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Wireless Technology

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Wireless technology can be defined as a technology which allow companies and people to interact or communicate without using wires or cables. In this type of systems and technology, people can communicate over very long distances effectively Obaidi & Yocam, (2019). This study is based on OneBank which is a private sector commercial bank which has headquarter is in Bangladesh. It takes deposit from public via some saving schemes and them lend the fund in various sectors at a higher margin. This study is going to show some importance of information technology and wireless broadband communication specially for OneBank. With the help of these communication systems, It makes itself able to expand its business and reach to wider range of customers and influence them to buy their services. It will also show difference between fixed and mobile wireless in order to identify the bet one which can suit for banking sector.

Comparison of options in wireless broadband communication

In the context of wireless broadband it can be said that it is a high speed internet which are being delivered via WLAN (wireless local area network). There are several types of wireless broadband communication such as: fixed wireless, mobile wireless, satellite, wireless fidelity etc. These telecommunication technologies provide high speed wireless internet access to people over a wide area.

Fixed and mobile wireless

Fixed wireless: It is considered as a new technology as compare to others which utilizes cellular networks and operates on radio transmission with the main function and aim of connecting already established wired communication system. It depends mainly on small stations for sharing data to a defined area at high speed. So, it can be said that it shares and allow high speed than 4G but to the limited area. It can also be said that developing and applying this type of data is comparatively costly because numbers of subscribers (2016).

Mobile wireless: It is comparatively familiar as well as older technology. This technology makes an effective use of same cell towers which focuses on handling voice traffic in order to send data. So, it can be said that internet or data which are being delivered on a cellular network is called mobile broadband. So, it can be said that mobile network works by connecting some mobile networks with a SIM card. Nowadays almost all are familiar with it as they connect to it when they are not in their home town or out with their smartphones either 3G or 4G. By making an effective use of some tools such as: Dongle, WI-Fi devices and portable WI-FI hotspot tethering from their mobile phones, this type of network can be shared and connected. Order assignment help from our experts! 

There are several differences between fixed and mobile wireless which are being discussed below:

Speed: In the context of speed it can be said that fixed wireless is faster as compare to mobile internet. The main reason if data provision process and method is faster which makes it able to increase speed of data and connection.

Latency: In the context of total time and latency, it can be said that fixed wireless has less latency than mobile because mobile network takes longer for the signal to run the circuit of cellular towers than fixed, On the other hand fixed wireless provides point-to-point access.

Portability: Portability is one of the main characteristic of mobile internet. It provides data to small scale so, it has features of portability. On the flip side, fixed wireless requires a line of sight connection in order to develop an effective connection Wang & et.al., (2017).

So, from the above discussed difference it can be suggested to One bank that it should focus on fixed wireless rather mobile wireless. The main reason of suggesting this to One bank is it can get high speed intent access and can speed up its business activities as well as can expand its business.

1 fixed wireless

In the context of fixed wireless services, it can be said that antennas is one of the oldest and best example of it. As compare to Wi-Fi, it requires a larger set up and mainly are designed for outdoor use. It permits the link to have better speed as well as reach for the same amount of power.

1 mobile wireless

There are several examples of mobile wireless communication such as: Optus mini Wi-Fi, Vodafone mini Wi-Fi, NetComm MyZone etc. But in the context of banking sectors and for businesses it can be said that the best integrated cellular modem or Wi-Fi router are known as the best mobile wireless communication. HTC 5G hub is considered the best mobile hotspot money. It is also known as the UK's biggest network provider which offers data subscriptions with hotspot. Modem dongle, LTE Cat 5 board are some other best and effective mobile wireless network.

So, from the above, it can be said that OneBank can expand its business if it makes an effective use of wireless broadband communication.

Importance and suitability of satellite based mobile communication system

Overview of satellite based mobile communication system: A satellite based mobile communication system or, satellite phone or sat phone is a type of mobile phone that connects to other phones or the telephone network by radio through orbiting satellites instead of terrestrial cell sites, as cellphones do. The advantage of a sat phone is that its use is not limited to areas covered by cell towers; it can be used in most or all geographic locations on the Earth's surface. This communication works by making use of radio waves. Scientist has invented mobile based communication system to enlace their knowledge related to satellite. This system has assisted scientist in knowing about exact position of satellite. This type of technology is also used in network shipping, vessel tracking, marine engineering, during the time of flood, earthquake, monitoring of ecology and draught. It can be used by companies during the time of crisis. Communication can be done un-interrupt through satellites. They have come to have a knowledge about the current location of satellite in space. Broadcasting and communication is one of the most important aspect of mobile based communication system. In this short term outages are also linked with subject matter. It can be utilized in military sector; this system provides them with secure communication networks. It assists them with that strong network and also un-interrupted de Cola & Gonzalez, (2016, December). Need example assignments, Talk to our experts! 

This system can also be used by One Bank company during the time of emergency, like for example they can use mobile based satellite communication system during the time of disaster in order to have contact with friends and families of victims. Also travelers can keep mobile based communication system with them so that they can stay in touch with their members of family. Also it can be very useful for one bank company as this technology can assist them in transferring most important information. Various functions of satellite based mobile phone is that individual can send short messages, voice note and low band internet access. Various type of communication can exist like there can be satellite phone to satellite phone communication and also communication between cellular mobile system to satellite phone can take place.

One bank can have different advantage when they are making use of satellite based mobile communication system like for example It can be easy for them to communicate through this device, as communicating through two wireless antennae is invariant. Also by using it there is an uninterrupted form of interaction. These antennas reduce quality of communication. Mobile based communication system also can help one bank in producing long transmitting signals. This satellite also has more scope in future, various scientist are trying to launch light weight satellites. But these satellites also have limitations like it is really costly and also it has high risk when firm is going to launch it. Maintainanance and repairing of mobile based communication system involves lots of time and it is also a really time consuming method. Process of this type of interaction begins at Earth station. In this installation is being design so that they can transfer signals. The telecommunication network can assist One bank company in sharing information. It is a wireless process and it is really to exchange data with the help of mobile based communication system. There are various types of communication satellites available like for example Geostationary satellite and Non Geo stationary satellite.

Mobile based satellite communication system can only be used by one bank company during the critical situation or time. When one Bank company is using this technology they can face several technical difficulties like for example cost of sending even one message is really high. Mobile based satellite communication also consumes high range of power. This can increase their power consumption which means that there cost related to energy consumption is been increasing. They can also face occurrence of collision and significant delays. This communication fails when there is any technical error in mobile phone or satellite. It can be overcome by making us of relay. It is the smartest modifications to the applications and data protocol should minimize the effect of delay. This technology is really expensive to use and consume lots of energy Meloni & Atzori, (2017).

3 types of orbit for communication

High Earth Orbit: This type of orbit allows satellites to have same frequency level just as earth rotation. This orbit can help scientist in analyzing about weather conditions, communications and surveillance. They can also get signal of any terror or danger through this orbit. This orbit is 35786 km away from earth. They are located 22236 miles away.

Medium Earth Orbit: It is also known as intermediate circular orbit. This satellite is basically used for navigation. They have implemented GPS system to navigate. It is 19,100 km away from altitude. This orbit has less distance from earth.

Low Earth Orbit: This orbit is 2000km away from earth’s altitude. It is used basically for international space station. This orbit is also being used for military communication, Hubble space telescope. It is closest to the earth and communication is also expensive.

Future trends in wireless communication systems and services

In the context of technology it can be said that it is increasing rapidly and there are several sectors who are making an effective use of information technology and wireless communication system. The main aim of using these systems and advanced technology is to speed up of business activities and operations for provide qualitative services to customers. This technology and systems are increasing competition to the great extent so, taking competitive advantages and making a strong position in the market is other objective of companies or banks. There are several systems and devices that are based on wireless communication. The revolution of mobile communication and technology is increasing from 1G to 4G. In the future it will expand to the great extent such as: 5G Future Trends And Application, (2020).

Future trends in wireless communication: Some trends in wireless communication which will help OneBank in order to expand its business and operations in other countries as well as taking competitive advantages include:

5G cellular: 5G cellular system with 5th generation are more likely to be deployed in 2019 & 2020. It can also be said that for taking full advantages and deploying it completely will take approximate next 6-8 years. It will offer backs and other business high-speed data network. An effective characteristic of this network or future trend of wireless communication is it is reliable and have low latency communication as compare to mobile networks Zou & et.al., (2016).

Long range wireless power: Long range wireless power is one of the other trend of wireless communication systems which will be delivered by 5G networks and which were not delivered by 1G wireless power systems. The main aim and reason of developing systems is to eliminate power cables from desktop devices.

Long power wide area network: Other characteristic or future trend of wireless communication systems is it will provide low-bandwidth as well as power efficient connectivity for internet of things applications which are being majorly applied and used by banking sectors New Trends in Wireless Communication, (2018). It will also provide long life to batteries which will reduce operational cost of this bank. In the context of current long power wide area networks technologies it can be said that there are several technologies which are being used by banking sector such as: LoRa, Sigfox etc.

Location tracking: Other trend and characteristic of wireless communication systems is to identify location of devices which are connected to this wireless network. It is expected that 5G network will track about 1m accuracy and reliability. This feature of tracking location will be integrated with the wireless network. This feature will offer other benefits to banks such as: low power consumption as well as lower hardware cost. All these feature will directly impacts on the performance of businesses in a positive manner Wollschlaeger, Sauter & Jasperneite, (2017).

Backscatter networking: This new trend and feature will support businesses and bank to send data with using power to the lower extent. They will also not require targeting several network devices. It will be beneficial mainly for those applications in which areas are saturated with wireless signals. It will also require some easy applicable internet of things devices for example, sensors which can be applied in smart homes and organization.

Appropriate example: Some examples of wireless communication which can be applied in banking sector include: cellular telephones, personal digital assistance, infrared communication, WI-Fi etc. In the context of Wi-Fi, it can be said that it is a low power wireless communication that can be connected with some electronic devices such as laptop, smart phones etc. By making an effective use of it, OneBank can connect its systems and devices with it and can get high speed access network. Ask for programming assignment help UK from our experts!         

So, from the above discussed future trends of wireless communication systems, it can be said that OneBank can make growth and expand its business. It can take several opportunities not only in the present but also in the future Top 10 Wireless Technology Trends, 2019.


From the above study, it has been summarized that mobile based satellite communication can be used during the time of disaster such as earthquake, flood, tsunami, drought. It can be used by company while facing nay emergency like conditions of hurricane. This satellite is really expensive to be used and consumes lots of energy. It can increase cost of company who are using it. It has also been analyzed from report that this communication also take lots of time, so firm needs to lay emphasis on bringing out new ways of interacting. Study has also provided information related to suitability of mobile based communication system. It has also mentioned about the three types of orbit which is high, low and medium orbit. These orbits are also been used in navigating. GPS System is been made by it.

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