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Fostering Dignity and Respect in Health Care

University: Arden University

  • Unit No: 9
  • Level: High school
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This sample will let you know about:

  • Discuss about the some ethic principle of health care and treatment decisions.
  • Discuss about some steps of Reflection Model.
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The dignity and respect is necessary to promote in health care settings while delivering care to patients. The health care professionals must ensure that care and treatment are provide by considering people's dignity and respect. The people are highly concern about their dignity and respect when they attain services in health and social care services. So, dignity and respect is important in health care settings to treat people effectively. It helps in developing trust, communication and it increases well being of individuals (Lohne, 2017). This can be develop through by considering various ethics. In this assignment, the responsibilities and ethics of nurse of Guy's and St Thomas NHS foundation with respect to patient Mrs. Wang is cover. The health care practitioners have some power and duty which are need to be consider at time of providing care to patients. In addition to this, there are some interpersonal skills of professionals which are need to maintain so that best and positive outcome of treatment of patients can be occur. Moreover, how these aspects can help a practitioner in developing their own skills are also cover in this.


The ethical concepts which need to consider in Mrs. Wang situation and kind of strategies could those involved in her support employ to support and respect her dignity.

The ethics refers to consideration of attitude and behaviour of health care practitioner. It involves about valuing freedom, rights, and responsibilities of patients so that good quality of care can be delivered to them. This ethics are should be consider in health care settings as it reduce issues of health care. This also help health care professional to develop their own reflection. It helps in developing relationship, program and work setting in health care foundation (Evans and Vaandering, 2016). It health care professional consider ethics then it can help them to develop relationship, communication with patients which help in delivering effective care to them. There are some ethic principles which are necessary to value by health professionals so that dignity and respect of patients can be maintain such as autonomy, virtue, etc.

  • The autonomy refers to rights of a person in their treatment from which they can take their own decisions of their well being. It also includes confidentiality, autonomy which are need to be valued by care practitioner of patients.
  • In virtue ethics, the tradition and character of a person are to be consider as each individual has different character and tradition.

In context of Mrs. Wang, has suffering from cancer of lungs. The health care professionals state that she does not have enough time to live as cancer is occur at last stage. She also having communication problem as her first language is Mandarin. She have some consideration that her treatment should occur in mandarin language so that she can communicate with care practitioner easily. The patients have some rights in their health treatment from which they can take effective decisions while providing care to them (Kostera and Pirson, 2017). It is the responsibilities of heath care professionals to consider these values so that treatment can deliver in an appropriate manner. In given case, two sons and family of patients wants to concealed conditions of her by telling about little and non-malignant tumour in her body. The health care practitioner significantly consider rights of patients by providing appropriate information to her. This will help care practitioner in maintaining dignity and respect of patients.

There are some ethics concept which need to consider by professionals as patients. It includes autonomy, virtue ethics of patients. In given case, the patient is unaware about her health condition from which she can't take effective treatment according to her. So the professionals should maintain ethics by providing knowledge about her health condition so that she can take part in her treatment process (Stephens and Kanov, 2017). The patients has a different personality as she has mandarin first language and her family is highly concerned about her health condition. So the practitioner are necessary to communicate in her language so that she can understand health condition and treatment better. Want to get Assignment Samples?Talk to our Experts!

There are some ethic principle of care which enhance health care and treatment decisions. These are described below.

  • Decision making:- the patient with this ethic have the right to decline any treatment that are providing to them. So, it is necessary to analyse the capacity of a person to take effective decision in their health services. With this, patients can take straight forward decision rather than complex decisions which help them in their well being. In this, health care practitioner can not force patients in changing their decisions regarding their treatment.
  • Right to refuse treatment:- the each individual has right to refuse care and treatment that are not satisfied them. With this, rights of people can be protect who are not able to take decisions of their treatment. The some people have different religion and beliefs from which they refuse to perceive various treatments.
  • The health care professionals must have moral intention towards their patients so that patient can achieve good health source from health care settings.
  • They should provide good quality of care to patients and take prevention while providing care to them. They must adapt best care of intervention from which they can't harm their patients intentionally.
  • They should deliver equal quality of care to all people so that no one can feel discrimination in their health.

There are some ethics principles which are need to be consider and have responsibilities to acquired in their work role of health care professionals. These can provide support to Mrs. Wang, as she has not told about her treatments and disease. So, it is the responsibility of care practitioner to aware patient about her health condition so that rights, respect and dignity of patient can be support.

There are some strategies which are need to adapt by health care professionals in order to support dignity and respect of patients. These strategies are described below.

  • The health care professionals should recognize exposure of dignity loss that are occurring in treatment of patients.
  • They should maintain privacy and confidentiality about treatment that are given to patients. This will help Mrs. Wang in her treatment process as trust can build up from this between service providers and service users in Guy's and St Thomas NHS foundation.
  • The service providers must improve their communication skills so that they can effectively and appropriately communicate with their patients Â(Can and Seibt, 2016). This also result in developing relationship between patient and health care practitioner in which patients are comfortable to share their issues with them. In context of Mrs. Wang, she has language problem as she mainly speaks mandarin from which she feels hesitation to share her issues towards health care practitioner.
  • The health care practitioner should improve the environment in which they are delivering care to patients. The environment should clean, hygiene and free from biased so that care can deliver properly and it can also help in enhancing support of dignity of patients. The dignity refers to respect of patients towards their health condition by health care professionals.
  • In given case, there are some issues which are required to address by nurses and health c are professionals so that respect and dignity of patient can be maintain. This issues includes as her sons does not want to share real condition of health to her. This refers to not considering respect and dignity of patients in her treatment.
  • The nurses or health care practitioner needs to identify issues of their health areas as it can also threaten the dignity of patient.

These strategies can help health care professionals in providing more effective care to patients as they are develop trust among them (Pujiastuti, 2016). With this, care practitioner can support dignity and respect of patients. It also help in supporting dignity and respect of Mrs. Wang as her situation is now being consider. 


The professionals are to maintain effective communication and their interpersonal skills so the best care outcomes possible for Mrs. Wang.

The communication plays an important role in between patients and health care professionals. This makes an huge influence on services users as their outcomes are depend on this. The nurses and health care professionals are the most part of health care settings as they work to improve health outcomes of patients. They can also help in reducing the cost of treatment which can also help patients in their well being (Sturm and Dellert, 2016). The communication is necessary to build effectively in health care system. This refers to the sharing of information between service providers and service users. The professionals are responsible to maintain communication in health care settings. They should convey clear communication from information can properly send to receiver and best outcomes can be developed.

The health care practitioner and nurses meet various people who are from different background and culture so it is responsibilities of care practitioner to maintain effective communication with their patients and with them. The quality and range of communication provides a better influence on health outcome of patients. The good communication can help both service users and services providers in health care system. As the patients feel comfortable, trustworthy from which patients can express their thoughts and feeling properly.

This will enhance in their effective treatment as health care professional are able to recognise the cause of their disease and provide them better treatment effectively. There are some people who are not able to share their thoughts with health care practitioner so they must don't push them to share with them rather than building a comfortable environment which enforce them to express (Matiti, 2015). With an effective communication, the practitioner are able to protect safety of patient. In the given case, Mrs. Wang has communication problem as she has first language is mandarin. She also speaks some English but prefer to receive treatments through communicating in her native language.

The patients find some difficulty in communicating with health care professional as she does not understand her treatments properly. The health care professional can develop effective communication through by proper listening to their patients. They must have patience while providing care to patients. There are some barriers occur while developing effective communication with service users. The difference in culture of patients can impact in their relationship of patient and service providers. The health care practitioner and nurses need to be compassion at time of delivering care to service users. They can remove these barriers by developing eye contact and providing personal space to them.

The patient in health care setting are treated with respect and dignity. This depends on level of communication that are delivering to patient as it can motivate patients to take effective decision in their treatments (Blond, Antonacopoulou and Pabst, 2015). The care practitioner of Guy's and St Thomas NHS foundation must need to adapt effective communication in their health systems. This helps in building relationship and satisfaction of patients which develops positive recovery in their treatment. With the help of effective communication, treatment can properly deliver to Mrs. Wang. This help patient in taking decision about their treatments.

The health care practitioner have some interpersonal skills which help in developing best outcomes of their care. These skills are important in nursing and health care system as it develop effective strategies in professional work role. This help in promoting care and wellness of patient by improving their quality of life. There are some interpersonal skills which are necessary in health care settings are such as empathy, ethics, positive attitude, etc. The professional are responsible for maintaining dignity and respect of patients.

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With their appropriate interpersonal skills, they can deliver best care which are possible to deliver to the patient. The interpersonal skills refers to behaviour and attribute of an individual while interacting with others. The strong skills perceive various benefits which help organization to solve various problems that come up among health care system (Sabatino, 2016). There are some interpersonal skills which are necessary in health care professional to use among patients so that best care outcomes can be developed. These skills are described below.

  • They must have emotional intelligence in which they mus understand feelings and emotion of others. This will develop trust, confidence of patients on health care professional from which they are able to express more about their feelings.
  • The health care professionals should have listening skills so that the message of patients can properly can deliver to service providers. This will result in maintaining respect of patients which is right of an individual in health and social care.
  • The care practitioner needs to have influencing skills from which they can influence patients to take impressive decisions of their treatment. It also includes the influence them to take part in treatment so that positive result can be obtained.
  • While delivering care to patients, health professional meet various different personalities. This can rise in conflicts with disagreement about any issue or treatment. So, health care practitioner need to have interpersonal conflict resolution skills. It result in removing barriers of working in a positive manner 
  • The health care provision needs to have this essential skills in their work role. As with this skills they are able to provide negative news to patients and families. In context of given case, family and sons of Mrs. Wang does not want to share about her last stage cancer to her. This result in neglecting the rights of patients which are needed to consider by health care professionals. With the help of interpersonal skills, service providers can effectively share information about her health to patient. This leads to maintaining dignity and respect of patient which result in positive outcome of treatment.
  • With this, the area of improvement can be identified which help in providing care to patients. This also assist in developing concern about other feelings, requirements and concern. The level of interest can also develop through interpersonal skills which assist in helping others on their situation.

These are some interpersonal skills which are needed to be in health care professional as they can develop best care and possible positive outcome of treatment. This will help in maintaining dignity of Mrs. Wang as she gets all information regarding her health. With this skills, health care practitioner can effectively communicate with their patients. It also enhance improvement in care and treatment which are providing to patients as patient become friendly towards the environment in which they are treated. The health care professionals of Guy's and St Thomas NHS foundation can deliver best quality of care to patient and can develop best outcomes of treatments. Ask for assignment help from our experts!


Explain how this case study has contributed to learning, self-development and practice in understanding dignity and respect by using a reflective or learning model

The reflective learning refers to thinking, learning and producing judgement about own practices. This case studies helps me in developing my own skills and self-development from which it helps in maintaining dignity and respect of patients. In this, the Atkins and Murphy Reflection Model can help in explaining the contribution in my ow learning (Marksamer, Spade and Arkles, 2017). The person are influence by various number of factors which can also influence others on their development. The Atkins and Murphy Reflection Model are described below.

This model motivate people to take effective steps from their past experiences. It also includes encourage people to think about situation and take some action by identifying possible impact of it on them. There are some steps of Atkins and Murphy Reflection Model which are described below.

  • Awareness:- this is the first step of model in which it is essential to have knowledge about problems that develop uncomfortable. So, it is necessary to identify others thoughts and feelings from which improvement can be effectively develop. This stage helps me in identifying feelings and thoughts of Mrs. Wang from which new comfortable outcomes can be developed (Decker and Van Quaquebeke, 2015).
  • Describe:- in this step, the feelings and thoughts are analysed which are acquire from dealing with patients. This step describe about the situation that are acquire previously. This step help me in describing the situation of Mrs. Wang by evolving the involvement of mine.
  • Analyse:- this step involves analysing of assumption that are made by health practitioner while delivering care to patients. This model help me in developing assumptions of situation that occur at the time of delivering care to Mrs. Wang.
  • Evaluate:- in this step, evaluation of situation occur according to knowledge that are acquire by previous experiences. This step helps me in developing best outcome by maintaining dignity and respect of Mrs. Wang appropriately. It also help in analysing potential behaviour from which problem can be solved (Wright, 2015).
  • Identify:- with help of previous steps, now practitioner can identify emotions, assumptions, situation and knowledge from which the health care practitioner can use in future events. The case of Mrs. Wang helps me in my self development skills and in my practices.

The case of Mrs. Wang help in my learning, practices and self- development as now I understand the value of dignity and respect of an individual. This are needed to be consider while delivering care in health care settings. Order Coursework Help Now!!


From the above assignment, it has been concluded that there are some ethics in health care which are needed to be consider by health care practitioner. This help service providers in providing effective care to patient. There are some strategies which help care practitioner in supporting dignity and respect of an individual while providing them care. There are some skills of professional such as communication and interpersonal skills which includes compassion, respect and dignity can help in developing best outcome of care. This practices can help reflective learning of health care professional in which they can self-develop their own knowledge.

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