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HRM and Organisation Behaviour - LIDL

University: ICON College of Technology and Management

  • Unit No: 5
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
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  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: N/A
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Question :
This respective report will cover the following question which is illustrated below:
  • Analyze and demonstrate the academic knowledge which is being gained with the understanding of organizational behavior.
  • Highlight the number of applications that are available to decisions makers to be proactive in the change within the organization.
  • Analyze the various challenges which are being faced in the environment during addressing the change with the help of organizational behavior.
Answer :
Organization Selected : LIDL


Organizational behaviour (OB) refers to the process of managing the behaviour of people in the organization and their impact on the business. It is very important for the organizations to make sure that they are having the best organization behaviour into their firms. Human resource management (HRM) refers to the management of the human resources into the business, it is one of the major factor of the various organization. Both human resource management and the organizational behaviour play important role in the organization and can make a huge impact in the overall business as they are ensuring the entire behaviour and the human resource of the organization (Mendy, 2018). The report discusses about the major factors and the importance of human resource management and the organization behaviour to gain the competitive advantage. Various examples of organizations such as LIDL Malta and Epic have been presented in the report. LIDL is first Maltese company which is awarded as a top employer certificate, LIDL is a German international super market chain which work all across the Europe with more than 12000 stores (Corporate Responsibility, 2020). EPIC on the other hand are working into the telecommunication industry and are providing the networking facilities in the Malta division(join - myLidl, 2021) . Further, analysis of tools of HRM and OB has been done. Lastly, in the report conclusion and recommendations have been provided.

Knowledge and understanding of Subject

Organizational behaviour

Organizational behaviour is the study of both the group performance and the individual performance activity within the organization. It deals with examining the behaviour at working environment and also need to find its impact in the performance, communication, job structure, motivation and leadership among the group as well as individual. The Organizational behaviour at LIDL Malta is so perfect that it help in the motivation and the increment of the employee (Bos-Nehles, Renkema and Janssen, 2017). The people working in the LIDL Malta are positive and motivated towards the business and have views that they are performing better and helping the organization in achieving the overall business objectives and goals.

Human Resource Management

Human resource management refers to the factor of the business function which focuses into the development of the organization and fulfil the business requirements. HRM is a practise of managing the people to increase and achieve business performance. HRM hire people for work into the business and they make sure that, they hire the best person suitable for the job structure and position who can stay fro a longer period and provide organization with quality work (Thite, 2018).


The Importance of Organization behaviour and HRM to gain competitive advantage

Importance of Organization Behaviour


Organizational behaviour plays a very important role and it also involve in the better management into the organization. Motivation is one of the factors which can make huge impact in the overall business of the LIDL Malta to increase the performance (Novikovas and et.al., 2017). Motivated employee are one of the best employee because they are always driven to do the work and ready to accept the changes and make it worthy. Motivation is the factor which help the organization in achieving the competitive advantage into the market and make impactful business. It is important for the organization to motivate the employee and people who are working for them so that they can make an good impact on work and helps the organization achieve the advantages.

However, it can be critically analysed that organization behaviour is beneficial for the organization but there are some employees who are motivated but still not able to make a good impact on the overall performance. Hence, in this situation, even effective organizational behaviour does not help in gaining competitive advantage.


There are a lot of factors which can affect the performance of the employee working into the organization but it need to be understood that they keep their morale high in the tough situation and make the performance unaffected due to other factors. These mentality helps the organization in achieving the competitive advantages into the market and helps the organization in achieving business objective. On the other hand, it can be critically analysed that the performance need to be constant and remain in the continous process so that the organization gets good results (Heine and Hood, 2020).

Office Characteristics

Office Characteristics are major role in making the organization behaviour of the people working for the organization. It is important for the employee to have a good working environment into the LIDL Malta. It is important for the business to make sure that they are having good working environment and also provide the best factor so that the people working gets motivated and improve performance in the LIDL Malta which further make the competitive advantage into the business. Office characteristics can make a good impact but if the office environment does not remain the same then it can cause organization in negative result and decrease the chances of gaining competitive advantage.

Importance of Human Resource Management

Human resource management plays a very important role into the business world and it is important for the EPIC Malta to make sure that they are having a good human resource management team to obtain the competitive advantage into the market. Here are some of the following importance : -

HR can use the existing data of the organization and make the changes accordingly after the study of the issue or the factor they are facing into the organization. It help the EPIC Malta in making those changes which provide the competitive advantage into the business. HR can help the organization in making changes after studying the market rates of the talent. It can help the organization in understanding the situation and what strategies they need to make increase the competitive advantages (Taamneh, Alsaad and Elrehail, 2018). It can be critically appraised that HRM need to be strong with their management so that they can control the actual issues into the business which can affect their gaining of competitive advantages.

HR always focus into the legal issues and make sure that the organization is having all the legal factors and are following the government guideline. It help the organization in making a advantage into the business as they can not be challenged for their copyrights and the ideas. HR can also help with knowledge of insight into how other organization within the industry is structured and how they can make a impact on our business.

EPIC Malta have the HR team which are professionally so well that they make half of the issues solved by themselves and make strategies so that they does not need to make a lot of changes. The HR can find a lot of potential employees issues before they become one of the major problematic for the business (Bratton and et.al., 2020). HR help in making decision into the business and tell others about their skills sets and who is improving and making a good impact in the business. This help in making decision into promotion which can further develop into the good performance.

Tools of Human Resource Management and Organizational Behaviour sustaining competitive advantages

Tools of Organization Behaviour

Perception: - Perception is a process by which the individual organize and interpret their sensory impression in context to their environment. It is one of the tools which can help in understanding the organization behaviour (Leroy and et.al., 2018). They need to utilise the tool in making different strategies to make a positive organizational behaviour to gain better results in competitive advantages. EPIC Malta need to make sure that they utilise the perception into the best ways to develop better organization behaviour and understand the ways to eliminate the issues they are facing.

Motivation: - Motivation refer to the factor which can help in understanding the organization behaviour due to the interest of the people working under the organization. If they are happy with the behaviour they stay motivated which can increase in the development of performance and also in gaining the competitive advantage. They can use this into the competitive advantage, so that they can utilise the market for their benefits.

Attitude: - Attitude towards the organization and its behaviour need to be positive so that they can help the organization in development. If the behaviour of the organization is not positive the attitude of the people working into them will make excuses and run from the work which can lead to lack in performance. This will make issues into the competitive advantage and can make a lot of other damage to the organization.

Personality : - personality towards the organization behaviour is important due to the way they revert and acknowledge is important for the better result and they need to make changes into the personality to make it positive and increase the competitive advantage (Aust, Matthews and Muller-Camen, 2020).

Tools of Human Resource Management

Performance solution

Performance evaluation is just not only the annual meeting between the manager and the employee but it is more about finding the goals and objective by HR. it is a tool provided by the HRM to the manager to understand the actual report of the employee and make decision according to the track of the year. It help in making good decision and also help in increasing the competitive advantage by improved performance.

Recruiting software

Recruiting software helps in making different ads about the job the organization is asking. This is the tool which HR used in promoting and advertising about the jobs they are offering with the requirement which the participant need to provide. The LIDL use this to increase the recruitment software which help the management and the HR to make utilise the technologies which save time and also increase the efficiency of the organization. This make good improvement in performance and help the organization in gaining the competitive advantage.

Payroll service

Payroll service is one of the best way to make different changes and also help the organization to automatically work on the pay checks and other payroll details which allow the management and the HR to work on other things (Ayoko and Ashkanasy, 2019). It also helps the employee to get the entire details about the payroll and it also make them feel motivated towards work after getting the proper pay. Which will also make it better into the competitive advantages.


The report concluded that it is very essential for both the HRM and OB department to make different strategies into organization so that they can utilise the best of the process into better result in the organization. Further the report conclude the tools of the human resource and organizational behaviours in obtaining the competitive advantage for the organization. The organization gets competitive advantages because the tools helps the HR and the management of the organization to understand a great knowledge about the overall working of the business and it make a great impact in the decision making of the business. We provide the best homework writing service in the UK at the best price.

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  • Improved understanding of the business processes- It is recommended to the managers at EPIC to possess a great understanding of the actual working of the business so that they can make decision accordingly. It will enhance the quality of working and give a competitive advantage to the business with better results.
  • Providing better training and development- Working in the training and development program so that the employee gets motivated and it is important because the motivated employee works hard and smart to increase the performance and it will give benefit to the organization which will provide the company with competitive advantages.
  • Better communication at workplace- Working on the better communication so that the organization behaviours gets positive and make a different impact on the employee motivation and performance.


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