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Digitalisation Healthcare of Organisations

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This sample will let you know about:

  • Discuss about the Impact of Healthcare digitalisation.
  • Explain about the Measures to healthcare providers
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Literature review consist summary of the key sources and combines the synthesis an summary. It is review article consisting of current knowledge and substantive findings and also theoretical contribution to particular topic. These are secondary sources, and they do not mention any new or original experimental work. It examines published information within a given period of time in a particular subject field. In addition, academic paper's main focus is on developing new theories and summarizing claims and other people's ideas without adding the new contributions (Al Mutawa, 2013). In given report, literature review is one the basis of Digitalization Affect The Customers’ Choice of Healthcare Providers in UAE. For collecting the information about this concept, information will be gathered from secondary sources such as books, articles, journals, magazines etc.


Impact of Healthcare digitalisation on quality and services rendered by Health care organisation in the UAE

According to opinion of David Roberts (2018) Healthcare digitalisation is rapidly evolving movement. Impact of the digitalisation related to health care services has been profound to be expected in future. In this, technology is reshaping relationship among health care providers, patients and health system. Through connecting the healthcare providers and patients, their treatment can improved because of the real time collected data (Subramaniam, Singhal and Hopkinson, 2019). The healthcare sector of UAE is rapidly expanding to meet with evolving requirement of developing population and ambition of nation to become regional medical visitors hub. In this, rapid expansion is challenging ability of UAE to give medical personnel and also consists costs.

Healthcare Information Technology market is set to develop swiftly. This company has been executing the health information exchange and electronic health record systems throughout country that helps to minimize the duplication, improve safety of patients and medication errors etc. Through digitalization in healthcare, the health care organisations in UAE take care the health of patients and focus of providing the high quality treatment or services by reducing any errors. The health care organisations of UAE use digitalisation to give the healthcare serviced from remote location (Almarri and Bhatti, 2015). In regards to this, UAE focus on improving the healthcare by enhancing telemedicine adoption that enables patients to be consult medical professionals with reach other from distance. It has minimized the hospital visits, extended the healthcare services and limited patients movements among hospitals in order to remote the locations.

When doctors and the patients both try the new treatments then they crossed their fingers. Having the electronic sensors helps in analyse various types of the treatment possibilities at cellular level. To administer the treatments through understanding diseased at the cellular level can possible with the digital transformation. This kind of treatment is done by the small technology in chips form to assure patients to give them safe drugs. On the other hand, genetic engineering and use of the modified viruses can also fight the diseases. By using the genetic engineering, human DNA is controversial and there are several boundaries to include while doing testing (Alsqqa, 2017). Other than this, smart health monitors can gather the real time and personalised data, encouraging the healthier lifestyles to feed in medical research. The healthcare organisations in UAE introduced wearables into workplace to enhance performance. Through monitoring stress level and employees staff, forms can suggest the healthier habits leading to the high growth.

On the other hand, by using digitalisation, healthcare organisations in UAE has potential to give ability to be speed up and also make improvement in diagnostic capabilities through managing the information flow in a better manner. Enhancing the better computing tools will aids in filter and organise massive information amount that gathered in the electronic health records so health issues of patients becomes more viable. It will help the physicians to quickly arrive at accurate diagnosis (Seetharaman and et. al., 2019). Digitalisation helps healthcare organisations to sift by vast data in health database to measure errors related to diagnostic and minimize chance of errors that recurring in future. In this, computer aided detection has shown value to helping the radiologists quickly and measure images for the pattern related to underlying the disease like breast cancer at the time of mammography screening. Enhancement in the available data, cutting edge and also testing capabilities means to entering long-promised personalised latherer golden age. Through understanding the generic profile of a person in an effective manner, therapies can used. Order assignment help from our experts! 

Influence of customers over digitalisation approach to make better choices about their health

On the basis of Jenny Harrison (2020) Impact of the digitalisation in health care services has been profound and expected to be more profound in future. This is necessary to examine the contribution of digital health services to the health system objectives in optimal manner. The healthcare organisations are planning the future strategies for adopting digitalisation. It across healthcare sector that helps the healthcare providers to develop critical and robust infrastructure through focusing on requirements of patients. Digital future looks of healthcare promising as patients are comfortable more in using the digital services for sensitive and complex. Digitalisation in healthcare services can be regarded as powerful tools because it helps in provide the services within remote locations. The customers get the better choices through using digitalisation in healthcare organisations because by this they are able to gain the better services and medical facilities in an effective manner (Awortwe, 2018). Digital technologies like Predictive Analytics and Artificial Intelligence as well as the Wearables and Robotics support healthcare sector in accurately and efficiently.

Digitalisation makes this easier for the healthcare professionals and patients to remain on similar page. Doctors and patients can develop as well as maintain digital records of the medical history and uploaded to cloud where patient decide that who grant access. The digitalisation emphasis on the inclusion of patient and compliance to assure about positive experience of patience. In regards to this, medical practitioners require to hear the concern of patient and also craft remedy that keeping particular preferences in to mind. Willingness of patient or patient compliance to be comply with provided protocol that influence well being and recovery. Other than this, technology is getting more smarter and from monitoring the health rate to counting steps, small handheld gadgets can pretty much regarding body. This is not just smartphone or smartphone but provide the medical wearable gadgets that introduced with the time. The gadgets are connect to smartphone and after then connect the smartphone with Internet then all necessary data about health can be properly transmitted to cloud or doctor in the real time. Digitalisation has made this easier to be monitor the progress and determine alarming conditions proactively.

Healthcare sector is ripe for the main changes (El Khatib, Al Blooshi and Al-Habeeb, 2015). From the chronic disease to radiology, there are endless opportunities to be leverage the technology to be deploy, impactful and efficient interventions in care of patient. As evolvement of payment structure, demand of patients from providers and volume of the available data can continue enhance at staggering rate, the artificial intelligence is to be poised engine that derived the improvements across care continuum. Other than this, digitalisation helps doctors to keeping informed regarding medical history of doctors in each situation.

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As patients, there is a need to develop and also maintain digital file on medical history, upload to cloud service and share with doctors or people they want (Pitta, 2019). To frame in mind about customer experience, health care organisations are seeking to be integrate latest technologies in business models and IT architects to make improvement in services. At similar time, they grappling with new entrant to marketplace and ever present the regulatory concerns. Some of the patients gave medical situations that need to seek help of various specialists. It is important that various specialists maintain the constant communication stream, to design better medical plan for patients. In context to this, conflicting the medications can lead to be complications but with system in place keep all specialists in loop that they can devise medication place that would not have conflicts within.

The innovative electronic service empowers user (Juwaheer, Pudaruth and Ramdin, 2012). Electronic service offering the symptoms of individual assessment and recommend for treatment. When customers feel ill or sign into electronic service with bank identifiers or mobile ID. Service will them make the smart assessment on arisen symptoms for an instance laryngeal symptoms, back issue, headaches, cough etc.

Measures to healthcare providers with regard to use of Digitalisation in health services that aids to promote better and improved services

On the basis of Juned Ghanchi (2020) Healthcare sector is different as the regulatory norms in the healthcare are stringent more as comparison to big verticals. In this, there is an optimization by digitalisation in healthcare. The patients have to face the main delays at different treatment stages and right from the admission till discharge. It consists wait time at the labs for different tests, waiting to gather medical reports, unavailability of the medical equipments etc. In this case, the healthcare providers can act these processes through scanning gathered data from different machines and also running by different analytics forms such as descriptive, predictive and prescriptive. With introduction of sensors, actuators and IoT, result in unstructured and vast big data. Big Data Analytics aids to determine patterns in different patients records and also optimise precaution, complexity and saving more time (Venkatesh, Mathew and Singhal, 2019). It helps healthcare service provider to match records of each patient with the existing samples. In regards to this, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and IoT help in provide the value to patient. Need Assignment Samples?Talk to our Experts!

These all the connected devices transmit the viral data from location of patient to the hospital staff. This permits to monitor health of patient in real time without beside patient. These all devices use connected wirelessly heat monitors, glucometers and monitor blood pressure (Masarra and Jha, 2015). IoT main application would be real time monitoring in ICU procedures. These consists the devices for remote and wireless monitoring ultrasound of hospital environment. On the other hand, Big data analytics enable the critical insights and real time monitoring can be mainly obtained through tracking behaviour and communication pattern of patients from different sources like wearables. In healthcare, digitalisation not equip the patients with different application but also lets the healthcare providers to customise the treatment plan.

In context to digitalisation healthcare, healthcare providers require to adopt the electronic medical records system that drive the communication and transparency across healthcare delivery model (Khalid and Sarker, 2019). It is necessary that healthcare should assure about digital and data driven strategies which adding to autonomy, purpose and mastery clinician sense. Technology plays a necessary role in safety of patients through determining risks and also minimizing harm in main care setting. Use of the digital technologies helps in support and inform is necessary means to be empower health workforce at similar time to make improvement the care quality in main health care. don't worry get assignment help london from UK's leading assignment helpers.


It has been concluded from above mention report that digitalisation helps the healthcare organisations to provide high quality or better services to consumers so that they can able to take the good treatment and benefits. To collect information in literature review part, there has been various sources used like magazines, internet sources, websites and others. In literature review part has been discussed about the Impact of Healthcare digitalisation on quality and services rendered by Health care organisation in the UAE. Through using the different digitalisation technologies such as Artificial Intelligence helps the healthcare organisations to make improvement in its services and provide better experience to customers or patients. Measures to the healthcare providers about use of Digitalisation in health services that help in promote the better as well as improved services has been studied here in detailed manner.

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