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Alzheimer in the UK

University: Harrods of London

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Question :

This sample will let you know about the:

  • What is Alzheimer's disease ?
  • Discuss the Care standard act.
  • Discuss the important policies influencing the health and social care.
Answer :
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The Alzheimer's disease is define as the degenerate of brain cells which leads to various cause of issue in memory, behaviour and thinking. This disease decreases the ability of a person's ability to perform function properly. It is most common disease that occur majorly in older age of people (Mullard, 2016). This cause various disability such as remembering new information, poor complex tasking, problem in speaking, writing and recognizing faces. This disease develop change in behaviour and personality in an individual. In this assignment, the influence of current policies, theories and politics on service user group are cover. 

Discuss how current policies, theories and politics have influenced this group’s health and social care.

The Alzheimer's disease result in various cause in which person's lose ability in attaining new information and disability in recognizing people. This disease occur as a mild in early stage (Aderghal, 2018). Although, there is no cure present for this disease but there are some treatments which help in minimizing the effect of this disease. This help in improving the quality of life of age group of people. The intake of smoking, diabetes, drinking and deficiency of physical activity can cause of Alzheimer's disease in later stage of life. The health and social care practitioner assist people to reduce these risk factors so that chances of developing this disease can be prevented including other disease. It occur highly in old age people but can also effect earlier age of people.

There are approx 8,50,000 people are present in UK who are infected from this disease. There are different issues are developed among older age of people by policies and politics. As proper information about services are not relatively transferred to old people  (Giebel, Sutcliffe and Challis, 2015). There are some current issues are develop in this age group such as there are various nursing homes who are not accepting old age of people as they can cause harm to themselves and others. Due to their memory loss, the patients forget about information and people that are surrounding to them. There are some policies of government which does not consider them in their care services.  

  • There are various current policies which are introduce to improve the services that are provided to Alzheimer's disease patients. Their framework establish to provide a long term plan so that care can be implemented in services. They focuses on key factors that impacted on people's life. These are also some challenges which are faced by old age people in their care. The old age people need support when they are suffering from Alzheimer's disease and they deserve to perceive appropriate care by professionals. There are some inappropriate medical facilities that are provided by health and social care which arise issue among old age people in their care.
  • The people with Alzheimer's disease have right to acquire all their needs so that they can live for longer. This highly occur in old age people due to their loss of memory. So some policies are conduct in which they are provided appropriate housing care (Harris and White, 2018).
  • There are various Alzheimer service programmes which are design to improve the quality of care to Alzheimer's disease patients (McAleese, 2017). This program support some strategies in care services regarding Alzheimer's disease. This includes to increase awareness and information about disease so that prevention can be taken. They conduct some training programmes from which they can support service users. This will benefit older age of people who have Alzheimer's disease as they feel support towards their disease. Order assignment help from our experts!      

There are health theories which influence quality life of people in their health and social care. The health belief model can help in preventing issue from which older age of people are not able to adapt prevention. It refers to the belief or desire of an individual to take some course of action which help them in achieving benefits. The stages of this model is described below.

  • Perceived susceptibility:- this step describe as the sense of a person concept in attaining a disease. This depends on person's feeling and exposure to disease. In this, the older age of people have feeling of attaining risk factors of Alzheimer's disease are those who highly have this disease  (Sinyavskaya, 2018). Need Assignment Examples?Talk to our Experts!
  • Perceived severity:- in this, there are some probability of a person to change their behaviours towards their health condition. The old people start evaluating consequences of their disease.
  • Perceived benefits:- the people only convince if they have some benefits from their actions which are occur to reduce their health condition. This rely on analysing both susceptibility and benefits so that a individual can take health action as a benefit. This step help in identifying the benefit for old age people so that they can take effective steps towards their health.  
  • Perceived barriers:- there are various barriers occur at time of taking action in health. This barrier arise from both physical and social factors. The changing behaviour can cause various other factors that influence people from which they are not able to take action. There are some barriers occur among old age people from which they are not able to change their behaviour  (Love and Miners, 2015).
  • Call to action:- there are some external events that can influence a person to take effective changes in their health. This refers to influence of change that trigger decision in taking action to make change. These external factors influence old people to take effective decision in their disease.  
  • Self-efficacy:- it defines as the behaviour of an individual that come up with people changed behaviour that successfully occur. The health benefits are successfully changed in quality of life of old people.

This health model help in influencing health and social care services in their care action plan. This also help in developing effective care plan according to perspective of people from which care can be support.

The government of UK has developed standard to ensure about diagnosis for disease including other health conditions. There are different policies that are published by government in order to support people who have dementia (Kim, 2018). These policies are described below.

  • The national Alzheimer strategy:- this policy was first published by 2009 as this policy work on three principles as to improve quality life of people who are suffering from Alzheimer's disease. This includes to increase awareness about dementia so that their aim of reducing the impact of disease that are surrounding in environment can achieved. Their aim is to improve cost of treatments so each individual with this disease can attain proper diagnosis. This policy work on to raise the number of services for individuals with Alzheimer's disease.
  • The care standard act:- this act create national care standard commission in which they regulate their care by ensuring that older people with this disease can meet all standard care in their care home. They act to promote quality, services and welfare of old age people.
  • The national service frameworks:- this service was established to improve services by maintaining quality standard of care. They develop wide range of method through practitioner and groups in order to care old age people. They  have set some quality standard in all health and social care services  (Heilmann, 2015). They consider important condition that are needed in health care services.
  • The challenge on Alzheimer 2020:- this act centre on providing awareness among public so that care of disease can be promoted. They also enhancing some research from which they influence condition of Alzheimer's disease in UK. Their aim is to improve quality of care for old age people with Alzheimer's disease. In their strategies, they promote all staff and care practitioner to take effective training so that they can take effective step in treating with Alzheimer's disease in their health care settings  (Small and Petsko, 2015). They also have strategies to implement Alzheimer institute so that risk of this disease can be promoted by providing information about disease.
  • Alzheimer friendly communities:- this communities are developed by government from which they can identify the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease. They encouraging people to become Alzheimer friendly or to contact more with old age of group of people.

There are range of services that help old age people in their care. As it is unable to deliver effective care at home. So the government implemented various care home in which appropriate care and information are provided to them. This care services home are establish by government so that high quality of care can be provided to old age people. Get Psychology Dissertation Help now!


From the above assignment, it has been concluded that there are various policies occur which help in influencing health care services to Alzheimer's disease patients. This also includes some theories which assist in identifying perception of individual in their health. The politics also influence older age people when they have Alzheimer's disease regarding their care services.   

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