also explained the development of teams and teamwork in the chosen company using Tuckman and Jensen’s model. Furthermore, this study determined that communication gap can be a major issue for the organisation. In addition to this, the above report determined that there are different types of teams such as functional team, virtual team etc that helps 4com Plc to achieve its business goals effectively. Need assignment help? Contact our experts.

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