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Information Systems Management

University: University of Essex

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Concept of Cloud Computing

In general terms, cloud computing is a type of internet based computing which provides shared computer processing resources and data to computers and other devices when required. It is also considered as a model which enables universal and on-demand access to shared pool of configurable computing resources. Cloud computing as well as storage solutions provide users and enterprises with various capabilities to store and process their data in third party data centers. That may be located far from the user- ranging distance and it may also change across the world (Remenyi and Sherwood-Smith, 2000).

The concept has been used at Blockey Consulting for sharing the resources to achieve coherence and economy of scale over a specific network. Most of the companies’ claim that could computing allows them to avoid up- front infrastructure costs. It also enables to focus on their core businesses instead of spending time and money resources in computer infrastructure. In the present case of Blockey consulting, the concept of cloud computing is utilized as a way to get their applications up and also to make them run faster with improved manageability and less maintenance (Bazzichelli, 2009).

Challenges of cloud computing

  • The major challenge that lies in cloud computing is the way it addresses the security and privacy concerns of business thinking.
  • Along with this, it is also challenging for Blockey consulting to assess the costs involved in the services. Thus, budgeting and assessment of the cost are another difficulties lies in cloud computing (Rexwhite and Baro, 2008).
  • Blockey consulting can save money in hardware; but it has to spend more for the bandwidth.

Benefits of cloud computing

  • The latest version of applications can be available with the help of fresh software and cloud computing aids in getting the same.
  • With the help of cloud computing, Blockey consulting can reduce the size of their own data centers. At the same time, it can also eliminate their data center footprint altogether.
  • Similarly, reduction in number of servers can decline IT costs without impeding the capabilities of Blockey consulting (Falkenberg, Hesse and Olivé, 2016).    
  • It is more effective because it improves collaboration between different development systems.
  • With the help of cloud computing, data and applications are available to employees all across the world. Hence, it is a good source through which mobility can be encouraged.


Big data is used for data set which is so larger and complex and which also provides traditional data processing applications. It includes use of predictive analysis, use behaviour analytics and other data analytic methods that extract value from data. Further it focused on particular size of data set that can be used for preparing different projects (Rouse, 2002). The size of big data determines the value and potential insight and it also ensures to provide accurate and relevant information about big data volume. It is highly associated with speed at which the data is generated and processed to meet the demands and challenges prevail in the path of growth and development.

Challenges of Big data

  • Big data have big noise and certain times, it depicts meaningless data points. Hence, in this case the analyst should work hard to segregate important data from the data set.
  • Big data also has several privacy problems especially while analyzing from social networks.
  • In terms of challenges, big data means a low security level. It is also similar like clouds which is not always secure on other data warehouses.
  • Under big data, Blockey consulting can face battle to fetch relevant information (Bazzichelli, 2009).  

Benefits of Big data

  • The storage possibility is unlimited; hence Blockey consulting can save huge data volumes in the existing database.
  • It can be accessed from any place and through any sources or devices which are normally utilized or stores in clouds (Chang, 2016).
  • It is highly supported by powerful computer that can process information and data in appropriate manner.
  • Big data is also beneficial for Blockey consulting because of the speed and processing power.
  • It also uses modern analytical methods and technologies for the purpose of getting insights about different data set.


Mobile platform is a generalized term that lies under digital platform which is useful in performing different business activities and functions. The source is highly useful for Blockey consulting because it aids in grabbing information about the market trends and patterns. It has been observed that an integrated digital platform provides solutions to the business entities regarding the promotion of services in various market places (Benefits and Disadvantages of Developing Cross-Platform Mobile Apps. 2013). Hence, digital platform is indeed a source of business promotion in which chief emphasis is laid upon promoting services of Blockey consulting.

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Challenges of mobile platform

  • Sometimes, challenges arise due to difference of language in the available applications.
  • User interaction can be one difficulty in the same area where in users might have to change the screen layouts due to availability of diverse applications.
  • Use of numerous technologies at a time may affect the user interface and it may also impact the speed of applications (Pros & Cons of Developing Cross-Platform Mobile Apps. 2013).
  • Information sharing and privacy has become a general concern in digital revolution and somewhere this is also affecting the ability to store large volumes of information in a single system.
  • Hence, Blockey consulting might experience issues related to emergence of copyright infringement and trademark aspects. This not only affects business practices; but also it creates more challenges for customers to identify the categories of products and services.

Benefits of mobile platform

  • Having digital platform can assist Blockey consulting to reach greater number of people so that business prospects can be promoted on higher extent.
  • This is also one of the easiest sources through which marketing practices of Blockey consulting can be strengthened. Hence, more clients can be attracted through the same.
  • Further, it is also easier to maintain and deploy changes in Blockey consulting while working on any application that runs across all platforms (Falkenberg, Hesse and Olivé, 2016).
  • It is highly significant in reducing development cost for Blockey consulting because applications can be multiple times in different platforms.

Big data as a source of business intelligence and decision making process

Big data is a broad concept which aids the business in catering relevant information regarding the customers preferences, market trends, hidden correlations and other relevant business data. It is a source of Business intelligence as it assist in collecting several information for the organization. Business Intelligence is the process wherein the owners and other corporate authorities are concerned with deriving and accumulating data from several sources. These information are used in making varied decisions which can further be help the organization to grow and prosper. Therefore, it can be stated that big data is a major source of business intelligence through which information can be catered. In regards to the present chosen organization that is Blockey consulting its aids in making various decision of the firm (McAfee and et.al., 2012). It provides varied consultancy services to big business person so the data collected from the big data regarding the correlations and hidden patterns pertaining in the market.

Moreover, it assist the owners to introduce particular products or services in the market that assist in gaining competitive advantage to the other organization (Chen, Chiang and Storey, 2012). In addition to the above, it uses several methodologies and techniques through which data can be processed very quickly regarding the competitors strategy, policies, etc.

Opportunities and challenge FOR Blockey Consulting of using cloud computing and Big Data as compare to traditional database system

Cloud computing provides opportunities to blockey consulting to great extent. As traditional methods of managing information were having many drawbacks. As in the previous time people were used on using manual methods to keep records safe. In these methods errors and inconsistency in data entry were the common problem with traditional methods. The information managing system was much more depended upon the individuals of Blockey Consulting. Some time it takes too lengthy time for completing managing documents (Benefits and Disadvantages of Developing Cross-Platform Mobile Apps. 2013). Traditional methods were very costly and it requires physical space and increases chances of mistakes in the organization. Duplication of data entry was the common error in traditional information system. As compared to cloud computing method provide opportunity to Blockey Consulting to great extent

  • With the help of Cloud computing Blockey Consulting will be able to reduce cost of the company. It needs not to hire many persons for manual entry so mistakes can be minimized which is the great opportunity for Blockey Consulting. Data can be recorded with the assistance of this method easily. Cost reduction is the great opportunity for the firm
  • As a consultancy firm Blockey Consulting has to share its important details regarding jobs and vacant post to clients or job seekers. So sharing of information can be done easily which can give huge success to the business unit.

As cloud computing provides mobile ready connections in which files can be stored remotely. Whenever it access internet connection, company can directly connect to the main part and main update new information automatically. This automatic up-dation benefit of cloud increases productivity of employees as they do not require to spend valuable time on installing or other things (Chang, 2016). So it saves time of employee and in that duration they can work for enchaining the revenues of he Blockey Consulting.

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But sometimes it creates challenge FOR blockey consulting because whenever company is unable to access internet then it will not be able to use any application which will harm he production and operation of he company. Data of organization can be hacked by hackers as because when multiple users are hosted the single server then hacker can harm the important information which an create challenge for the firm. It this respect manual traditional methods can be beneficial because in this, company can keep secure its data.
Big data method is far better than traditional information systems. Hadoop and cloud- based analytics can give opportunity to Blockey Consulting. It can provide cost advantage to the firm. As compare to traditional methods such as data warehouses and marts were very expensive. And Big data and this earlier tools have difference in functionality. Operations of Big data are quite impressive which reduce the cost of the Blockey Consulting. This techniques help to store vast data at one time so saving of time is another great opportunity provide by this modern technology (Falkenberg, Hesse and Olivé, 2016). As Blockey Consulting has all details of its customers so with the help of this advanced software it will be able to take effective decisions. Whereas traditional methods are time consuming and it is difficult to understand needs of several consumers by using traditional techniques. So it provides huge opportunity to firm, it can understand behavior of job seekers and can identify their needs. This will help to meet with the requirement of clients.

But on the same time it creates challenge for Blockey Consulting because for adopting this techniques, it will have to modify its data flowing approach which means logistic issue is the big challenge for he firm. It is required to have capability of conducting sophisticated analyses but if it fails to manage real time analyses accordingly then it can create problem for the firm.

Methodologies and Procedures of Data collection

The Blockey Consultancy is using the Probabilistic graphical modeling techniques to collect and store the data. As per this methodology the organization uses large sized probability samples and algorithms to produce a relevant information that can be used by the another business person. This done via the means of Bayesian networks and Markov networks (Mayer-Schönberger and Cukier, 2013). These techniques and methodologies are used to resolve the real life troubles by using integrated learning system, heterogeneous data and imbalanced as well as big data learning. The procedures used to store the data have been enumerated here-under:

  • Collection: It involves correlating data from varied sorts such as data warehouse and marts.
  • Storing: The storage of this kind of data is quite different from that of the other. It is stored in such a manner that the backup of each information is already created in the data storage system (Lazer and et.al., 2014).
  • Data Organization: Several big data techniques such as HDFS and NoSQL is used to categorize the information in the structured, semi-structured and unstructured data.
  • Data Analysis: Thereafter,varied analytical tools are used to bring out the hidden information from the present data.
  • Data Visualization: The derived data are then transmitted to graphs by using tools such as Qlikview and D3.js to make the users better understand the concept.
  • Result: The information is been provided to the clients of Blockey consultant and results are derived from them (Marz and Warren, 2015).


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