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Organisation behaviour

University: ICON College of Technology and Management

  • Unit No: 4
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
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Question :

This project will discuss further questions which are mentioned below:

  • Analyze the impact which is being used in order to manage the organizational culture and human behavior in an effective workplace in relation to the personality, preferences, etc.
Answer :


Organisation Behaviour refers to the theory of both team and individual's performance when they work in an organisation. It is a strategic study of the behaviour's of different individuals who are working in a business unit or an organisational setting. It is studied to improve the issues in a business (Bharthy, and Sethi, 2020). It helps the business enhance the working conditions of a business and in-return the employee satisfaction with the business. This report talks about how organisations studies the organisation behaviour and what it does to implement a better organisational environment. The report also highlights how human behaviour has an impact on the workplace.

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Organisational culture can be referred to the ambience which is present in an organisational setting. It refers to the organisation's expectation and beliefs which are being followed by the employee who work in the organisation. It is the collection of values, expectations, and practices which helps them achieve their own personal as well organisation goals (Brunetto, Xerri, and FarrWharton, 2020). The main goal of organisational culture is to create, manage and bring together the values, vision and missions of the organisation. If the organisational culture is cultivated smoothly, it can help a business to guide its employees towards a greater level of productivity with increased skills.

The impact of organisational culture in the workplace is that it creates a working environment in the organisation and helps the business in achieving the long term plans which in turn takes the organisation towards its vision. A culture of the organisation also influences its operations and policies which are required to be taken care of day to day. And finally it helps the businesses become a success (Cross, and Carbery, 2018).

Human behaviour refers to how an individual acts. It is a broad concept in psychology which assesses the interactions, expressions and emotions or a human being. It also refers to how a human forms a relations with the nature and other human beings. Human relation is an important as it directs the individual's communication towards the rest of the people at workplace. This is work behaviour which motivates an employee to indulge with others in a team and get the assigned work done. Human behaviour is important at a workplace as it depicts one's attitude towards the team and colleagues. A good work behaviour leads to efficient and high performance of the team. Organisations consider this element of human resource as one of the crucial part for the success of the business (Gkorezis, and Petridou, 2017).

Both organisation culture and human behaviour are an integral part of a business's success. These factors go hand in hand in the theory of human resource management. An organisation has to focus on these factors while formulating policies and regulations for the workforce.

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The above report concludes that how these two factors impacts the workplace of an organisation. The organisation has to look up for ways which maximizes the output of its workforce. Organisational culture and human behaviour are two of those which would help the organisation in achieving its long term goals and missions. We provide the best thesis help UK at an affordable budget. Contact now.


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