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Report on regis health care

University: University Of Westminster

  • Unit No: 18
  • Level: High school
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Question :

This sample will let you know about:

  • What is regis health care?
  • What is business level strategies?
Answer :
Organization Selected : Regis health care


The Regis health care is a largest organisation in providing of care services to all aged. There are lots of people are live with connected through Regis home. In this, the Regis care facilities are provided to all residents of Australia. The main goal of this organisation is to provide effective care to those who are needed most services care. This organisation offers high quality standard of service care which help people to keep connected from their life. They have well expertise staffs from which they are able to deliver effective care services to people who are mostly required (Fuzier, 2015). In context of Regis health care, this report is based on current corporate and business strategies of Regis health care of Australia. Moreover, there are many resources which are used by organisation in order to achieve their business strategies. It also includes competencies that an organisation have to attain their goals of corporate. There are some organisational structure are occur of a company which support them to level up their strategies. In addition to this, there are some evidence are occur which is necessary for leadership in order to achieve goals of organisation. Moreover, there organisational structure is also describe which help them in achieving care services with effectiveness. With the help of strategic leadership, the leaders can also enhance effective care from their organisation to aged people are covered.

What are the current corporate and business level strategies followed by the firm?

The corporate strategy refers to the strategies of an organisation which move them to organise a plan. Their plans can be organise by selecting specific strategy by management. With help of this management, can implement good strategies that can hold understanding of a business effectively and organisation can also move in right direction (Barros, 2016). This is necessary to create a corporate strategy can direct employees to take appropriate decision in their businesses. It is vital in all organisation whether they are occur at small and large level. The business strategy is define as the strategy that are implemented to achieve specific goals of organisation. These business strategies are developed by both employees and managers of organisation. In order to success an organisation, it is necessary to consider some key factors that are important for organisation. There are several strategies are used by Regis health care that can help in identifying strategic option for company. Want to get Assignment Samples?Talk to our Experts!

The porter's value chain model can be used in organisation to formulate strategies and help in analysing the actions that are performed in Regis health care. This model refers to identifying operation activities that add some value to services of Regis health care among residents (Rumsfeld, Joynt and Maddox, 2016). With help of this model, cost can be reduced and promotion of services can be achieved. This model is applied by Regis health care so that they can offer services to their citizens of country. There are five activities that are involve in organisation which are described below.

  • The inbound logistic is define as services that are provided to service users with in organisation. This occur in Regis health care as they exported care facilities to their customers.
  • The operation refers to strategy in which the organisation make available of services to their customers. In Regis health care, admission, care, evaluation are considered.
  • The outbound logistic is linked with the services that are delivered to customers. In this health care system, care is deliver to customers in their home.
  • There are some services which are offered by Regis health care system. They have effective strategies that can offer good quality of services to their people.

Does the firm have the necessary resources capabilities and competencies to achieve its corporate and business level strategies?

The capabilities refers to resources that are occur from various capabilities that develop from strategies in order to gain long term profit. Yes, the firm has vital resource capabilities and competencies in order to achieve their corporate and business level strategies. The organisation mus need have key areas which are needed to be evaluate. These areas includes managerial, marketing, technical and financial (Martelli, 2017). The organisation must determine strength and weakness of their organisation so that external competencies can be deal. The internal resources that are provide framework to strategies in order to develop profit for organisation. These resources are primary source of organisation from which help in developing profit to company. The key areas are main important and basic resources that are necessary in an organisation. These resources can help the organisation in achieving corporate and business level strategies.

The competencies refers to aggregation of resources and past experiences of organisation. These competencies are not easier to develop and also have effort in resemble them. There are some competencies which are needed to be sustain in an organisation such as durability, in-transparency, immobility. In context of Regis health care, these competencies are needed to be evaluate in order to achieve business and corporate level strategies. This health care system has aim to provide best care to all and aged people of their residents. The organisation have unique resources that help in creating strategies from which high care can be deliver to customers. The core competencies are designed in such a way that other organisation does not provided.

The Regis health care have suitable resources from which they can effective and appropriate care to customers that others organisation are not delivering. They also developed unique services from which they can deliver or support care of aged people. Their services includes dementia or palliative care, ageing place care to customers (Beaton and Sable, 2016). They have resources from which they can deliver different services with club and reserve services. Their core strategy includes to provide support and care programmes to aged people. The employees of this organisation have capabilities to upgrade their care strategies so that requirement and facilities can meet of customers. With this, they can also provide additional services as they have expertise in delivering services.

What is its current organisational structure. Is its organisational structure aligned with its corporate and business level strategy.

The current organisational structure refers to various activities that are performed in an organisation and which are managed by different management. In this, these activities are performed in such way that are help in achieve goals of organisation. This includes responsibilities and roles from which information can flow easily with in organisation. The current organisational structure of Regis health care is functional organisational structure. As the health and social care organisation have different management and function areas from which they can deliver best care to their customers.

This structure helps employees to enhance their skills from which they can use their knowledge in service care. This structure is divide into small groups who are specific in their roles and task. There organisational structure is aligned with their corporate and business level strategy. As they have multiple departments who help organisation to achieve their goals. In this structure, all employees can collectively use their skills by implementing their work role in services (Beltempo, 2017). The Regis health care adapt porter's value chain model which help organisation in aligned their corporate and business level strategy. With this, they can make available of good quality of services to aged people. The management and structure of Regis health care is occur in a particular goal in which they are deliver and support services to customers. This health care have a level of managers which performed their responsibilities properly. This structure is necessary to be develop in Regis health care as it provides high scope of services which benefit organisational.  Ask for assignment help from our experts!

This can also help in supporting services of their health care. This functional structure helps in achieving quality of care by their multiple departments. This structure also helps in providing appropriate information of care that help in creating aim of organisation. With this structure system, staff of organisation can work effectively in which every task related to care are performed correctly. This structure ensure about employees that they are acting properly in delivering care. They have service providing staff who provides services to aged people at their home. This structure reflects various parts of managements that controls services of organisation.

What evidence is there that the firm has the necessary strategic leadership to achieve its strategic goals.

The strategic leadership refers to the quality of a person to enhance decisions that build up belief of organisation to gain long term profits. This help in holding low finance stability of organisation. This leadership is important in an organisation as it is an effective way of thinking about aim of organisation. The leaders can build effective environment of business which help in achieving goal of organisation. There are some evidence occur which state that the organisation has the needed leadership strategy which help in achieving goals of organisation.

These evidence includes approx 6,000 number of Australians are attain services for Regis health care. As Australia is most highly provider of health care to aged people. The have expert employees which help in delivering care services to aged people. The country has gain high number of customer as they continuously upgrade their facilities. They have approx 63 care facility of aged people as they provide different care services to all aged people according to their needs (Nelson, 2015). They also deliver care by implementing some options that can benefited the people. The Regis health care also provide personal services which includes club and resting facilities.

The organisation have necessary strategic leadership as they achieve higher number of customers in delivering services of care to aged people. With this strategy, they can target effective segments in market by providing appropriate option of of facilities. This raise impact of organisation on customers from which they feel satisfied in their care. This is result by high expertise and quality of management which help in providing investors that can help organisation. They have engaged management team which engage all aged people in activities so that services can deliver in equality (Déry, 2016). The country has successfully operated care in country by Regis health care services. The leaders of this organisation help aged people constantly by extending their quality standard and improvement.


From the above assignment, it has been concluded that the Regis health care provides effective services to all aged people of country. They have corporate and business strategies that help the organisation in delivering effective care to their customers. The each organisation needs some resources which are need in organisation to enhance their strategies so that they can gain high profit of their organisation. These resources have some capabilities so that they can attain corporate and business strategies of their business. There are competencies also occur which are linked with resources and past experiences of organisation. This also enhance in improving quality of care that are provided to aged people. There are current organisational structure which helps organisation in establishing effective care to their customers. The organisation have functional structure which enhance their strategies by implementing appropriate care with layers of management. As in this structure, many managements are linked which work equally which enhance them in their strategies. This organisational structure help in aligned corporate and business strategies of organisation. The firm has appropriate evidence that resembles that organisation have necessary leadership which help organisation in achieving strategies of their organisation.

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