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Unit 7 Brain Injuries Assignment Level 5

University: Blackburn College

  • Unit No: 4
  • Level: High school
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  • Paper Type: Assignment
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“To analyze the implication of that arises through brain injuries and its impact upon children and young people”


1.1 Overview of the Research

Brain injuries are serious problems that a person may have in his/her life. brain injuries can result in bruised brain tissue, bleeding inside the brain, large or small lacerations in the brain, and nerve damage due to shearing forces. The brain can also experience a number of secondary types of damage, like swelling, fever, seizures, or an imbalance of neurological chemicals. A traumatic brain injury may either be a penetrating injury or a closed head injury. Penetrating head injuries occur when an object, like shrapnel, enters the brain and causes damage in a specific area. Closed head injuries occur when there's a blow to the head, which can happen during a fall, car accident, sporting event, or any number of different ways. Brain injury (TBI)occurs when external physical forces cause damage to the brain, whether from impact, penetrating objects, blast waves or rapid movement of the brain within the skull. Currently, TBI has three severity classifications (mild, moderate, severe) that are based primarily on the Glasgow Coma Scale. The classification of mild TBI also includesconcussion, commonly defined as a transient alteration of brain function due to exposure to external physical forces. While acute TBI can be life threatening, TBI also can have long-term sequelae includingcognitive and physical disability,post-concussion syndrome(PCS), and may contribute to the development ofchronic traumatic encephalitic (CTE).PCS results when various symptoms of concussion last weeks, months or more than a year following concussion. CTE is a delayed neuron generative disorder that results from repetitive mild injury to the brain and can only be diagnosed postmortem. These injuries are very harmful and sometimes may cause to death and main injury that leads to death of a person is brain hemorrhage. In this modern firm people are working and due to conducting their work, individuals carries some stress that is to be resultant into many injuries and diseases that are linked with brain. There are very useful and prominent medicines are available in medical market in order to deal with this kind of heal issues that human beings are facing in their busy life. Main purpose of conducting this kind of research program is to carried out investigation upon impact of brain injuries on mostly children and young people whom are more energetic and enthusiastic and real manpower of a country. Growth and success of a country depends on total population of young people in nation because these are persons whom are responsible for conducting business objectives in order to make higher earnings. These types of health issues hamper daily life of a person. Whether medicines are present in marketplace but on the other hand, dealing with these sorts of handling are very difficult task. Aim of conducting this research program is to analyzing implication of that arises through brain injuries and its impact upon children and young people.

1.2 Background of Research

Brain injuries are some type of health issue that is related with mind. There are several method and by taking aid if this, HSC can main their composition and extensiveness. Main objective behind selecting this topic is to identify what are the brain injuries that are harming human life on wider level. HSC is focusing on solutions of this kind of health issues by understanding level of impact of issues or personal as well as professional life of a person. HSC was an industry that is present in market from very starting point of emergence of countries in world because universe comprises people and population gets hampered due to this type of diseases. In an organisation which is having sufficient number of employees and if any of the staff member is having this kind of injury like memory loss then consequently will be converted into negative aspect of life. Medicines that are available ion market are not useful but not successful in curing these injuries in most effective manner.

1.3 Significance of Research

This research program is based upon impact of brain injuries on children and young people from population. Main goal of conducting this type research is to make study upon influences of brain injuries and how it will increases rate of diseases in human life of specially children and young people whom are main numbers of working population those are counted in conduction of business activities in most appropriate manner so that intelligent task accomplishment could get done. Main result of these brain injuries are major health issues like paralysis, hampers accomplishments of business operations in strongly negative manner also. This research is effective in identifying present status of brain injuries that are affecting life of human beings and HSC has to take strict actions and decisions upon it.

1.4 Research Aim

It is a most fundamental section of a research program because this section provides adequate direction to research function and all investigating activities revolve around this. Main purpose of conducting this research event is to recognise implications of brain injuries and its effect upon life and health of children and young people. This section is also fruitful in serving more relevant and accurate outcomes so that HSC could make efficient decisions in order to remove brain injuries specifically, from society. The essential aim of this research report is “To analyze the implication of that arises through brain injuries and its impact upon children and young people”. A case study on HSC.

1.5 Research Objective

This is elaborated as results which are sought by investigator at last of research procedure. This section comprises, what the researcher will be able in achieving at the end of research program. Research objectives are small statements which are prepared in order to find why investigation is being conducted. Some research objectives are stated as beneath:

  • To identify different type of illness related to brain injury which has a huge impact on children and Young people.
  • To analyse the causes that create brain injury among young people and children.
  • To determine the drawbacks of brain problems on individual health.
  • To measure the impact on brain injury on individual's health, family and society.
  • To recommend various ways through which the cause of brain injuries are reduced.

1.6 Research Questions

This segment is divided into a significant query section that must be asked to a set of sample size in order to collect data or this is defined as portion of questions that researcher wants to address while running research program in marketplace. This segment is interconnected with research objectives part and also depends upon it. There are some set of questions that are described as further:

  1. How to identify different type of illness related to brain injury which has a huge impact on children and Young people?
  2. How to analyse the causes that create brain injury among young people and children?
  3. How to determine the drawbacks of brain problems on individual health?
  4. How measurement of impact on brain injury on individual's health, family and society could get done?
  5. Present the recommendations on various ways through which the cause of brain injuries are reduced?

Chapter 2: Literature Review

Identify various types of illness relates to brain injury which impact on child and young people. There are various types of brain injury which directly or indirectly impact on young people and children. It is broad class of brain injuries which are genetic nor acquired during birth

and it is typically identified as traumatic and non traumatic. This injury produce various variety of symptoms that range from moderate to severe. There are two types of brain injuries which are

described as follows:

Traumatic brain injury – It is one of the leading brain injury with least 1.7 million people sustaining such injuries in each year. There are around 52000 people who died in their injuries which are mainly caused by car accidents, falls, blunt force trauma and sporting injuries (Rutter, 2013).

Non Traumatic brain injuries – TBI refers to physical trauma, not psychological trauma.

So non traumatic brain injury can be bit as emotion challenging as traumatic one. They are mainly demand for proper treatment to the young people. There are various other injury which can caused by such factors that are as follows:

Infection – It can occurs with the help of some process. Infection such as spreads through blood to the brain, damaging brain tissue. The brain injury make it easier for bacteria forgetting into the brain and this will create major disease amo

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